Support Free Electrolysis by Transgender People and for Transgender People

My friend Claire needs help getting funding to continue her bachelors degree.  She is trying to provide free electrolysis (permanent hair removal) to trans people by becoming an electrologist!  Donate here to help her afford higher education.  Share it far and wide, and contribute if you can!

Phalloplasty - Supplies

On April 25th, 2016 I had stage 1 RFF phalloplasty with Dr. Chen in San Francisco. This post will go over the supplies I brought and break it into categories based on what I did and didn’t use, what I needed to buy, and what I didn’t use until I’d gone home. You may need different supplies depending on who your surgeon is, what kind of technique they’re using, what your donor site is, and based on your own personal comfort. I ordered the majority of what I needed online, some of the supplies was given to me by my electrologist, and some was given to me by a friend who’d undergone phalloplasty two months prior. I thought I’d make this list of supplies to help guide others preparing for their operations. For more information on the operation itself you can look through my “phalloplasty” tag and for posts specifically about my surgery you can look through my “gendercube phalloplasty” tag.

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I just scheduled my first post-op electrolysis appointment. It’s set for next month but I’m going to see about taking a cancelation because I want to see my electrologist sooner. We formed a really close relationship in the months leading up to surgery and when the final pre-op session happened she hugged me and cried and wished me luck. After surgery she checked in with me via text to make sure I was okay and offered to come help if I needed it. I can’t wait to see her again.

Every time I go to my surgeon’s office or my electrologist there’s always this awkward, silent acknowledgement between trans people in the waiting room. No one says anything, they just silently compare themselves to each other. It always immediately feels like being sized up, I hate it. Does this happen to anyone else running into other trans people in medical settings?