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I don’t have time to write it all out right now, but I have to get this idea out before I lose inspiration–


I’ve seen some theories floating around that suggest Flug was bullied as a kid, and maybe he has some scars from that, but I mean experiment gone horribly wrong type scars.

Adding on to this, what if the reason Black Hat is the way he is now is from the same experiment that went horribly wrong?

I just have this scene in my head where Black Hat and Dr. Flug are in the lab, and there’s this giant machine–probably a portal to smoother universe or something–and probably-human BH is so excited because it’s taken them so long to get to this point and they’re finally here! Flug pulls the switch, alarms start blaring, the machine crackles with electricity, BH rushes forward to see what’s wrong–
BOOM! Some otherworldly creature emerges from the machine and catches BH. Flug can’t get close through all the chaos. Meanwhile, eldritch horror demon starts baby talking BH about how cute it is that he’s trying to play god or something along those lines, then it decides to give BH a taste of what being a god is really like. Cue tortured screaming from human BH as his entire being is rewritten from the inside out–
Flug, finally figures out how to send the horrorterror back to its home dimension without BH and punches in the code, but by the time he’s done, it’s too late. BH is writhing on the floor, coughing up blood and ichor and screaming. The lab is on fire and the building is probably going to collapse soon. Flug braves the danger and goes to BH’s side, but he’s out of it, and lashes out at Flug, thinking it was the demon. Flug takes the hit, but he’s determined to get BH out. He drags BH out of the building, taking hits from fire, electricity, and BH himself all the way. They make it out just in time to avoid getting crushed by the rubble. Only after Flug knows BH is safe does he pass out from his injuries.

Some time later, Flug wakes up in a hospital bed covered in bandages. BH is by his bedside, no visible injuries but almost completely unrecognizable now that the demon’s magic has corrupted him. He yells at Flug for nearly dying on him and for being so stupid and reckless, but Flug can tell that BH cares. BH hands Flug a paper bag with built-in goggles, telling Flug it’s because of the scars (in a more cold, aggressive way,) but really it’s because he can’t stand to see what he’d done to Flug. BH then demands Flug rest and leaves the room a-la tsundere Black Hat style. Flug puts on the bag out of respect.

Stiles The Pirate

@eternalsterek-broughttolife​ | AO3 - A back-up gift specifically requested by me, and seeing how everyone was able to get their gifts in, I’m going to gift it to myself haha (especially since this is the sweetest little fic).

by @poetry-protest-pornography

Stiles works at a water park, one day he finds a little girl with dark hair and intense eyes crying and has to help her find her family.

The familiar chlorine-sunscreen-warm pavement smell of Riverwood Water Park is a strange comfort as Stiles walks toward the staff locker room; nostalgia and fond memories always rushed through Stiles when he was at the park. The fact that this would–hopefully–be his last summer working there was both sad and exciting. 

It wouldn’t be easy saying goodbye to the place he’d visited so often with his mom and dad as a kid, the place where he had worked every summer since he was sixteen. Manning Pirate Cove, a scale model of a pirate ship designed for younger children, with slides where canons would be found and a swirling sprayer that moved with the ship’s wheel, had become his favorite summertime distraction. The enthusiasm and joy that little kids unabashedly threw into splashing each other and climbing and fun made Stiles feel joyous by proxy.

Closing his locker in the staff showers, he allowed himself to feel a little melancholy. Graduating and moving on to grad school that was no closer to his dad or his friends was hard. He’d always half planned on coming back to California, but he’d had to wave adios to that plan when a full scholarship offer came in for a program in Colorado.

It was going to be hard to have say goodbye to his coworkers, too. Some of them had been working with him since he started, and they’d grown up together, one summer at a time. They’d shared cookouts and after work meals, then after work drinks and dancing as they became old enough for it. End of season parties, bonfire hookups, summer flings. 

The thought of leaving Erica and Boyd especially filled him with disappointment; they’d been spending their summers together for the last five seasons, and they’d had more than a handful of those s’mores and summer heat-flavored nights. Now, they were the best of friends, speaking often even when Stiles was on the other side of the country and longing for summer and open-skied nights in his adequate but lonely student apartment.

That he would not miss. Even with the personal touches he’d managed to add, a half-sized kitchen, a shower with the water pressure of a jammed squirt gun, and barely enough room for a two-seater couch and a desk with a rolling chair never felt much like home.

Summers at Riverwood, though, that was definitely part of home for him. Permanent chlorine scent, shrieking kids, and all.

What wasn’t normal though, was a crying child. Yet, just inside the gate where he entered Pirate Cove, there was a young girl–around five if Stiles had to guess–rubbing the back of her hand over her eyes, fruitlessly trying to stop the tears spilling from her green and gold eyes. Her long dark hair was escaping from the tight braid she wore, and she clutched at her brightly striped towel like a lifeline.

Stiles pasted on his friendliest, most reassuring smile and stooped down so he was at her eye level. “Hi, sweetheart, my name is Stiles. Is there something that I can help you with? I work here, so if you’re lost, or if something happened that upset you, I can help.”

When she looked up at him, her lip was wobbling and she was taking big, shuddering breaths, but she was obviously trying to get herself to calm down; Stiles was impressed with her control.

“I was pl-playing in the wave pool, an’ then I thought I saw a bunny by the fe-fence, so I went t’ see it, but it was go-one!” she sobbed, getting more upset as she went on. “Then I got lost, and now I can’t find my-my-m-” she started crying again, too much now to finish her sentence, so Stiles put a cautious hand on her shoulder.

“Hey, that is something I can definitely fix,” he said, letting a little enthusiasm into his voice in the hopes that his confidence would reassure her. “Can you tell me your name?”

She sniffed, but gave him a wobbly smile and answered “Tali.” 

“Well, Tali,” he said, returning her smile, “Do you think you could hold my hand so we can stick together on the way back to the wave pool?” At her nod, he stood up, and offered his hand. Hers felt so small in his that he had a moment of panic at being responsible for someone so little. Then reality settled over him and his years of experience with kids kicked in as he rolled his eyes at himself. 

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Hey everyone! Never thought Heat and Heathens would get this much love! Thank you so much! Obviously inspired by the iconic TNHMB music video, here is part three! Hope you like it :) 

His heart raced in his chest as he spurted down the hallway almost knocking some guy over, stumbling over his feet. He knocked on her door, softly at first, harder when she wouldn’t open the door.

“Baby! It’s me! Shawn!” he yelled, while slamming his hand against the door.

He finally heard steps and she opened the door. Seeing her almost broke his heart.

Mascara smudged underneath her red eyes, lips trembling, her whole body shivering as she wrapped her arms around herself.

“Can I come in?” he asked, concern lacing his words.

She nodded, a quiet sob leaving her lips. He closed the door behind him and she kneeled on the floor, her suitcase in front of her, clothes scattered around the floor.

“I’m… I can’t… I can’t pack my things, Shawn,” she sobbed, her shoulders shaking and he knelt down next to her, taking her hand, pressing her fingers against his lips.

“You aren’t going anywhere, baby. I won’t let you go. You are going to stay with me. For the rest of the tour.”

She shook her head, her unbelieving eyes filling with tears. “But, but Geoff… he,” she sobbed again, tears streaming down her beautiful face and Shawn wiped them away with his thumb, cupping her face in his hands.

“Shhh, baby, everything will be okay, Geoff is okay… with us… dating,” he smiled reassuringly, softly kissing her, closing his eyes.

She gasped against his lips, an arousing gasp almost, and he had to bite his lip.

She’s so gorgeous. She doesn’t even have to try. She’ll kill me eventually.

“He is?” she whispered and Shawn nodded, smiling at her.

“Come here,” he said under his breath, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her onto his lap and she nuzzled her head into the crook of his neck, taking in his familiar scent.

He held her head gently, playing with her hair, softly swaying her in his arms until her tears were dry and he didn’t stop kissing her for a while. Cheeks flushed, lips swollen, eyes sparkling, as her hands were in his hair, he couldn’t believe his luck.

As the tour continued, Shawn was falling more in love each day while becoming more frustrated as well. Geoff would never leave him alone with his sister, always making sure they weren’t alone in a room. 

They were not allowed to kiss or to hug or to hold hands when Geoff was around and even though Shawn was busy he craved her. He needed her touch after playing a show, he needed her kisses, her hugs, feeling her skin against his.
Shawn almost lost it when Geoff would sit between them during breakfast in Milan – making sure Shawn and his sister were as far apart as possible.

But what was even worse was sleeping on the same tour bus as her. Knowing she was asleep in her bunk bed. Wearing tiny pajama shorts, her hair spread over the pillow, rosy lips slightly parted, chest heaving.

He let out a frustrated growl, desperately wanting to crawl into her bunk bed and undress her, cuddle her, feel her.

But there was no chance with Geoff watching his every step like a watchdog.

Shawn sighed, running his fingers through his curls, listening to Geoff snoring and Zubin mumbling something in his sleep.

He carefully slid out of his bunk bed, tiptoeing to her bunk, after getting dressed.

His heart jumped as he saw her, laying there. Just as he imagined it, she was wearing tiny shorts, having kicked back the comforter, lying on her stomach, her butt sticking out slightly.

“Fuck,” Shawn muttered under his breath, gently touching her arm with his fingertips. He continued caressing her cheek, tracing her lip with his thumb. As he softly kissed her temple, she huffed, turning around, slowly opening her eyes.

“Shawn?” she mumbled, rubbing her tired eyes.

“Shhh!” he pressed a finger on her plump lips. “Quiet, baby, we don’t want to wake anyone up,” he whispered and she smiled against his finger, playfully trying to bite it. He grinned at her, gently kissing her, making their tongues touch.

“Let’s get away from here!” he panted, grabbing her hand.

“Now?” she giggled, checking her phone. “It’s 1:30 a.m.! Aren’t you tired? You played a show tonight!”

He remembered seeing her in the audience, cheering and singing her heart out and how it had sent a rush of electricity through his body.

He shook his head, making his soft curls bounce. “No! I want to spend every single minute with you! Let’s go!”

She grinned, caressing his cheek with the back of her hand, quickly getting into a summer dress and ankle booties, looking for her leather jacket and bag.

“Let’s go!” she whispered and he took her hand, leading her through the tour bus. He quickly checked if Geoff was asleep, giving her a thumbs up as Geoff was snoring loudly, turning his back to them.

They quickly got out of the bus and made their way down the dark street. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder, smiling at her. “Finally some privacy!” he exclaimed and she giggled. “Yes! Thank God!”
They strolled down the street and as they passed a rent-a-motorcycle- place she knew what he was thinking as he looked at her, his eyes sparkling.

“Should we?” he asked, holding her hands, interlacing his fingers with hers.

“Yes!” she nodded and pulled him into the place that seemed to be open 24 hours.

The man leaning at the desk, seemed to be half asleep as they entered the room.

“Buonasera,” he greeted them, eying them intently, narrowing his eyes.

“Buonasera!” she replied excitedly. “We want to rent a motorcycle!” she beamed at him and the man frowned, furrowing his brows.

“Mhm, how old are you, bella?”


Shawn looked on mesmerized how her cheeks turned pink and she was nervously nibbling on her bottom lip, while still holding his hand. He gently hugged her from behind, wrapping his strong arms around her middle.

“Okay let me see what we have…” the guy mumbled, checking his computer.

“I can’t give you a motorcycle… is a Vespa okay?”

She turned her head to look Shawn in the eyes and he nodded. “Yes, a Vespa is awesome! Thank you!”

Shawn slid his credit card over the counter and the man disappeared to get the helmets and the key.

“This is so crazy!” she giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck, as he leaned in to kiss her softly. “I know.” He breathed against her lips. “You make me go crazy,” he smiled and pulled away as soon as the man came back, two helmets in his hand.

“Drive carefully!” he warned them, handing them the helmets before leading them to the Vespa. It was a baby blue one and she loved it, beaming at Shawn who sat down, hands around the white handles.

“Grazie!” Shawn said to the Italian guy as she sat down behind him, cheek pressed against his back, arms around his middle.

He started the Vespa and off they went into the summer night, anticipating the few hours of freedom waiting for them.

The night was perfect, the sky clear, a soft breeze and the smell of summer in the air. The slight smell of sunscreen, sweat, ice cream and orange trees mixed up with her unique scent made Shawn’s heart flutter.

As they reached the city center of Milan, he parked the Vespa and they got off. He instinctively took her hand again and they took of their helmets, locking them away with the Vespa.

They strolled along the dark streets, occasionally stopping just to look at each other or to plaster soft innocent kisses on each other’s faces and as she stood under a street lamp and the light hit her face he wanted to take a picture and frame it and never stop looking at it. His heart almost ached from looking at her.

Her blue eyes glistening with joy and love, her beautiful lips curving up into the most adorable smile. He leaned her against a railing, his hands roaming over her sides, pressing his lips on hers, kissing her hungrily.

“I just- I just want you to know that yesterday night was very special to me,” he breathed against her lips, before looking her in the eyes.

“I know… for me too,” she replied quietly.

He cleared his throat. “I know that your brother is worried but he doesn’t have to be. I love you. A lot. And more each day and I won’t hurt you,” he whispered, his voice full of adoration and affection. “I will never hurt you.”

She nodded, tracing his cheekbones with her fingertips. “I know, Shawn.”
She kissed him softly, having to stand on her tip toes.

He took her hand and they continued to stroll along the dark street until Shawn’s eyes fell on a little queue of people waiting in front of what seemed to be a bar or night club.

“Wanna go partying?” he chuckled against her temple and she laughed.

“Yes! Let’s go clubbing!”

She took his hand and they entered the night club where obnoxious techno music was playing and people were obviously wasted, dancing around.

Shawn took her hand and twirled her around, laughing as she stumbled into his arms. He kissed her on the dancefloor, hands cupping her face.

“God, I love you!” he shouted over the music and she shouted “I love you” back.

“The music is awful!” she yelled, scrunching her nose.
He threw his head back in laughter. “It is!”
They continued jumping around like little children, shaking their heads and holding their bellies from laughing so much until finally a rather decent song came on.

Sage The Gemini’s “Now And Later” started playing and they sang along, his hands on her hips.

I can be ya lifesaver
Treat me like a jawbreaker
You got 31 flavors, baby
You can get this now and later, now and later
You can get this now and later, now and later
It’s your choice

“I’ll get us something to drink,” he yelled. “Wait here,” he whispered into her ear and she looked on as he made his way to the bar, wearing his denim jacket, messy curls bopping as he leaned over the bar.

She felt like the luckiest girl in the world, a bright smile on her face as she lifted her hands up to the beat, closing her eyes.

She flinched as soon as she felt hands on her hips. Strange hands. Certainly not Shawn’s hands as he was still at the bar.

She gulped, feeling a stranger’s breath on her neck. She tried to get away but the stranger held her back.

“Where do you think you’re going, sweetheart?” the man hissed, holding her closer.

“Let me go!” she shrieked, trying to free herself from his grip. “Please!”

The obviously drunk man, shook his head, leaning in. She could smell his breath that was making her want to vomit. He dragged her after him as she frantically looked through the crowded room, trying to make eye contact with Shawn. But she couldn’t see him.

And he couldn’t see her. 

With two drinks in hand he searched the club for her, feeling a weird tightness around his chest as he couldn’t see her where he left her.

His heart started pounding, he could feel the cold sweat running down his spine as he shoved people to the side, searching for her.

His hands trembled and he put the drinks down at a table nearby as he saw her.

The fear on her face. She was being pressed against the wall, a lanky guy way too close to her, pinning her wrists over her head and Shawn could feel the heat in his cheeks.

With two strides, he was by her side, grabbing the guy’s collar. “Back the fuck off!” he shouted, making the guy stumble backwards.

The guy looked at him. “Who the fuck do you think you are?”

“I’m her boyfriend, asshole!” Shawn spat out, turning his attention to her. “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

She shook her head, holding onto Shawn’s arm. “No, I’m okay,” her voice trembling, making Shawn want to hold her close. After punching that idiot in the face.

“She’s taken! Back off, dude!” Shawn snorted and interlaced his fingers with hers, pulling her into a calmer corner of the room.

Tracing her jaw and cheeks with his fingertips, he eyed her intently, eyes narrowing. “He touched you,” he said with gritted teeth.

She rolled her eyes at him. “I’m fine!” she replied. “Really, Shawn, don’t turn into Geoff now!”

He sighed, cupping her face with his hands. “I’m just trying to take care of you, okay?”

She pressed her lips together. “I’m okay, Shawn, I don’t need a babysitter! Why does everyone want to protect me all the time? I’m sick of this!”

Shawn grinned, resting his forehead against hers. “Have you ever looked at yourself? You’re so petite and tiny and delicate and… fragile

“I’m not fragile!” she huffed. “Only because you’re a freaking giant you shouldn’t call me petite, okay?”

He chuckled in amusement seeing her all upset, looking up at him and he pressed his lips against hers, feeling her melt underneath his touch.

“But I’m your giant,” he mumbled against her lips and she smiled at him and his heart jumped and he pressed her to his chest, resting his chin on her head.

He heard the clicking before he saw them. And then a flashlight. And he knew. He knew that something was terribly wrong.

“Oh my God, it’s Shawn Mendes!” he heard someone scream and he looked around, panic starting to raise in his chest.

No, no, no, no.

They found us.

She saw someone taking a photo, cellphone in her face and she shielded her face with her hand.

He looked at her, eyes widening. “We gotta get away from here! NOW!”
He grabbed her hand and they ran through the crowd. Shawn felt someone pushing him, another person grabbing him and it felt as someone was touching his jeans but he kept running and running until they stumbled out of the nightclub just to run into a little group of paparazzi, waiting outside.

Fuck, no.


“Don’t let go of my hand, okay?” he said over his shoulder, a firm grip around her hand and she nodded, feeling anxious, as the flashlight was blending her.

Shawn looked around, seeing a dark street on his right side. He nodded his head into the direction and tugged at her hand. “This way!”

They sprinted down the street, her heels clicking on the asphalt.

Shawn turned around for a second, seeing that a paparazzo was chasing them.

“RUN!” he shouted over his shoulder, dragging her along, running faster and faster.

She tried to keep up with his fast pace, panting as she stumbled after him. He quickly pulled her into a narrow street, pressing her against the brick wall, his hand covering her mouth.

They watched on as the paparazzo kept running, in the wrong direction, not having noticed that they turned into that street.

She panted heavily, breathing against his palm and he rested one hand against the wall, near her face, slowly removing his hand from her mouth, his thumb grazing her bottom lip.

Overwhelmed with the adrenaline rush and the love he felt for her, he pressed her against the wall, chuckling, kissing her neck.

“Fuck, this was crazy!” she giggled, her hands on his chest, clutching his denim jacket as he wrapped a loose strand of hair around his index finger.

“I’m so out of breath,” he giggled, continuing to kiss her in the dark street and she ran her fingertips over his ripped abs, smiling up at him.

“So these early mornings in the gym don’t have any effect or what?”
Her cheeky grin was everything he needed to kiss her passionately, making her gasp, his teeth nibbling at her lip, his tongue touching her in a wild, rough way, his hands grabbing her face as he tilted his heads to kiss her even harder.

As he pulled away he bit his lip, seeing how swollen her lips were. “Only way to shut you up,” he chuckled, resting his forehead against hers and she wrapped her arms around his neck, laughing at him.

And then the sound of police sirens cutting through the darkness.

It happened so fast. The sirens blaring in their ears, the police car pulling up and those two young hearts skipped a beat.

Those two hearts so full of love.

Now anxiously fluttering in their chests.

Mistakes and Erasers (Part 3) | Jeff Atkins

Summary: After a campus party you found yourself awake in another bedroom that isn’t yours. Naked.

Warning: Mature Language.

Note: I’m sorry for the long wait. I’m really busy with college and I’m trying to find an internship. But I definitely don’t forget about you! This is the last part of Mistakes and Erasers! I didn’t want to drag it out too much. Thank you so much for the amazing response! I really appreciate it! You may request anything you’d like if you have an amazing idea!

Read part two and part one.

Sighing, you walked into the campus library. Even though the semester just started, it was though. Deadlines were set and it took you a lot of self-control not to break out into tears because you were stressing a lot. It didn’t help the guy from a few nights ago couldn’t escape your thoughts either.

As you were heading upstairs, someone grabbed your arm. Your lips parted and your brows were furrowed, making your left eye seem bigger than the other. You turned around and your eyes met Jeff. ‘I need your help.’ he demanded while he didn’t let go of your arm.

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Make Me Forget - Jacob Frye/Reader(NSFW)

Happy Birthday @superwholockstringpuller! This is definitely NSFW! :D 

Imagine Jacob coming to visit as a gentleman caller working for the Templars is leaving your home…

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Jacob crept in through the back door into your home. He’d saw Lord What’s-His-Face’s carriage outside. No doubt calling on you to seek your hand…again….

It made his blood boil…

You’d done one job infiltrating the Templar command for them now you were always surrounded by them, just proving your were good at what you do. Your training in French Creed had given you an edge on gaining information.   

He quietly sneaked around the stairs seeing you gracefully guiding the Templar to the door, “It was a pleasure seeing you again Lord Dane.”

Ah…yes that’s his name…Jacob thought grinding his teeth together.

“Mine as well, my lady.” Lord Dane kissed your hand before taking his leave.

Once the door shut Jacob waited a few beats before he stepped out of hiding, “Well…you’re certainly fairing nicely with Dane…”

Your back was turned to him as he approached you, “…how…long were you here?”

“Long enough to have my gag reflex kick in.” He joked with you, but began to notice the rigidness in your shoulders, “Y/N…”

“Jacob…” You turned to him your face red from suppressing your tears back, “I…I don’t know if I can…do this…”

His cockiness faded away immediately seeing you in such a state, “What happened?”

“He…is cruel…” You looked to his gentle eyes, “He speaks of what he does to those poor children in the factories…those men and women who barely scrap by…Jacob…he’s terrifying and I don’t know if I can keep playing this game…it sickens me to be near him…”

He pulled you into his secure embrace, “Shh…you’re alright now, love. He’s not here…I won’t let him hurt you.”

You buried your face into his neck hugging him tightly, “Please…make me forget him…some how…please…”

He pulled away enough to see your face. Your beautiful eyes begging him for anything to erase the last few hours of hell you endured for their cause. His hand slithered to your cheek while his thumb grazed your lower lip, “I can do that.”

When his lips met yours, your knees quaked. Heat began spreading across your shoulders as his hand slithered up the back of your neck into your neatly drawn up hair. Biting your lower lip as he pulled away you opened your eyes that had closed, “Jacob…”

“Don’t think…” He whispered as his hands drifted over your arms to your hips, “Just move…”

As his grip tightened on your hips pulling you to him you exhaled the anticipation allowing him to lead you in this dance. He lifted you with ease setting you on the foyer desk knocking the flowers Dane had give you to the floor their petals scattering  from the gust  made from Jacob’s jacket dropping to the ground.

His kisses were long drawn out waves of  need and lust. Feeling his tongue swish against yours a hitched gasp escaped you throat getting him to pause just enough for you to see that smirk in his eyes. He knew he had you and you loved it.

He positioned himself between you legs hiking up your dress before he rested his hands against your legs pushing it up further, “Why do you women always wear so many layers…” 

His touch made you tremble, “It’s French fashion…”

“So there’s at least one thing they got wrong…” He whispered against your mouth before needfully taking another kiss. He reached up slowly undoing your petty coats when you suddenly became shy.

“Jacob we’re in the foyer…” You told him as he kissed your neck below you ear.

“Yes…” He continued his kissing down your neck to your collar bone that he’d unveiled.

“Someone could see…” You shuddered feeling your face get hot.

His face came to your view as he pressed himself further against you, causing you to feel a flushing sensation fill your belly, “Let them…I want them to know you’re mine.”

In a few swift tangled motions he pulled the clothing parting you from each other away. Your head tilted back feeling him slid into you as your leg tightened around his hip. God he made you feel like you were flying as he rocked his hips in a beautiful rhythm…

He cursed grabbing your hips tightly when you rolled your own hips outside of his rhythm causing a rush of electricity to excite him. His movements quickened as you pressed yourself against the wall for support, “Fuck…Jacob…”

 A low rumble came from him as his hips became unsteady. He breathed your name against your shoulder over and over as the rush quickly enveloped the pair of you. 

You let out a stuttered moan as ecstasy rushed through you. Hearing his satisfying release you dug your heels into the back of his legs trying to hold onto the linger sensation.

Both shaking his sweaty gaze found yours as he rested his forehead against yours, “Feeling better?”

You nudged your nose against him shuttering again the climax still linger within you, “There’s only you.”

He smiled cupping your face with one of his hands, “I’m only yours.”

You smiled as he managed to find the strength to lift you from the desk carrying you toward your room where you would lay in each other’s company until he needed to be elsewhere. You would dream with him of the day they no longer needed to keep this a secret…of the day that they might be more then just lovers in the dark. Of the day he would no longer need to make you forget. 

The girl no one noticed 2 || D.H.

A/N: I wrote a little second part to this story. This week was so damn stressful for me and I’m just glad it’s Friday now.

Word Count: 1.1K

POV: Dan


“Who are you?”

I couldn’t stop staring at her or at all those amazing things in her room. A small smirk played with Y/n’s lips. She knew that most people would never get to know her well enough to see this side of her. There was barely anybody who knew her like this and that was the way she wanted it to be.

What I didn’t know was that she had decided that I was worthy enough to find out a bit more about who she really was. Little by little.

“Do you want to order some food now?” she asked instead of answering my question and unlocked her phone.

We decided to get some pizza and after it arrived we devoured it sitting on her bed. We even started talking about school, complained about teachers and we also talked about our favourite bands. I couldn’t stop mentioning how amazing her room was and how much I loved Green Day and playing video games.

After eating as much as she could Y/N asked me if I wanted her last two slices of pizza and I gladly took them.

“We should probably start with the assignment.” Y/N then said, holding her full belly.

It took us  three full hours to finish our presentation on the book. I tried to distract her a lot and constantly fooled around but I think I was also helpful from time to time.  

“Can we please play The Last of us 2 now?” I pleaded, after Y/N had written down the last sentence. She put away all of her notes and pens and finally closed her book.

I was stretched out on her bed, feeling extremely exhausted. I was in desperate need of a break and some fun. After concentrating for three straight hours my brain had become useless.

“Fine.” She gave in, unable to hide a smile as she turned on her TV and PS4.

“Catch!” She then shouted after she had thrown a controller at me. Since she didn’t warn me early enough I wasn’t able to react soon enough. The hard controller hit my chest and I yelped in pain. Y/N stuck her tongue out at me and giggled, making it impossible for me to be mad at her.

She sat down next to me on the bed, we both had a controller in our hands. As we were fighting zombies our knees and shoulders accidently brushed a couple of times but I didn’t want to move away and neither did she.

I felt like electricity was rushing through my body every time we touched and it was a feeling a had never experienced before.

I totally forgot that time was something that existed while being with her. While we were having fun playing, it was already getting dark outside. At 7pm there was a knock on the door to her room. The sudden noise made me jump in fear because I was focusing so hard on escaping from a few zombies. Sitting in a dark room wasn’t helping either.

“Come in.” Y/n shouted, after she had recovered from the shock. A little squeal had actually left her mouth as the knock on the door jump scared us.

A middle-aged woman walked into the room. She had the same hair colour and height as Y/N.

“Honey, I am h-“ she started but stopped as her eyes landed on me. There was surprise written all over her face.

“I didn’t know that we have a visitor.” She smiled, her eyes were filled with curiosity. I guess Y/N didn’t invite a lot of people over to her house.

I got up to introduce myself to Y/N’s mum. “Hi, my name is Dan.” I politely said, shaking her hand.

“Y/N never told me about her charming boyfriend.” Mrs Y/L/N raised an eyebrow and smiled.

I could hear Y/N groan in the background. I glanced over my shoulder to look at her. She was still sitting on her bed, her cheeks bright red.

“Muuumm!” she groaned in embarrassment much to her mother’s amusement.

“We- we are like uhm. We are not uhm dating.” I stuttered, not sure if what I said even made sense.

“Sure.” Mrs Y/L/N said with a wink. “Why don’t you stay for Dinner, Dan?” she then added and I gladly accepted her kind offer.

“Sorry for my mum, she’s just excited that I invited somebody over.” Y/N apologized as soon as the middle-aged lady had left the room to prepare dinner.

“Yeah.. don’t worry.” I awkwardly told her, as I plopped down next to her on the bed again.

“I don’t know why she thought we are dating.” Y/N added, avoiding my eyes.

“Right? Crazy idea.” I continued, scratching the back of my neck.

“Totally.” Y/N agreed, looking up from the ground.

And then it happened. In the matter of a second. I saw the beautiful colour of her eyes shortly before our lips got so close they were touching. We were both surprised by our own actions. It felt like my body was a ticking time bomb that exploded as soon as her lips finally met mine.

The explosion tore down a wall somewhere inside my body that had previously captured some of the most fantastic emotions and they were all free now. I had never felt like this before. It was the first time ever that I felt that wholesome.

It was like my brain was smiling while our lips moved against each other.

Her hand quickly travelled to my cheek as she deepened the kiss.

I had never thought it was possible for my heart to beat that fast, but it did.

Then the downfall. The low after the high.

“Dinner is rea-“ I heard somebody shout. Y/N quickly pulled away. Her mother stopped in the middle of her tracks. She was halfway through the door still holding the door handle.

“I’m so sorry.” She genuinely apologized as Y/N buried her face in her hands out of embarrassment.

“Dinner is ready.” Her mother quickly repeated before she headed out of the room.

As soon as she left we suddenly busted into laughter. Both of our cheeks were bright red and it was such an absurd situation. We had kissed! And then her mother interrupted us… We were too speechless to say anything, so we laughed. And that was enough. 

After we had calmed down we walked downstairs to not let her mum wait too long. On the way, I shyly took Y/N’s hand.  

As soon as we sat down on the dinner table Y/N’s mum looked at her daughter and then at me.

“Not dating, huh?” she then asked, cocking one eyebrow.

scream (jon snow au)

i rlly want to say that this is a college!au but it’s just a modern!au. pls enjoy this bc it’s so fucking cute omg (w: kissing kissing)

(gifs aren’t mine!!!!!!)

“Neither of us have kissed anyone before and what the hell may as well just get it out of the way. except hahah ha ha h a now i can’t stop thinking of ur lips why did i think this was a good idea ha ha ahah” ft Jon Snow (@hcfflepuff)

You’re at your best friend Jon’s apartment for a long-awaited movie night and all you could think about was the comment he made a few days back, the comment that’s taken over your every waking moment since he said it.

It was an innocent, rather simple comment really. But you couldn’t stop making it something more than it was.

All he said was “I’m getting damn tired of this involuntary celibate life. Someone put me out of my misery.”

To which you responded: “Come on Jon, we’ve been best friends all our lives. Lie to someone who doesn’t know you.”

And then he furrowed his brows like the adorable little human he is and just shrugged: “I’m serious, Y/N. I’ve never even so much as kissed anyone.”

And that was the end of that. But it wasn’t, at least not for you. You hadn’t kissed anyone either and it would be nice and easy to kiss your best friend and get over it, right? Only one way to find out.

“What’re you thinking about?” You smile as Jon snaps you out of your thoughts, making his way back into the living room with a pile of snacks in his hands. “Have you picked a movie?”

“Yes, I have. I picked SCREAM,” you smile as he groans, sitting next to you on the couch. “What? It’s good… right?”

“Darling, you say you want to watch a thriller every time and then you cut it off about twenty minutes in because you want a funny movie, and–”

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“No, but I won’t this time, I promise!” You cross your heart at him and he laughs, shaking his head.

“Fine, but I control the remote this time around.” He grabs the remote from you and turns the movie on, looking ahead at the tv. You bite your bottom lip as you contemplated how to ask him the question.

“Hey, Jon?” You whisper, trying your best to maintain eye contact as Jon turns to look at you, immediately taking in your worried expression.

“Yes, love, what is it?” He tilts himself and grabs your hand as he studies your face.

“You said you haven’t kissed anyone before, right?” You bite your bottom lip and he nods in response, brows furrowed as you take him by surprise. “Well, I haven’t either. What if we just kiss each other and get it over with?”

“What–you mean now?” He clears his throat and your cheeks burn, embarrassed at this point, but still determined to be straight with him.

“Well. n-now is as good a time as any, right? It’ll be simple, we’ll both have some experience. You can kiss any girl you want with confidence!” You list out all the pros as Jon watches you, a soft smile on his face. His heart is beating wildly. He’s wanted to do this with you for so long, wanted to be with you. He’ll take a single kiss if that’s all you’ll give him. He’ll take it.

“I’ll take it,” he interrupts your rant with a small chuckle at your shocked face. “I said I’ll do it. Now come here,” his voice turns soft as his arms slowly pull you closer, almost on his lap. Your cheeks burn and you bite your bottom lip to silence the squeal threatening to escape.

“O-okay,” you clear your throat and study his face, your fingers trailing over his light scruff and his perfect lips and the scar on his cheek. You lean forward and you swear you can feel your heart leaping out of your chest as your faces inch closer.

His hands brush the hair out of your face and gently cup your cheeks, tilting your head up as he finally presses his lips against yours. A rush of electricity surges through both of you as you move your lips against one another. His thumbs brush against your cheeks as you lean forward, deepening the kiss like you’ve seen done. A smile makes its way onto his lips as he gently bites your bottom one. You let out an involuntary whimper to which he responds with a moan. Your hands move to his sides and you gently dig your nails in as he sucks on your bottom lip. He moans into your mouth, desperately moving to kiss you again before you hear a scream and jump back, panting both because you’re scared and because holy shit can Jon Snow kiss!!

“S-sorry, I was–” you fight to keep your breathing in control as Jon nods, looking to the screen before looking back at you.

“I understand,” he clears his throat, a smirk making its way onto his face. “That was some kiss. Thank you.”

“Thank me? Thank you,” you chuckle and look up at him, unable to stop thinking about the damn kiss. “Ready to get back to the movie?”

“Just about,” he nods and leans forward, giving you one last peck before turning to face the screen and pulling you into his arms to cuddle. “Now I am.”

You smile and nuzzle your head against his chest, trying your best to focus on the movie and also completely failing. How were you supposed to focus on people dying when Jon just kissed you like that? With hose lips? And those hands on your face? And the noises he was making? How were you supposed to focus? HOW??

Jon looks down at you and smiles, placing a light kiss on the top of your head as he tries to focus on the movie. He, of course, fails as well. You had just kissed him. YOU, his life-long crush, had literally just kissed him. Your nails were digging into his side, your cute little nose was brushing against his, your quiet little panting, your WHIMPERS!!! How was he supposed to keep calm? How?

You stretched a bit in your lap and he looked up down at you; he’d been unable to keep his eyes off of you since the kiss really. He took a deep breath and decided to go for it, to go for you.

“Hey,” his hands gently tilt your head up and he smiles at your nervous expression.

He places a soft kiss against your forehead and you close your eyes, hoping that his lips would move on to yours. He went to your cheeks next, one after the other. Then your nose and your chin and finally, FINALLY, your lips. You breathe a sigh of relief as you feel those soft, gentle lips against your own. He smiles and lifts his head, giving himself enough room to pull you into his lap. You smile as he does so, placing quick kisses against his jaw and cheek as his hands find your waist and pull you in for another kiss. Your hands move to his hair and your fingers weave themselves into the curly locks.

His tongue traces your lips and you open your mouth for him, allowing his tongue in to massage yours. His lips wrap around your tongue and suck on it gently, emitting a moan from your throat and causing an excitement between your legs. He growls back and pulls away, an excited twinkle in his eyes as he places a stream of quick pecks against your lips.

“Do you want to make out with SCREAM playing in the background or shall I turn it off?” Jon smirks, kissing your jaw and your neck as he waits for you to answer.

“Let it play. It’ll set the mood.”.

1| The Purge

Trailer| Chapter 12 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 

Characters: Jungkook x reader| BTS| ft. Got7 Mark 

Summary: For one day, every year, killing is legal, and you’ll kill anyone as long as the price is right. He’ll kill anyone as long as his orders tell him so. Both of you are the top purgers in the business, but what happens if your name ends up on his kill list? What happens if you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to kill Jeon Jungkook?

Warning: swearing & smut 

Word count: 2,468

A/N: This is the first chapter of ‘The Purge’! It is written in both your perspective and Jungkook’s! I hope you enjoy, and please let me know your thoughts! Let The Purge begin!!

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Today was the day I’d waited for all year, I thought to myself as the hot water from my shower cleaned off all the sins I would commit before the night ended. I loved and hated this day—my job. For all that it was, it gave me a sense of purpose, and accomplishment, but it also reminded me of how far I’d fallen. To some, I looked like I was sitting on a golden thrown, but really, I was just a pawn in the grand scheme of things. I scoffed, a shower couldn’t do anything to wash away the person I’d become.

In that moment, I pressed my hand against the white tile of my shower wall as a shock of electricity rushed through my body. I immediately brought my eyes down to the pair of brown eyes that stared enticingly up at me. I smirked at her, not because I was enjoying looking at her on her knees, trying to give me the pleasure that I craved, but because I realized I was bored of her. I could have another girl just like her in less than five minutes if I really wanted to, but none of them would be able to satisfy the fire that burned inside of me. I found myself always trying to quench this insatiable thirst, but nothing came close to doing that, except for today; today was the day that brought me some semblance of satisfaction.

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FF15 Erogenous Zone Headcanon

@stephicness gave me the idea for this, thanks Steph!! <3 Also tagging: @rubyphilomela @sylleblossompetals @themissimmortal @blindbae @miss-scientia and @nifwrites

I might update with gifs!

Noctis: Thighs, specially inner thighs and clavicle – fingers brush against the skin (clothed or bare!) and a spark of electricity rushes through him. Noctis’ attention will no longer be on anything beyond those fingers that brushed against his thighs, it felt so good and why did it feel so good? He’s slightly confused as to why something that wasn’t strictly genitals or nipples, turn him on. He’ll brush his own fingers over his thighs to receive no feeling like it was to have someone else do it. It’s mainly how clothes brush against his clavicle but also when his s/o presses their hand on his shoulder pressing against his clavicle as they try to give him a sneak kiss on the cheek, it sends fire like sensations through him.

Prompto: Scalp and arms (crook of elbow mainly) – give the boy a head massage and he’s putty in your hands. He discovered this oddly satisfying sexual feeling of having his hair washed at the local salon at first he thought it was just because the stylist was really pretty. (Large breasts pressing against him as she washed his hair!) But when he went the next time and it was a male and it felt good he knew something was up. Just running your hands through his hair and massaging his scalp sends shivers right down his back and to his cock making him embarrassed sometimes because it feels good. Squeeze his elbow trying to get his attention and dude it sends a spark down his spine, he’s will stop what he’s doing to stare at you, it pushes on the muscles on his arms just enough where it’s such a good feeling.

Gladio: Neck and small of the back – sucking and biting on his neck is a definite yes but what he finds sort of annoying is that even his s/o’s (me) breath grazes the skin of his neck and he’s stopping in spot listening to what they have to say even if it’s “No noodles tonight Gladio.” The feeling of their (mine) hot breath on his skin of his neck sends shivers down his spine and makes him short of breath. It feels too good. Slight fingers brushing his hair back and moving against his neck is pure sin for him. (Prompto and Noctis like to tease him on his sensitive neck often poking him with sticks to bother him.) The small of his back he enjoys having his s/o place their hand there, running fingers over his bare skin it sends a pleasurable feeling through his body every time.

Ignis: Ears and fingers. Gloves are for a reason! Beyond ease for driving. They are sensitive to a lot of things, certain fabrics, (lace!) and texture of items just bring a oddly satisfying feeling to him. That cause him to loose his attention so he wears the gloves often to help him stay focused, so if someone has his attention he will take of those gloves to enjoy the pleasing feeling of their skin. Ears, it’s the feeling of something brushing against them softly, hair or fingers as s/o tousles their fingers in his hair brushing against his ears. Rub the shell of his ears and he’s set.

Ravus: Scalp and back. He noticed one day as Luna was braiding his hair (he can’t say no to her) that her fingers brushing on his scalp felt oddly good. Any time Araena or Ardyn tease him by brushing their fingers through his hair that good feeling rushes through him and he needs to find a exit or a reason to bark at them to leave him alone. He doesn’t have time for such “weakness”. Back like his whole back running finger tips over it, massaging or scratching it just feels so good. He finds so much pleasure in it that he can become a mess just from that. It’s another thing he doesn’t want others to know so if someone places a hand on his back be prepared for a smack or a growl.

Cor: Arms and neck. Mainly his upper arms just brushing fingers against the skin causes him to flush, a sharp intense spark rushes through his body making him nervous. He doesn’t bare his arms much because it doesn’t matter much if they are touched with clothes on. But bare skin sends him all in a tither. His neck mainly the back of his is the soft spot getting a massage there from a attendant and discovered that this was a sensitive spot of his. His s/o can relax him just by ghosting their fingers over that spot.

Nyx: Chest and thighs. Any part of his thighs are touched and it brings such a pleasurable feeling to Nyx. Clothes brushing against them, bodies it all feels oddly good. His chest is also a rather good, nails dragging against his chest is really good. Someone pressing on it to stop him from doing anything also feels pleasing. He’s not ashamed of having people touching his erogenous zones it’s a simple pleasure for him so he goes with it, there isn’t many pleasures for him to deal with.

I was intrigued by so many parts. The outline bralette, the baggy mesh top, the bunny socks and the lips she drew on her dust mask. Be unique, be you.

Coachella, 2017, Weekend 2

Hot Mess: Part I

You work at JYPE and don’t know how to read Mark Tuan, especially since that messy night… Does he truly hate your guts that much?

Protagonists: Mark Tuan & you

Word Count: 2.4k

Genre: (Idk, future smut)

A/N : I decided to split it, because it felt like a 2 chapters story, idk. Tell me what you think, the smut’s in the incoming part II! Hope you like it.


You pour your glass of champagne down your throat like it’s water. You usually love work events like this, but not tonight. Tonight, you could kill that stupid jerk to get rid of the grin on his face.

You’re standing alone in a poor lit corner of the reception hall, letting your eyes wander on the party crowd when they spot the early thirties tall man; he’s in a deep conversation with your boss. They must be having a blast, because they both throw their heads back to laugh aloud and people around them turn to stare.

HA. HA. HA. An angry hiss escapes between your teeth.

You think of the meeting you had that afternoon and instantly, your forehead wrinkles at the memory. You had been preparing this new exciting project for the last three months. Your team appointed you to do the presentation, because you were the one behind “the big idea”. A way for your company’s boy groups to penetrate a new growth market. You presented Team A’s project to a full room, everything was going perfectly until Josh cut you off.

“Wait, is this your idea?” He asked.

“It’s my team’s idea.” You answered with confidence, but he ignored and continued.

I don’t believe in your consumer’s truth.” He knew his interruption annoyed you and he smirked. “Your whole project is based on it and I’m not really sure it’s true to the intended target of this campaign.” Yes dickhead, that’s what a consumer’s truth is for. The room was dead silent, everybody waiting for your answer.

Josh is an asshole who graduated Harvard Business School so nobody ever doubts his capacities. He does whatever he wants in meetings and all your older colleagues eat in the palm of his tiny hand. Still, you couldn’t believe it was alright for him to interrupt your team’s project with a personal intervention like that. He had been making your professional life a living hell over personal matters for two months now.

“I believe that our team’s plan is the best to expand this brand’s recognition with international audiences.” Your gaze met with a panicked Iseul, the only other girl in the room, who also happened to be in Team A.

“Hum…  Well if you say so. I think this is a bit of a stretch.” His stupid smirk was still plastered on his face and the other men in the room began nodding in approval.

You finished your presentation in disbelief, not knowing how to answer to his blatant affront. By then it was clear you didn’t have anybody’s attention. Josh had undermined your credibility in front of your colleagues and superiors and your team’s hard work just vanished.

You snort and grab a new glass of champagne on the nearest server’s plate. Now that you’re at this cocktail party, your head is filled with great comebacks you could’ve said. Most of your colleagues are married men in their thirties, what gives them the arrogance of knowing what women and young girls want? They’re always complaining about how complicated their wives are and yet, they make decisions for young girls to buy CDs. But, you, understanding how to penetrate a new target’s market? No, it was highly improbable. The irony. You snort again still pissed.

You aggressively shove the content of the second glass in your mouth with the vague impression that someone’s eyeing you. Feeling a bit paranoid, you look around only to find Mark Tuan inspecting you. As usual. He’s standing in the middle of the room with two women from PR and one of GOT7’s stylists.  The others all seem in deep conversation, but the tall Idol is looking straight at you, with his familiar unreadable expression.

Mark’s the kind of guy who is scary good looking. But then again, all Idols from your company are, so you kind of got used to it. He’s tall and slim with long defined limbs and perfect full heart-shaped lips. He almost never speaks in front of you, even if he hung out with Youngjae and you several times.

He’s also the kind of quiet perfection that makes talkative people like you say and do a bunch of stupid shit.

You nod at him, sarcastically raising your empty glass his way; you both know he hates your guts. You spent the last two months avoiding his company, which isn’t that hard since he’s so busy. Much to Mark’s annoyance, you’re pure trouble magnet. Keep away from me then. What are you still looking at!?

The moment stretches and you worry he might come your way when he appears to excuse himself out of his conversation. Your brain already starts to plan your escape, but a firm hand on your shoulder stops you.

“Hey y/n, eat this.” Youngjae smiles at you, holding a fancy looking salmon appetizer a mere centimeter away from your mouth. You savagely grunt in response. “You need to eat this or you might end up like that time at the club in Gangnam” He teases.

You can’t help but blush, remembering that time you went clubbing together and your thoughts instantly fly back in Mark Tuan’s direction.

The loud bass was making your eardrums vibrate but you didn’t mind at all, swaying your hips to the rhythm. The “young crew” of your company all went to a club together after a meal and a few bottles of Soju. Now you were dancing without a care in the world, holding tightly to your umpteenth beer. Your coworkers already knew there was no way to keep you at a table if a dance floor was near. Iseul had followed and several buttons of her dress shirt were now opened as she danced carelessly. She was usually quiet and reserved and seeing her let loose was refreshing.

You had texted Youngjae after you left the restaurant to invite him over and he said he was coming after practice but was still nowhere to be found. Damn. You watched Iseul dance in front of you with a big grin. He must see her like that tonight. The sweet singer had the biggest crush since forever but they both seemed oblivious to that fact.

The rhythm changed into a song with a stronger melody and you started singing. You couldn’t even hear your own voice so you shut your eyes to appreciate the feeling of freedom. When you opened them, Iseul was gone, probably back at the table with the rest of your colleagues.

You continued to dance alone, feeling pearls of sweat sliding down your neckline. You were wearing a nice short dress, low-cut in the back. With your hair tied in a loose bun, it made your neck looked extra sexy. It was the kind of day where you welcome the male gazes and feel especially hot and confident.

Quenching your thirst by swallowing too much of your beer in one go, you shut your eyes once more. The alcohol in your blood comfortably numbed you and your hips continued to sway mindlessly to the beat for a few minutes.

When you opened them again, you made straight eye contact with Mark Tuan. He was looking at you from across the club, leaning on the counter of the bar. His brown hair was half thrown back with some rebel strays falling on his forehead

Something about the situation made you want to go join him, but you remembered that talking was not his specialty. Being smoking hot is. So you just danced while holding his gaze.

The moment seemed to last forever; you, sexily moving and him, staring at you. Mark had that usual unreadable look. The thought of him coming here with Youngjae occurred to you, but you didn’t want to go look for him, not yet.

God that man is attractive. “Mark is even hotter in real life. The things I’d do to his face…” You once had jokingly said to a close girlfriend asking how it felt to work with GOT7. The truth was that his attractiveness mostly made you a complete mess in front of him. 

His eyes were particularly dark that night, accentuating that mysterious aura you liked. His reserve always made you nervous, since you were such an open book, but at the same time it fascinated you. Mark slowly drank his beer, your eyes still locked together. He was the one that seemed captivated tonight and you wondered what it would take for him to join you.

Your hands tentatively moved on your body, still swaying in rhythm. You were drunk and shameless, definitely your best mix. 

It had been months of celibacy since you moved to Korea and you were more than ready for a good time. Everything about Mark was making you aroused, especially the fact that he never seemed to notice you before.

Your fingers were still roaming your body in the raciest way. When they caressed your neck, you sensually smiled and you could swear you saw him licked his lips. Suddenly, he was gone. 

What was I doing? Shit-shit-shit. You scanned the crowd, trying to locate his features in vain. You probably went too far, openly flirting and made him uncomfortable. Oops. But as embarrassing as it was… Nobody else saw that and he really wasn’t the type to tell anyone.

The loud banging of the music started to bother you and you decided to join everybody at the table. Before you could move, a hand slid on your waist and brought you closer to a stiff body. Goosebumps quickly spread all over your arms, like a rush of electricity. The alcohol made your head spin, but it could have been the excitation of feeling his breath down your neck. All around, people were grinding on each other under the colored lights. You danced against him for a few seconds, waving your hips to make him feel you

“I didn’t think you would come.” You said in your most sensual voice, trying to be heard by him over the music. His other hand caressed your bare back, sending a rush of adrenaline to your brain and you remembered where you were. “Wait, we shouldn’t. People could see you, Mark…”

“Let them.” Your heart jumped in your stomach and you suddenly felt like throwing up. It wasn’t the voice you expected, wanted to hear. It wasn’t his voice.

“What the fuck, Josh!” You screamed and tried to worm your way out of his embrace, but he held you tight against him. Ever since you met, he was trying to get in your pants in the most presumptuous and annoying ways.

“What’s wrong? You seemed to enjoy it seconds ago. I know you want it.” He half-yelled and laughed in your ear, sliding a disgusting hand down on your thigh. You searched around for help, but no stranger looked back your way.

“GET OFF!” Your own hesitation to elbow him made you angry at yourself. You were feeling bad about Josh being your senior at work and didn’t want to cause a scene.

Finally, he pulled back as suddenly as he appeared, his hands leaving your body at once. When you turned around to angrily chastise him, you froze. Mark Tuan was fisting his shirt, looking at him with mad eyes. Iseul and Youngjae were standing behind them with surprised expressions. It was clear he was the one that pulled Josh away and his disdain was very apparent.

“I think she asked you to get off.” He spoke in a very controlled tone and weirdly enough, you heard every single syllable despite the music. You knew Josh couldn’t do anything since Mark was from your label, but he turned around to face you.

“You thought I was him? Did you think he was t-” Josh stopped to talk. His eyes widened in pure shock. So much for not causing a scene, y/n. The rest of your beer was dripping from his face, slowly soaking his red shirt. A small crowd was now gathering to watch the drama unfold.

“Don’t you fucking dare touch me ever again.” You warned him before turning on your heels to make a run for the entrance. You saw Mark’s astonished face, but you needed fresh air and didn’t want to wait for Josh’s reaction.

As soon as your heels hit the pavement in front of the club, you felt better. Iseul followed a few seconds later with Youngjae and he draped your jacket on your shoulders. You held onto a streetlight and began to laugh. You were hysterical.

“Did you-you see his face?” Tears were running down your cheeks and Iseul shyly joined in, hiding her mouth with the back of her hand. “That-that fu-fucking jerk.” You continued to laugh for a minute and the singer just looked at you both in awe. Youngjae knew you were crazy, in an entertaining kind of way, but he never saw you like that.

“Can you stand alone?” He asked worried, trying to determine if you were drunk, had finally gone insane or a little bit of both.

“I’m go-gonna scrub every in-inch of my body. I can’t be-believe he touched me.” You stood up and wiped your eyes. “Oh, well. Now I’m in deep shit.” You sighed and turned to face Iseul.

“Good luck Monday.” She said with a shrug and an accomplice look. Before you knew why, you were both overwhelmed with crazy laughter again. You held your hurting ribs until you calmed down. 

A throat sound caught your attention and for the first time you noticed Mark standing a few feet behind Youngjae. He had beer splattered on his t-shirt and was looking at you with a cold expression. He wasn’t finding it funny, not at all. You walked over in a wobbly way and pointed an accusing finger at him.

“Why did you do that when I could’ve handled him? What if there’s a scandal?!” His head was down and the streetlights were drawing dark shadows on his face. He didn’t say anything back, still staring at you with a severe expression. “What? Do you have a hero complex?! Didn’t you think we’d both be in trouble if people get any weird ideas?” You tried to nudge his shoulder to get a reaction, but he grabbed you.

“Why were you dancing with him anyway?” He accused, clenching his jaw.

Mark’s fingers on your wrist suddenly felt like a burn and you tried to get out of his firm grip. “That guy is a creep, what were you thinking?” His voice was clear and glacial and he didn’t release your hand.

“I-I thought it…” was you. “I-I think I’m gonna throw up.”

- Lyly



Dinner date ♡ Grayson {smut}

Request: ‘’Can you write something where you are the bartender on that yt creator summit and Grayson goes all flirty and in owe by your beauty so he is nervous and blushy, they go on a date and ends in romantic and cute smut?‘’

Response: Here you go babe :) Thanks for requesting! Btw guys, let me know if you want long imagines or shorter ones, because this one is pretty long. Hope you enjoy xx

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

‘I’m still not convinced that this is a good idea,’ you say while you stand in front of the mirror, brushing your hair. You and your best friend were getting ready in your bedroom while listening to some music. Your friend puts her pink lipstick back into her makeup bag and turns around so she can look at you. She sighs. ‘Y/N, how many times do I have to repeat this? This is a once in a lifetime chance. And besides, it pays very well! We really need to save some money if we ever want to buy our own apartment.’

A few months ago your friend got contacted by one of the organizers of the YouTube Creator Summit to ask if she wanted to be a bartender at the event. She said yes, and she also asked if one of her best friends could work there also. And that best friend was you. Besides the lack of work experience there was another reason why you didn’t want to take the job; you never watched YouTube. And maybe it sounded silly that you didn’t want to take the job only because you didn’t watch YouTube videos, but it mattered to you. Imagine if you accidently bumped into a YouTuber with more than two million subscribers and you didn’t know who it was? That would be so awkward! But as much as you hated to admit it; she was right.

‘Yeah, okay,’ you admit. ‘I guess you have a point there.’ ‘Of course I have! And it is too late to back out now anyway,’ she chuckles while she puts an arm around you. You let out a deep sigh as you looked into her eyes. She looked like the opposite of you; relaxed, happy and full of anticipation. ‘Don’t be nervous, Y/N. You’ll do great. There is nothing difficult about pouring people a drink and taking their money.’ You force yourself to smile. ‘Yeah, that’s true.’ ‘Well, as much as I want to stay chatting about how great it will be, we should go and make it great. We don’t want to be late now, do we?’ She says while she puts her stuff into her bag and goes sit down on the side of the bed to put her shoes on. She was really enthusiastic which luckily cheered you up a bit. You try to have a positive mindset and think that today was going to be good day. And even if it wasn’t, it still was a new experience where you could learn from in hopefully many ways.  

‘Y/N, if you take a break now, then I can go right after you,’ your friend says while she leans against the bar. It had been a busy three hours and your legs could definitely use some rest. ‘Yeah, okay. I’ll take fifteen minutes,’ you answer. You disappear to the back of the bar into a room as big as a toilet cubicle. It wasn’t big, but it was large enough to take a moment for yourself and eat your lunch. Up to now it had been a really fun day. You had met lots of nice people and YouTubers and made the decision for yourself to start watching some YouTube. Who would had ever thought that? You weren’t really a type to be on social media, but because of what you had heard and seen today you had changed your mind and thought that it would actually be a nice platform.

After you were done with your break your friend left to eat her lunch. A girl walks up to you and asks for some water. ‘Here you go,’ you smile and give it to her. She pays and thanks you and then she leaves. You clean the bar and look around you to see what you could do. At the end of the bar was sitting a guy. But not just a guy, oh no. It was the most handsome boy you had ever seen. Was it even a human? He reminded you of an angel but without the wings.

He had very big arms, a very toned skin and a jawline so sharp it could cut paper. He also had very thick eyebrows and long eyelashes, which was your biggest weakness. He was wearing a sexy leather jacket while absently looking at his hands, just waiting patiently. He hadn’t noticed you yet. You stroke a hand through your hair, trying to stay calm while you walk up to him. Your heart was beating so hard against your chest, you thought it would pop out.

‘Hi, how can I help you?’ you ask with a small smile as you place your hands on the bar to get his attention. He looks up and his face expression changes immediately. He suddenly looks like he had received the best news ever. ‘Hi there,’ he says. ‘Could I maybe have a coke?’ ‘Sure. Anything else?’ you ask. ‘No, that’s it,’ he replies while biting his lower lip and grabbing his wallet out of his pocket. He gives you the money while you walk back to grab the coke and his change. You feel his eyes following your actions, watching every move you made. It made you feel so nervous that you almost drop his drink. With pudding legs you walk back to him, handing him the coke and his money. ‘You can keep the change,’ he says. ‘Oh, thank you.’ you mumble with blushing cheeks. An electric shock rushes through your body when his fingers touch yours. He puts down his coke and stares at you again without embarrassment, not taking a sip of what he just ordered. ‘What?’ you ask nervously.

‘I hope this doesn’t sound weird or anything, but can I just say that you’re really beautiful? Like, really, really gorgeous.’ You burst out into a loud giggle and put a hand for your mouth, not believing he just said that. ‘You’re messing with me, right?’ He blinks his eyes a few times like you just said something really stupid. ‘No? Why would I joke about something like that?’ You bite your lips as you hold back smile. ‘Well… Thank you. Nobody has ever said something like that so spontaneously to me. I’m flattered.’

He puts out a beautiful hand. ‘By the way, I’m Gray-‘ but before he can finish his sentence or you can take his hand, you two hear a voice yelling from a few meters away. ‘Grayson?! GRAYSON DOLAN?!’ This girl runs up to the bar and it doesn’t take long before a whole group of girls was around him, touching him and trying to get his attention to take a selfie with him. You take a step back, surprised that he was so popular. ‘I’m sorry,’ he says and turns around to greet his fans and to take pictures with them. You just stand there in complete shock. Who was Grayson Dolan and how could you never heard of him?

After a few minutes the girls had what they wanted and left, so it was just the two of you again. ‘Eh, where were we?’ he chuckles. ‘You were telling me your name,’ you giggle. ‘Oh yeah,’ he grins. ‘I’m Grayson.’ ‘Yeah, I think I got that already.’ The two of you laugh and a feeling of warmth and happiness fills you up. God, he was such a cutie. You wondered how old he was. He looked at least nineteen. ‘And you are?’ Grayson interrupts your thoughts.

‘I’m Y/N,’ you answer with a soft voice. ‘Wow, even your name is beautiful. Look, I don’t know if this is inappropriate since I just met you, but is there a possibility that I maybe could have your number? I would love to see you again.’ He puts a hand on yours, sending electric waves through your arm. Your heart swells up at how kind and polite was. Boys like that were rare these days. Or maybe he was just as nervous as you. Either way, of course you would give him your number.

‘There you go,’ you say when you give him back his phone. He takes it back and looks at the screen like it was the most precious thing in the entire world. ‘Thank you. I really have to go, but I’ll text you, okay?’ Grayson asks. You nod. ‘Sure.’ ‘Great! Okay, bye, Y/N,’ he says as he stands up from his stool. ‘Bye, Grayson,’ you say back, leaving you speechless.


After you had told your friend the good news she completely freaked out and commanded that you called him straight when you got home. So you did and that evening Grayson had asked you to get some coffee the next day.

The ‘coffee date’ had been really nice. You were incredibly nervous before you went to meet him, but that feeling completely disappeared when you started talking. You really liked him. Grayson was a true gentleman and very sweet to you. After the date you kissed and he had asked you to go on a real date sometime. You didn’t think it could get any better than this, but of course you accepted his offer. The smile on his face when you said ‘yes’ made you feel fall in love even more. ‘Do you want to come to my place next Friday? Maybe we can cook together. I’m not a really good one but I’ll think it will be fun,’ he said while he stroked your hands. You smile and your eyes flicker from his hands to your face. ‘That actually sounds really nice,’ you answered. Grayson leans in and kisses your nose.


You ring the doorbell of Graysons house and he opens the door within seconds. He had probably been waiting for you. You giggle at the thought of Grayson being all nervous for this date. He acted like he was really good at hiding it, but he really wasn’t. Grayson spreads his big arms in a welcoming gesture and you happily fall into his arms, your cheek pressed to his chest. ‘So, I was actually just getting started with setting everything up and cutting the vegetables and chicken and stuff,’ he says when he lets go of you.

He takes your hand and leads you to the kitchen. You noticed that he had a really pretty house. ‘That’s okay. Can I help with something?’ you ask when you see the food laying on the kitchen counter. ‘Sure,’ he answers and grabs a bag of carrots, a plank and a knife for you. When you take the knife he lays a hand on your upper back which sent a tingly feeling down your spine. ‘Be careful,’ he warned you with a serious look on his face. ‘I will,’ you giggle and his lips curl into a crooked smile.

While you start preparing the dinner together you hear on the radio Bom Bidi Bom playing from Nick Jonas, while Grayson quietly hums to it. (seriously, listen to this song if you continue reading this).It was one of your favourite songs and you start humming along with him. After a minute of cutting the carrots you suddenly feel Graysons body pressed to your back. You prevent yourself from jumping up. His chin leans on your shoulder and he puts his hands on your hips. He smelled heavenly. ‘Look, you should try cutting it this way,’ he says with a soft voice and his minty breath makes you receive goose bumps on your arms. Grayson lays gently his large hands onto yours and helps you by showing what he meant. ‘L-Like this?’ you whisper while your now shaking hands try to cut it the way he did. It was exactly the opposite way of what he just showed.

‘Yeah, something like that….’ He answers but he doesn’t really pay attention to what you were doing. His right hand shoves your hair and shirt to the side so he could kiss your now naked shoulder. You gasp for air when his warm lips touch your skin, sucking and licking lightly your shoulder blade. He starts kissing the back of your neck as his hands explore your body, stroking up and down your thighs. ‘Grayson…’ you encourage him. He was turning you on and you could feel his member stroking against your butt, meaning he was too.

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You turn around so you faced him, looking into his dark eyes. They were full of lust and his pink lips were a little swollen. Damn, he looked so sexy. You grab his face and pull him towards you, lips pressing to his. He starts kissing you hard and hungrily, opening your mouth and slowly sliding his tongue between your lips. You close your eyes and moan against his mouth quietly, enjoying the way he made you feel. He lifts you up with his hands under your butt and sits you down on the counter. He starts kissing your cheek, jaw and neck while you throw your head back. ‘Oh…’ you cry out before you can help it and you feel Grayson smirking against your neck. He lifts up your shirt a little and tickles lightly the skin on your belly and waist, causing you to giggle.

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He pulls back and places his hand on your thigh while the other one goes towards the button of your pants. He licks his lips and looks at you, asking for permission. You nod, feeling a growing heat between your inner thighs.
Grayson unbuttons your pants and slowly slides a hand in your panties. He still looks at you intensely as he gently inserts finger, stroking your clit. He laughs quietly. ‘Did I make you this wet?’ You bite your lip to stop yourself from moaning as he starts going in and out. God, he really knew what he was doing. It felt amazing. ‘Gray…’ you desperately say when he adds a second finger, pumping faster now. You place your shaking hands on his chest, inhaling deeply. You got a familiar feeling and knew you were close. ‘I-I’m gonna-‘ you whimpered at the moment you dissolve into pleasure. Grayson studies your face and movements, proud of what he had achieved. ‘Yeah… Just like that,’ he whispers while stroking your walls. After the orgasm he pulled his fingers out and you zipped your pants. It was silent for a moment as Grayson looks at you with a loving smile. ‘Well, ehm, I think we should go back to, eh, cooking,’ you giggle. Grayson puts his arms around you, placing a sweet kiss on your lips. ‘Yeah, we actually should. But I’m having you as dessert.’  

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i need festival tom headcanons yo like please

  • guys we need to talk about festival tom tbh
  • like if you met him at a music fest or something
  • you’d be having the time of your life in the crowd
  • looking bangin
  • i mean it is a festival so you’re definitely showing a little skin
  • and you look amazing
  • and you feel amazing too because it’s just the electric atmosphere on the crowd
  • you might’ve had a couple of drinks
  • but you’re only tipsy
  • just enough alcohol to make everything fun
  • you’re just having a jam, cheering and whooping with the crowd
  • and then your fave song comes on
  • so you’re singing along at the top of your lungs
  • a little badly tbh
  • but its so much fun so who gives a shit??
  • and then you make eye contact with this stranger in the crowd
  • it’s a rush of electricity and suddenly you’re both pushing closer to one another
  • still singing every word till your singing along together
  • terribly
  • but having the time of your life as you dance and sing with this attractive stranger
  • you and him cheer the loudest when it ends, a lip stretched to the max grin
  • and then, between the noise, he’s offering his hand for a handshake
  • you try not to laugh at this cutie
    • i’m tom!
  • but of course the crowd is still screaming so you can’t hear shit
  • wHAT?
    •  “i’M TOM!!
    • NO, TOM
  • ·         you just laugh because you’re both idiots trying to hold a conversation in the middle of a crowd
  • ·         so he offers you his hand & you take it, letting him lead you out of the sea of people
  • finally you get to slightly quieter part, still laughing and grinning
  • tom doesn’t let go of your hand though
    • okay, now we’re not surrounding by screaming people can you tell me your name?
    • tom, darling
  • you die because holy fuck he’s briTISH
  • lmao sorry if you’re british
    • can i get you another drink?
    • trying to get me drunk, hmm?
    • w-what? no! oh god, please don’t think i’m—
    • i’m only teasing you, dummy
  • and you just chat and flirt for awhile, getting to know each other
  • till another fave song comes on
  • and you just grab him hand like
    • c’mon! i love this one!
  • he’s never followed someone so willingly
  • seriously, he can’t believe how much he heart swells when he looks at you 
  • perhaps this is love at first sight? he thinks
  • he’s definitely fallen a little bit in love with you
  • but for the moment all he’s focusing on is
  • the music, loud but thrilling,
  • the warm night and mixed air, filled with cheers and mingled joy
  • and the grinning and bubbly girl who is holding his and singing along giddily
  • like it’s no wonder he can’t stop looking at you like you’ve hung the moon
  • you’re so mystical
  • and magical
  • and mysterious
  • and then it slows down to a slow song
  • you, not disconnecting your hands, just lean back into his chest
  • and you sway, feeling the music and the fresh taste of love
  • he decides the slow sway and flutter of your eyelashes is slightly better than hyped songs
  • and he knows
  • there’s not a chance in hell he won’t fall in love with you
Remember This (Dean x Endverse!Cas)

Plot: 2009 Dean meets Endverse!Cas and Dean discovered how close they really got after 5 years

Characters: Dean Winchester, Endverse!Cas, Endverse!Dean (not much), Samifer and Sam (mentioned)

Warning: Canon divergence, language, smut (oral), little fluff, much angst, dom!cas, sub!dean, dirty talk Cas you naughty bastard ;) 

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All Too Well

Anon:  can i request a soulmate au scenario with mark lee? thank you ^_^

Song:  Taeyeon- Time Lapse

Genre: Soulmate/Fluff

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Scenario: You and your soulmate have identical tattoos on your wrist about the date when you’ll meet each other.

It was when he stepped into the room that you sat up straight. Another day, another morning, another boring lesson about the Holocaust. But when you saw him, you knew him all too well. Like the little scar on your lower leg. Or the little 11/11:11 tattoo on your wrist. His eyes fell on you. You had never felt so relieved, so relaxed. It was as if someone had injected opium into your veins. Your palpitations were steady and calm. It was as if time had stopped when your eyes locked. They were so dark, deep filled with secrets you yearned to learn but somehow already knew. 

He knew something was up when he saw you, sitting up abruptly. Your scent, he could smell it from where you sat. All his life, he had been missing something. But now that he stood wearing that stiff uniform, with his heart pumping vigorously against his chest, he felt at ease. “Mr. Lee?” Your history teacher asked. “Will you not introduce yourself to the class?” Mark snapped out of his daze and looked at her, bewildered. 

“Uh, yea,” he stuttered, loosening his tie and gulping hard. “I’m Mark Lee and I’m from Canada.” Even his voice was comforting. You rested your arm in your palm and stared at him in awe. 

“You may take a seat,” she smiled at him. He nodded respectfully before dropping his bag next to the table. Before he proceeded to fish through his backpack for his history book, he turned his head. He found you already gawking at him. His eyes widened at the sudden contact and instantly looked away. Did he feel it too? You thought, returning to your book but eyeing him momentarily throughout the class.

When you were born, people thought you were cursed. The series of numbers on your wrist came off as a surprise to your parents. Your childhood consisted of you hiding your wrists and concealing the tattoo, or whatever it was. You would spend many nights looking at it, trying to find some meaning behind it. It didn’t make you feel any special. You were still clumsy and forgetful, often falling asleep in class and getting reprimanded for slacking off in P.E. Your whole life a small piece had been missing. In all your relationships and friendships there was always something missing. But now as you stared at the beautiful boy listening intently to the teacher blabbering on, you felt that void fill up. 

“Did you see the new boy?” Your friend cooed as you took out your books from your locker. She played with her auburn curls and stared out the window, smiling. You didn’t like the way she talked about him. Something made you want to protect him. 

“I do have eyes Y/F/N.” Your voice was stern. She turned around and her smile disappeared.

“Why are you being so touchy?” She asked. You rolled your eyes at her and walked away. In the race of you wanting to get away from your best friend, you bumped into someone. The stack of books in your arms crumbled to the ground. You stared at them in dismay. Anger boiled inside you, largely triggered by the prior frustration. You looked up in annoyance but met the familiar eyes of Mark. He looked at you in admiration. You stepped back, slightly scared of him. He was too close, the energy was bubbling between you two. The feeling came rushing back. He was there, he was looking at you. And you knew him. 

You hurriedly collected your books and rushed past him. He turned to speak but you were far into the hallway. He turned around to meet the ogling eyes of your friend. She winked at him and walked away. He was confused. He felt a rush of electricity when you touched him. A fragrance always lurking in the back of his mind, a gaze that tore him apart. For the first time, he felt aware. He lifted his hands and peeked through the hard material of his cuffs. The tattoo, always staring back at him, was there; the familiar numbers.

You were sat at your desk as you opened your notebook to write in the date. “it is the 11th of November.” You stopped. 11th of November. 11/11. Your eyes darted towards the clock. Mark had arrived exactly half an hour ago. It was noon now. You peeled away your sleeve and revealed the beautiful tattoo. It all made sense now. Did Mark have it too? What was this? Is this what I think it is? 

You ran out of the class and jogged through the hallways, looking for him. It all seemed so clear. You felt crazy, livid and thirsty for the truth. He was nowhere. You stopped jogging and sighed, catching your breath. A melodious buzz of strings originated from the music room. You trudged towards the entrance and peeked in through the window. Mark sat there, holding the guitar in his hands. The black tattoo peeked from his sleeve as he held the instrument close to his chest. You burst into the room. He looked at you in shock. 

“Hi, I think we know each other.” You started. He looked at you with uncertainty. “You’ll think I’m crazy okay but we have a lot to talk about.” Your voice was low but filled with excitement. He smiled at you shyly and nodded, setting aside the guitar. This was the start of something new, something beautiful and something worth keeping. You knew him, you knew him all too well.

Insanity (Scott McCall)

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Requested by @naepoohxd:  Hey babes can you do 43 and 13 with Scott McCall sorry I accidentally sent the last one 😁 thanks babes

Rating: angst/fluff

Prompts: 13.”Is there clarity in this insanity?” 43.”When you cry, a piece of my heart dies knowing that I may have been the cause.”

A/N: Sorry it’s so short.

 Y/N walked down the road as the summer breeze softly blew against her cheeks. Her sneakers squeaked against the ground as she halted, where was she going? 

She took a few steps to the bench and sat on it, placing her head in her hands and sighing deeply. 

“What’s wrong with me?” Y/N put her fist in her mouth in an attempt to drown out her sobs, biting slightly on the flesh. 

“Your mom is worried sick about you,” Scott’s voice startled her, she wiped her tears vigorously. 

“Hey, you don’t have to do that.” He sat himself next to her, taking one of her hands in his. 

“Look at me,” if anything, her head lowered even more. Scott gently cupped her chin, making her look at him, “There’s nothing wrong with you.“He said softly, and firmly. He put his hand around her back, pulling her into his arms. 

“It feels like I’m drowning, Scott, I miss you." 

"You see me everyday," 

"Yeah, but you don’t.” She pulled away, hiding her crying face away from him. 

When you cry, a piece of my heart dies knowing that I may have been the cause.” He pulled her back, except this time he placed his lips on her head. “I’m so sorry, I’ve been neglecting you haven’t I?” She nodded and sadly stared into his eyes. He rubbed his palms against her arms, comforting her. 

Is there clarity in this insanity?” Her fragile voice never seemed so small. 

“I’m here, it’s alright." 

"I love you, Scott.” The tips of their noses brushing against each other, their heavy breathing in sync. 

A surge of electricity rushed through their veins as their lips collided, his hands pulling her closer. 

Her hand traveling up his back and settling on the nape of his neck. They both simultaneously pulled away, “I love you too,” he said softly, pecking her lips once more. 

“You’ll be alright, I’m here baby."