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Harry Potter Halloween Party

I had a Harry Potter themed housewarming party last Halloween. I decided to dress up as one of my favorite characters Hermione. We had fun tasting the Every Flavour Beans and having the sorting ceremony and the patronus test. I got to Gryffindor and my patronus is Marsh Harrier (Google tells it’s a falcon type bird). I tried to make Sorting Hat cupcakes but they ended up looking a lot like the poo emoji :’D The cookies are supposed to look like owls. I drew the labels on the candy jars, it was fun! The cake is not made by Hagrid, but @electric-space-carousel <3

I was invited to a tea party with 20s fashion influenced lolita as the dress code and this was the best I could come up with my sweet closet. :D It was fun to try to achieve the flapper look with the stuff that I own. I think Sweetie Chandelier suited the theme pretty ok with the chandeliers and pearl/jewel details.

Skirt, cutsew, bag, bracelet, ring: Angelic Pretty

Tights: Tutuanna

Headband: Btssb


My outfit from the Tea Party in Stockholm, which was sponsored by Angelic Pretty. The theme was chocolate, so I had to use my only dress that had small hints of chocolate in it. XD There was an outfit contest, so I wanted to look as fab as possible! I made a teddy bear scepter to match my Little Bear’s Cafe JSK and my teddy ear headband (also made by me). The donut accessories are also made by me together with a friend. We got super cute brooches with our voting numbers! I was number 22.