In 1970, a teenager found a hand-made album in a pile of trash in Springfield, Mo. Inside, there were 283 drawings of trains, cars, animals and portraits of people with haunting, circular eyes that stared dead ahead. The album had no name or signature, and each picture was drawn on stationary that belonged to State Hospital No. 3, an old mental institution in Missouri.

The album eventually made its way to an art dealer who discovered the artist’s identity and has now published the works in a book called The Electric Pencil: Drawings from Inside State Hospital No. 3. The book explains that the artist, James Edward Deeds Jr., spent most of his adult life as a patient at State Hospital No. 3, and the story of how he got there goes back to his childhood.

With Just Pencil And Paper, A Patient Found Escape Inside State Hospital No. 3

My Stage Management Kit

Alright, so some of my regular followers might have noticed that I have a silly tag system (or they’ve just noticed random tags that don’t seem to make sense).  For general theatre posts, often tech, I tag “techrider.”  For resources and references, I tag “pencilcup.”  And for most of my own posts, I tag “smkit.”  You know, to be cute.  But this time, I’m actually posting about my SM kit, and I’m pretty stoked, so I might just tag all three ‘cause what the hell, it’s my blog and I can screw with the system all I want.

Meet Samson:

Samson is a product of Artbin, made of a durable cloth material with (I discovered) luan siding.  Notice the sweet rolling luggage-style handle and the nice big snaps keeping the two pieces together.  The top has its own carrying strap, and the bottom (wheels attached) has two comfortable handles for hauling this beast in and out of my trunk when moving spaces.  Hopefully won’t have to move him much this summer, he’s not light.

Let’s open him up!

First glance does not do it justice–it is quite deep.  But let’s check out that neato zipper-pocket on the top flap:

That pocket is basically the size of the entire flap, but for now I’m just storing my headband and desk/clip/LED light.  ($10, Barnes & Noble, super sturdy bright light, I highly recommend it!)

Alright, and as for the rest of the top bin…

Bubba Zips, my stage management buddy, is coming along for the ride.  He loves the upgrade.

Time to unpack!

Here’s everything that fits comfortably in the top:

1.  Huge 4″ D-ring trapper keeper (regular binders are typical in stage management, but keep in mind that we’ll be in the elements this summer).
2.  Ruler, protractor, scale rule.
3.  Hole-punch.
4.  Spare water bottle.
5.  Bubba Zips.
6.  Umbrella.
7.  Clean rags.
8.  Main tape supply (spike, gaff, drafting, glow).
9.  Spike stick with scissors attached (thank you, Techblr!).
10.  Tape measure.
11.  Electric pencil sharpener.
12.  Gerber tool.
13.  Stun-gun (told you, public park).
14.  Personal medical kit.
15.  Outdoorsy things (bagged).
16.  Craft/sewing kit (bagged).
17.  Extended medical kit (bagged, large).
18.  Shakespeare reference book.

Moving on to the bottom, because we have a long way to go…

Electronics/etc. (shoe)box, office supplies box, office supplies bag, hardware box, toolkit, hygiene box, feminine hygiene bag, three packs of gum.

The pink-tab boxes (Artbin or something similar, I shopped around quite a bit) are fantastic.  Deep, sturdy, very strong.  The bags are nice as well, waterproof, clear-ish, and they smell awesome.

Basic toolkit:

…with more hardware-type things.  I’ve got rubber bands, glues, flashlights, lighter, spare screwdrivers, clips, a boxcutter, and one of those cool marker/cutter combo things.  Also a pen light, because you can never have enough little lights at the park.

This here is my electronics/et cetera box.  It includes (pictured above) another damn flashlight, spare scissors, fishing line, “other” tape, a table-clock, an AUX cable, and an iPhone cable (I don’t even have an iPhone…).  Pictured below, we have a box of batteries (AA, AAA, D), a speaker (compatible with the AUX cable), a Master Lock & keys, headphones, a USB-power adapter, and a flashdrive.

Next, we have a plethora of office supplies.  Post-its, tacks, sticky-tack, staples, clear and double-sided tape, eraser-heads, more rubber bands, tabs, paperclips, binder clips, page protectors, pens/pencils/highlighter, pencil sharpener, erasers, and a stapler.

Let’s see if I forgot anything…

Oh yeah, that quick-flick finger-moistener and the gluestick and white-out.

Next, the bag:  It contains less-used office supplies, like Elmer’s glue and a spare stopwatch, plus lots of stickers/labels.  Also a pack of notecards, and a pack of thank you cards, because you never know when you will owe someone a proper thanks!

Next up, hygiene…extra important when you’re working in nature!

Basic feminine hygiene is in an easy-go bag.  Here, we have Carmex, Wet Ones, Gold Bond, lotion, powder-scented antiperspirant, Colgate wisps, make-up wipes, facial tissue, a pack of bobby pins with hair-ties and barrettes wrapped around it, a scrunchie, a pack of Q-tips, Tide to-go sticks, and a brush/mirror combo.  Now let’s look under some of these things:

There’s also hand-sanitizer, baby powder, Listerine tabs, toothpaste, floss, a pencil-sharpener for makeup, a nail-clipper, tweezers, a lint-roller, and some cotton balls.

That’s all, folks!  Thanks for taking the tour.  Oh, and you know that tiny box of brads I forgot to pack yesterday?  Well, I packed away all the stuff again after these pictures, and realized I forgot that stupid little box again…so here it is, all alone.  Bubba is so disappointed in me.

to be human

Minion/Wayne (Minion/Metro Man)

The Shape of Water AU

K rating

for @anakinkshamer

The guiding principle of Wayne Scott’s life is pretend.

(a memory from his childhood, repeated so many times: his mother’s steady, tightly controlled voice, and the fear at the back of her eyes–

do not let them know, Wayne, darling. never let them know.

you have to pretend

you have to pretend to be human

And the thing in the tank is a chilling illustration of just why that presence is so very necessary.

Not because he’s afraid of being locked up, like the thing in the tank. Wayne hasn’t actually tested the full extent of his inhuman strength, but he knows that no humans he’s ever met–certainly not the humans in this government lab–could ever hold him against his will.

What he’s afraid of is the way they’ll look at him.

The way people look at things that aren’t human.

(the way people look at monsters)

So he pretends and he pretends and he represses his strength, controls and controls and controls–

And he learns to touch the world lightly.

His job at the lab is a simple one; his father has a business relationship with this particular branch of the government. Wayne’s father pulled the strings to get him the job, and it’s definitely that kind of job. The kind of job that people give to the sons of rich business men. Shuffle some papers, take a lot of coffee breaks, never do anything important.

The job is–fine. It’s fine.

The problem is that his office happens to face the tank.

The tank of water with the–thing–in it.

It looks like a fish. Kind of. Kind of like a fish. But its teeth are too sharp and its gaze is too sharp and there’s a kind of metal antennae that protrudes from the top of its head.

Alien technology. That’s what the scientists think. That’s why they’re keeping the thing here, why they’re…testing it.

Wayne really wishes his office didn’t face the thing’s tank.

He doesn’t want to look at the thing, really he doesn’t, but somehow he always seems to find his eyes drawn to it against his will, and then he’ll come to himself with a jolt and realize that he’s been staring at the thing for who knows how long again.

He comes to himself with a jolt now.

Yes, he’s definitely been staring again. Only–

–only this time, the thing in the tank is staring back.

It’s holding itself in one place in the water, and it’s looking at him, staring at him, its eyes locked with his, and Wayne feels utterly paralyzed by the intensity of its focus.

And then–

–it starts to swim, which is a relief at first, because it means it’s not looking at him anymore but…

…but then Wayne realizes that the thing is swimming in a pattern, a pattern that repeats itself over and over again, and Wayne’s eyes begin to trace the movements, to see the pattern and he realizes that it’s–

Spelling. It’s spelling out a word, writing it, as if its body is the tip of a pen, letters in a cursive script.


The shock of realization goes through him like an electric current.


He’s holding his pencil too tightly, Wayne realizes. He’s crushed it completely.


The thing in the tank stops its swimming and looks at Wayne, its gaze focused and intent–waiting to see if Wayne’s understood the message, waiting to see if Wayne will–

–respond. It’s waiting to see if he’ll respond oh god–

(he could pretend he could pretend he didn’t see it didn’t understand it he could pretend he has to pretend you have to pretend you have to be human you have to–)


–slowly, deliberately, and without looking away from the thing in the tank–

Wayne nods.

A moment of mourning: my electric pencil sharpener, which has done such yeoman work for lo these 25 years (and kept sharpening pencils super-sharp to the very end), broke tonight.  It won’t go.  And I can’t seem to fix it.

(I would complain about it breaking at an inopportune moment, but let’s be real: since it only gets used when I’m in the middle of a drawing session, it was pretty much always going to break at a time when I didn’t want it to.)

I’m gonna have to work on something that doesn’t involve drawing for the rest of the night (NOT my original plan), and hope I can get a good new one tomorrow.  UGH.

Ford would understand my pain, I feel sure.  

Janice, master of surprise kisses. 😘

I have a lot of drawing requests to finish and a prompt to write, but after rewatching videos of these two and seeing short clips of their performance at the Hollywood Bowl, I HAD TO DRAW THEM AGAIN!!!!!! XD

Floyd and Janice have been and always will be my #1 Muppet OTP and seeing them being a lot more open about their relationship now just warms my heart!!!!! They’re just adorable and they have AMAZING chemistry!!!


I just read an article on BusinessInsider.com about the Navy Blazer and why every GUY should own one. As I read through I realized they were absolutely right except for one small detail - Every WOMAN should own one as well.

The Navy Blazer is “a closet staple that goes with everything.” It’s so true. So to help you gals, I totally stole their idea and came up with three looks styled around my thrifted Ralph Lauren navy blazer ($7 I’m good) that’s cute and easy.

The Navy Suit
Must have for any businesswoman. Professional and classic but not typical like a black suit. I paired mine with conservative black pumps and a muted blouse. A white oxford would work as well. Great for important meetings and presentations.

Casual Friday
I’m really into classic brands so I paired my blazer with Levi’s and Chuck Taylor’s. Some brown leather loafers would really set this off as well. If your job is a little more strict about casual Fridays try this with a white oxford and tailored khakis.

Fun & Flirty
The great thing about the navy blazer is that you can pair it with almost any bright color. I paired mine with an electric blue pencil skirt. The blazer keeps it professional so you can have fun with your other pieces. It sort of balances everything out. Another fun bright color that pairs well with navy is pink! You can even go out after work in this look.


I spent the last session of today in the support unit at one of my regular schools. I love Friday afternoon in the support unit, because it’s developmental play, which means we pack bags, then read stories, colour in, build with lego etc. Today, the one kid in the class who wasn’t at an integration session was totally chill playing with his cars by himself (I asked if he wanted me to play with him, read a story etc, and he said no, he was right, thanks), so I basically got paid to pay with the electric pencil sharpener for 40 minutes. AND I’m in both the support teachers’ good books, because they both have heaps of sharp pencils in their classrooms.


Characters: Richard Speight Jr x Reader

Word Count: 237 

Summary: You like to color except your pencil sharpener won’t work properly 

Tagging: @moonfighter1985 I made this for her when we were on the phone and had a small meltdown due to her pencil breaking. 

               Slamming the pencil onto the table you let out a scream of frustration as the lead in the pencil broke once again, right after you finished sharpening it.

               “Did it break again?” Richard Speight Jr. asked clearly entertained at the tantrum you had just thrown.

               “Yes,” you whined letting your head hit the desk with a thud.

               Coloring was a stress reliever for you except when the pencils and sharpener were not cooperating.

               Richard had gotten used to your outbursts when you were coloring but he always seemed amused by them. “Here let me try,” Richard grabbed the pencil and sharpener and began the process of twisting the pencil around and around. “You know if you would just let me get you an electric sharpener then this wouldn’t happen.”

               “I know but I like the small ones that fit in my hand,” you told him stubbornly. He had been trying to get you an electric sharpener since the two of you began dating but you always said the ones he picked out were too expensive. He’d always tell you money wasn’t an issue but you couldn’t really justify spending fifty bucks on an electric pencil sharpener.

               “Alright,” he smiled handing the plastic sharpener and your newly sharpened pencil back to you. He leaned down and kissed the top of your head.

               “Thank you,” you beamed up at him.

               “My girlfriend is crazy,” he smiled and walked away.

Let's Be Alone Together

a/n: hi so um i’ve been away from writing for a while i’m sorry about that i hope this can make up for it. it doesn’t exactly have a brilliant plotline but i just wrote it to kinda get back into writing i hope u like it and a chaptered fic will be starting soon 

summary: dan has to work with the class nerd for the history project but a classroom at night can be good for things other than working and maybe dan isn’t such an asshole after all

word count: 5,156



“You’re still on the ‘S’?!” Dan exclaims in disbelief, his hands making an almost permanent rest for his forehead whenever he caught sight of Phil’s work progress.
“Bubble writing takes skill, Dan.” Phil glares at the brown-haired teenager a few chairs away from him. “Something you’re not familiar with.”
A brief silence falls between them, before Phil feels a “Soft Art Eraser” hit the side of his head.
Researching takes just as much skill as drawing a few letters.” Dan retaliates semi-scornfully, presenting his one sheet of A4 paper littered with Times New Roman font and highlighter stains.
“Yes.” Phil gestures, leaning off the chair to retrieve the dropped eraser. “And how many pages have you done of research, then?”
Dan pauses with a nonchalant shrug. “Enough.”

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