There are over 7 billion brains transmitting and receiving information on this beautiful planet, imagine if we shared the same flow state of love what a different world this would be.


Gold Audio

Apparently using gold plate in hi-end audio equipment sounds better because:

Gold is highly resistant to corrosion or oxidation, so prevents poor connections from those sources.It is also fairly soft, so the mating surfaces deform slightly, increasing contact area to reduce resistance. The gold plating is very thin, so the added resistance from the gold is easily overcome by its other properties. 

When I saw this gold plate fuse I just had to use it.  It looks like it’s fairly simple but I did have to pop the fuse so the pins went right through. It’s available in my Etsy shop.

It's the 21st Century, c'mon

“Oh, you know how to use power tools?”
-Yes you idiot, I know how to use power tools.

“Are you sure you can handle this equipment?”
-Pretty freaking sure I can considering I spend at least 6 hours a day in a robotics shop

Getting really tired really fast of stereotypes. Yes I’m a girl, yes I do robotics, yes I do the mechanical work, and yes I do the electrical work. No I’m not incompetent when it comes to these things.


Caption: “South Shore 803, one of three massive electric freight motors that the interurban owned, is flying around the sweeping curve that takes the railroad into Chicago. The crew is doing short work and will return to Michigan City later in the day. Gotta tell you, having one of these beauties in your viewfinder was hard to beat. There isn’t anything out there that can match the 800’s, as far as I’m concerned.”

(via CSS&SB 803, Chicago, IL)


November 12, 1980

Photo by Bill Johnson


All Equal (29) by Peter Rea
Via Flickr:


(via North Shore Skokie Valley Don Brown | North Shore Skokie Val… | Flickr)

Caption: “North Shore Line Skokie Valley route. This shot gives a good view of the interesting catenary towers along this section of the line - every other one is connected directly to the high tension towers.”

Photo by Don Brown at an unknown date (John Smatlak collection)