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What are the personalities of the babs? Where will their gem be placed? Maybe that'll help with the names?

(I always take forever to answer these, sorry!

Mmhh, surely a simple name would work but nothing seems to fit *shrugs* In-universe, I believe there’s no way the little ones would remain unnamed for long anyway, Amethyst is a natural nicknamer (She’s the one who named Stevonnie after all!).

Here are some notes about personalities and stuff about each gemling because  I enjoy writing infodumps lol, I’ll see if this helps me out with ideas for names. Thanks for forcing me to put down ideas! )

The Amethyst gemling has both Amethyst’s brashness and Pearl’s tenacity, which is a frightening combination.

-She has a fun loving temperament, she laughs and smiles easily, like most Amethysts… but that doesn’t mean she’s an easy child by any means!

-She’s quite stubborn. Forget about forcing her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, but she’s receptive to what the adults (and Steven) do, and often imitates them (which sometimes gets Amethyst in trouble with Pearl. If she does something reckless, you can be sure the little gemling will try it too).

-She has a hands-on approach to learning, the kind of kid that will try to touch everything.

- She’s a lot like Amethyst in many aspects, but she’s not as lazy, there’s some of Pearl’s industriousness in her, she always wants to be doing something, which is a real headache for her poor mothers. If adults get distracted for too long, something will probably end up broken, eaten or stolen away (the gemling keeps stuff sometimes and hides it away in different parts of the house… because, of course, like a good quartz, she’s already showing signs of being a hoarder).

-She has a thing for eating all the electrodomestics in the house, which caused Steven to think she has a personal vendetta against his videogames, but the truth is she just naturally craves the silica and metal of the circuit boards.

-She gets crabby when she’s held for a long time and starts biting, which can be very painful since her teeth are very pointy (think of Sharky, and you get the idea), it’s a common trait in quartz gemlings, she’s gonna lose them in one or two regenerations, after she naturally loses the need to eat (she’s never going to outgrow her enjoyment for eating though).

-She may not like being held for long, but she enjoys climbing on people. She loves riding around on Amethyst’s mane.

-The unfortunate side of her Quartz heritage is that she has an aggressive streak. By the end of the Era 1 most quartzes were kindergartened, which means they were artificially engineered to be created as adults, soldiers ready for battle as soon as they come out of their hole. Amethyst, coming from this generation of quartzes, came with this built-in programming and she passed it on to her gemling. This reflects on the baby having random angry fits and some very scary temper tantrums that are all kicks, bites, screams and tears. She’ll learn to deal with that as she matures, but for now it causes a constant concern to her mothers.

-Her gemstone is going to be on the back of her left hand.

The little Pearl gemling is observant, intelligent and sensitive like Pearl, but she also has some of Amethyst’s carefree attitude, giving her a calmer personality.

-She inherited Pearl’s basic programing: she’s naturally orderly, one of her past times is taking Steven’s toys and stacking and grouping them by color or shape. When she’s entertained on a task, she can be surprisingly meticulous for a child that young.  

-She’s a quiet baby most of the time, content, but when she cries, she cries with passion. She’s going to become a more inquisitive child once she learns to talk.

-She’s interested in the people around her, and enjoys observing them. Much to Pearl’s perplexity she seems to be very curious about humans. As she grows up, she’ll developt a little sister-like admiration for Connie in particular.

-She enjoys when Pearl sings. She coos and makes noises like she wants to join in, but the little thing can’t sing yet. Pearl thinks it’s adorable. 

-She’s so tiny because she’s a runt (and yes, she inherited that from Amethyst, which makes Amethyst feel guilty at times, but still tries very hard not to reflect her insecurities on her). She’s never going to grow as tall as Pearl, but she’ll probably be taller than Amethyst.

-As her sister, she also got some unfortunate consequences of the programming inherited from her mother. Pearls in Homeworld are never EVER geode born, they’re all made artificially. Pearls are personalized for their masters, they are created to be good servants, programmed without the inefficient desires some worker gems still retain, like eating and sleeping. That works okay for Homeworld Pearls who are created as adults, but the problem is that gemlings in development NEED to sleep and eat. The baby Pearl needs to consume minerals for her forming gemstone, and Pearl and Amethyst have a really hard time getting her to eat anything, it’s a real problem (once Pearl even tried to eat in front of her to encourage her to imitate her. Poor Pearl).  The gemling is definitely going to stop eating as soon as she’s old enough not to need it anymore.

-As for sleeping, it was a big issue as well, but thankfully they soon realized the little Pearl falls asleep easier when she’s being held by Amethyst, so she became the baby’s official crib.

-Her gemstone is going to be on the upper right side of her chest.