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Movie Monday: Electrick Children

By Alycia Dalfonsi.

Electrick Children is one of those movies that will accidentally make your personality and overall being 80% inspired by the characters in this film. The film follows a young Mormon girl named Rachel, when she hears a rock and roll cassette for the first time ever her whole life is changed, and she goes on a journey to find the father of her child… born of the sounds of rock and toll may I add. This movie is so beautiful to me and the story line is quite out of the ordinary which makes it even better in my books! Although I am a bit biased because Rory Culkin (Clyde) is one of my favourite actors, his character is so well written that you will literally FALL IN LOVE with a fictional character. on the other hand, Julia Garner (Rachel) is an amazing actress and the way she portrays her emotions in this film is quite astonishing.

It is impossible to describe this movie without giving away the secrets that lie in each scene of this film, so instead I have decided to write a little sentence that might blindly lead you into clicking this title on Netflix:

If you are into carefree boys with long hair, rock and roll, girls rebelling from what they have been taught, a sense of fantasy, beautiful locations and cinematography, and last but not least the amazing soundtrack and meaning buried in the scenes of this movie, then you need to watch this one!

P.S. and a warning: Your wallpapers and mind will consist of ONLY Clyde after watching this movie, so here are some backgrounds to get you started, because I KNOW you will be tempted.

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