electric veins

Nice to Meet You

Summary: An Sam x reader a/b/o fic. The reader moves to a new town and changes careers, but those aren’t the only major life changes she’s faced with. (An AU where both Sam and the reader work at a high school.)

Warning: a/b/o dynamics, knotting and claiming, smut

Word Count: 5,000ish

A/N: I had fun writing his one. Hope y’all enjoy it, too! Feedback appreciated!! XOXO

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I don’t want smut.

I want to write a build up where they crave each other’s existence with every single fiber of their being without muttering a word of it to the other at first.

 I want their to be inner turmoil like a raging whirlpool beneath a calm lake.

I want to write a relationship where their hands tremble at the lightest touch of the other’s skin as if electric flow through their veins and escaped through the pores.  

I want situations where the other is suffering for the other mentally and physically to ensure their survival or the success of a mission or plan.

I want there to be secrets the other is afraid of slipping out and what the other will do once they find them out.

I want to see a tempest of passion in their eyes when they look at each across the room.

 I want terror to quake their entire beings at the mere thought of the other being in some dire circumstances.

 I want their words to be riddled with fury, passion, meaning with each vowel, each syllable as if it were their last.

I want to write relationship something that would make the heavens sigh and the chasms of the earth shutter .

Music Genres for The Signs (requested)

(check sun, moon, and venus)

Aries: Rock n’ Roll ~ the martian energy is aggressive and energizing, the young angst of aries is released with every beat of a dream and strum of a guitar.

Taurus: Jazz ~ the mesmerizing tones of the jazz voice offer a classy tone that venus enjoys. parties with bating eyes and popping champagnes, the slow and steady bull is enjoying every beat.

Gemini: Rap ~ the creative writing of mercury is now really heightened when the upbeat air is thriving. mercury is the messenger here, rap tells a story and gives a message to the world.

Cancer: Soul ~ the moon captures the essence of the soul, it would only make sense for cancer to be the music to your deepest, purest self, taking you back home in your safe coven.

Leo: Pop ~ light hearted fun music that everyone would enjoy, great for parties, gatherings, and stage performances. can be loaded with as much emotion as one desires. created as an outlet to the leo heart or creativity.

Virgo: R&B ~ the timeless jams, much like virgo’s seemingly laid back nature, captures a lot in the their lyrics by subtle messages, telling a story with varying rhythms and beats.

Libra: Alternative ~ libra’s need to see different perspectives and ideas leads them to step outside of the norm to discovery hidden treasures in music not many listen to. they play fair and give chances to all types of music and artists.

Scorpio: Metal ~ much of the dark side of pluto can be expressed here. the heavy weight of their emotions bare a strength much like that of metal. letting out everything they take in from the world around them.

Sagittarius: International ~ jupiter’s musical side is worldly and that of cultural curiosity. the interest and profound want to know more about other’s traditions is fed here.

Capricorn: Classical ~ the intricate art of conducting and coordinating is that of higher art, much like capricorn’s fine taste, classical provides a variety that accommodates to their specific standards.

Aquarius: Electric Dance Music ~ uranian electricity runs through the veins of aquarius with the persistent rhythm of saturn. fun and upbeat, socially uniting as there is rarely any emotional expression.

Pisces: Blues ~ no other than the occupant of the blue planet itself. the blues take you to a place of deep emotional exploration. soft and ethereal, much like the heart and voice of pisces.

Slow Hands

You had spent a lot of the evening in the arms of this brunette with the eyes that were like an infinity pool—never ending.

Be it shots, on the dance floor, or sneaking smokes out back in the space that was not even an arm lengths away, you and Niall were inseparable from the moment you two first danced the last time you two met.  

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Midnight Memories // The Color Of My World Part Two [A Stiles Stilinski Soulmate AU]

Series Masterlist

Relationships: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC/Theo Raeken x Reader/Theo Raeken x OFC

Warnings: Making Out, A Smug Stiles Stilinski Talking About Sex, Swearing, Physical and Verbal Violence, Abusive Relationship, AND REALLY FUCKING ADORABLE STILES STILINSKI SERIOUSLY HE IS SUCH A CUTIE YOU’LL FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM ALL OVER AGAIN.

Word Count: 6,168  

Song: Kid In Love by Shawn Mendes (The lyrics are so spot on it’s actually kind of terrifying)

A/N: Thank you so much for loving part one y’all. Here’s part two that also ends with another cliffhanger because I’m addicted to making you guys go crazy lol

“Oh, shit.” Stiles gasped, letting go of me as I stood on my own.

The room remained full of life and color even though he was no longer touching me. My skin, however, felt lost without Stiles. His touch left a lingering burn in my body and I was already craving it again. I longed for someone I just met and, for some reason, it felt right.

“W-We’re-” I stuttered, my mind completely overwhelmed with what we just discovered.

“Soulmates.” He finished my sentence, his warm colored eyes piercing into mine.

Stiles Stilinski, the boy my boyfriend secretly despises, is my soulmate. It’s funny just how sadistic the universe really is.

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Summary: After Sam insults Peter the reader comes up with a plan to get him back…a very creative plan. 

Word Count: 1886

Authors note: SMUT! SHORT BY SMUTTY! Peter is 18 in this fic, and it’s mentioned within the actual story:) Let me know what you guys think!

You were standing in the compounds kitchen looking through your phone when your favorite crime fighting spider entered the room. Peter angrily ran a hand through his hair, mumbling to himself.

Looking up you asked, “What’s wrong Peter?”. Peter was pulled from his thoughts, now holding your gaze. Shaking his head he asked, “You don’t think I’m just a child right (y/n)?”.

He walked over to you as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Out of habit Peter rested his hands on your hips. You smiled, “You are spider-man”.

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@11-lovs heres the fic finally :DDDDDD

@ilovemyspoopydad FLUFF

Patton loves to touch.

He loves to touch soft blankets, and he he loves to hug stuffed animals. He loves kitties and puppies and all the animals. He touches the walls as he walks past and traces patterns on his thighs whenever he’s bored.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t often get to touch the other sides.

It’s been a long time, but he remembers that they feel warm and soft. He would want to cuddle all of them - but he doubts they would want to.

Which is why, when Roman suddenly puts an arm around his shoulders when they’re all watching disney movies on the couch, shock courses through Patton’s body as he shivers. Roman glances over, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Is this okay?” he whispers, curious as to if he over stepped his bounds. Patton pauses for a moment before he giggles and cuddles close to Roman, laying his head on the prince’s chest.

“Very okay…”

They stay like that for the rest of the movie. Logan noticed the initial reaction. His curiosity is spiked as he plans an experiment.

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unholy [part two to angel on fire]

summary: part two to angel on fire || nsfw || demon!bucky x angel!reader ||

warnings: fingering, use of powers, biting, general sin tbh

notes: alternatively titled ‘how heaven would burn and how hell would freeze

this is for my lovely babydoll’s (@sanjariti) prompt game/challenge!! I had the song Unholy by Hey Violet. Now, I didn’t use all the lyrics, but I did use some of them. I hope that’s okay, Lina.


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Kisses On A Plane (Grayson)

You shut your eyes tight, pushing your head back against the headrest as the plane jolted to life. Passengers were still filing in and taking their seats as the pilot announced you would be departing in a matter of minutes. You hoped to God no one would take the vacant spot next to you. You booked first class solely for that reason. A five hour flight from L.A. to New York with some stranger asleep on your shoulder? No thanks. Your eyes scanned the passengers taking up the aisles before landing on one in particular. He had headphones wrapped around his neck, brown hair swept across his forehead and the most stunning hazel eyes you had ever seen. There was a small mole on his chin and his lips were plump and pink. He was undoubtedly one of the most attractive guys you had ever laid eyes on. You were surprised to find he was alone, expecting some kind of model girlfriend to be trudging along behind him. When he stopped next to your seat, eyeing the spot next to you, your mouth went dry. He looked down at you, giving you a small smile.

“Uh. I think this is me.”

“Oh!” You stood as best as you could, shifting over so he could take the aisle seat next to you. “Sure, help yourself.” You smiled back, laughing awkwardly as you scrambled to move over. He laughed lightly before plopping down beside you. Holy shit he smelt amazing. He got himself situated then outstretched his hand towards you.

“I’m Grayson.”

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too shy for the ride (m)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader, Jungkook x Reader (feat.my 5 little children watching)

Warnings: I meaaaan, you see the request. Good lucks reading this.

Wordcount: 2.1k 

a/n: aww, this is was really a good idea for me to write ! thanks for requesting, hope you want more and enjoy this stuff.~ 

The boys knew how he felt about you. Always teasing him when you came over wearing your shorts or just a tank top with pajama bottoms. Jungkook is known for his shy ways, and you wanted so bad to bring him out of it. One night, it had all turned into a drunk ass mess of a game of “Truth or Dare.” If you didn’t take the dare, you had to drink. Dares were the only fucking things being thrown around, considering that none of these boys were up for a round of truths. Finally, it came to you. Yoongi looked at you with the cockiest smirk, which had you gulping at the slightest. He knew how much you wanted Jungkook to see that he doesn’t need to be so shy about everything, and boy, was he about to get a damn show. 

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Crush (on) them

Request: How about one where the reader is really popular and she stands up for Peter when flash is doing the penis thing and then later on Peter saves the reader? But the reader recognizes him because the idiot has the same voice?

Word count: 1,314

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, kissing

A/N: Sorry It took so long for me to post, and thank you @writing-marvel for giving me a good name for this!

Peter knew she was way out of his league, but for some reason, he was so intrigued by one of the most popular girls in his grade. The thing that he admired the most about her was how she wasn’t the stereotypical popular girl. She was truely nice to everyone, with the exception of Flash, which made him love her even more. Plus the fact that guys would throw themselves at her, and she would reject them, telling them she had eyes for someone else. The desire Peter had to be that mysterious man who had her heart was driving him insane, but her have feelings for him was only something that happened in his dreams.

Peter walked into class, seeing a new seating chart on the smartboard, his eyes traced the document until he found his name next to the girl that stole his thoughts too often. He felt his heart leap out of his chest as he saw Y/N look at where she was seated, and smile. Before she could turn around and see Peter as red as a tomato he whipped his body around, and made his way towards his seat, sitting down looking out the window afraid that he might spontaneously melt into a puddle if he looked at. He heard her pull out her chair, and sit down, making his heart skip a beat.

“Looks like we are going to lab partners for the next month” She poked him smiling wide. Peter turned his head giving her a small smile back.

“Yeah” he whispered, making her giggle. Peter felt the blood rise to his cheeks as she turned to pay attention the teacher talking. Good thing chemistry was Peter’s best subject because he knew this next month he wasn’t going to pay attention to anything the teacher was saying. Instead, he would be focused on the gorgeous girl sitting right next to him.

When the bell finally rang, Peter practically darted out of the classroom, because he felt like he was going to pass out, he got about halfway down the hallway until he felt someone grab his hand.

“Jesus Peter you walk so fast” Y/N breathed, trying to catch her breath. Peter’s eyes went wide, and he felt electricity surge through his veins from her hand touching his. She blushed at his reaction, and quickly let go of his hand.

“I was wondering if you wanted to go to a party at Liz’s house tonight,” she asked shyly quickly looking down. Peter was astonished, his practically wide open trying to comprehend the fact that the girl of his dreams just asked if he’d go to a party with. He was speechless. “I mean it’s fine if you can’t I know you’re busy with th-”

“I’d love to” he blurted, his heart practically pounding out of his chest.

“Awesome, so I’ll meet you there” she smiled, kissing him on the cheek, and walking away to her next class. Peter felt his whole body turn to jelly as he felt her lips touch his skin. He felt like he was on fire. He felt a warmth course through his body, and he practically forgot how to breathe excited for what this night was going to unfold.


Peter walked up to Liz’s house, with his head buried into his phone texting Y/N, and telling her that he had arrived at the party. He made his way into the house looking around until he made eye contact with Y/N who was already making her way towards him with a huge smile on her face.

“Come dance with me” she yelled over the music, grabbing his hands, and dragging him to the dance floor. He would follow her anywhere, he was completely under her spell. Once they got to the dance floor she wrapped her arms around his neck resting her forehead on his. Peter skittishly wrapped his arms around her back pulling her closer. His heart practically stopped when she buried her head into his neck. He felt her warm breath sending shivers down his spine, and the hairs on the back of his neck sticking straight up. They continued to dance until they were interrupted by the voice of Flash.

“Penis Parker actually got a girl to dance with him wow that’s a surprise” flash laughed through the microphone making Peter’s heart sink.

“Just ignore him” she whispered in his ear, pulling him even closer than before.

“Parker could never get a girlfriend or even kiss a girl” Flash laughed, and the room filled with the other kids laughs. Y/N pulled apart from Peter, looking Flash straight in the eye, she winked at him pulling Peter by the neck and slamming her lips to Peter’s, his eyes flew wide open, and his body tensed up, but when she started pulling at the strands of his hair, he melted into the kiss grabbing her hips, and pulling her closer. She slipped her tongue into his mouth making him gasp. She pulled apart looking at Flashes mouth whose mouth was wider than Peters.

“So what were you saying about Peter not being able to kiss a girl, because if you were saying he couldn’t you’re very wrong” she sassed.

“I can’t believe you just kissed a boy named Penis Parker Y/N” Flash laughed trying to think of a better comeback. Y/N felt an anger surge through her as she walked up to the DJ station pulling Flash down by his shirt.

“I did kiss him, and he’s not a boy, he’s a man, and he is ten times more of a man than you could ever dream of being so shut the hell up Flash” she spat pushing him back and running to go find Peter, who had disappeared. She looked all around the house, but Peter had left which made her heart drop to her stomach. She grabbed her jacket, and her keys, and walked to her car which was parked further down the block. She felt a cold breeze causing her to shiver. She felt like she heard footsteps behind her, and she quickly whipped her head around to look. Fear started to consume her body, and she began to walk faster. When she finally reached her car she quickly opened the door only to feel, a hand cover her mouth. She let out a muffled scream kicking trying to escape the arms of the person holding her. She felt cold metal on her neck, tears began to slip out of her eyes. Until she was pushed to the ground. She hit her head on the concrete, and her vision went blurry. When her vision finally cleared she saw the one, and only spider man. She sat up slowly holding her head. She watched as Spider-man webbed the man to the ground.

“Are you okay ma’am?” the boy under the mask said. Squatting down next to her grabbing her hand. Not man, boy, and not just any boy, it was the voice of Peter Parker. He helped her up, and she immediately wrapped her arms around him.

“Thank you Peter” she whispered, pulling away from him, and walking to her car.

“You’re wel-, wait I’m not Peter” He squeaked, mentally freaking out. The girl picked up her keys.

“Whatever you say spider-boy” She sighed getting into her car. She rolled down the window and yelled “Don’t worry, your secrets safe with me” Leaving Peter speechless at the side of the road wondering how the hell she knew, and how his life was about to change.  

dazzle me. ((jondami))

i was listening to this song and a idea came to mind. ‘’you’re getting higher than the ceiling lights, and falling hard, hard enough to lose the fight. not in it for the money, just in it for the thrill.’’ -dazzle, oh wonder. 2.7K+ words.

   Damian’s fascinated, utterly hypnotized.

And it’s all the fault of one special Kryptonian.

He doesn’t do love, what’s the point? It makes you weak. Gives people a way to get right through your armor and shatter you in a way that nothing else does. His mother explained that to him many a time. He had listened to her stories as a child.

There was someone once, someone that she had truly loved. Ra had found out. He killed them right in front of her. She vowed never to love again. It was foolishness. 

Damian learned from her mistake just like she wanted him to.

‘‘You will never let yourself sink as low as petty humans. You, my son, deserve a god for you will be one someday with this mighty empire of ours.’’ She spoke, it was a miracle she was giving him the slightest of affection, running her nimble fingers through his hair. For a moment, he believed that he saw love in her eyes. Then she steeled, abruptly standing up from her seat beside him. ‘’We need to cut your hair at once.’’

And that was that.

He never loved, scoffed at admirers, pretended to retch at the romantic scenes in the movies Dick was so fond of watching. Poked fun at the silly novels he occasionally caught Jon reading.

Then puberty happened.

Hormones, hormones, hormones.

He was laying back on his bed. Titans Tower was completely deserted. Everyone hadn’t yet come back from the holiday break. Not that he blamed them. The ones who didn’t have family simply stayed with another of the teens. 

Damian had come back as soon as the clock struck midnight, announcing the presence of the new year. 

He stared at the ceiling, trying to count exactly how many bumps were on the roof of his room. The Titans had repainted his room, which had been a chipped, bloody mess. He was grateful, but none of them had any futures in designing rooms or anything of the sort. Some paint was layered, to cover the dark crimson stains, and you could tell the difference right away.

He said nothing.

He was restless. He couldn’t get to sleep, no matter which way he turned, or punched his pillow. He tried sleeping on his stomach, but that was just uncomfortable in so many ways. Plus, he didn’t feel like getting accidentally turned on which was happening quite frequently nowadays.

‘‘It’s perfectly normal-’‘ Dick crooned. ‘‘Another word and I will smother you in your sleep.’‘ Damian interrupted.

Robin sighed. It was so quiet without any members of his team. Usually there was at least one insomniac hanging out in the living room, watching some sort of program on the TV, which Damian could hear from his bedroom.

Not today. 

A ear-piercing sound rang in the air.

He shot up in bed, blindly going for his suit, pulling it on in record breaking time.

Adjusting the mask as he went, he ran out to the living room.

‘INTRUDER ALERT’ flashed across the screen and the wail continued.

What, the Tower was impossible to break into. He had been making sure of it. Great, now he had to say that the Tower was nearly impossible to break into. 


He started pressing buttons to at least stop the sound so he could figure out where the hell this intruder was, so he could beat the living hell out of them. He was a bit antsy.

Then, the alarm stopped.

He glanced down at the electronic keyboard and found that he hadn’t pressed enter yet. 

Damian froze.

‘‘Sorry ‘bout that, I slipped up on the last number in the code.’‘ A voice came from behind him. A laugh as well, a low one that managed to make his heart beat the slightest bit faster. Not that he would ever acknowledge it.

Damian tucked away the batarang that had been taken out in the blink of an eye. 

He turned around, seeing Superboy vault over the couch. 

Jon placed his feet over the top of the couch as his head hung off the couch, strands of hair coming loose with gravity and framing his oh so perfect blue eyes and delicate, dull pink lips. Ones that were forming a word.

–you’ve got diamonds in your eyes tonight–

‘‘-me.’‘ Jon was smiling at him, it sent an unfamiliar warmth through him and he had to fight back a shiver. 


‘‘Huh?’‘ Had he really been so distracted by the boy hanging upside down?

No. Yes. 

‘‘Nothing,’‘ Jon laughed. ‘‘What’s up?’‘

The question snapped the youngest Wayne out of his daze and back to his senses.

‘‘What’s up?’’ Damian mocked. ‘’How the heck did you manage to get into my secure building? Why are you here? What is the meaning of this?’’

‘‘Pretty sure that it doesn’t belong to you and one question at a time, please.’‘ A lopsided grin. 

He hid his reaction to it, waving his hand so the keyboard disappeared, leaving the coffee table just that. A plain table.

‘‘Okay, then answer them.’‘

‘‘Someone’s grouchy. Ooh, an apple.’‘ Jon sat up, grabbing the fruit from the bowl placed there. He made a face after biting into it. ‘‘Ours are better.’‘ He gingerly set it down on the table.

Damian rolled his eyes. ‘’I’m waiting, Kent.’’

‘‘Really, Wayne?’’ 

Nope. He noped everything. This was karma, had to be.

He watched in silence as Jon lent forward, placing his somehow soft fingers on the side of his face, it was unusual and it took him off guard. His own hands were rough from years of handling his equipment. Little cuts littered them. Permanent.

Breath hitched in his throat.

Why was he reacting like this?

Then, Jon’s fingers brushed higher up and they pulled at his mask, successfully removing it. He pulled back, casually dropping the thing in his lap.

‘‘There, so much better.’‘ The shaggy haired teen smoothed out the creases in the mask.

Damian let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding.

‘‘So, now to answer your many questions.’‘ Jon waved his hands around in a flourish and Damian found himself staring at their every twitch.

Huh, he has really pretty hands. 

He found himself wanting to get into contact with them once again. 

‘‘Kon gave me the code by the way, so don’t worry. Your security is still perfectly intact.’‘

‘‘Of course it is, I built it.’‘ The vigilante responded with a huff.

Jon tilted his head back in a laugh, and Damian should have found that offensive but he was trapped. 

Enthralled by the way Jon’s eyes shut when he did so, a sense of disappointment stirring in Damian when he could no longer view the wonderful shade of blue, lips curling upwards, collarbones just about showing from the top of his hoodie that wasn’t zipped all the way to the top, and it being yanked up a bit when he brought up a hand to muffle a laugh, exposing some of the beautiful pale skin right underneath his navel.

–dazzle me, dazzle me–

Whatever deity existed, they were torturing him. 

The one across from him took a moment to calm, taking a deep breath in and then out.

‘‘I’m-,’‘ Superman’s son snickered again, ‘‘fine.’‘ He waved his hand in dismissal of the laugh that had just occurred. ‘‘Listen, I was in the area, and Kon told me you were hanging around here alone. Thought I would keep you company.’‘ There was a pause. 

Damian didn’t know why but his heart pounded with fear, drowning out any other noise.

‘‘…And maybe we could talk about what happened at my party?’‘

And there it was.

‘‘Damian, c’mon,’‘ Jon whined, bringing a smile to Damian’s lips. ‘‘It’s my fifteenth, we’re here to have fun. Not lurk in a corner and be depressing.’‘

‘‘It’s what I do best.’‘ He replied, and full lips formed into a adorable pout.

He didn’t like parties, and Clark and Bruce, God knows how those two conspired to do this, had thrown the biggest one ever. They had left once it started, trusting the boys to not let anything get too out of hand.

‘‘Well, we’re dancing.’‘ Jon spoke, a certainty in his voice.

–give me neon lights–

‘‘No way.’‘ He scoffed, settling in on the couch.

‘‘It’s my birthday, I get exactly what I want.’‘

Damian didn’t understand why that sentence affected him so much.

He let Jon pull him up, dragging him into the fray.

Swarms of warm, teen bodies. They didn’t know half these people but it didn’t matter right now. The smell of sweat, and excitement buzzing in the air like electricity, his veins absorbing it.

–see the plastic life through my bloodshot eyes–

They fumbled, awkwardly stepping, not really knowing what to do but that made it better. 

–you’re getting higher than the ceiling lights– 

Jon kept getting closer and closer.

He didn’t notice.

–and falling hard, hard enough to lose the fight–

They stepped on each other’s toes a couple of times.

Jon was swaying, and was humming along to the beat with his eyes shut. 

‘‘Having fun there?’‘

Red colored the boy’s cheeks, as if he’d been caught.

A blush (?) 

He stuck out his tongue at Damian, childish.

They broke out laughing.


‘‘You’re looking at me like that again.’‘ Blue eyes, narrowed. Calculating.

‘‘Like what?’‘ The Arabian male said, confused. 

‘‘I dunno, It’s just-’‘ Jon shook his head. ‘‘I should shut up.’‘

‘‘No, really. Like what?’‘

Raven hair fell into his eyes as Jon stared down at his worn out sneakers.

He mumbled something, but Damian didn’t catch it with how loud the conversations around them were.

A fist gripped his shirt, balling it up. Damian thought that Jon was going to punch him for a second and he went to remove the hand.

Jon was faster.

A rough tug to the front of his shirt, and lukewarm lips crashed against his slightly chapped ones.

–not in it for the money, just in it for the thrill–

A weird sounding noise escaped his mouth, and the grip on his shirt loosened but the hand remained there, pressing against his chest.

The other was brought up, skimming the back of his neck.

–living in the moment, paying for the kill–

His eyes fluttered closed, body relaxing in way he didn’t know was possible.

Damian had no idea how to respond so he just did. No thinking.

Hands on Jon’s waist, fingers curling into the belt loops on his jeans, tugging.

More, more, more.

Him, him, him.

Invading his thoughts, poisoning his mind until there was nothing else.

–i am wild alive, i am wild alive–

His head started to feel dizzy, and with irony he remembered, ‘I need air,’ and pulled back, although Jon was hesitant to let him go, and gave a whimper.

They stared at each other, eyes going wide as if only now realizing what they had just done.

‘‘Oh my God, I’m-’‘ Jon began but Damian’s mouth was already back on his, muting any further words.

–golden grill of sadness, mid-life wasted youth–

The rest of the night was a blur.

They broke apart, snuck away from the crowd. 

They made their way onto the roof, and talked. Nothing about what had just happened. Just…life.

–there’s a human in your heart of hearts–

There was a new feeling in the air between them, however. 

Damian liked it.

–hiding true colors made you fall apart–

The party ended, and Jon went home while Damian helped clean up the mess left behind by everyone.

‘‘What about it?’‘ Damian’s voice sounded choked, even to him. Scared, even. He talked fast. ‘‘There’s nothing to talk about. Absolutely nothing.’‘

‘‘It’s been three months, we ought to talk about it sometime.’‘ Jon’s voice was soft, as if trying to lure a frightened animal from their hiding place.

–throwing fire, trying to make it right–

‘‘No, we don’t.’’ Damian continued stubbornly, crossing his arms over his chest, purposely avoiding his friend’s eyes which were probably giving him the signature Jon Kent look.

If you thought puppy dog eyes were bad, Jon’s version of them were the absolute worst and could get anyone to do anything.

Hence, why Damian refused to look Jon in the eye. He’d give in.

Jon threw up his hands in frustration, giving a long, annoyed exhale.

–always ends up like this, always gonna lose–

‘‘Fine! How about I talk, and you listen?’‘

Damian didn’t respond.

‘‘What, was I that bad a kisser or something? Is that why you’ve refused to partner up with me on anything unless told to, huh? Do you just not like me? A fluke, a mistake. You could have just told me instead of being a, a, thing about it! If I remember correctly, you kissed me back! That’s gotta mean something. Doesn’t it?” His voice got progressively quieter, more shaky as he went on, as if he were scared to have a answer to his many questions.

It almost hurt to hear him ramble.


Jon stopped, anger still visible in his eyes, and the way his hands were clenched at his sides. 

Damian groaned, leaning forward and dropping his head into his hands.

‘‘Explain it to me then.’‘ A unspoken plead was in his eyes and that did it for Damian.

‘‘I-I got scared, alright? It’s not just everyday that your best friend for five years kisses you! I didn’t want to, didn’t want to ruin it, okay? I’ve freaking done things but what if me, me being me is the thing that makes that disappear? That’s a heck of a lot worse. So,I distanced, maybe you’d forget all about it.’‘ Damian’s voice rose and lowered throughout his rant, shouting and then dropping into a barely audible whisper that would have gone unheard if not for Jon’s super hearing.

Jon looked at him and gave a bitter laugh. Nothing like the one that made warmth flush to his cheeks and his heart thump that much faster.

‘‘I was the one who kissed you, don’t you think that means anything? I know you. I’m pretty sure I know what I’m doing.’‘

‘‘Don’t you mean, was?’’ Damian said.

Jon looked at him, a determined expression on his face.


And then he kissed him, again. 

This time was much different. It wasn’t sped up, this was drawn out.


The other was pent up feelings being let out, this one was expression.

Damian found himself returning it, before he even realized what he was doing. 

A hand cupped his cheek and Damian gave a content sigh against Jon’s mouth. He tangled his hands in the shaggy mess that was Jon’s hair, gently pulling on the strands.

Hands were on his chest now, moving.

Blunt nails dug into his back, not enough to hurt, but he definitely felt the pressure.

Jon pulled away this time, red plastered on his cheeks, lips slightly swollen.

Their foreheads resting together as they caught their breaths, panting.


‘‘That was something.’‘ Jon deadpanned.

‘‘Agreed.’‘ Damian nodded.

They laughed in unison, clutching each other’s shirts while they howled with laughter. 

They calmed, but didn’t move from where they were.

Jon wrapped his finger around a small silver chain that had a tiny cat pendant, he had gifted him it the Christmas before, saying that it had reminded him of Alfred, Damian’s cat that is.

‘‘You kept it.’‘

‘’Why wouldn’t I?’‘

‘‘It seemed that you didn’t like it.’‘

‘‘Oh, well I do. I like it, since it came from you, and I like you.’‘ The words were just slipping out of his mouth by now, and holy- Jon looked so pretty like this, all flushed and out of breath and wow. He really needed to make him look like this more often. ‘’You’re even more pretty up close.’’

Jon couldn’t possibly have gotten more red, but he did, ducking his head.

‘‘Yeah, same goes for me.’‘ He murmured.

‘‘What was that?’‘ Damian teased.

‘‘I like you too. There, happy.’‘ He looked up, meeting Damian’s lovesick gaze.


–dazzle me, dazzle me–


sleep remedy

pairing: bucky barnes x reader

request: anonymous said: Hi! Im just gonna throw a request at you right away! I would love to get a scenario where bucky wakes up from a nightmare and his s/o calms him down. Then the next morning they are all cozy and fluffy UGgH PłeaSe I NEeD FLUFF WITH MY BABY

warnings: nightmares, mentions of pain, ptsd, some cursing

a/n: hey guys! this is my first imagine so i really hope you guys like it! i loved writing this because i love my baby bucky so much omg. anyways, my inbox is open so if you liked this imagine, feel free to request one!

The first thing Bucky saw was the bleak, gray slabs on the ceiling looming over him like a dark promise. The first thing he felt was the cold metal on his head, holding him from escaping his inevitable fate. The first thing that reached his ears was the ironically sweet symphony of voices speaking in Russian tongue. The first smell that graced his nose was the bitter presence of metal - the same metal currently clenched onto his throbbing head.

The pit in his stomach became apparent as the scientists, the despicable men, trudged closer to him. One of the men smiled a sickening smile at Bucky, one that send an icy shiver down his spine. A glint of evil flared in the man’s eyes that confirmed Bucky’s suspicion of the pain he was to endure next.

Before a word could be spoken from anyone, the all-too-familiar harsh rubber mouthguard was thrust into Bucky’s mouth in a poor attempt to keep him quiet. Bucky squeezed his eyes shut tight as if that would make this living nightmare go away. His breathing quickened and his heartbeat seemed to try and scamper from his chest to avoid what came next.

It all happened so fast. The click of the button, the immediate volt of electricity coursing through Bucky’s veins, the ear-piercing screams, and the words. Those damn words that felt like poison to Bucky’s ears. He knew it would be over soon, and that’s what kept Bucky holding on. 

Confusion seized him, however, when the pain kept flowing even though his trigger words weren’t being spoken anymore. The electricity was still coursing through his veins like it was his own blood, and Bucky was himself, not the infamous super soldier. The only thing that filled the void of silence was Bucky’s screams and the growing laughter of men around him.

Bucky’s body had never felt such a white hot pain in his life. The pain seemed to rip through his skin, threading through every single crevice of his body until not one inch of him was free of the pain. Even the tears leaking from his eyes felt as if they were scorching him. The laughing of the men grew louder and louder until they filled Bucky’s mind.

“Help me! Help me!” Bucky incoherently screamed as he thrashed in his chair.

He just wanted this pain and torment to be over.

“Bucky! Bucky! Hey, Buck!” A new sound filled Bucky’s mind like an echo of safety and tranquility.

Was it an angel? Was it an angel reaching for him and pulling him out of the black sea of misery and torture? It seemed it truly was an angel, for the voice calling him out of his dreams could only belong to her. 

“Bucky! Bucky! Hey, Buck!” Y/N called out, desperately trying to pull Bucky from whatever anguish he was currently experiencing.

Bucky finally snapped awake, sitting bolt upright in bed. A sheen of cold sweat danced across his forehead. His breathing was labored and his dark blue eyes scanned the room to make sure this wasn’t another part of his sick nightmare.

Y/N put her hand on Bucky’s bare bicep, searching his face for a clue to his thoughts. Their eyes met, and no words were needed for Y/N to know what was going on. She wrapped her arms around his buff frame and rested her head on top of his. He returned her actions and burrowed his head into his girlfriend’s chest, letting her soft breaths return him to sanity.

Lukewarm tears silently slid down his face as the vivid horrors replayed in his mind. His head throbbed and his throat was scratchy and sore. Suddenly exhaustion hit him and his puffy eyes felt heavy.

Y/N hesitantly pulled away, lifting Bucky’s chin up with her slender fingers.

“I’m gonna get you a glass of water and I’ll be right back, okay?” She spoke softly, her Y/E/C eyes never leaving Bucky’s cool blue ones.

He nodded faintly, watching her figure disappear into the dark.

They had been through the nightmare routine enough times for Y/N to know exactly what Bucky needed. No words had to be exchanged for their hearts and minds to sync up, for her to understand.

That’s one of the things Bucky loved most about Y/N - the way she understood. She understood the pain of his past, the fear of his future. She understood all he needed was time and support to heal his wounds.

Y/N’s shadow reappeared with a chilled glass of water. Bucky silently took the object from her hands, and downed the water in a few large, desperate gulps.

Y/N laid beside Bucky once he settled in, listening to the distant whispers of the city below them. Y/N rested her head on her boyfriend’s chest, unintentionally breathing in sync with his calming heartbeat.

“Thank you,” He whispered as he began stroking her silky hair.

Y/N breathed a peaceful sigh and spoke, “Of course. I love you, Buck.”

“I love you too, Y/N. More than anything.”

With that, the super soldier and the girl fell into a very much needed peaceful sleep.

The distant honks of cars and chatter of people accompanied the bright sunlight filtering through the curtains in awakening Bucky and Y/N. Bucky mumbled a throaty greeting to the girl snuggled beside him.

“Good morning, Buck,” She smiled and leaned up for a soft kiss.

Bucky lightly moaned against her lips in content.

“Hey, doll?”

Y/N hummed in response and gazed at her boyfriend with adoration laced in her eyes.

“Thank you for last night. Thank you for helping me,” Bucky smiled down at her.

“Of course, Bucky. I know that it’s difficult, and I know that the memories won’t just fade away over night. I promise you I’ll stick by you. I promise I’ll help you get through this. I’ll always be here for you,” Y/N spoke, lacing her fingers through Bucky’s.

Bucky’s smile widened. How did he get so lucky?

“God, I love you,” Bucky reconnected his lips with Y/N’s.

He couldn’t be more grateful to have a lover like Y/N. He finally found the person who would stick by him through it all - through all his fears and struggles.

It had seemed he had finally found his cure for nightmares - his very own sleep remedy.

Leave This Town Pt 2 (Mechanic!Bucky AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Natasha, Wanda

Summary: Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.

Song Inspiration: Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers

Warnings: none! The mildest of swearing I guess? 

Word Count: 2.3k

Tags are at bottom (TAG LIST IS CLOSED I’M SORRY)

A/N: Holy bananas, you guys. Once I started writing this part, I got carried away  and I’m probably extending this fic by a few parts. heh. I’m so in love with this story, and that’s probably why! I really hope you are too. Any thoughts and feedback are appreciated! I love you all!! :)

***This fic is for @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5k AU Writing Challenge**

<<<Part One  Part Two   Part Three>>> 

Leave This Town Series Masterlist

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Originally posted by butteryplanet


“Try the Boysenberry Pie while you’re there. Even for breakfast, it really hits the spot.”

Taking a few steps backward, you gave him a smile, “I’ll do that,” then turning to walk away.“Oh, Y/N!” you heard him call after you and you whirled in place, surprised. 

“Keys. I need your keys.”

You laughed, shaking your head, “Right. Sorry.” Digging into your purse followed by a toss of the keys, he caught them out of the air before you headed in the direction of the diner once again.


A bell above the door jangled lightly as you entered the diner, the smell of hot grease hitting your nose. Straight ahead there was a counter with barstools, a view of the kitchen behind it. To both your left and right along the wall lined with windows, there were built-in booths with splitting vinyl cushions and spotted formica-covered tables.

The waitress behind the counter spoke, drawing your attention. “Hey, sweetie. Take a seat wherever you like, I’ll be with you in a jiffy.”

“Okay,” you responded with a tight smile.

Choosing a booth, you dropped your bag and sat down. You looked around, seeing only 2 other customers currently sitting at the counter with coffee mugs in their hands. Moments later, a pretty redhead approached, wearing a sleeveless button-up flowered shirt and jeans under the apron around her waist. Bright red lipstick painted her lips as she talked to what looked like a regular customer. Probably a local.

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Knight turned Damsel Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Parings: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warnings: Language

Written by: @garyunwinimagines who sometimes goes by @chipedenspook1997

Notes: Once again I’m sorry it’s been so long, but here’s a long ass one! I really enjoyed writing this one, and I want to hear what you all think! If you want to know when I post next just hit the get notifications button as I stick to posting my imagines on here and the other shit on my main blog. Also do you want me to make a masterlist? I need responses people! 

Words: 3349 words. Yikes. I’m sorry.


Don’t look down. Don’t look down (y/n).

You were repeating this mantra in your head as you were walking across an unsteady bridge. Mind you it was much too high for your liking for something of this structure. The thing is heights don’t really bother you, if you were on something stable or sturdy. This was neither and that didn’t sit well with you.

“Percival you need to hurry up!” Merlin’s voice echoed in your ear.

“Working on it Merlin,” You said.

So, continuing that mantra, you made your way across the bridge and to the site of you mission. Which was to save Eggsy. Cause for some reason he wouldn’t have sex with the target, and she was super pissed. Leading her to taking him to this hidden but extravagant amazon mansion.

Part, if not all of you was glad that he didn’t sleep with her. Only because of you very obvious crush on him. One that everyone but him knew about. Roxy had even flat out told him that you liked him when you weren’t in the room, but he still didn’t do anything about it. So that bring you to three weeks ago.

You gave up on him. You were still practically head over heels for him, but you pushed those feelings to the side and began dating your current boyfriend, Logan. Logan was nearly everything you wanted in a guy. Smart, funny, charming, loyal, and very attractive. He had these beautiful blue-green eyes that made you melt, and floppy brown hair, with a clean-shaven face. He treated you right, and made you feel very loved. He made you happy, but he wasn’t Eggsy. But who are you to be saying these things when Eggsy wasn’t yours to begin with?

Getting out of your own head, you made your way to the side of the building. You had no intel going in, so you prayed for the best as you snuck inside through an open window. You were in a bedroom and it was massive. It had to have been the room of the bitch who took Eggsy. Noticing a feminine figure laying down, you took the opportunity to cuff her to the headboard and place your hand around her throat. She giggled when the handcuffs clicked around her wrists, but turned over to see you and your extremely pissed off face. So naturally she screamed. There goes the element of surprise to anyone else in the mansion. So you cut to the chase.

“Where’s Eggsy,” You said.

“Who?” She replied looking absolutely clueless.

“The man you took two nights ago.”

“You mean Thomas?”

“Where. Is. He.” You punctuated each word with the tightening of your hand as you were losing patience.

Before she could answer someone else entered the room. You turned your head to see,


“(Y/n)? What are you doing here?”

That was when you noticed the lack of clothes he was wearing. Shirtless with a towel hanging dangerously low on his hips, and his hair still damp from a shower.

“Question is what are you doing here?” Your hand relaxed around the bitches throat. That was when she took the chance to actually speak up.

“Do you know her babe?” She asked. Babe? BABE!

“That’s my girlfriend,” He said coolly.

“You motherfucker!” You yelled.

You lunged for him, and used your leg and wrapped it around his neck, knocking him out. You turned back to the woman, eyes darkened with rage you stalked over to her and punched her in the face. Not only did she kidnap Eggsy, she was fucking your boyfriend.

“Now where the fuck is he!” You said.

“Ask your boyfriend,” She smirked.

“You fucking cunt!” You punched her again, but before you could land another hit, Logan’s arms wrapped around you and he threw you over his shoulder. You kept hitting and kicking him, but he only laughed. You calmed down just enough to ask him the same question you asked him earlier.

“What are you doing here Logan?”

“That’s just what I’m about to show you, as you’ll be the next part of it (Y/n),” He said with an evil laugh that you have never heard come out of his mouth before.

Where was the Logan you knew? The Logan who you cared about, the one who you began to fall in love with? You were silent as you thought of what you were going to say next.

“How long have you been cheating on me?” The words hurt for you to say.

“The entire time,” The moment those words left his mouth your heart shattered.

It was bad enough that you caught him cheating, but to hear him say that absolutely killed you. To feel that you were never enough for him that he needed somebody else to be happy.

“We’re here,” He said. “Now don’t run darling or I’ll have to hurt you.”

He grinned devilishly at you then left. Not that he’s already hurt you today. So you looked around and saw disfigured bodies organized and sculpted to be like a piece of art. You stared at the bloodied bodied is awe and horror. Until a faint groan caught your attention. Strapped to a chair in the center of the room was Eggsy. You ran to him and checked his pulse, it was steady but weak.

“Merlin, are you getting this?” You said.

“Yes Percival. Lancelot and I are on our way. Hold tight.”

You turned your attention back to Eggsy.

“Come on Eggsy wake up,” You said and tried waking him by shaking his shoulder.

That action earned you another groan. At least he’s responding. Even if he’s not opening his eyes. Which changed when Logan returned to the room and slammed the door behind him.

Enraged he yelled, “Do you know him?”

“He’s my partner at work that I told you about.”

“He’s Eggsy?” He said and you nodded.

“I know, I just wanted to hear you say it,” He smirked and left the room once more.

Anger once again started to build up inside you, and you stood up and were about to leave the room when you heard a weak voice behind you.

“(Y/n)? What’cha doin’ ‘ere?” Eggsy slurred.

You finally got a good look at his battered face. To think that the person you were dating did this to your best friend just about killed you. You saw him try to focus on you, but was having a rough time doing so.

“Here to save your stupid ass,” You said.

He rolled his eyes at your statement and then tried to smirk. The split lip and black eye made that impossible without hurting himself.

That’s when you came back to your senses. Looking around more closely this time, you notice the body sculpture was in the shape of a throne. That had a staircase leading up to it with bodies reaching up towards the throne. There were smaller thrones to the left and right of the main one. All composed of dead bodies. How many people have they killed? Why did they do such a horrific thing?

Those questions would have to be answered later. Cause you needed to focus on getting yourself and Eggsy out of there before the two of you were a part of that throne.

Turning your attention back to Eggsy, you took the pin holding your hair back and sliced through the ropes holding him to the chair. Once they were cut, he slumped over and started to fall asleep. You slapped his cheek and told him to stay awake. When you tried to get him up, you were met with resistance on his part.

“’M fine (y/n), I’ll wait for Merlin. Get outta ‘ere,” Eggsy said half awake. “I just wanna take a nap. Night love.”

He plopped back down on the chair and closed his eyes. You had enough of this shit, so you backhanded him across his face. His head snapping to the other side as you cupped his jaw and forced him to look at you.

“Don’t you dare close your eyes Eggsy Unwin,” You said.

“Come on love, it’s only a nap,” He whined.

Before you could reply, Logan re-entered the room. He smirked at first, until he saw you tending to Eggsy. His eyes slightly closed, nostrils flared, and a harsh scowl crossed his lips.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” He exclaimed.

“None of your business you cheating asshole,” You said.

“Oh, I think that it’s my business (y/n). You are my girlfriend-”


“Excuse me?”

You turned to stare at him as you clarified, “Ex as in you’re my ex-boyfriend.”

As soon as the last syllable left your lips, he rushed towards you and grabbed your shoulders. Gripping them tight enough that you could feel the bruises forming beneath your skin. While his eyes pierced through yours.

“Since when do you think that? Since I started doing this for us? Creating this place where you would be immortalized by my side as I take over the world?”

You remained silent and clenched your jaw, cause who wouldn’t after what you’ve found out?

“Since she realized that you’re a dick,” Eggsy said.

You chuckled and Eggsy grinned back at you. Logan didn’t find that funny one bit and released his grip on you as he stormed over to Eggsy. Who by the way was still grinning like an idiot. Logan pulled his arm back ready to punch him in the jaw, but before he could hit him you lunged towards him and tackled him. Logan’s eyes, now full of rage, were directed towards you. He went to throw a punch, and you easily dodged it by quickly moving your head to the left. The two of you quickly stood up and taking his slightly slower response, you brought your right leg up to kick his left side. He slumped from the impact. You then took off your bracelet and quickly attached it to his wrist and flipped the tiny switch. You stood back as you watch Logan’s body seizure from the electricity coursing through his veins. You gotta love the gadgets you get to use.

Looking back over to Eggsy, you saw him smiling the best he could with his split lip and other facial injuries as you went back over to help him up.

“What’s that look for?” You said.

“Watching my knight in shining armor being a total badass,” He said still smiling towards you.

“Seriously Galahad? I don’t think many knights have boobs,” You rolled your eyes jokingly as he laughed.

“But the whole role reversal thing with me being-”

“The damsel in distress. I know,” He started coughing.

You looped your arm around his waist while he slung his arm around your shoulders as you made your way out of the room. The two of you were oddly silent. With the silence, you let your mind wander. Like how toned Eggsy felt beneath the tattered shirt, the amount of heat radiation off him. To how it would feel to be pinned underneath him. A crackling in your ear brought you out of your thoughts before you were too far gone, and it was Merlin announcing his arrival and to meet him outside.

Hobbling your way outside, the pair in the plane rushed to your aid so they could get you the help that you needed.

“You two look like hell,” Merlin said.

“Merlin! Don’t tell that to their faces!” Roxy said.

You would’ve laughed, but you weren’t in the mood to after the events that occurred today. You just sat there with a blank expression on your face as you made it back to the mansion. They rushed Eggsy off the plane, and you followed them wanting to make sure that Eggsy is all right.

Roxy pulled you aside and told you to, “Get some rest (Y/n), I’ll get Eggsy to medical.”

You nodded and started to walk towards your room you had for situations like this where you just couldn’t make it home. Which was more often than you’d like it to be. Before you got too far, a hand gently but firmly grabbed your arm. Your body tensed until you heard who it was.

“Relax (Y/n). It’s just me,” Merlin said and you felt relieved. “Are you alright?”

Merlin was like a second father to you. He looked out for you as much as he could.

“’M fine Merlin.”


“I’m going to bed. Night.”

You quickly made your way to your room. Closing the door behind you and flopping down onto your bed. You wanted to cry, but couldn’t and just felt broken and hopeless. Looking to your nightstand you saw two framed pictures.

One was of you and Logan, smiling and looking into each others eyes when you were walking through the park after a dinner date one night. You looked so in love and happy. Just taunting you with the new revelations of the day. Grabbing the gun you still had strapped to your side, you pulled it out, aimed it and fired. Your arm fell back to your side as the gun fell out of our loose grip.

Banging was heard outside your door. Merlin, who was accompanied by Roxy and Eggsy, who was cleared by medical mere minutes before the shot was heard.

“(Y/n)! Open the fucking door!” Roxy yelled.

“(Y/n)!” Merlin yelled.

“Love! (Y/n), please open the door,” Eggsy pleaded.

The three continued it, that was until they realized that you never locked your door when you entered. They busted in to see shattered glass, your discarded gun on the floor, blood dripping down your hand. Eggsy ran over to your side, and the moment when his skin made contact with yours, you shot up. That when he noticed the picture frame that had a bullet hole where Logan’s head should be.

His face fell into your mattress as his shoulders were shaking with silent sobs. That was when you noticed the panicked and worried looks that Merlin and Roxy gave you. Not really wanting to talk, you turned your head towards the frame. The two of them got the hint and visibly relaxed. Then leaving the room to give you and Eggsy some time alone. The two of you stayed there in silence.

“’M fine Eggsy,” You said and his head shot up as his beautiful eyes were puffy and bloodshot as his face had that one crinkle under his eyes when he was truly terrified.

He brought his hands up to your face and cradled it between his rough hands. Looking you right in the eyes.

“Don’t ya ever scare me like that again love,” He said.

“That’s kinda hard to do with-” He cut you off by pressing his lips against yours.

He pulled away before you could do anything about it.

“Got it?” He whispered.

His hot breath fanned across your face. You nodded and leaned into feel his lips against yours once more. The two of you were content with just gliding your lips across each other’s until you felt and uncomfortable pressure between your legs. Squeezing your thighs together, you pressed your bodies together even more.

Eggsy’s tongue traced the seam of your lips, you grant him access as you let your tongues intertwine. He slowly rose from his spot by your bed so he was laying on top of you. His hands then left your cheeks and went to your hips. Gripping them lightly and pulling them closer to you. A moan escaped your lips as you felt the growing bulge nudging up against your thigh. That was when everything became too real for you. You quickly pushed him away and couldn’t look him in the eyes.

“I…I..I can’t do this Eggsy,” You said in the quietest voice you could muster.

“(y/n). Love,” Eggsy said while he tried to look you in the eye.

“Please don’t Eggsy. Can you just leave me? Please?” You asked.

The room was silent after you said those words. You still couldn’t meet his gaze. That’s when you felt his hands cup your cheeks once more. You screwed your eyes shut, refusing to make eye contact with him. You could feel him move your face to meet his.

“(Y/n). Please open your eyes,” Eggsy’s voice matched your own in volume.

“I can’t,” You said and he chuckled.

“Yes ya can (y/n), now open those beautiful eyes for me.”

“No Eggsy. I can’t. I can’t do this,” Your eyes shot open and saw the utter devastation and heartbreak in his eyes. “I want to so so badly, believe me. But everything is still so fresh. And…and I don’t want to do this if you don’t feel the same. Please don’t say anything and just leave me be until I – until it doesn’t feel so fresh.”

Tears were falling down your face. More fell when Eggsy’s hands left your face and he made his way to the door. The sound of the door opening never came. He stood there, still facing the door as the tension in the room grew thicker by the second. Eggsy then turned around, chest huffed out, jaw set, and a determined look in his eyes.

“No,” He said forcefully.

“What?” You managed to squeak out.

“I’m not leaving you. I’ll never leave you again! Do ya know what it’s like to love someone you could never have, or never deserve? Then to have them tell you they don’t think you feel the same way about them? Cause I love ya so fucking much (Y/n) (L/n)!” He said and started to walk towards you. “I’ve been in love with you for so long (Y/n), and I thought that Rox was shittn’ ‘round with me when she said that you liked me. Guess she was right. But once I saw ya with Logan, I knew that I couldn’t compete.”

He had made his way back to your side. Your mouth was wide open in shock as you heard his proclamation.

“He was perfect for you, well until today, but-”

“You could never compete with him,” You whispered.

“What?” He asked.

“You never had to compete with anyone Eggsy. It was always you. Always.”

Eggsy beamed at you. You could feel the happiness radiating off him as he swooped down and connected your lips once again You were smiling into the kiss as your hands were tangled in his hair, bringing his mouth closer to yours.

On one particular tug, you pulled back in pain. Remembering that there were still glass shards in your hand. You smiled sheepishly.

“Wanna fix me up?” You said.

“I’d love to, but I’d get too distracted by ya love.”

Wordlessly, Eggsy picked you up bridal style and carried you down multiple corridors to reach the medial rooms. Upon entering one of the rooms, you were greeted by Merlin.

“What’s up Doc?” Eggsy grinned from ear to ear.

“Cheeky bastard. What did you need?” He asked.

“(y/n)’s hand needs stichin’ up.”

“No it doesn’t. Just take out the damn glass yourself Galahad. Don’t forget to bandage her hand up as well,” Merlin said then left.

“Come on you big baby. You can do it,” You teased.

That resulted in him laying you down on the bed and grabbing the supplies he needed. Once he started removing the glass, he would kiss the top of your hand in each spot he had just removed the shard from. So, a five-minute job turned into a 30 minute ordeal.

Once it was all taken care of, you made it back to your room. You cleaned up your mess from earlier, and then oh so graciously flopped onto your bed completely exhausted from today.

“Night Eggsy,” He laughed as you hadn’t bothered to change clothes still, and that your face was right in the pillow.

“Night love,” He replied and kissed the top of your head. You fell asleep with a smile on your face, and a life a little better than it was at the beginning of the day.

The Storm

Summary: Bucky finds you during a power outage in the Tower.

Warnings: smut, angst (almost nonexistent)

A/N: I wanted to do something more poetic like so I wrote this and my clock is currently reading 4:34 am and for all I know this may just come off as pure gibberish. I hope it’s at least a little bit entertaining to read…

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Just To Make Her Jealous (stenbrough)

Read it on ao3

YA GIRLS BACK W/ SOME ANGST (with a happy ending!)

hope you enjoy!

“I n-need you.” Bill says. “Date m-me.”

Stan can’t believe it. Finally. “Yeah. Yes. Please.” He’s picked up on his signals, the touches, the small gestures. He goes to reach out for Bill, his friend, someone he’s loved since he could define the term.

“I want t-to make B-B-Bev jealous.”

His yearning for Bill’s touch falters, his heart pounds. Beverly. Her. Not me.

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No Sleep Till Brooklyn, Part 1

Heartmate Series: Steve Rogers x Reader

Characters: Steve Rogers, Deadpool, Falcon

Warnings: language, hinted sexual/physical abuse, violence - Deadpool’s in it guys, it ain’t PG. 

A/N: This is my take on the soulmate trope. It’s not necessarily an AU, because technically heartmate is canon in the Marvel world - at least with Wade’s comics. This part is an introduction to the characters!

Summary: You’re a mutant turned mercenary, working with the best merc around - Wade Fucking Wilson aka Deadpool. You are also someone who doesn’t believe in the whole heartmate crap. How could two people solely be made for each other? Steve Rogers is Captain America,  Avenger extraordinaire. Call him old fashion, but he believed in heartmates and knew he had one out there. The two of you cross paths one day and things get set in motion. Can Steve get passed the jaded wall you built or would things just crash and burn? And will Wade Wilson finally learn to put the seat down after taking a piss? Who knows.


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Title: Warm Hands

It’s this time time of the month again and Y/N has to deal with even more pressure and emotional breakdowns. But fortunately, her roommate Tom knows how to cheer her up.

Words: ~ 1900

A/N: Finally, I’m able to upload again. I’m so sorry for being so inactive lately but I guess you know how school just takes over your life… I hope I can brighten up you day with this imagine! :)


I had been crying my eyes out for a whole hour and had eaten a total of 2 and a half bars of choclate when I heard the key turn in the lock.
I lived in a flat with the two boys I loved the most: my brother Harrison and his best friend (and my crush) Tom. One of these young men - or both - were about to be received by a miserable me, lazily laying on my side on the couch and trying to drown in my self-pity. And I didn’t even bother to look a bit more decent.

“Someone home?”, Tom’s voice halled trough the flat and I cursed under my breath. Of course it had to be him. Harrison had seen me likes this over a million times, which is something a brother simply achieves after a couple of years. But Tom… ugh, my crush didn’t need to see this.

I thought about answering but decided against it - my words would’ve come out as incomprehensible sniffs anyway.
“Oh my god, Y/N, are you okay?, Tom swiftly made his way over to me, kneeling on the ground to be on eyelevel with me. “Um, NO!? Look at me!”, I said loudly, scoffing at the question he obviously shouldn’t have asked. He jumped at my sudden outburst and his beautiful eyes widened in shock. “Sorry. I’m so sorry. I just…”, Tom replied quickly and his expression softened before I snuggled my face into the pillow. “Can I…. do you want anything?”, he asked hesitantly and turned my head to look at him, a cute little smile on his face. I blushed, seeing this gorgeous boy offering his help and I nodded. “Can you get me another choclate bar?”, I replied quietly, putting on my puppy face before his smile widened. “Of course I can.”, he rubs his hand over my arm briefly before standing up and going over to the ‘Cubboard of Necessities for Life’ or whatever Tom always called it.

Another wave of tears rushed over me when I realised what I had done. A sniff escaped my lips after Tom turned around, his smile vanishing when he saw me crying. “No, love, stop crying… what’s wrong?”
“I h-hate myself. I’m s-so s-stupid…”, I sniff with tears running down my cheek, “I’m not even capable of getting chocolate myself.”
“No, don’t say that, love.”, Tom placed the choclate bar on the table before he sat down on the edge of the couch, his hand brushing over my arm again. I dared to look up into his eyes, my cheeks instantly blushing at his concern for me. “But I am. I’m stupid. I have so much work to do. And it’s just so much and I’m stupid because I can’t get on with it. And now I’m crying in front of you, which is stupid because I don’t want you to see how ugly I actually am. And I really-”, I rambled until Tom’s pointer finger pressed slightly against my lips, silencing me in a millisecond.

“You’re the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, you hear me?”, he chuckled softly and my heart refused to beat anymore. A smile formed on my lips before my eyes teared up again, my red cheeks heating up.
“You’re so perfect, Tom. I don’t even deserve you.”, I cried, hiding my face in the pillow.
I heard Tom chuckle before his hands brushed up to my shoulder and then to my face to put some strands behind my ear, his fingertips brushing over my cheeks. Feeling the shiver run down my spine, I bit my lower lip to hide a dorky smile while my heartbeat increased.

“Can you move?”, Tom wanted to know, “I think you need some cuddles.”
With a slight nod I moved over, so that Tom could lay next to me, his arm sneaking under my head while his other arm was lazily wrapped around my waist. It was a very small couch and Tom laid on his back, letting me almost no space but I wasn’t complaining at all. Instead I let out a satisfied sigh when my relaxed body snuggled into his side. After a few moments of silence I could litarlly feel my brain go mushy due to him stroking my back.

“I’m sorry you have to endure this, Tom.”, I apologised before pausing a moment, “It’s just… I’m on my period.”
“I know.”, he breathed, squeezing me briefly, “Don’t worry about it.”
I felt his hand leaving my back, brushing over my sides before he sneaked his hand under my shirt, causing me to tense up and squeak in surprise. “Relax, love.”, he whispered in my ear before his unusually warm hand stayed on my lower abdomen. My body caught fire or so it felt and I pressed my face against his collar bone to hide blush from him while his thumb brushed over my skin. I couldn’t help but hum at his satisfying gesture that loosened the tension in my stomach a bit and I hesitantly wrapped my leg over his to get into a more comfortable position.

We had never been this intimate before and I loved how all of this was making me feel. I closed my eyes to concentrate on my other senses, his intoxicating smell surrounding me and his touch making my flesh crawl. We stayed like this for at least twenty minutes with no need for any words. The choclate bar on the table was long forgotten. Chests lifting and falling, the only sound breaking the silence were the few times one of us swallowed. “You’re hands are always cold.”, I stated quietly and he only nodded in agreement, “But they’re really hot today.”
“I guess they finally fit the rest of my body, don’t they?”, Tom chuckled and I only let out a brief laughter, not wanting to agree or disagree. “Maybe it’s because of you.”, he spoke out his thoughts and I slightly laid my head back in my neck to look at him.

He had a nervous smile on his lips and his brown eyes looked at me so softly, his pupils dilating. I held my breath as our stare intensified and I could feel the urge to kiss him building up inside me like so many times before.
A strand of his brown curls fell on his forehead when he slightly moved his head closer to me, our lips being about an inch apart. His warm breath hit my lips and I closed my eyes when our noses brushed together. My tongue darted over my lips, wetting them slightly before I dared to move a bit closer. The tension between us rose and my heart jumped to my throat when his lips brushed against mine, barely even touching them.

One little move later, our lips were pressed together and my hand left its place on his chest and went up to his neck to pull him a bit closer. A hum left my throat when Tom moved his lips and then stayed still again, electricity shooting through my veins. My fingertips brushed through the curls in the back of his neck before I moved my lips slowly and Tom moaned quietly and exhaled deeply. His thumb pressed into my hot skin firmly before his hand left my abdomen, hovering over my sides before stroking my back.
His arm under my head moved before he supported his weight with his forearm, slightly leaning over me and tilting his head to deepen the kiss.

Our lips moved so slowly together and his scent around me was sending me to heaven. This was by far the slowest but yet the most passionate kiss I’d ever had and my brain was still trying to process what was happening but it was too focused on not fucking this up.
I felt a few of his strands fall on my forehead, tickling my skin and making me smile into the kiss before he pulled back, our lips smacking quietly.

I let out a shaky breath when I opened my eyes, his face still being so close to mine and a gorgeous smile formed on his lips. With his eyes not even fully opened, he brushed his nose against mine and his heavy breathing was interrupted when he swallowed. “I’m in love with you.”, Tom whispered, his lips brushing over mine while he spoke and I blushed, a soft chuckle escaping my smiling lips. Not giving me a chance to answer him, his lips were on mine again after he tilted his head. He kissed me in the same slow pace as before but this time I felt his tongue grazing over my lips, begging for entrance. I moaned into the kiss when our tongues met and his hand started to wander back to my abdomen, rubbing it slowly. I moaned again, the feeling of our tongues dancing making me my skin tingle. “You taste like choclate.”, he mumbled against my lips and I chuckled before he pressed his lips on mine again. “That’s just the taste of misery.”, I managed to say and Tom pulled back now, shaking his head with a laughter.

He lets himself fall on his back again, his arms pulling me into his side before I snuggled my face into the crook of his neck. “I’m in love with you, too, by the way.”, I pressed a kiss on his collar bone and he chuckled softly, “I know.”
“How?”, my eyes widened at his statement, I had always been so careful when it came to my feelings for him. “You let me kiss you.”, he replied simply and I nodded slightly.

Silence filled the room after a yawn had left my lips and I closed my eyes, enjoying Tom’s embrace and his radiating warmth. The feeling of safety and Tom’s steady breathing helped me doze off pretty quickly. I completely lost the track of time and honestly, I couldn’t care less. After a couple of minutes I finally fell asleep in the arms of the boy I’ve been crushing on for so long.

“Oh, what to we have here?”, Harrison’s voice woke me up but I only snuggled closer Tom, not caring about my brother seeing us like this. He would’ve found out someday anyway.
“Would you lower your voice? She’s asleep.”, Tom mumbled tiredly and I assumed he had been sleeping as well. Or at least he had almost been asleep. “Too late now.”, I yawned, sitting up and strechting my arms. I felt Tom’s eyes stare into my back and I turned around only to see this tired but yet loving expression on his face.

“I knew you got the hots for her but I didn’t think my little sister would be into you.”, Harrison laughed before letting himself fall onto the little space left on the couch.
“Well, he takes better care of me than you do.”, I smirked, raising my eyebrows cockily and Tom chuckled at this. “Pff, he does not.”, Harrison crossed his arms, playfully rolling his eyes.

“Oh, and I only approve of this”, he motioned between me and Tom, “as long as you guys don’t mess with my sleeping schedule.”

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