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“Welcome to the Kinetic Temple. Our energy source is the truth of imagination. As long as there is imagination in your hearts, we can recharge the world. Come on this journey with us through the Kinetic Temple.” - EDCLV Opening Ceremony


Fandom: DC/ Suicide Squad

Character/Ship: Joker and Sister Reader

Warning: Slight torture, mention of gunfire, (I dont know what else)

Writer: Cas

Words: 574

Requested by: Anon on @thefandomimagine ‘s page

Summary: Imagine being the Joker’s sister and him breaking into Arkham to free you

[Based off of:]


Author’s Note: I know it’s short but I just felt like I couldn’t do much else with it. Part two if anyone wants it

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Virus (Bucky / Pietro x Reader Fic)

Previously on Virus: He could just about make out the blonde wisps of hair as they momentarily brushed against his cheek. Next, the deathly sound of engines and weapons colliding with walls were all erased by the strong Sokovian accent mumbling your name as his shaky hand touched your skin.


Part 1 

Pairing: Reader x Pietro / Reader x Bucky

Word Count: 1, 530

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Romance

A/N: This is unedited (sorry but atleast you have new material) so sorry about mistakes oops. Send me in an ask if you would like to be tagged whenever this is updated! I’m so excited for this fic, I really hope you enjoy! Part 1 is linked above for those who haven’t read it!

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Pietro had the back of his hand pressed against your cheek and the other was at his mouth in shock. His eyes were scanning over you hurriedly, as if he couldn’t believe you were real.

“Piet,” You mumbled, raising your hand to press his on your cheek.

His brows were furrowed completely and you could feel his palm shaking in the stillness of the moment.  You were just as much in utter shock and awe as Pietro was; you hadn’t seen him for a good few months, and since then he had grown out his stubble, and his hair was even more silvery than you cared to remember.

Not even daring to look at the lifeless corpse of your brother- his friend- Pietro swiftly scooped you up; your knees hanging loosely off his arms and in an instant you had been transported to a helicarrier without even getting a glance at the foreign place that was the outside world.

You were awoken to agonisingly bright light trickling in through some crooked slatted blinds. As your eyes adjusted you noticed the overly white sheets bunched around your small frame and the many wires coming from here, there and everywhere. An array of flowers was sat in a glass vase on the table next to your bed and cards were propped up on the wooden window ledge.

To your right sat a muscled man curled in an uncomfortable looking chair with his head in the newspaper. Around him there were multiple empty seats, the only things vacating them were the odd jacket or empty chocolate bar wrappers. You tried racking your brains for who all of these people were and why there were visiting you at wherever you had been taken to, but you were left unsuccessful. So, you cleared your throat in hope of capturing the man’s attention.

As soon as he heard you cough, his blonde hair peaked from over the top of the newspaper and his squinting blue eyes became enormously wide, “Y/N? You’re awake!” He exclaimed, his eyes searching the room momentarily.

“You…you’re Captain America,” You began, your head tilting in confusion, “Why are you here? I don’t know anything.”

The look of happiness completely flushed from his face at your words. He hesitated before saying, “I’m Steve? We’ve been friends for a long time. I’ve been searching for you.”

Your head shook vigorously. You had been in Hydra for as long as you could remember, and you weren’t having some star spangled man trick you into thinking otherwise. “I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but I know that you’re lying. I’ve worked for Hydra most of my life and I’ve always been confined. Plus, I’ve never met you before.”

The man’s jaw was sitting agape, he looked so hurt at your words but you couldn’t figure out why. If that was the way of The Avengers recruiting you, you really wasn’t enjoying watching a grown man struggle to form words, and you definitely wouldn’t be joining at this rate. As you still looked at him with uncertainness, he stood from the chair and wiped down his trousers.

“If you don’t remember me, I think I have some people you will remember,” He murmured.

Whilst you waited for him to collect the people you were supposed to remember, you gathered the cards sitting next to your bed. The first read:


So glad you’re finally back. I don’t think I’ve ever missed someone before so you’re officially the first. Can’t wait to get you back in that training room to show you what you’ve been missing out on.

The best avenger,


Who was Nat and why had she been missing you? Surely if she was someone you’d met before you would at least remember her name? You flicked through the rest until you found the following:


I know you probably weren’t expecting to see me again, especially not with The Avengers, but I knew I couldn’t let you down. I searched for you after I escaped, honestly I did, but after they moved the base I had no idea where to start. I hope you can forgive me. I didn’t think I could ever feel so much towards a person after having my brain shaken up so much, but it happened, and this is the outcome. I cannot wait to take you into the outside world and show you how brilliant the food has gotten.


James (Your Bucky.)’

Your James? Was he working alongside the people that were trying to mess with your head? After all he’d been through with you; surely he’d know not to lie to you like that. You could feel the throbbing beginning in your head, you didn’t understand any of it and nobody was trying to help. You read through the scrawled handwriting, in hope that you had missed out on a sentence or two, but you were left rereading the same words that explained nothing.

As you reached a card from a guy named Clint a crowd of people filtered through the small doorway. Each emotion was a mixture of excitement, sadness and astonishment and all were on unfamiliar faces. Well that was until you caught sight of Bucky. He stood completely dumbstruck behind a bearded man in coloured sunglasses.

“Okay, Y/N, I’m Steve. Do you remember anyone here?” The blonde man from before asked whilst chewing on his bottom lip. You scoured the room for the twins, but they were nowhere to be seen, “And before you wonder, Pietro and Wanda, they’re waiting until you’re home.”

You stared at the six hopeful faces that were all half grinning at you. They were really going all out to make this whole thing believable- they really wanted you to believe in their illusion. Although, a small part of you wanted to believe in the words Steve had said- you’d do anything to forget the tortured screams from the chamber rooms, or the feeling of cold kissing your skin through the thin material they threw at you, or the way you watched your brother’s life slowly slip away as yours grew stronger.

All you wanted was someone to wash away the Hydra virus.

But nobody could do that. All they could do was build memories on the unstable foundation that was your Hydra ones. No matter what you did, no matter who you spoke to, you’d always remember the feeling of the cold metal colliding with your skin when you couldn’t fulfil their wishes, and the constant painstaking injections they were always feeding you.

“I’m sorry,” You found yourself feeling embarrassed under the ogling eyes and words seemed hard to say, “I don’t know any of you. Except Bucky.”

Bucky’s eyes flashed brightly, his eyes finding yours. “Y/N, y-you remember me?”

“How could I forget?”

“Well you’ve forgotten all of us,” a man in the corner said, “Oh wait, better introduce myself, I’m Tony and we used to hang out all the time.”

You couldn’t tell if it was annoyance or sadness laced in his voice but all his face was showing was complete emotionless. His arms were crossed over his chest and he was huffing heavily, “Look, you don’t need to go to this extent. I know you’re lying, please cut the act.”

“Oh Y/N,” Bucky sighed, walking towards the metal hospital bed. He sat down in the chair Steve was sitting in before and placed his metal hand near your fingers. “I wish they were lying to you. I hate seeing you so confused, I was the exact same.”

“James, I don’t understand what you’re saying,” You whispered. Your voice wavered slightly with the frustration that was running through you.

“Look at me,” He said, his human hand grabbing yours, “I promise you, you can trust me right? You were brainwashed, just like me, I remember it. You remember when they did it to me don’t you?”

You nodded. “Well, Y/N, they made you forget these guys. These were your team- your best friends. Steve, Natasha, Tony, Clint, and Bruce. I know you’re confused, but I can promise you that your memories will come back.”

The tears were pouring out of your eyes, you remember them dragging Bucky away, only to return a sweating, upset man. So many nights were spent urging him to remember you, to remember everything he asked you to remind him of. But why couldn’t you remember them doing that to you?

Did nobody hear your screams as the metal plate’s surged electricity through your temples into your thoughts, into your memories, into the only piece of you that had only ever been yours?

Was nobody interested in the nights afterwards where you sat shaking as they recalled important information to you? Information that was lies. Information that made you forget who you were.

You could hear Bucky’s pleads in your head and you could feel the leather straps being tied around your ankles, strapping you to the vicious chair. Of course it wasn’t happening, but as the memories flooded back to you, it all felt real, every moment felt as if you were trapped back there again.

“Please, Bucky, make it stop.”

Heathens (Bucky x Reader)

Warnings: Being HYDRA’s captive, it’s not bubbly, abuse, needles


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   His screams echoed to the HYDRA base as they erased him over and over again. He had remembered things this time, things that almost cost them the mission. He had to be reformed, reshaped. A perfect weapon. A puppet. No more.

  The man screamed again and the girl shifted to her tiny cell. Eyes red and underneath them deep purple half-moon shaped marks from the lack of sleep, her hair was oiled and matted, her skin was paler than ever from her imprisonment. The screams haunted her already dark dreams and she couldn’t listen to him screaming anymore. Her heart wanted to break and she shivered as the screams kept coming more horse and pained now. She curled herself into a ball at the corner of her ‘room’ and tried to cover her ears as she shook back and forth.

  Blank. Like paper. What was paper? How did it feel underneath his skin? Did it have a certain smell?

  Blank. Emptiness. The pain on his temples raising. He felt his whole body shake. He didn’t have any control over it.

  Blank. Everything was black. Or were they white? What was black and what was white?

  Blank. Coldness.With his blurred, from the tears and sweat, eyes he scanned the room. People with white robes were around the room, frantically pressing buttons on strange machines. Another sharp electric wave hit his temples and he gritted his teeth against the worn mouthguard and the asset felt something crumble inside of him as he left a bone-chilling cry, but he didn’t care. He didn’t even know what that was.

  The people in the white robes decided he had enough for the day and disabling his shiny arm that felt like an extraneous lump attached to his body, and cuffed him. They led him to small cell, putting off the cuffs and locking him in. The asset cried. He didn’t know why. He just did. Perhaps that thing that crumbled was important. He didn’t know.

  He ran a hand through his sweaty hair and positioned himself on the back wall of the cell. He didn’t want them to catch him again. He didn’t want to feel that pain again. He dragged the metal abomination, that he was connected with, to the floor as shivered by the sound it made.

  He sat down and saw that another cell was located just opposite of his own. A grey ball that resembled a human being was inside of it. He didn’t know if that thing was alive, but he focused his thought to that, instead of his pained mind.

  The girl rose her head as footsteps were heard. Her cell’s door was now open and before she knew it, two strong hands dragged her out of it. She screamed and pleaded them not to take her. They continued as if she hadn’t said a thing. With the corner of her eye, she saw a man sitting in the opposite cell. She screamed to him but he didn’t move. He was breathing but he looked more than a haunted vessel than a man.

  The experiments were getting worse and worse. They wanted her to have powers. But her body didn’t respond on the serums they were injecting into it. She was strapped to a lumpy bed as they conversed about what they should do. Her hands were shaking and her legs wanted to bump up and down with nervousness but the tight buckles restrained them. She felt a needle pierce her skin as she felt herself scream.

  The Asset cried as he heard her scream. What they did to him, they did it to others too. And she seemed so fragile. And she was the only one he had to distract himself from the pain. Even watching her as a ball on the corner of her cell was enough,

  The guards brought her collapsed body and he almost gasped as she seemed lifeless. But then they put her back to the cell. This reassured him that she was alive.

   Her sobs woke him from his dreamless sleep. Her body shook violently as he heard the springs of her bed leaving their rusty noises to fill the silence of the night. He turned to the other side and covered his ears.

  She woke up and rose from the damp for her sweat mattress and went to her corner. As she sat down she saw him looking at her. His blue steel eyes piercing through her own. She began crawling near the bars and he shifted deeper on his cell, growling like a wild animal. She slowed her pace and his eyes fixed on her, sparked for a second.

  She extended her arm towards him, craving human touch. But what was he? Was he a human? A machine? He didn’t feel a thing.

  Her hand remained there, calling him, waiting for him. He didn’t want to move. But her eyes pleaded him. He gave in to the urge he too had, for someone to hold him. To take him from this hellish place even for a moment, for one breath’s time.

  Their calloused hands touched and both of them felt chills on their spines.He dragged her closer and she hit her face to the bars. She still didn’t leave him, Her eyes made him feel a strange tranquillity. His gaze made her feel secure even if she knew what they would do to them.

   They remained in that way for long. They didn’t know how much time had passed, was it minutes, was it hours, was it days? They didn’t care. Their hands were numb now but they didn’t dare to move, wanting to keep this holy, sacred moment last forever. They were two scared and scared people, holding each other, keeping one another sane and safe for a mere moment.

  They were both made of similar stuff. They were two pieces of the same broken puzzle. Tears streamed on their cheeks, but they kept holding each other.

ET-002: Expo 70 Resurrection (Heavy Meditation) CS

Limited to 100 Copies on Clear Pro-Dubbed CS & metallic silver paper. Out in 2011 on Vinyl

Expo 70 is the cosmic exploration of Kansas City based artist Justin Wright. While the project is quite prolific, Resurrection (Heavy Meditation) is an exercise in conceptual based improvised guitar — built off two sides of low-frequency drones much in the style of Earth 2 and similar conceptually to the work of William Basinski. 

As the listening instructions in the flap of this release state, “In approaching this album for listening, for an over-all experience, one must let go of all inner thoughts of rhythm and song structure. This music will teleport you out of your daily life.. it is meant for escape.” While the Expo 70 discography is extensive,Resurrection (Heavy Meditation) is a brand new concept for Justin Wright, and will appeal to diehards and outsiders alike.


Lifa followed the GPS, “We’re close.”

Meanwhile, in an abandoned, well secured house, Koli laid on a creaky cot bed. Her was strapped down to it, a five point restraint system, just like in mental health hospitals. There were electrical burns on his temples, and his eyes gazed at the ceiling. His brow furrowed and he seemed confused and disoriented. He just stared at the blaring light over head.

Mairi snapped her fingers in his face to get his attention. “Koli.” She’d been repeating his name for five minutes now. Finally, he snapped out of it and looked at her with the same expression. Mairi held up a photo of Jeffery. “Does he mean anything to you?” She asked in a harsh voice, with the same Scottish accent as his.

Koli had to think for a few moments and he opened and closed his mouth a few times as he tried to speak. His mouth felt dry and tasted like aluminum. “He…” He rasped. “He brought me flowers…”

Mairi sighed silently and put the photo away as she picked up the equipment again. Koli kept mumbling about flowers and Jeffery, the group. Mairi hushed him, almost lovingly, as she turned up the power and put the pieces of the EST equipment against his temples again. “Don’t fret, pup. We’ll fry away those awful memories and make you better. You’ll forget all of them.”

Koli flinched a little, looking back up at the light. “Mother–”

“Open your mouth.”

“I don’t want to…”

“Koli. Now.”


She forced the gag into his mouth, so he wouldn’t bite through his tongue. The electricity kicked on and Koli’s body spasmed as his back attempted to arch, but he was held down by his restraints. His eyes rolled back in his head, as the electricity courses through his skull for the third time. Every time, she turned up the voltage. And this time, it was enough to fry the chip in his neck.

Back with Lifa and Jeffery, Lifa stopped walking. “What the he– the chip just went offline!”