Gulpin and family are enjoying their favorite summer treat: pride popsicles!

(For anyone who doesn’t recognize the colors: Gulpin has genderqueer and a-spec popsicles, Chingling has nonbinary, the Moms all have lesbian popsicles and Fairy Mom also has a trans one)


anonymous asked:

Perhaps draw the turtle boys with their favorite pokemon starters? Hope you're feeling better and keep on drawing~

That was an awesome idea, Anon! Thank you, it really helped and I had lot of fun sketching them! I couldn’t choose between two starters sometimes so…

I picked Chimchar for the energy that would fit Mikey, and Mudkip just… because I thought it’d fit too and because yes, I love Mudkip =P

This one is dedicated to my dear @feujenny because she loves Raph, and we talked several time about how Incineroar is literally Raph’s pokémon version. =P Also, Raph does great with pets, and I was thinking about the episode of 2003 where he befriends a blind lady and  her cat.

Leo also has two starters. Rowlet will evolve in Decidueye which is basically a Ghost of the Jungle/Forest? =P But a Greninja partner would be simply perfect for him also so have a Froakie.

And finally, I couldn’t pick a starter for Donnie but I immediatly pictured him with a Magnemite, I wanted him to have an Electrik partner. But Rotom would be a good idea too, since he can fit into different machines, so I guess it would be a useful partner to power all of Donnie’s differents machines!

Hope you’ll enjoy them!

I guess I love small electric dogs in video games, I mean check them out !

See ? A small friend, very nice dog ! 10/10 would pet all day.

Oooooooh yeah, that’s a beauty ! See how small he is ? Gosh, I love them all ! Very good mane, fluffy, perfect !

Oh you mean a dog that can become electric ?! Awesome ! the smaller they are the better ! Hahaha look at them, they can barely fit in your hand !