I’m sailing out to sea
You’ve seen the last of me
Oh yeah, everybody loves my mom

When electricity
strikes my family tree
Oh yeah, everybody will be gone

Am I the only one that thinks its wrong
Am I the type that just can’t get along
Everybody loves my mom

(The Exbats - Everybody Loves My Mom) 


The Perils And False Rewards Of Parenting In The Era Of 'Digi-Discipline'
In a society where black people have power, beating children and posting it on social media is just as much about performing respectability as it is punishing wrongdoing.

The videos are an infamous genre unto themselves: “Mother Punches Her Daughter Dead in the Face for Having Sex in the House!” “Dad Whups Daughter for Dressing Like Beyonce.” “Son Left In Bloody Mess as Father Forces Him to ‘Fight.’” Their images stream from Facebook timelines and across YouTube channels, alternately horrifying and arresting: burly fathers, angry mothers, lips curled, curses flying, hands wrapped around electrical chords, tree branches, belts, slashing down on legs, arms, buttocks and flesh as children cry and plead and scream out in agony.

Tens of millions have clicked “play,” becoming voyeurs of this new form of child punishment — what some observers call “digi-discipline.”

Rather than sticking to the time-honored tradition of physically disciplining their children behind closed doors, parents, many of them black, buoyed by the instant gratification and viral fame that social media provides, are increasingly uploading videos of the corporal punishment they mete out on their kids, sparking intense debate on the usefulness of this particular form of public shaming.

Okay but think of how great of a 2nd dad Caliban would've been to Laura?

- Teaching her how to use silverware properly:
(‘Laura, you can’t use a fork to eat soup, love…fuck, Charles! How do you say fork in Spanish?!’)

- Fussing over Laura’s diet:
(‘She’s a growing girl, Logan. Healing from bullet wounds uses up an extra 600 calories a day, I’ll have you know…’)

- Encouraging her to express herself less violently:
(‘If you’re going to get all stabby, you can just take it outside, missy. I just darned that damned hole in the couch yesterday! There’s already one cat living here and he’s barely housebroken, no room for two…position fucking filled!’)

- Explaining what’s wrong with her shoplifting:
('You called too much attention to yourself, is all. Next time try blending into the shadows a bit more and maybe looking a little less like you’re trying to murderer somebody with your eyes’)

- Setting an example of 'green living’:
('TURN! OFF! THE! FUCKING! LIGHTS! Electricity doesn’t grow on trees - and also, I already apologized about stepping on your dollie, so stop trying to literally kill me!’)

- Enabling healthy conflict resolution:
('Your dad didn’t say one word to me over dinner tonight. I’m not his bloody slave, you know. Be a love and kick his arse with one of your foot claws and then tell him it’s from me?’)

- Respecting her elders:
('Just cheat on the next hand of gin you’re playing with Charles so it’ll be over faster, will ya? It’s way past his bedtime and we don’t need him getting cranky and wiping out all life forms within a ten block radius…myself, very much fucking included’)

let’s go on an adventure ☼ listen here

25 inexplicably happy songs for a road trip, late-night cruising, dancing in your PJ’s, etc etc.

san francisco- the mowgli’s // weekend- neon trees // electric love- børns // dreaming- smallpools // tongue tied- grouplove // drive by- train // radioactive- marina & the diamonds // tear in my heart- twenty one pilots // sun- two door cinema club // escape (the piña colada song)- rupert holmes // different colors- walk the moon // super love- dami im // oceans- coasts // safe and sound- capital cities // we come running- youngblood hawke // thunderstruck- owl city // tokyo (vampires & wolves)- the wombats // the sound- the 1975 // i wanna get better-  bleachers // mountain sound- of monsters and men // kick drum heart- the avett brothers // sing- ed sheeran // i know what you did last summer- shawn mendes & camila cabello // adventure of a lifetime- coldplay // take a walk- passion pit // cake by the ocean- dnce // text me in the morning- neon trees // boom clap- charli xcx // collar full- panic! at the disco // come and get your love- redbone // closer- the chainsmokers // kamikaze- mø // how to be a heartbreaker- marina & the diamonds // flaws- bastille // infinitesimal- mother mother

Adventures in Middle-earth pt.4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Word count: 1,447
Warnings: FLufffffffffff!!!!!! 
Synopsis: You were a complete introvert, you stumbled into middle earth and became one of the company and your feelings for the dwarf king only proved greater after you saved his life. 

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Thorin’s arm soothed you, you felt safe and warm despite all bad things that had occurred of recent. You slightly turned into his embrace allowing you to make home in his arms. He softly brushed the fingers of his opposite hand through your hair, you wanted to hold on to this moment for ever. Your heart was fluttering and it was as if fireworks were setting off in your stomach, Thorin’s touch did this to you. You…. loved him. You had never loved anybody before at home, you never believed in it but this surely was love. You couldn’t stop leaning into him, inhaling his scent, his manly, musky scent which drove you crazy.
You heard footsteps approaching from behind, not now, not after such a beautiful moment..
“Thorin!” it was Dwalin, “Wargs!” Thorin immediately let go of you causing you to tumble to the floor,
“Out of the frying pan-”
“And into the fire” Gandalf finished,

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what the signs remind me of
  • aries: fire, king size beds, asian food, friends, smirks, nice cars, glass
  • taurus: forests, drums, beanies, content feeling, dreamy, dogs, bonfires, waves crashing against rocks
  • gemini: rain, board games, cigarettes, birds, underground parties, rock concerts, freckles, puffs of air
  • cancer: mermaids, newborn babies, the mom friend, hearth, nose crinkles, blush, intimate moments, laughing until it hurts
  • leo: gold, vanity, plump lips, winged eyeliner, loyalty, sleek, power, mountains
  • virgo: libraries, harry potter, netflix, gossip, rubber bands, reluctant love, messy buns
  • libra: giggles, castles, shameless flirting, uncomfortable silences, lobster, expensive restaurants, back roads, money
  • scorpio: leather, red lips, candles, messy hair, comfortable silences, video chats, winks, fiery sunsets
  • aquarius: books, driving with the windows down, memes, sand, tapestries, polaroids, spectacles, carnivals
  • sagittarius: marble, stars, vacant hotels, pillars, wildfire, nervous fidgeting, ponytails, poker faces
  • capricorn: sideways glances, singing as loud as you can, snow blanketing pine trees, coffee, electric blankets, classic movies, the '50s, whispers
  • pisces: the beach, summer, pepperoni pizza, blanket forts, alcohol, bows, clouds, youth