electro dark

witch house songlist

Shuck - Purity Ring

Catch You By Surprise - Art Department

Expect - Balam Acab

Redlights - Salem

Ascension - Tycho

Plague - Crystal Castles

Obedear - Purity Ring

Ready for the World - How to Dress Well

Sick - Salem

If I - Fantastic Mr Fox

Treetop - Clams Casino

Springs (feat. Butterclock) - oOoOO

Archangel - Burial

Belly of the Beast - Gazelle Twin

Eat Flesh (Crystal Castles Remix) - HEALTH

Outside the Night - Von Haze

King Night - Salem

Wrath of God - Crystal Castles

Inpouring - Holy Other

NoWayBack (feat. Butterclock) - oOoOO

Run Me Out - Zola Jesus

Burnout Eyess - oOoOO

IxC999 - White Ring

Apart - Balam Acab

Love Some1 - Holy Other

Natural - Clams Casino

Ruby - Mount Kimbie

Fineshrine - Purity Ring

Hunting for Pearls - iamamiwhoami

Romantic Streams - Sleep ∞ Over

Beat and the Pulse - Austra

Casual Diamond - Sleep ∞ Over

Lover’s Start - How to Dress Well

U-1 - iamamiwhoami

Till We Ghosts - Petite Noir

Sever - iamamiwhoami

Foundation - Years & Years

Sullen Ground - Mount Kimbie

Empathy - Crystal Castles

E2 - Supreme Cuts

Ouroboros - Oneohtrix Point Never

Big Boy - Balam Acab

Nothing Here - Holy Other

Dieu - The Haxan Cloak

Remember - Oneohtrix Point Never

Swimmer - Four Tet

Cmyk - James Blake

In Violet (Salem Remix) - HEALTH

The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow - Joy Orbison

Daedalus - Fostercare

Forgive - Burial

Loner - Burial

Vanessa - Grimes

Postpone - James Blake

Child I Will Hurt You - Crystal Castles

Suffocation (Los Campesinos! Remix) - White Ring

Joyland - TR/ST

The White Tree - The Lord of the Rings

Milky Words - Butterclock

Stay Away - Charli XCX

Thievery - Arca

See Birds (Moon) - Balam Acab

“Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Vancouver Sleep Clinic & GXNXVS // Originally by Drake (2014)

I’ve been waiting for some new Vancouver Sleep Clinic for a short while now, and today I got another taste to hold me off for a while. Following their brilliant single, “Collapse”, Vancouver Sleep Clinic has teamed up with fellow Australian, GXNXVS for a dark, electro-tinged cover of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”. The collaborators slow down the tempo and amp up the slow-jam feel, with Tim Bettinson’s vocals providing a killer r&b take that calls to mind Justin Vernon vernon’s more soulful moments. It’s a fantastic take on an already great track. Check it out now!