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20 Hip Hop songs for Valentines day

1. A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way

2. Common - The Light

3. Reflection Eternal - Love Language 

4. Q-Tip - Lets Ride

5. Eric B. & Rakim - Keep the Beat

6. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Lots of Lovin’

7. Black Star - Brown Skin Lady

8. Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty

9. Pete Rock - Its a Love Thing

10. Talib Kweli - We Know

11. Hi-Tek - Get Ta Steppin’

12. De La Soul - Eye Know 

13. Pharoahe Monch - Light

14. Slum Village - Selfish 

15. Pete Philly & Perquisite - Mellow

16. Blu - Party of Two

17. Kanye West - Slow Jamz

18. Busta Rhymes - One

19. Nas - Cherry Wine

20. A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation 

November 20th , 2016

Why don’t you come chill with me ? You know listen to my records and have a good conversation with me. A date doesn’t need money spent or dress up to look extravagant . We don’t need people around or even mad fancy shit. I like simple . I like the idea of just sharing energy .
I could play you some Leon Bridges or miles Davis & if you wanna get jiggy I would play a little tribe , electric relaxation and maybe dance for you. Dance till I laugh to hard to continue to .
Why don’t you come chill with me ? We don’t have to touch but if you want I’m down for the skin to skin feel . We don’t have to even make eye contact but if you want I can search your soul .
If you want me , you can have me . I just wish you’d come and listen to some records with me .
I don’t know who you are , or who you may be . But you’ll come eventually.. be the sugar to my Kool-aid
And be the honey to my biscuit. So why won’t you come chill with me ? Have a rhythm check with you just to see how you move .


A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation


Working Human Skeletal Muscles Grown In Lab For First Time

Bioengineers at Duke University reported today that they have made the first lab-grown human skeletal muscle tissue that contracts and relaxes with electrical and chemical stimulation.

“The beauty of this work is that it can serve as a test bed for clinical trials in a dish,” said Nenad Bursac, an associate professor of biomedical engineering who led the study. “We are working to test drugs’ efficacy and safety without jeopardizing a patient’s health and also to reproduce the functional and biochemical signals of diseases—especially rare ones and those that make taking muscle biopsies difficult.” 

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Next Time (Gray)

Anonymous asked: Hello! I’ve requested before and you NEVER disappoint! Can I request a Gray scenario where you are a producer and he finds some of your stuff online and he asks around to see if anyone knows who you are (you hide your identity online), and when they don’t he contacts you personally and you agree to meet and when you meet he is shocked to find out that you are a girl? Thank you and keep up the lovely work!

Originally posted by kppoptrash

    Sunghwa clicked on the profile link - Oxic_91- and browsed through the tracks listed, listening to the first few seconds of several before sitting back to listen to all of one. He closed his eyes, soaking in the music, the relaxed electric piano, jazzy chords melding with a sharp drum track and electric bass vibing at the bottom. It was good. Really good, actually. He started listening to the other tracks, opening in other tabs the social media links listed on the profile. He was curious- who was the guy behind this music?

    But there was nothing on any of the profiles that indicated anything- no pictures, no personal information, nothing. He sighed, not sure exactly why he was so curious about this artist, but knowing he was. Maybe for a collab? He scrolled farther down the Twitter feed, pursing his lips as he looked in vain for some sense of the human behind the music. He reached for his phone, and dialed Jay.

    “Hey, what’s up?” Jay asked as soon as he picked up.

    “I found this producer on Soundcloud, Oxic_91, and I really want to figure out who it is. Do you know?” Sunghwa asked.

    “No, but I can look into it,” Jay said. “How come?”

    “I don’t know, I just really want to meet him. Just to talk and maybe collab on something. I don’t know.”

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