electro animals

I have been listening to so much electro swing these past few days I’m getting sick. I also know way too much stuff about Nikola Tesla now.

Personality Test

A friend of mine sent me this test and it’s actually pretty fun. It asks really weird questions that kind of get you thinking.

1. What type of drink would you be?

If I was a cold beverage, I would probably be sugared lemonade.

If I was a hot beverage, I would likely be a chocolate chai tea.

2. What breed of dog would you be?

I would probably be a shiba inu, since they’re stubborn, clean, adaptable, independent, and curious. They also like to chew things.

3. What breed of cat would you be?

I would definitely be a Russian blue. They like their sleep, they’re reserved and peaceful, and they’re secretly clever. XD

4. What Disney prince/princess would you be?

I’m not sure if this is asking for one or both, so I’ll just answer both. I would definitely be Kida from Atlantis, since Esmeralda from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” isn’t considered a Disney princess.

As for the prince … this was a bit hard. I find most of the Disney princes bland and boring. But then I remembered that Tarzan is technically a Disney prince. Ignoring the fact that his parents were observably rich, they may have been descendants of royalty themselves. If that’s not the case and he isn’t of royal blood, Tarzan is still dubbed “King of the Jungle”, and his gorilla parents, Kerchak and Kala, are the King and Queen of their pack; thus making Tarzan a prince and eventual king. Personality-wise, Tarzan is a perfect match for me. I love animals and I love the forest, and his laid back, fun attitude is uncanny.

5. What genre of music would you be?

I would probably be electroswing, classical, 40′s era, techno, or goth. Any one of those. But definitely not country, rap, or disco.


6. What species of insect would you be?

I’d be a bombardier beetle. Look it up, ain’t no one gonna fuck with me.

Either that or a katydid.

7. What pokemon would you be?

Oh my God, do you want me to answer the mysteries of the universe, too? Just kidding. I honestly don’t know. I’ve been asked this before, but it’s a hard question to answer. I’d most likely be a ghost or psychic type. I’ve narrowed it down to four possibilities: banette, alakazam, gardevoir, or swadloon.

8. What birthstone are you?

Pretentiously enough, my birthstone is a diamond. -_-

9. What kind of bird would you be?

A raven. Absolutely.

10. If you could fluently learn 5 other languages in just 5 days, what would you learn?

French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic. I’d be set for life. XD

11. What primary colour would you be?


12. If you turned into the opposite gender for a day, what would you do?

Jerk off? I’m curious to see what guys are always on about.

13. What’s your favourite number and why?

Twelve, because it’s beautiful in every language and it’s when most people start maturing. For example, in Greek, twelve is “thotheka”. In Japanese, it’s “juuni”. In Italian, it’s “dodici”. In French, it’s “douze”. In Basque, it’s “hamabi”. In Hungarian, which I am a quarter of, it’s “tizenkét”. Just awesome.

So yeah, fun test. I tag @cassafra5 @alannahkiwi @smodell13 @red-flare-art @thepunchlineislesbian and @kouseki
You don’t have to do this, of course. XD