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I know that it’s inherently unknowable but I wish I could experience things as they are before my brain translates them and projects them out there. (I know there’s no real “out there” that is independent of our experience of it but still)

Like, what is a cat’s fur, nose, paws, meow, purr, before my brain has created those electrical signals to represent them for me to experience? I guess just a jumble of interference patterns? A big blob? My cats are just a field of blobby waves? But what is it like? What is everything really like, if we experienced it without the illusion our senses make? Just pure thoughts before the thoughts? There is no way to visualize such a thing because visualizing is in our brains as well. 


human: but you’re a robot. you’re not really a living person. you’re just made of electrical signals and processors that make you move and talk. you can’t really think.

robot: you’re not really a living person.you’re just made of electrical signals and neurotransmitting chemicals that make you move and talk. you can’t really think.


robot: does it feel good, kevin?

Florence Violet McKenzie

(1890–1982) Electrical engineer

Florence Violet McKenzie was the first female electrical engineer in Australia. Her focus was wireless radio and she was the first Australian woman to have an amateur radio operator’s license. She was a lifelong advocate for women’s technical education and founded the Women’s Emergency Signalling Corps in 1939 so women volunteers could replace men in civilian communications when they joined the armed forces during World War II.

Number 183 in an ongoing series celebrating remarkable women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Date the force that makes your devices glitch. The one that makes the lights in the hallways flicker. The one that transmits electrical signals that sends chills down your spine. The one that gives you static shocks for fun. The one that causes energy imbalances in the room. They are just keeping you company. They want you to know they are there; they have always been.

As a witch i think its really cool when sea witches say “i have salt in my veins” but as a biology undergrad i have a chuckle because every axon of every neuron has a sodium/potassium gradient (sodium is negatively charged, and potassium is positively charged) which essentially is what enables your neurons to fire electrical signals. There is also a sodium/potassium pump system for every membrane of every cell. So everyone has salt not only in their veins but in every single cell. Maybe sea witches just have a bit more.

  • Doug: but you’re a robot. you’re not really a living person. you’re just made of electrical signals and processors that make you move and talk. you can’t really think.
  • GLaDOS: you’re not really a living person. you’re just made of electrical signals and neurotransmitting chemicals that make you move and talk. you can’t really think.
  • Doug: ...
  • GLaDOS: does it feel good, Doug?

🎶 Sending you a sign, sending a signal
Electric electric electric electric
I want you, I want you
But why aren’t you reacting?
Every time we meet, with all my heart
Electric electric electric electric
I’m waiting, you can see everything
But why don’t you know? 🎶

🎶 Trying to let you know
Sending you a sign, sending a signal
I must let you know
Sending you a sign, sending a signal  🎶

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Pokemon science: How much would it hurt somebody if I slapped them with a Stunfisk (assuming I'm holding it by the tail)?

According to the pokédex, Stunfisk has a mass of 11.0 kg (roughly 25 pounds). While getting slapped with 25 pounds of rough-skinned fish would certainly hurt,  the dex also tells us that Stunfisk enjoys zapping its victims, enough to leave them paralyzed. To paralyze a human body, you must conduct enough electricity to interfere with the electrical signals sent by our muscles. Typically, 10 mA (milli-amps) of current is enough to paralysis someone’s arm, 30 mA will restrict the lungs and stop breathing, and 75 mA will cause a heart attack. A typical lightning bolt, such as the move Thunderbolt learned by Stunfisk, carries between 20,000 and 100,000 amps of current, or over 4,000 times the amount needed to kill a human.

Behold, the face of a monster:

Jeremy: but you’re a robot. you’re not really a living person. you’re just made of electrical signals and processors that make you move and talk. you can’t really think.

Squip: you’re not really a living person. you’re just made of electrical signals and neurotransmitting chemicals that make you move and talk. you can’t really think.


Squip: does it feel good, jerry?


During the day, everything seems normal. At night, this beach turns into something out of a fairy tale.  

By day, this beach in the Maldives islands seems like any other tropical paradise. By night, however, the beach turns into another world thanks to the bioluminescence from the phytoplankton known as dinoflagellates in the water.

The ethereal blue glow is caused by a reaction between the dinoflagellates’ cell membrane and electrical signals. 

No magic, no chemicals, just nature in all its wonder.

mark: but you’re a robot. you’re not really a living person. you’re just made of electrical signals and processors that make you move and talk, you can’t really think.

google: you’re not really a living person. you’re just made of electrical signals and neurotransmitting chemicals that make you move and talk. you can’t really think.


google: does it feel good, fischbach?

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I need to know the basics of electric shocks! I have a character who can control electricity, and in a PIVOTAL SCENE I want him to electrocute someone enough that it knocks them unconscious, but then, I don't know how long realistically they will remain unconscious and if that causes, you know, permanent brain damage or anything. (Which would be bad.)

Hey there nonny! 

There’s a neat shortcut to this that I think you might be able to get away with. But first, a little bit of background. 

Electricity, as I’m sure you know, wants to travel the path of least resistance. So the contact points – the “entrance” and “exit” wounds – are going to make a big difference in how the electricity affects someone. 

Electricity that crosses the chest can kill, because the heart is essentially a mechanical pump run by an electrical signal, and electricity that interferes with that signal can cause fatal miscommunication within the heart, known as ventricular fibrillation. (Defibrillation was actually called countershock at first, because a lot of electrical line workers were getting shocked, which was putting them in cardiac arrest, and the countershock would hopefully get them back!) 

We don’t want to kill the character. That would be bad. 

We do want them to be unconscious. That would be good! 

So how can we get electricity to take a quick path that doesn’t stop the heart but does affect the level of consciousness? 

The head. Enter on one side, exit on the other. What you’ll get is a seizure. 

It’s done fairly routinely as electroconvulsive therapy – electricity inducing seizures. I’ll admit to not being an expert, meaning I can’t give you voltage/amperage lists of what does and doesn’t work (and I don’t know how much control your character has.) But realize that idiot doctors have accidentally defibrillated their own heads, with a quick seizure and no ill effects later on. So there’s that. 

Now, a seizure is different from unconsciousness! But the brain has uncontrolled electrical activity – it basically shuts down and reboots (with some dramatic shaking and voiding of bladders and biting of tongues to boot). 

But what happens after is that the brain reboots. It’s called a postictal state. The character will be dazed, confused, and disoriented. They’ll likely be really drowsy for at least a few minutes, and as they wake up they won’t quite know what happened. 

This is the closest I can come, dear nonny, to what you need. It’s not exact, but it’s close, and has a period of unconsciousness. 

I hope this helps your story! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

(Samantha Keel)


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5x23 Fix it: Of Course We Made It

So I couldn’t walk away without writing a little something after that episode. Kudos to @redpensandgreenarrows for the reminder of the bunker/ARGUS cell. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! I will be posting a follow-up reunion when i finish it too!


“Give me a minute! This is not as easy as it looks!” She doesn’t drag her eyes from the tablet, can’t if she’s being honest. She wants to glare at the voice, to tell Thea to zip it and let her work but they don’t have time for that. The whole island could blow at any moment. She doesn’t even have the minute she needs.

She doesn’t even know if she can disarm the bombs near them…they’re networked, but she can’t exactly hack a bo-

Like something out of her nightmares, Felicity watches as the far side of the island starts to activate, the tablet giving her a moment’s warning before they start to hear the explosions.

“WE DON’T HAVE TIME! GO TO THE BUNKER!” Slade shouts, propelling Sandra at the back to the group forward,  toward the concrete jail cell that’s been his home for the last three years.

His hand wraps around Felicity’s arm as she stops short, laughing excitedly.

Luck has to be on their side, because if the bombs had started off of their side of the island, they would surely be dead, but instead, Felicity has enough time to witness the electrical signal that races through the wires of the network, setting off batches of bombs at a time, residual landmines making it even riskier. It’s the electrical signal that she locks into. That, she can stop.

“Come on,  Blondie, the kid will kill me if I let you die.”

Felicity doesn’t get the chance to see if her last ditch effort works as Slade picks her up and jumps with her into the hole, slamming the hatch of the cell closed behind him. The whole island rocks with explosions, and with her tablet broken on the ground outside, Felicity is left to wonder: did she do it?

Will they survive?

Oliver can’t breathe for the pounding of his heart in his chest.

His arms clench around William as they watch the island burn from their floating safe haven. He keeps William’s face turned away from Adrian’s body. He can’t wallow in this. He can’t let it beat him. He has to trust that his team was able to save themselves. When this is all over, when he can search the island, he’ll mourn. Not now, not when they’ve beaten incredible odds before and come out unscathed.


He has someone else to focus on now: William.

He pulls away from the boy and crouches to get a look at him. “Hey, how are you, buddy?”

“O-o-oliver?” William is shaking. Oliver can’t blame him. He’s been through a lot and Oliver doesn’t even know where to begin. “Where’s my mom?”

On the fireball of an island. “She’s going to be okay. She’s with some of my friends.” God, he hopes they’re okay.

“Can I talk to her?”

Oliver blinks. The comms!

His hand slaps his chest in desperation to activate the microphone in the lapel. “Felicity?”

He dares to hope in that moment, to pray just a little to a God he stopped believing in long ago,  to pray that she wasn’t taken from him just yet. “FELICITY!”

William shifts nervously, eyes darting back to the prone figure of his kidnapper as Oliver closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. “Come on,  Felicity,” he mutters into the comm, voice pitched lower. “Come on, honey, I know you got out of there, but I’m going to need you to talk to me. I’ve got a little boy here who really wants to talk to his mother. I need you to put Sandra on…”

Tears. They well, warm and suffocating,  at the corners of his eyes. He wants to punch something with every passing second.  Even during the Undertaking, she’d always made sure to let him know she was okay, or at least alive with her babbles. Now is not the time to be silent, and against his will, his mind keeps going back to that one unthinkable end: her death.

“Felicity-” Her name sounds broken, even to his own ears as the tears fall unbidden down his face. There’s a scream caught in his throat, an agonized sound that he can’t seem to let out.

Then, like a candle sparking to life, like the light she brought back into his life when he first walked into his office, Oliver hears it:

A burst of static, and then:


Growing New Neurons

Neurons are specialized cells whose job is to send and receive information in the brain and nervous system. As they grow, neurons extend a single transmission cable — called an axon — from one side of the cell. At the same time, they deploy a set of antennae — called dendrites — on the other side, which allow electrical signals to pass from one neuron to another. 

Using molecular spies that report on biochemical processes inside of living cells, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine were able to observe how the spatial distribution of a key molecule, cyclic AMP, changes during axon growth. Their study is published February 13 by Nature Chemical Biology.

“Our study is the first to show that developmental changes in cyclic AMP gradients determine how rapidly a neuron grows its axon,” said senior author Jin Zhang, PhD, professor of pharmacology at UC San Diego School of Medicine. “By perturbing these gradients, we were even able to make younger neurons grow longer axons and look more like mature neurons, which may help in developing treatments to regenerate injured or damaged nerves.”

Pictured: False-color image of a developing neuron grown in culture for five days, showing a single axon extending downward from the left side of the cell and numerous dendrites protruding from the cell body

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Would mind trying cinnamon and a midday lycanroc? /just two of my faves from that game/

An average Rairoc is 1 meter meter tall when it stands on its hind legs. Since it is part canine this isn’t very strange but people adore it for its size and coat. They are part canine and part mouse which makes them omnivores, however due to them being docile and kindhearted they prefer eating berries and seeds. It has a rock and electric typing. It is very good at digging and when its under the ground it uses electric signals to locate its victim.  

RQ4 theory [spoiler alert]

Okay, I just thought of this. Let me know what you guys think.
So we all know Cal wants to fix Maven, but Cal says in a conversation with Mare “As far as I know, there are no newblood whispers. Not one that I’ve found or been told about. And I’ve done my fare share of searching”. Right? But WHAT IF they don’t need a whisper to fix Maven’s brain? What if they need something stronger, something like Tyton’s ability? Let me quote again: “ ‘What’s brain lightning?’ I ask, intrigued. […] 'He means that a human body runs on a pulse of electrical signals. Very small, ridiculously fast. Difficult to detect and almost impossible to control. They’re most concentrated in the brain, and easiest to harness there.’”
So what if Tyton (or even Mare if she gets to learn that) are able to control the electrical signals in Maven’s brain and “delete” any sort of manipulation Elara did? Or at least a few? YOU GUYS, I’M FREAKING OUT! I mean, I’m all about Marecal, but Maven breaks my heart, even more now after KC.
@vaveyard please tell me I’m right!

Defying Gravity // Philip Hamilton x Reader

Never in a million years I imagined I’d be writing fanfiction for the founding fathers of another country yet here I am.

This goes out to Charley ( @always-blame-jefferson ) who is one of my bestest friends, I hope this cheers you up my friend.

Warning: This is a modern days AU, also it’s so sweet it’ll give you cavities so enjoy my loves.

Word Count: 935, short and sweet.


Things were definitely not going to plan.

As the top student of George Fredericks academy, (Y/N) (L/N),  had everything planned out for her life until he came along, he being Philip Hamilton. 

It all began in a Chick-Fill-A of all places. 

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Mini Musings: Guardians and their Memories

Recently I had a talk with @yourspunkpunk over Guardians and whether they remember their past lives, and I know that this is a prevalent issue within the community itself. 

Now I don’t know whether this is a writing oversight from Bungie or just a way to underline that every Guardian’s experience is unique (as an optimist who likes to reconcile all contradictory lore I personally prefer the latter option) so let’s just bring up the different perspectives on this. 

1. Guardians have no memory at all of their past lives. 

Example: Fenchurch Everis.

Fenchurch was resurrected by his Ghost, Neville, on the wastelands of Mars. He woke up utterly alone in the sand, except for one Silver coin with a digital signature. Said digital signature matched one of Tess Everis’s Silver coins, thus leading to the conclusion that he was one of her long lost relatives. He woke up with no memory of his past life, and spent years searching the solar system for whatever clues could lead him to discover who he was before he became a Guardian.

2. Guardians have a jumbled memory of their past lives. 

Example: Cayde-6.

Cayde has a journal, detailing his experiences living in the Golden Age, before he became a Guardian and before he even became an Exo. He even mentions Maya Sundaresh by name and describes her physique explicitly. However, the memories of the Golden Age are interspersed with information that’s definitely post-Collapse: Hive targets, being a Guardian, hiding in a cave with a camouflage cloak wrapped around himself, lending credence to the idea that his memories are jumbled and lumped together after an entire brain reset.

3. Guardians have enough memory of their past lives to assemble an identity. (This is the one least likely to be true and barely has any evidence for it.)

Examples: Pod #10201 (Master Chief?).

Upon scanning Pod #10201, Ghost states that he tried to resurrect him before you, but the person inside still preferred to stay dead, claiming that the “last war was enough for a thousand lifetimes.” Aside from implying that Ghosts can talk to dead people and ask them for consent to becoming Guardians (which is a topic for another time) this also carries the implication that dead people can still have memories post, well, you know, dying. It is really strange, and I have an idea as to how, but I need to do more research on it.

(Canon lore ends here.) 

Now, what do I think? 

I believe, that because Ghosts can scan things down to the quantum state (a mechanic required to understand the inner workings of Hive magic and Vex technology), that they can recreate people down to that resolution. Therefore, if there are electrical and neurotransmitter signals still running around the brain at the time, they would carry over, and so would their corresponding neural pathways. 

However, because said memories and neural pathways only work if constantly reinforced, these latent memories would be practically obliterated due to the mountain of information Guardians have to process within seconds of waking up. It’s disorienting enough to play the videogame if you’ve never played it before.
I can only imagine it would be much more so to actually wake up in it. 

If a Guardian was resurrected in a therapy chair and asked to try and remember their past lives instead of being immediately forced to survive beyond the Walls, then maybe we’d have a Guardian with full knowledge of who they were before they died. But who knows?

This post is not meant to destroy anyone’s headcanons or argue against them, it’s only meant to give evidence to all three points. 

Thank you for reading, and happy hunting, Guardians.