hi guys! i’m easing back into commissions with some funky fresh mons!!!

for $15 ya get:

  • ANY pokemon in this style (including shinies, legendaries, alternate formes etc)
  • single character
  • full color w simple shading
  • 1-2 simple props / clothing
  • optional color block bg (can be made transparent by request)
  • can be pokesonas, ocs, pmd characters, fictional characters as pokemon, anything goes! (just provide refs!)

⭐BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL! get two comms for $25! same rules apply⭐

catch ‘em all and help a local gay survive capitalism!! contact me via aislingwood27@gmail

thanks so much for your support!! ✌️


Practice Characters to Official Characters
I really like them all so I’m gonna keep them all. They will all be considered as Fotive Students. Probably askable too. This post might get deleted though once the wiki entries exist and the character list updated. Who knows?

  1. Icaro Floros (Greek Mimikyu)
  2. Lennin Quirke (Irish Zangoose)
  3. Tobias Holst (Danish Heliolisk)
  4. Tess Paige (British Electrike)
  5. Sabine Charpentier (Espurr)
  6. Iselle “Isle” Aubin (Litten)

Most of the details about them are tentative. There’s a lot of room for improvement for sure.

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