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If you’ve yet to check out Austrian duo LEA SANTEE’s four track EP VENICE I, prepare yourself for some dark bewitching electronic pop. The Vienna pairing of songwriter Lea Stöger and producer Manuel Hosp has enchanted us many times over with their sultry seductive music, which often carries a bit of a fiery bite to it, too. VENICE I, which can be streamed in full on Soundcloud, here, includes previous featured gems like Hopeless and Rollin’. It also features this alluring ballad, Interest, a shadowy slice of glitchy pop perfection that falls somewhere in between the sounds of Vallis Alps and Purity Ring. VENICE I can also be streamed off Spotify, here.

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Self-Destructive is the final new single that completes Mothica’s new EP, Heavy Heart, arriving soon on May 25th, and it’s yet another stellar track from the Brooklyn singer songwriter and visual artist. She explores forbidden relationships and inner turmoil on the dark rumbling electropop ballad, whose glassy quivering, torrid intense soundscape brims tangibly with desperation and poignancy. Tempestuous gripping, restless impassioned Self-Destructive is a fine new taste from Mothica’s sophomore EP, which we look forward to with endless excitement. 

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Rochester band Joywave is back with their first new song in over a year, and this time around, we’re in for a dark heady ride. Content is an ominous thudding, inky intoxicating beast of a tune. About a minute into the song’s eerie introspection, Joywave breaks into thrashing ferocity. They’ve melded indietronica with industrial tinged electro rock in heart pumping fashion. Content is like Nine Inch Nails paired with The Shoes or Big Data, with even a sprinkling of Radiohead in its subdued and meditative moments and a sliver of Crystal Castles in its acerbic synths intens. Content is a trip of a tune and just the right kind of danse macabre I adore. 

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Dulce Liquido - Love or die

‘coz i love TBM!