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I love your blog! I absolutely adore sharks. Especially hammerheads! What do you find most interesting about sharks? o:

Thank you a lot :)
Well … I think all sharks interesting sound , but especially their lifestyle and reproduction (which is unique of its kind ) . I also find it quite exciting their “ sixth sense ” with Ampullae of Lorenzini that enable them detect electric fields in the water . Here I put the Wikipedia link, which summarizes very well the functioning of this body : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ampullae_of_Lorenzini .

As if bumblebees weren’t already cool enough, this just in: they’re using electric fields to judge whether or not a flower has already been plundered of its pollen by another pollinator. This article from Scientific American says that the bees “build up a positive electrical charge as they rapidly flap their wings.” This is useful to the bees and the flowers as it helps the pollen more tightly cling to the bees. But it also turns out that it minutely changes the electrical field of flowers which have already been visited by another bee, and the bees can see this. As I have said so many times before, and will probably say a thousand times again, nature is so totally cool! ~AR

(via Bumblebees Sense Electric Fields in Flowers: Scientific American)


Electric Field

Cont’d from “Coulomb’s Law

Using the Coulomb’s force for multiple charges we can find the electric field E created by a system of charges (be it discrete or continuous).

Let’s start by re-defining the electrostatic force F for a referece charge Q by

(equation 1). Using the previously determined equations describing the Coulomb force on distributions of charge, we can hence infer that for N discrete charges, the electric field vector E is such that

(equation 2), and for a continuous charge distribution,

These are obtained simply by dividing the force expressions by the reference charge Q.

Hence, it is worth noting that the electric field is independent of any reference charge Q (as outlined by equation 1), so we can find the electric field from any charge – even from a lone point charge. As a result, this is a powerful concept in electromagnetism.

Example: Single point charge.

What is the electric field surrounding a single point charge q?

Although this question may seem simple in principle, it’s worth looking at so we can better understand how a charge produces an electric field and how that electric field behaves.

Let’s first consider equation 2 and allow N = 1, thus removing the summation. Now we have

Thus, we can infer that the electric field propagates outwards from the charge in all radial direction since E ∝ 1/|r|2.

In turn, by rearranging this expression a little we find that E ∝ ¼π|r|2, i.e. E is inversely proportional to the surface area of a sphere. This means that at every radial distance away from the point charge, the electric field spreads out over an increasing sphere of radius r.

What would this look like diagrammatically?

We can visualise this by placing a point charge (we’ll make it a positive charge, for simplicity’s sake) at a position in space and draw the sphere mentioned above around it.

Drawing evenly spaced vector arrows starting from the central point, tangential to the “surface” of the charge, and ending at the shell of the sphere.

We find that these vector arrows represent the electric field vector E since they have a magnitude proportional to |E| and a direction the same as r.

Notice how the lines become further spaced apart as the distance increases, implying the intensity (or strength) of the field becomes weaker over greater distances. Hence, the electric field vector is often referred to as the electric field strength to imply it is a function of the area it acts over.

Gravitational fields act in a similar manner.

…you know what

I’m beginning to think that Peridot…might not be a “real” Gem? Or rather, isn’t a natural Gem

Think about it

Peridot is very robotic, while none of the other Gems shown are

She can take apart her limbs and whatnot (hell in Friend Ship her foot was smoking and had an electrical field when she removed it), and can fire electrical/plasma blasts like robots usually do, not to mention the general stuff her fingers can do

She’s knows a lot about technology in general

She doesn’t even seem to have her own Gem weapon

Maybe it relates to the theory about Homeworld not being able to create any more Gems since the war, which could help explain why Lapis said that Homeworld isn’t anything like it used to be

Peridot isn’t a Gem

She’s a Gem Android

The Electro Magnetic Force produced by the outlets or phone chargers near the head of your bed can alter your ‘sleepiness’… Keep them away from your head (at least a metre) if you’re struggling to fall asleep. This might be the case why.

Inhuman of The Day

July 25th - Lincoln

Lincon Campbell.  An Inhuman from the Marvel Cinematic Universe who appears on the television show, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.  Lincoln was identified as an Inhuman in his young adulthood and recruited to the Inhuman sanctuary, Afterlife.  There he was chosen as worthy of being exposed to Terrigenesis.  This endowed Lincoln with the ability to control ambient electrical fields.  He had a hard time controlling this power at first and he accidentally caused a large electrical fire.  As he further honed his skills, however, Lincoln learned to use his powers in a more subtle, less destructive fashion, such as levitating objects or rendering a foe temporarily unconscious.  

Lincoln was assigned to act as a chaperone to former SHIELD agent, Skye, after she was brought to Afterlife following her own process of Terrigenesis.  Lincoln and Skye cultivated a close friendship with possible romantic undertones.  

Later, after relations between The Inhuman enclave and SHIELD deteriorated into full blown war, Lincoln was tasked with joining the force that invaded the SHIELD aircraft carrier.  Thanks to Skye’s coaxing, Lincoln ultimately decided to turn against his fellow Inhumans and prevent a large-scale loss of life.  
What will ultimate result of all this remains to be see…  Luke Mitchell, the actor who portrays Lincoln has signed on to reprise the role in the upcoming next season and it has been hinted that he will have a much more substantial role as the narrative continues.

To date there has not been a 616 equivalent to Lincoln introduced in the comics.  Although his power-set is quite similar to that of the NuHuman, Kamran; and his role as a member of a version of the ‘Caterpillar Program’ suggests a connection of sorts to the Secret Warrior, JT James.  In all likelihood, however, Lincoln is simply an original character who may or may not have a 616 version introduced at some point in the comics

BBA coronet Engineering College in Haryana

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Bba Colleges drag Haryana would have a gridiron module which would help you discover how to deal with business administration and management. In the end, subconscious self would be as a learner empowered with guidebook for the real business world and how to make a bright career with it. However, that would not comprehensively be possible mid a BBA doctor of laws entering hand, which would open inconsonant doors and windows with regard to opportunities for you, and good prospects that experience heinous too.

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Mechanical Engineering

The above mentioned are olive branches stemming from the engineering field which most take up agreeable to completing their solemnization. B. Tech is technical and BBA is nature about management, the latter is into the bargain commerce based, stretch the beforementioned is science based. Comparing the two would be false coloring and unfair en route to say indifferently, in what way the counselling assignation would let you blue book, based on your caliber, aims and aspirations if BBA or Engineering would be peerless for you. BBA is a three year polity while engineering takes four years en route to complete; the latter has huge scope though.

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Electrokinesis is the psychic power to manipulate energies, electrical currents, and generate electricity with the mind. Users are able to conduct, generate and manipulate a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons) which give the user control over electric fields, electric charges, electric currents, electronics, and electromagnetism.]]

            Limited variation of the Hare Prince - The range of his ability to manipulate electricity is unknown, currently he is able to summon thunder storms and he seems immune to electrical shock. He is not yet aware of his ability to create electricity but lately he has been feeling electrical pulses throughout his body when in a state of intense arousal or fear.

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What is it you actually do if you don't mind me asking?

I’m a PhD student in the field of electrical engineering and robotics, and I work for a university lab as a teaching/research assistant.

That’s why if you’re one of the lucky people here who’ve managed to catch me on Gtalk, there is a 95% chance I spent a significant chunk of the conversation complaining either about grading papers or various things refusing to work.




“Sweet! Totally found that zapfish!”

Inky had to admit, she was feeling a little bit apprehensive about her first mission as the newly-employed ‘Agent 3′, but as it turned out splatting Octarians in the face wasn’t really any different from splatting her fellow Inklings during turf wars.

At least, the principles were all the same; splat, splat, boom! Rinse and repeat. Easy as pie. And now, the zapfish was as good as hers.

Readying her weapon, Agent 3 cackled to herself as she took aim at the electric field surrounding the zapfish, ready to break it down and take back what rightfully belonged to Inkopolis.

“’Yer coming home with ME, pal!”