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Outlaws of Love

Chapter 3 - Final

Prompt; Your Lucille’s younger sister that Negan promised to take care of after she died. Negan continues to “take care” (be over-protective) of you during the apocalypse even though you’re considered an adult now. You’re also still in the closet regarding your sexuality.

Pairing: Arat x Reader (Romantic), Negan x Reader (Platonic), Negan x You (Platonic)

Word Count: 5,072

Type: Multi-Chapter fic, Mini series

Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Overprotective relationship, Closest sexuality, Slurs, being unconventionally outed, Unsanitary use of a hygiene product ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Rating: NSFW

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After a night of drunkenly laughing at each other you somehow both ended up in your bed, and given to the fact you had a double bed and Negan had a massive oversized king mattress you couldn’t work out how you’d both ended up here. Negan’s huge body took up most the bed, which meant you were squished against the wall, your legs lying on top of his and his snoring head inches away from yours.

You had woken up to see it was 8.30am, which was unusually late for you to wake up and for Negan to still be fast asleep. Looking down at him, you knew it would be impossible to get off the bed without waking him.

Pushing on his shoulders you whisper in his ear “Ne, wake up. I really have to pee.”

He doesn’t move and you continue trying to wake him. You eventually get a groan of disapproval from him before he speaks, “Fuck, turn the light off.” He moans with his eyes barley open.

“Negan, that’s the sun” You say looking at the window.

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Jet Set Radio OST - Electric Tooth Brush

ISO of video!

Please help I am in search of video where ebony teen is pleasuring herself on her bathroom counter with a electric tooth brush and her mom is calling her telling her it’s time for bed or something. Can someone please dm me that video whoever has it thanks in advance!!

The perfect wake up call?Or The perfect dream?

Howdy! So this story is a little more dirtier than the other stories I’ve written so far. That meaning it has 18+ theme in it for the mention of tickling in private places and a small little sex scene. If you don’t like don’t read please! Anyway thank you and I hope you enjoy! ——————————————————————————–———————-

I feel a soft feathery touch on my feet, I try and kick it away. I then feel the touch again on my thighs, I squirm a little. I can then feel the touch of the feather on my nipples, I open my eyes. Darkness. That’s all I see, I squeeze my eyes shut and open them again, still dark. I try and move whatever is on my face off, I can’t. My hands are bound to the bed spreading my arms wide. I try my feet, they are bound to the bed to. By the way each tug on the restrains feel I would say I would be spread eagle. I struggle more and before I feel the feather touch move from nipple to nipple all the way down to my shaved pussy. I stop squirming and squeak loudly. I feel a heavy weight crawl in the bed and lay in top of me. “Good morning my sweetheart. You just looked so cute in your sleep, and when I went to wake you all I got were soft and quiet giggles. I thought this would be a perfect wake up call.” He whispers gently in my ear. I feel his fingers gently rub up and down my sides. That’s when I realize I was completely naked and at his mercy. I make a quiet whine, alerting him that I know what’s going to happen.

He kisses my cheek and then my lips before saying “if you beg enough I’ll remove the blind fold. But for now you’ll just have to be surprised. My little ticklish girl.” I’m about to make a sassy remark when I feel his finger tips run up and down my inner arms. I giggle and try and move my arms. He tickles my arms for minute or two before going to town on my shaved arm pits. Scratching his nail in them, I can’t help but Yelp and laugh loudly. “ Awwww look at my ticklish girl laugh and squirm!! Such ticklish armpits you have!! Tickle tickle tickle!!” I shake my head side to side and laugh harder. “ PLEASE!!!! NOHOHO TICKLEHEHEHE TALK!!!” I beg before I erupt in more giggles.

I feel him softly kiss each arm I can’t help but giggle. I can feel in smile and kiss my neck gently. While I was enjoying the kisses I forgot what his main goal was, until his fingers found my breast. “No no no please please hehehehe not my boobs hehehe it ticklesssss to much hehehe!” I beg and try and hold in my giggles. I feel his fingers tickling around my large breast tickling them on the sides, near my nipples, under my boobs. I stifle my giggles letting a few escape. Until he lets his fingers gently and softly brush over my hard sensitive nipples. I jump arching off the bed and giggling no holding back.

“Hehe nohoho hehe pleasehehehe!!!! mmmmmmmmhehehehehe!!!! Ahhh!!!” I couldn’t help the small moans that were escaping with the giggles. It tickled but also felt so pleasurable. I feel him lean over me agin fingers still at work when I hear his husky voice in my ear again this time switching form ear to ear. “ my my my! Someone’s getting turned on by having her nipples tickled! Such ticklish nipples. Oh how I love hearing your sweet moans mix with the sweetness of your laughter. My. Ticklish. Little. Girl.” His fingers switching between pinging one and ticking the other. I tried to make a sentence but it was no use all I could get out was “hehe you hehe hard hehe mean hehe.” Then I felt something soft yet hard and wet rub against my nipples, I moaned loudly, he had just added that evilly sexy mouth of his to my ticklish pleasure.

He sucked and nibbled on my hard nipples. “ mmmm please ahh please mmmmm I’m going to cum!” I moaned and grinned my hips against his covered bulge. By the way the fabric felt I could tell he was in his boxers. He sucked and pinched my nipples harder till I was about to cum. He stopes, before I can yell and complain I feel vibrating bristles on my nipples I scream with laughter and wiggle around doing nothing but giving new spots for the evil tools to tickle. “Oops did I forget to tell you I brought my toys out? Awww my bad my ticklish girl. I bet these feel ten times worse since you can’t see these electric tooth brushes buzz in your aching nipples. Tickle tickle tickle!” I wiggles and thrashed and laughed. “ PLEASE! At hehe least hahaha let me hehehehe seeheheheeeee!!!” I begged over and over not for him to stop, but for me to watch. I felt the toothbrush turn off and put down. I panted and took deep breaths.

“Close your eyes, I’m going to take the blind fold off but close your eyes first sweetheart.” I nodded and closed my eyes, I felt his fingers remove the blind fold. “ now slowly open your eyes.” I do just that. The faint glow from the bedside lamps are on and as I look at him I smile. He leans down and kisses me and smiles back. He then arranges me so I can see all the way down to my feet, with pillows propping me up. He lightly tickles my belly for a few minutes watching me wiggle and laugh, before kissing each nipple and kissing his way down my tummy and lightly kisses my soaking wet pussy, he keeps kissing down to my feet, kissing the soles and my toes. He places his hands under my knees and lightly tickles. “ tickle tickle tickle, what ticklish spot you have here! Tickles doesn’t it? Oh I’m sorry are my wiggling fingers tickling you?” He says as he tickles behind my knees and my knee caps. I shake my legs and watch his hands as he tickles me.

He stops and moves down to my feet, I try to pull my feet away but it was no use. He shows me three tickle toys that will drive me insane first a small hair brush, the second the electric tooth brush, and lastly two feathers. “ now my ticklish girl, were going to play a game.Pick a number 1-3. And that’s the tool I’ll tickle you with until I ask for you to pick a new number. Ok?” I giggle and wiggle my toes “hehe yes” I giggle as his fingers teasingly rub up and down my feet. “ 1,2,or3? My ticklish little sweetheart” I squirm and kick my feet knowing how badly this is going to tickle. “3” I say. He smiles and picks up the electric tooth brush. I whine and giggle as he starts with my left foot. As it came to life and touched under my toes I was gone.

“HAHAHA NOHOHO PLEASEEHEHE!!!! NOT UNDER HEHEHE THEHEHE TOESSSSHEHE!!” I did my best to kick as I laughed and watch him move the brush around my toes, the sole, and all over my foot. He then repeated the tickling on my right foot. “1 or 2?” He asks as he turns off the tooth brush. I pant and catch my breath as I try and think. “1” I say as I watch what he grabs next, the hair brush, of course just my luck. “My my, you must love having these brushes on your poor feet. Such a ticklish little girl, and look at how wet it’s made you naught little girl! Enjoying my tickling all over your naked body.” I try and close my legs and deny I was wet. Before I could make a remark on how the tent in his boxers was as big as a tree he pressed that brush into my feet and tickled them. “ hehehe please hehehe it tickles hehehe the arch hehe is hehe so sensitive hehehehe” I giggle and squirm as he tickles my feet.

I soon feel the brush being put away. I’m given time to catch my breath and he offers me some water. I nod my head and he places a straw to my lips as I drink the water. When I’m done he kisses my lips and palms my breast. “ I have a special treat that goes with number 2.” He tells me as he gets up and gets something out of a small bag it’s a small egg vibrator and tape. My eyes go wide and I try to close my legs. He crawls between my legs and tickles my thighs by lightly grabbing and pinching them. I laugh and spread them back open. He places the toy on my clit and tapes in place. He crawls back to my feet remote in hand, he turns the toy on the lowest setting and I arch off the bed and moan. I wiggle my hips as the buzzing toy teases me. I watch him waiting for the feathers, but he first enjoys the show of me wiggling and moaning. He’s stroking himself through his boxers. Watching him is making me wetter and closer to cumming, of course he knows and turns it off. Then I feel the feathers.

He slides the feathers between my toes and over my soles. “Ohohoho please! I was heheh so hahaha closeheheh! Please let me cum hehehe ahhhh hahahaha mmmmm hehehe” I beg and in the middle of my begging he turns the toy on to high. My hips are humping the air and the room is filled with my laughter and moans. “ Awww do you want to cum? Does my little tickle slut want to cum while having her ticklish soft feet tickles?” I laugh and get close again to cumming before he stops me. I groan and giggle as he keeps tickling my feet. “Yes! Please let your tickle slut cum! Hehehe tickle me anywhere with hehehehe anything! Just hehehe let me cum hehehe.” I begged. He stops tickling my feet and uncuffs them. He crawls over to me and takes off his boxers.

I moan and catch my breath before I feel his hard cock rub against my entrance. “Please fill me, fill your tickle slut please!” I beg and wrap my legs around him. He slides in as he moving he turns the toy back on and tickles my butt cheeks. I squeal and moan. Until we both finish and fall on the bed extremely tired. He carefully removes himself and the toy off my body. I quiver and moan softly. He then uncuffs my hands.He reaches for the water and offers me some. “ come on sweetheart drink some water for me please.” I take a few big sips of the water before he drinks some. He pulls me against him and I fall into a peaceful sleep. The last thing I heard him say was “ goodnight My. Ticklish. Little. Girl.”


I roll over and turn my alarm off. Man these dreams are feeling more and more real each night! I stand up and stretch when two things happens. One I was naked and remember being fully clothed before bed. And two somethings was stuck to my leg. I look down and see the little vibrator and feather taped to my leg. Was it a dream? Or was it real?

so my mom’s electric tooth brush turned on in it’s holder and made the loudest drill-like noise ever, waking up my mom and scaring the shit out of me

and within a minute of me taking the battery out one of our cats managed to fall down the stairs for the first time ever, scaring the shit out of us once more

Electric Tooth Brush
Electric Tooth Brush

Jet Set Radio [Jet Grind Radio] - Electric Tooth Brush (sega dreamcast)

ahh, etb. this was my favorite song off of the soundtrack for the longest time. it’ll always have a huge place in my heart. i don’t have much else to say about this. it’ll always make me think of the noise tanks, and it’s one of the greatest… anythings.

i love jsr. you know, i bet if they did a kickstarter for a new game it would certainly be successful. i’d donate A LOT, that’s for sure. do you hear that, sega? that’s the sound of my tens of dollars!