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Arrival Royal Mail Van, 2017. Royal Mail has revealed a new all-electric autonomous-capable van that will go into service this week. Sourced from UK-based light commercial automaker, Arrival, the vans have a range of 100 miles. An initial fleet of 9 electric vans in three different sizes – 3.5-tonne (pictured), 6.0-tonne and 7.0-tonne – will be supplied to Royal Mail as part of a trial with the rollout limited to London and surrounding areas


Cummins AEOS Electrified Semi, 2019. Cummins have revealed a prototype for an electric truck with a range of 100 miles that can be extended to 300 with additional battery packs. The AEOS has a claimed gross vehicle weight rating limit of 75,000 pounds when paired with a trailer. Features include regenerative braking, potential for solar panels on the trailer roof, and an in-dash camera system that replaces conventional side mirrors for better aerodynamics. Production of the electric semi is scheduled for 2019, though Cummins only want to supply the battery and powertrain and outsource the production of the truck’s body.

A Car Guy Who's Crazy About His Electric Vehicle

Bill Cervini and his wife are two car people who couldn’t be happier with their Nissan LEAF: 


“It might seem a little odd that a real "car guy” was one of the first people to buy a Nissan LEAF. Gearheads like to poke fun at and even denigrate EVs, but I’m a car guy who is not prejudiced when it comes to what is under the hood.

To me, the thought of electrical propulsion was very exciting for two reasons. First, knowing a little about how electric motors work and the increasing reliability of batteries made me think that the EV would be a car that aficionados would eventually find interesting and fun. The thought of a very quiet, torquey motor that would get the car moving quickly and quietly does provide a great driving experience. So, not only is the EV an economical, environmentally-friendly car, it is a great driver’s car, unlike anything previously driven. It rides and handles great, accelerates quickly and is downright fun to drive.

The other reason I was quickly attracted to the EV was the reality of our environmental needs and the need to become weaned from petroleum, which is becoming ever more pricey and has many negative side-effects. I see the EV as the future of the automobile, even for those who are disbelievers now. I predict some of our finest, fastest, most economical and environmentally-friendly cars in history coming down the road. And I’m all for it.

In addition, I am awaiting the installation of my 10 Kwh solar electric system on my rooftop. What a great combination: a rooftop solar system powering not only my house, but my car as well.“

Bill Cervini is a member of Arizona SmartPower’s core group that works with EVAZ Stakeholders like APS and SRP to help spread the adoption of electric vehicles in Arizona. Contact Toni Bouchard at tbouchard[at]smartpower.org if you would like to participate in EVAZ Working Group meetings.