I think my followers would be ‘shocked’ if they knew what my shoulder rehab consisted of. It’s one of those things you do until it 'hertz’. Well this is the 'current ’ status of my healing process. ⚡️⚡️ okay I’ll stop with the electricity puns. Anymore and I feel they “charge’ me with assault and 'battery’ 😗 #shoulderrehab #rehab #injury #electricstim #electricity #me #fit #fitness

The eye responds only to light vibrations through a certain rather narrow range, but the limits are not sharply defined. It is also affected by vibrations beyond, only in lesser degree. A person may thus become aware of the presence of another in darkness, or through intervening obstacles, and people laboring under illusions ascribe this to telepathy. Such transmission of thought is absurdly impossible.

The trained observer notes without difficulty that these phenomena are due to suggestion or coincidence. The same may be said of oral impressions, to which musical and imitative people are especially susceptible. A person possessing these qualities will often respond to mechanical shocks or vibrations which are inaudible.

To mention another instance of momentary interest reference may be made to dancing, which comprises certain harmonious muscular contractions and contortions of the body in response to a rhythm. How they come to be in vogue just now, can be satisfactorily explained by supposing the existence of some new periodic disturbances in the environment, which are transmitted through the air or the ground and may be of mechanical, electrical or other character.

—  Nikola Tesla. “HOW COSMIC FORCES SHAPE OUR DESTINIES”. New York American. February 7, 1915.

In the village of Tuffet, a rocky 45-minute drive from the closest city along Haiti’s southern coast, several men get down to work in Monique Yusizanna Ouz’s rural home. They’re wiring up her two-room, dirt floor house with a breaker box, an outlet and a light fixture.

She’s 66 years old, and for the first time in her life, she’s going to have electricity.

Ouz, who has five grandchildren, wants a refrigerator. She wants cold drinks — for herself but also to sell. And she wants ice cream, too.

“I’ll figure out a way to pay for the electricity because it’s better when you pay for something,” she says. “It doesn’t go away then.”

She’s 66 And Finally Getting Electricity. Bring On The Ice Cream!

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a/n: Okay, big author’s note here.

This fic is based off things I have experienced as a person with ADHD. Not all ADHD is the same - there are a handful of subcategories, but Dan’s ADHD in this fic reflects mine - mostly inattentive but frequently showing hyperactivity and impulsitivity. Another common ‘side affect,’ if you will, of ADHD are really intense emotions like you’ll see in this (especially because it is really, really easy to get upset about the symptoms of ADHD sometimes).

Dan’s thoughts are in italics. I tried to make them as realistic as possible for someone with ADHD but it’s difficult to explain!

if you have any questions please ask!!!! enjoy.


Word count: 1632

Summary: Dan has ADHD and gets overwhelmed by it in class.

Triggers: none i dont think.

Genre: i was gonna say fluff but this is all comfort lol


You can do it.

This was the thought Dan repeated to himself over and over, clenching his hands on the sides of his desk to keep them still. One foot covered the other, legs twisted a bit, and all his materials were organized neatly on his desk so he wouldn’t want to fix them.

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