electro harmonix big muff


So as I’m sure some of you can tell this pedal layout and design is based on the Earthquaker Devices Palisades guitar pedal. the Palisades is actually a highly modified Tube screamer 808. This is not a clone of the Palisades. This is a Big Muff. This is the big muff to replace all big muffs. It is designed to be able to do pretty much anything any variation of a big muff can do plus a lot more.

The 12-position Width control is similar to the “Bandwidth” control on the palisades, It changes the low end response at the input of the pedal, this heavily effects the distortion character. more bass, more fuzz.

The Voice control is a 6 Position rotary that changes the diodes in the two clipping stages simultaneously. 1-Mosfet. 2- Silicon and Germanium. 3- L.E.Ds. 4- L.E.Ds and silicon. 5- L.E.Ds and Mosfets. 6- No diodes. these options I found gave a wide tonal variations and each added something a different.

The switch GI/SI. changes between either silicon or Germanium Transistor as the two clipping stages. one big muff  variation that uses germanium transistors is the Hoof Fuzz. The Silicons have a lot more gain and a harsher sound.

The Boost control puts an extra Mosfet gain stage between the two clipping stages to drive harder into the second. The Left most footswitch bypasses this boost stage and the second clipping stage. A Big Muff with only one clipping stage cleans up really nicely and can be used as a boost with a bit of subtle clipping.

The Tone control is a little different, but you can still achieve the classic scooped mids of the original big muff with the curve control. the whole tone circuit is bypassed with the footswitch in the middle, taking this out gives a noticeable boost in volume and also overdrive the output buffer a little bit. The right footswitch is a true bypass.


Dead Meadow 2/5/14

This is my pedalboard

  • Dunlop Crybaby Wah
  • Fulltone OCD Overdive
  • Big muff Pi
  • Boss DS-1 distorsion
  • Electro Harmonix small clone
  • Electro Harmonix pulsar
  • Electro Harmonix Small Tone
  • Diamond Vibrato Pedal
  • Electro Harmonix Memory Man with Hazarai
  • Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb
  1. Echoplex EP-4 Delay

I thought it was about time I showed you my own rig. It’s nice and simple, the only thing I think I would add is a looper, and I’m thinking of rigging up a pedal to switch the amp’s reverb on/off - I’ve got the original footswitch but it’s pretty big and heavy and also has switches for channel select and effects loop that I never use.

The chain goes like this:

Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster

Korg DT-10 tuner

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff w/ Tone Wicker

Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive

Arion SAD-1 Analog Delay

Boss TR-2 Tremolo

Fender Montreux - 1984 solid state 100W 1x12"

pedals powered by Visual Sound 1Spot