Bts As...Things I've done

(Because why not)

Seokjin: Gets excited to eat and mistakes tongue as food.

Yoongi: Hides in closet to sleeps during band class.

Namjoon: Accidentally electrocutes/shocks self while grabbing phone charger.

Hoseok: Has a panic attack in a haunted house that ten year olds could go through.

Jimin: Wear thick jackets all throughout summer because of insecurities

Taehyung: Asked teacher if you kept someone’s memories after a brain transplant.

Jungkook: Runs and hides anytime someone new looks at me.

Swell of Emotion

Warnings: None. Just fluff. 
Word Count: 2,300

Where Buck realizes that he is in love. 

(Be gentle with me, it’s my first try at this. Let me know what you think)

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Punished (OPEN)

Anti was being… Punished.

As much as he wished he was the boss of everything he did, he wasn’t. Anti was definitely not the one in power in Hell, there were many who were above him and that often for him into bad situations. Recently, Anti’s Mentor faded. He felt the pain of loss for the first time in his life and grew angry at his new one – with reason, since he was the one who caused his Mentor to fade in the first place. However, Anti killed his new Mentor, which did /not/ please the higher-ups in Hell.

As punishment, Anti was forced to remain in his mind space for an undetermined period of time, without any kills. He was forced into his true form, a black spiked collar on his neck, which prevented him from turning back into any other form. He was also muzzled, keeping him quiet and at bay. He had marks all over his body from the torture they made him suffer before dropping him of there.

Presently, he lay in a corner of his mind space, resting on his own. It’s not like he could do anything in the state he was in. If he even so much as tried to escape his mind space, he would be electrocuted.

Name: Glacechu

Category: the Snow Mouse Pokemon

Type: Electric/Ice

Height: 2′08

Weight: 67lbs

Body Build: Quadruped, but can walk bipedal

Glacechu are sensitive Pokemon and tend to be easily hurt. It is advised that harsh trainers don’t care for these Pokemon, in fear of them getting frozen to death or even severely electrocuted. However, these Pokemon can be very sweet, it can just be complicated to break the ice with Glacechu. Older trainers love Glacechu due to their gentleness.

pomrania  asked:

Vader the Crocodile Hunter.

Vader narrowly rescues Luke from croc-infested waters, spiriting him away to the safety of his shuttle. But before they can leave for the Executor, Luke tells him quite firmly that he’s not leaving without Artoo, despite the fact that he doesn’t really have a choice. Darth Dad sighs and turns back (leaving Luke in the shuttle, of course) and hunts down the beast that dragged the droid under. After slogging through the swamp for about an hour, he finds Artoo; standing on a rock, shrieking triumphantly, the hoard of half-electrocuted crocodiles slinking away in terror.

good title, pom, 10/10

Send me a made-up fic title and I’ll tell you what I would write to go with it!

list of weird shit keith kogane did before joining voltron
  • ate an entire tangerine without breaking it into pieces or peeling it, just to see if he could make matt cry
  • got drunk for the first time at the age of 16 when a girl kept buying him drinks and he didn’t know how to mention he wasn’t into women so he just drank and let the girl talk until he shouted “I LIKE MEN” at threw up
  • was out with shiro and found an electric car charger and pretended to electrocute himself by touching the socket and going “ZZZZZ” which sent shiro into DadMode
  • found an empty bleach bottle, cleaned it, filled it with paint and left it under the kitchen sink. 6 months later shiro discovered and keith denied it was him-he’d honestly forgotten
  • was using a knife to cut his toe nails and accidentally lost his pinky
  • switched out the coffee in the staff room at this secondary school for decaf and watched as the students were all sent home for the day
  • accidentally threw a piece of paper that bounced off the bin and hit a student in the eye-lance mcclain never forgave him
  • held his breath for long enough to convice a kid he could live without breathing, was actually breathing the entire time
  • ran a deviantart where he just drew art of naruto/sasuke and sonic ocs
  • cried at the ending of muriel’s wedding
  • got kicked out the garrison because his teacher said “i’m sorry would you like the teach this class?” and did a better job explaining the thermodynaics of a rocket propelled vehicle breaching the planet’s atmosphere than he did
  • built a shack by hand in the middle of a desert and realised that there was a less crappy shack just a couple miles away that didn’t drip and was bigger than a box
  • managed to get electricity in the middle of a desert just so he could play guitar hero
  • shrunk his jacket in the wash but continued to wear it because shiro laughed at him
  • spent 12 months alone without any friends or family desperately searching for shiro with only the faint feeling of the blue lion for comfort
  • cried at night knowing that maybe if he’d acted different someone alive would still love him
  • built a rad rocket motorbike and painted it his jacket’s colour for the aesthetic
  • blew up a mountainside to distract a group of scientists from a random ufo crash he saw
  • met four people at said ufo crash site he would come to love as family

Imagine a group of humans and aliens talking about their home worlds while in the ship’s canteen. One world is covered entirely by water (the crew members from there have to wear special masks to help them absorb the oxygen they need from the air); one is full of rare minerals and littered with what, on any other planet, would be precious stones and one is carpeted with dense vegetation and has the more biodiversity than any other planet.

Once they’ve all finished talking about their own planets, everybody turns to the humans and asks them what Earth is like. They’re only doing it to be polite though. They haven’t heard much about humans (except the usual stories, and only fledglings believe in those) and they can’t really believe that these fleshy bald looking things come from anywhere even remotely as interesting as their own planets.

There’s a pause and then one of the humans speaks up, “well, I come from a part of Earth called ‘England’ and, to be honest, it’s nothing like as cool as your planets sound. It’s alright though. We got some snow last year, so I’m hoping that we’ll have some this year as well when I get back.”

“Snow?” one of the water breathers asks, hissing slightly through their mask, “what’s that?”

“Frozen water that falls from the sky.” The human explains, “it’s really fun to play with. It’s only called snow when it’s soft though— when it’s hard it’s called hail. Nobody likes hail, you can’t do anything with it and it hurts if it hits you. I looked up during a hail storm once,” she adds, “when I was a kid. Huge hailstones and one hit me right in the eye! Hurt like Hell.”

“Is your planet really cold then?” one of the aliens asks, sounding doubtful since nothing has looked less equipped to deal with cold weather than a human.

“No,” she says, “not everywhere. England’s pretty cold, but in the Summer sometimes we get heatwaves. Last year I went out in one and forgot to wear suncream and got sunburn all down my arms.”

“Your planet’s sun… burned you?” a horrified creature asks, “was it painful?”

“Not really, just stung a bit,” she shrugs, “it was fine once the skin started to peel.” (At the back of the crowd that has now amassed around their table a voice says “I didn’t know humans moulted.” and another, horrified sounding voice replies “that’s because they don’t!”) the human continues on regardless. “It was really annoying actually, because it meant I couldn’t go out for a bit without wearing a jacket. Then when my burns had finally healed, I wanted to go to the beach, but when I got there there was this huge thunderstorm and I had to go home again.”

“Thunderstorm?” the word is whispered, mainly because the person asking secretly hopes the human won’t hear them so they won’t have to know.

“It’s when the clouds get all dark and it starts raining,” the human explains and everybody sighs with relief. Most planets have rain. “The clouds make these really loud banging noises,” she continues, “that’s the thunder, and electricity shoots down from the clouds— that’s called lightning. Sometimes people get hit by it, a few people even survive. I once—”

But one of her human friends cuts her off. “God,” he says, “you Brits are so boring, always talking about the weather!”

While she argues with him, the creatures seated around the table stare at them in astonishment and start to give a little more credit to those old stories. Because, though they look pretty harmless, a species would have to be tough to be able to survive on a planet where a person could be pelted with ice, burned by the sun and nearly electrocuted by the sky and then have another person describe those experiences as boring!


hello this is my desk at work ♥
the dog plush gets me through tough deadlines and crazy revisions

my cubicle is really big tho but there’s not much in it – i like keeping my stuff within reach ;; i probably have to redecorate soon because i took down some old photos from the walls hhhmmmm ;;;

((edit: bottom photos are from 2015 i think ♥ – i don’t really use the mac much [[it’s like trying to figure out how to pilot a spaceship HAHA rip]] so they let the temp assistant use it in the mean time mmm))

the deadliest mass shooting* in the united states targeted a gay club and gay men are currently being rounded up in chechnya
vp pence thinks we should all be electrocuted for existing and i can be kicked out of any business in my home state for looking too gay
so if yall could stop with this privileged homo bullshit that would be nice

*perpetrated by a single shooter on a killing spree

bitty & dex are quickly exempt from all fines bc the court of seniors & managers along with the entire team realizes the Haus & team will fall to hell without those boys bc bitty is the main source of nutrition, grandparental love and support, and baked goods for the whole team and the only thing keeping that shit hole that has been ‘fixed’ with duct tape for 15 years from falling apart is dex and like no one wants the haus to literally fall apart. but their rich bfs are not exempt from fines, even if jack graduated and isn’t technically on the team anymore hes paying fines and nursey just doesn’t care bc he can kiss his bf all the time now

quotes by my WFR instructor

“Skin: the original Gore-Tex.”
“By the end of this course, my goal is that you will all be geeky enough to carry gloves with you in your pockets at all time. Oh, Ship, you do? You’ve passed. Go home.”
“You don’t really need to know their actual body temperature to know if they have hypothermia. If they don’t try to stop you, they’re hypothermic.”
“You must always be careful moving them if you suspect a spinal injury. The good news is, if you paralyze them, they can’t punch you.”
“I am certified to choke babies.”
“I’m teaching you to beat babies and electrocute people.”
“You’re not legally supposed to do that, but it’s 2017, and Trump is president. You can do whatever you want, I guess.”