My electric blue lobster. Beautiful shell. I supplement it’s health by providing dropping food pellets designed for invertebrates, as well as putting mineral stone in my filter to raise the dissolved calcium levels.
Every once in a while he gets a treat of a algae disk. He really enjoys that.
Convict cichlid photobombing to the left.


Oh man oh man this dude is so flipping cool

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lesless  asked:

Wait you have a pet lobster that's fabulous is there a photo of the crustacean?

I should probably clarify, my lobster is not technically a true saltwater lobster. She’s actually a species of freshwater crayfish colloquially known as an “electric blue crayfish.”

‘She’ is most likely actually male but I’m not changing it now. Her name is Kaiju and I love her:

I snapped a picture just for you. This is Kaiju, trying to escape from the tank and murder me (she’s quite aggressive) She’s a blue crayfish of the species Cherax Quadricarinatus. She’s about six inches long from tail to claw, with her long antennae she’s over a foot.

You can see more of her at zooophagous.tumblr.com/tagged/crayfish or tagged/kaiju