Alright guys! I’m finally gonna get started on my whumpy book reviews! Ill be writing a review of a book I loved as a kid, The Supernaturalist, in the next week or so. I’ll tell you about the plot and what kind of whump to expect! It’s a good one guys, the main character is an orphan in a futuristic orphanage where the kids are used as test subjects and all kinds of whump from side effects from weird tests to electrocution burns, broken ribs and much much more!


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bitty & dex are quickly exempt from all fines bc the court of seniors & managers along with the entire team realizes the Haus & team will fall to hell without those boys bc bitty is the main source of nutrition, grandparental love and support, and baked goods for the whole team and the only thing keeping that shit hole that has been ‘fixed’ with duct tape for 15 years from falling apart is dex and like no one wants the haus to literally fall apart. but their rich bfs are not exempt from fines, even if jack graduated and isn’t technically on the team anymore hes paying fines and nursey just doesn’t care bc he can kiss his bf all the time now


Ed electrocutes two people who hate his guts.

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How did Pidge, Hunk, Allura and Coran react to Lance coming back? And how were they when they got to got know about his amnesia?

So Lance has been presumed ‘dead’ at this point for 2 and half years (3 years since going missing) 

Everyone’s in the stage of like finally being able to accept the loss and move on (except Keith) so when this dude shows up again everyone is going to be feeling a SHIT ton of mixed emotions. BUT obviously they’ll be happy to see him over everything else. 

Hunk sees the amnesia as the price of getting Lance back he’s the easiest to accept it and the first to be like “I’ll show you around the castle! and tell you stories and you’re the same Lance so we’ll be friends it’s fine” 

Pidge is CONVINCED she can single handedly figure out how to bring his memories back, like “okay put on your old armor go look around your room talk to blue lion! this invention will probably electrocute you but Maybe that’s what you need… OH EAT HUNK’S FAMOUS COOKIES NO ONE CAN FORGET THOSE THINGS”

Coran iss overrrr the damn MOOON his favorite paladin (c’mon we all know it) is back!!! Hell yeah re teach that boy all the things he forgot (and tell him embarrassing stories about himself that he’s GLAD he doesn’t remember)

Allura is good at making everyone get perspective from Lance’s side honestly. a lot of “CHILL OUT let the boy breath I know we’ve all missed him dearly but we need to give it time” He finds her safe to be around because he knows she’s not gonna ask him a million questions. she just let’s him sit and be between all the catching up.


!!!! i made it finally !!!!

Song: The Mind Electric (Tally Hall, distorted ver)

(warning for some flashing and glitching !)

Rex Salazar’s face in battle...

Originally inspired by kineticallyanywhere‘s earlier post (that I shamelessly added visual refs to).

People like “this kid is pants shitting terrifying.”  So I figured why not, time to go find some more examples of Rex getting way too into a fight.