So, a few days ago, I was doing returns in the home improvement store that I work in and saw a really cool light fixture hanging in the electrical department. The fixture had a old-timey bulb and a cage shaped for it. I immediately tried to think of what I could make with the fixture.

The next day, a man came through my line bragging about how he makes all of his furniture out of blackpipe. I thought it was a fun enough idea so I decided to give it a go for myself. I found a really nice example online that I could tweak to incorporate the cage, and then went ahead and bought everything I’d need. 2 days and 60 bucks later, I have a new lamp c:

Iván Navarro
Blue Electric Chair, 2004
blue fluorescent light bulbs, painted aluminium and electrical fixtures
48 7/8 x 30 ¾ x 39 3/8 inches
edition of 3