queen0fthelot asked:

1, 11, 12

1. A photo of your favourite pen.

I love this pen. It’s like Staples brand but I don’t care

11. A photo of your sunglasses.

(I can’t find them but they’re aviator Ray Bans)

12. A photo of a book that you’re currently reading.

I’m rereading Behemoth for the millionth time

queen0fthelot asked:

♡ ☼

♡: share 5 favourite songs

  • Those You’ve Known, from Spring Awakening
  • Dust, Cara Salimando
  • Come Home, Onerepublic
  • The Only Exception, Paramore
  • Light a Roman Candle with Me, fun.
  • I tried to hit all of my favorite artists but I don’t think it worked

☼: something you love

  • books B)