electric wizard dopethrone


Electric Wizard “Barbarian” from Dopethrone album.


Electric Wizard, Dopethrone

fake-hardcore asked:

1 2 and 24

1) my favorite opening track on an album is some what damaged off the fragile

2) my favorite closing track echoes off meddle by pink Floyd

3) favorite album art is either black flags slip it in or the money store or electric wizards dopethrone

ookamibearbert asked:

brand new - your favorite weapon. deafheaven - sunbather. taking back sunday - tell all your friends. electric wizard - dopethrone.

Hey! I’m unable to find a large enough pic of that album’s single, so as a compromise we can post Daisy instead (sorry). Dopethrone, Tell All Your Friends and Sunbather don’t have any singles, but we can just post the album covers if you want. Thanks for asking!