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Perhaps draw the turtle boys with their favorite pokemon starters? Hope you're feeling better and keep on drawing~

That was an awesome idea, Anon! Thank you, it really helped and I had lot of fun sketching them! I couldn’t choose between two starters sometimes so…

I picked Chimchar for the energy that would fit Mikey, and Mudkip just… because I thought it’d fit too and because yes, I love Mudkip =P

This one is dedicated to my dear @feujenny because she loves Raph, and we talked several time about how Incineroar is literally Raph’s pokémon version. =P Also, Raph does great with pets, and I was thinking about the episode of 2003 where he befriends a blind lady and  her cat.

Leo also has two starters. Rowlet will evolve in Decidueye which is basically a Ghost of the Jungle/Forest? =P But a Greninja partner would be simply perfect for him also so have a Froakie.

And finally, I couldn’t pick a starter for Donnie but I immediatly pictured him with a Magnemite, I wanted him to have an Electrik partner. But Rotom would be a good idea too, since he can fit into different machines, so I guess it would be a useful partner to power all of Donnie’s differents machines!

Hope you’ll enjoy them!

Another egg brought to the troop, and another baby born under the watchful eye of Ru. The Houndour puppy now has a li’l sister Electrike.

(Sorry for my absence the past few day, got caught up in my other askblog, but now here is the baby I got from @dailyshinyskiploom! Thank you again!

Now she and her big sister Houndour need names and properly introduced, I’m taking suggestions for the both of them!)

Another lot of eggs! I’ve just re-opened the mystery egg post, so if you want one, reblog the mystery egg post!

@ismalepotato got a Chespin egg!
@clefairydaily got a Buizel egg!
@dailylotad got a Minun egg!
@occasionalmankey got a Sliggoo egg!
@ellieofmidnight got a Sylveon egg!
@dailygulpin got a Chingling egg!
@occasional-joltik got a Beautifly egg!
@askzappiedos got a Mienshao egg!
@refreshingchopsticks got a Froakie egg!
@littlecoldheartedspirit (It’s not coming up in the tag again, so sorry!) got a Clamperl egg!
@thedailyzangoose got a Electrike egg!
@lost–connection (Once again it’s not tagging) got an Alolan Grimer egg!
@regg22 got a Crawdaunt egg!
@mangoburger got a Vulpix egg!
@metarico got a Seismitoad egg!
@luxsideris got a Lilligant egg!
@mageofmysteries got a Combusken egg!
@daily-omanyte got a Ambipom egg!
@ocasionally-shiny-phantump got a Reuniclus egg!
@dailyphantump got a Sandile egg!
@temporarily-askfennekin got a Vigoroth egg!
@dailyditto got a Lanturn egg!
@pokeguild got a Rhyhorn egg!
@dailyshinyscolipede got a Gorebyss egg!
@occasionalhaunter got a Dragonite egg!
@daily-dusknoir got a Scrafty egg!
@bigsilvallylittlenull-answer got a Azelf egg!
@silvaliy got an Alolan Sandslash egg!
@fivefootfite got a Regigigas egg!
@i-am-universe-blog got a Hippopotas egg!
@lilyokami got a Kyurem White egg!
@dailydewgonggonggong got a Togepi egg!
@sableyedaily got a Whimsicott egg!
@omnipotent-goddess got a Munna egg!

Enjoy your new Pokemon!