@AquaLabTechnologies has Electroformed Envy Glass w/Shark Teeth Fossils, Brazilian Agate, Titanium & Angel Quartz All Available for Purchase Today!
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Electroformed Amethyst sits over this beautiful blue (aqua azul?) sherlock with slyme accents. I’m in love with the lace-like copper wrapped around this piece, a true one of a kind!

Northern Waters Glass is a cooperative effort between Katie Lancaster and Zach Wiese. - http://www.northernwatersglass.com/

(Available) G&G Smokeshop | 734 S 27th St. Lincoln NE | 402-476-4200 gandgsmokeshop@gmail.com | www.gandgsmokeshop.com


etsyfindoftheday | 1.3.16

electroformed gemstone rings by lazulihandcrafted

after seeing the stacks and stacks of rad copper electroformed rings in the product photos created by lazulihandcrafted, i have no idea how i’d ever be able to buy just one! these bad boys look great layered and mixed … choose your favorite stone!


etsyfindoftheday | 8.7.16

rings by featheroak

unique rings are the name of the game at featheroak — check out their boho opal nuggets and real flower specimens, plus more, to find your fave.