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(´ q ` ” )

(´ q ` ” ) = The character’s “guilty” pleasure

**In canon Itachi’s only real guilty pleasure is the fact he drinks every now and again. He finds the alcohol something soothing that he can dive into and temporarily forget all of his problems and it’s an escape that he desperately desires.

In au Itachi’s guilty pleasures are more along the lines of sweets and staying curled up under the blankets on cold days when he doesn’t have to work. Simple things really, but things he is not able to enjoy in canon.

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I cant play for shit but I still get riled up about winning lol people in gym class were always like wtf its not a big deal and then their APATHY made me mad :u you know those girls that ur playing volleyball with that wont even lift a finger ugh

THOSE PEOPLE ARE ANNOYING! You can be trying your hardest to win but it’s obvious that they don’t care so they just throw the ball where they’re at and then you’re screwed. I just really don’t like to lose. Like, really who the fuck likes to lose it’s probably one of the worst things ever. lol i really hate losing so i get fired up whenever i talk about it.