A Little Light Tattooing

In 1777, a German physicist named Georg Lichtenberg noticed that dust settling out of the air on electrically charged plates formed tree-like patterns not unlike some forms of lightning in the sky. Indeed, Lichtenberg concluded that the dust patterns revealed the path of electricity passing along a surface, just as lightning reveals the passage of energy coursing through the air.

So maybe it’s not surprising that when an electrical discharge strikes a human (and that person survives), the result can be skin patterns, known as “Lichtenberg figures.” The fern-like, fractalesque patterns are likely caused by capillaries beneath the skin rupturing from the electrical discharge. In medical terms, they’re known as arborescent (treelike) erythema or keraunographic markings. More commonly, they’re called “lightning flowers” or “skin feathering.”

Fortunately, they tend to be temporary, fading as the damaged capillaries heal.


31DC - Dy 27: Inspired by Artwork

Budi Satria Kwan (b.1985, Indonesia/Singapore) - ElectriciTree

To “recreate” the artwork, I used Nina Ultra Pro Ink-ling (blue/gray), Julep Claire(light blue), Sinful Colors Happy Ending (green), Sinful Colors Unicorn (yellow), and then actually put a China Glaze Ghoulish Glow on top of the “leaves,” but fuck if I can get a picture of that.

Electric Art

The Electric Tree is made by engraving acrylic using a 100watt Laser cutter, and then encasing it in a frame with RGB LEDs around the perimeter. A small controller is connected to a battery so you can hang it on your wall and change the color or mode from fading, blinking, etc. 

Using the same technique I’ve made a few other pieces of art like my Electric Cyber Girl. I plan to start taking orders for personalized art, converting any photo you may have into a piece of light up art! If interested, please email me.   


-For the Splatsona tag-

Blorp (ka64) & Plip (Scketchtoomblur) are two squids rarely seen apart. They’re always participating in turf wars to help pay for the electricity in their tree house located on the outskirts of Camp Triggerfish. A few years back Blorp allowed (a then homeless) Plip to come live with them and the two have been friends ever since. The two have been running a silly blog called The-Inkvasion for a few months now and have even made a few new Octopi friends (Ringo and Kassi) as well! Blorp and Plip are both agender/asexual/aromantic… they love giving each other lots of hugs and smooches! /u\


Around a month ago now The Paper Kites dropped their new track Electric Indigo which saw them abandon their traditional folky ways and become a more The 1975 fused with Haim style of band and I for one am really not complaining. I loved their old styled and I am loving their new style now as well. They just dropped a new music video for the track Electric Indigo as well which I adore for the simple and beautiful story it tells. The Paper Kites will released their new album Twelvefour on August 28th and I cannot wait - Jakk