electro noir



One of my favorite things in the world is non verbal storytelling. This is by far one of the loveliest examples I have seen in a very long time.

MOONSTONE COWBOY - Character Into 2

Introducing Vince ‘The Electro-Kid’ Noir - a dashing young cowboy with a big heart and even bigger wardrobe.

Vince arrives in the town by accident after a drunken night in the company of Cam and Den - the gender bending lead singers of the Wild West’s first Steam Punk Band Clockwork Guns.  After falling asleep in the back of a mail wagon Vince awakes to finds himself alone and penniless in the town of Moonstone.

Wandering the street, looking for a friendly face, he suddenly spots Howard Moon and immediately recognises the infamous gunslinger.  However as he walks closer to Howard he realises that this is no longer the man his father used to tell him stories about…

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(Idea courtesy of concupiscence66)