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Cassie - Skydiver

Poor Cassie. Her second album looks like it’s never going to come out, and it’s a damn shame if the rest of it is filled with tracks like this (which leaked on the interwebz back at the start of the year). While her voice is very much a Vegemite/Marmite issue for some people, that beat is undeniably hawwwwt.


(Filipino, African American, West Indian, Mexican) [American]

Known as: Singer, model & dancer (Singles: “Me & U”, “Long Way 2 Go”; Albums: “Cassie”, “Electro Love”; Films: “Step Up 2: The Streets”, “Barbarian”)

More Information: Cassie’s official site, Cassie’s Twitter page, Cassie’s MTV page, Cassie’s mySpace page, Cassie’s Wikipedia page

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Man, Cassie is such a bad bitch. This shoot for Blank Magazine is a monster! Love the hair, the bod & the whole “look”. She really needs to make a comeback! Love her and her music. Still waiting on “Electro Love,” Damn you Diddy. Ugh. This girl would have been a formidable “competition” to my girl Rihanna in the looks department.