electric temple


“Welcome to the Kinetic Temple. Our energy source is the truth of imagination. As long as there is imagination in your hearts, we can recharge the world. Come on this journey with us through the Kinetic Temple.” - EDCLV Opening Ceremony

ET-002: Expo 70 Resurrection (Heavy Meditation) CS

Limited to 100 Copies on Clear Pro-Dubbed CS & metallic silver paper. Out in 2011 on Vinyl

Expo 70 is the cosmic exploration of Kansas City based artist Justin Wright. While the project is quite prolific, Resurrection (Heavy Meditation) is an exercise in conceptual based improvised guitar — built off two sides of low-frequency drones much in the style of Earth 2 and similar conceptually to the work of William Basinski. 

As the listening instructions in the flap of this release state, “In approaching this album for listening, for an over-all experience, one must let go of all inner thoughts of rhythm and song structure. This music will teleport you out of your daily life.. it is meant for escape.” While the Expo 70 discography is extensive,Resurrection (Heavy Meditation) is a brand new concept for Justin Wright, and will appeal to diehards and outsiders alike.