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Stay With Me- iTunes Preview
Christina Grimmie & Diamond Eyes
Stay With Me- iTunes Preview

Here’s the iTunes preview of Christina’s collab with Diamond Eyes. 

preorder the single from itunes here

2012 has been an absolutely fantastic year for me both irl and here on tumblr, but alas, now we are coming to the end (there’s the link to the graphic for you) so it’s time give a bit of a shout out to some amazing blogs/epic bros

italics are my lovely irl bros and bolded are some people who are particularly awesome

A-I: avengingsoulsister / bakurakat / bodilessdavid / brulkbanner /

casintheimpalacruciothelights / destielcoat / foreverechelon / frizzyhairedbandit

goldenmochigrowitbacktom / hoursago / hxcfairy / ikolism

J-R: jamesorangecat / ladynorthstar / likefrodo / madamelapin / marveloki

nineinchhero / nitr0splicer / ohdear-prongs / padadecki / pixiesoul / polyjuiced / prince-castiel 

S-Z:  snarkgard / starspangledpanties / theladythorki / thenorsebrothers

the-littlegeeky / thorinsarkinstone / tmfreewill / waterjewelemi / wwincest / xmoonlilyx