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Friday was historic day in the world of electronic music, because on that day, the great and enigmatic ZHU released his highly anticipated debut album, Generationwhy! There’s no denying that this producer has been one of the most influential artists in the dance scene since he mysteriously appeared with his very first tracks, and his rise has been no less than meteoric. ZHU has been thrilling us with reveals from his album over the past months, and as the record dropped, he also unveiled a new cut named Hometown Girl. Get ready for a very different side of ZHU when you dive into this dreamy track. Gone are the deep murky vocals and the carnal slamming bass. This is a soft sensitive, melting sublime ZHU more on the synthpopping side of spectrum. Hometown Girl gently bounces with warm gooey, sugary sweet feels, a laid back dance groover that somehow manages to make us fall in love with ZHU even more. Can I be your hometown girl, ZHU? After all, I’m from the San Francisco Bay! ZHU will be playing a bevy of fests this summer and into the fall, including Bumbershoot, Life Is Beautiful, CRSSD, and Treasure Island in San Francisco, which I greatly look forward to. Grab your digital copy of ZHU’s Generationwhy from iTunes.

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George Michael - Too Funky (1992)

Sia has had an absolutely amazing year in terms of her music career and I am always quite excited to see what she can do next as she always manages to do something different but unique. She’s now covered the classic The Mama’s and Papa’s track and transforming it into a theatrical dark pop anthem. Sia’s voice truly stands out in the song and with the combination of the orchestra and choir this song is perfect for a movie, nice call from the soundtrack producer for San Andreas - Jakk

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Billboard:  J-Pop Dance Trio Perfume Announce New Single ‘If You Wanna’


The chart-topping Japanese dance trio Perfume will release “If You Wanna” on Aug. 30, their 24th CD single since their major-label debut.

The electro-pop girl group also released a promotional photo to match the new single, with members Nocchi (Ayano Omoto), Kashiyuka (Yuka Kashino) and A-chan (Ayaka Nishiwaki) posing in heels and outfits featuring a combination of different bold floral prints and solid colors.

The CD single will feature the title song and “Everyday,” the song featured in the Panasonic AWA DANCE campaign, plus its instrumental versions.

The video for “Everyday: AWA DANCE edit” showcasing the trio’s seamless dance moves, and the related campaign video have been viewed a total of approximately 7 million times on YouTube.

The DVD included in the limited first-edition packages will feature full visuals for “Everyday” plus a behind-the-scenes video, and footage of the group performing “Tokyo Girl” and “Hoseki no Ame” during their Perfume FES!! 2017 concert held at Makuhari in June.