1.27.17 | 11:05 AM
4 days to go before my final physics exam worth 40% of my mark! The semester has been a rough one, my mark went from 98 to 87 and if I want a 90, I’ll have to get at least a 95 on the exam so wish me luck!

Also, pertaining to my electricity test, I got 42/50, which is granted not my best work, but I’ll keep trying! ♡

Don’t be too hard on yourself okay? Marks really aren’t everything, I’m just competing with myself.

anonymous asked:

Hola ur blog is so cool and I think it's really cool you like to help people. I'm a bit confused on what power is in a circuit and it's relationship to current, resistance, and voltage... can you help explain? Tysm!!

The Hydraulic Analogy

There are a couple of times especially in engineering where it is easier to think of DC electric circuits in terms of hydraulic circuits and vice versa. And I think in this case it might help you as well.

Current: The amount of water flowing through a section of a pipe over time

Voltage: The difference in pressure between two points in the water circuit.

Resistance: Narrow constrictions offer high resistance and every pipe like every other wire offers resistance to the flow of water.

Power: It is the rate at which the energy stored in the water is used to drive a mechanical device like a water wheel.

Think of it like this: How fast the wheel is going to spin is dependent on the amount of water hitting it (current) and how much pushing this quantity of water does (voltage). 

(pressure = force applied / area)

Hope this helps and I am glad that you are finding the blog to be useful. Cheers!

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