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1| The Purge

Characters: Jungkook x reader| BTS| ft. Got7 Mark 

Summary: For one day, every year, killing is legal, and you’ll kill anyone as long as the price is right. He’ll kill anyone as long as his orders tell him so. Both of you are the top purgers in the business, but what happens if your name ends up on his kill list? What happens if you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to kill Jeon Jungkook?

Warning: swearing & smut 

Word count: 2,468

A/N: This is the first chapter of ‘The Purge’! It is written in both your perspective and Jungkook’s! I hope you enjoy, and please let me know your thoughts! Let The Purge begin!!

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Today was the day I’d waited for all year, I thought to myself as the hot water from my shower cleaned off all the sins I would commit before the night ended. I loved and hated this day—my job. For all that it was, it gave me a sense of purpose, and accomplishment, but it also reminded me of how far I’d fallen. To some, I looked like I was sitting on a golden thrown, but really, I was just a pawn in the grand scheme of things. I scoffed, a shower couldn’t do anything to wash away the person I’d become.

In that moment, I pressed my hand against the white tile of my shower wall as a shock of electricity rushed through my body. I immediately brought my eyes down to the pair of brown eyes that stared enticingly up at me. I smirked at her, not because I was enjoying looking at her on her knees, trying to give me the pleasure that I craved, but because I realized I was bored of her. I could have another girl just like her in less than five minutes if I really wanted to, but none of them would be able to satisfy the fire that burned inside of me. I found myself always trying to quench this insatiable thirst, but nothing came close to doing that, except for today; today was the day that brought me some semblance of satisfaction.

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Make Me Forget - Jacob Frye/Reader(NSFW)

Happy Birthday @superwholockstringpuller! This is definitely NSFW! :D 

Imagine Jacob coming to visit as a gentleman caller working for the Templars is leaving your home…

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Jacob crept in through the back door into your home. He’d saw Lord What’s-His-Face’s carriage outside. No doubt calling on you to seek your hand…again….

It made his blood boil…

You’d done one job infiltrating the Templar command for them now you were always surrounded by them, just proving your were good at what you do. Your training in French Creed had given you an edge on gaining information.   

He quietly sneaked around the stairs seeing you gracefully guiding the Templar to the door, “It was a pleasure seeing you again Lord Dane.”

Ah…yes that’s his name…Jacob thought grinding his teeth together.

“Mine as well, my lady.” Lord Dane kissed your hand before taking his leave.

Once the door shut Jacob waited a few beats before he stepped out of hiding, “Well…you’re certainly fairing nicely with Dane…”

Your back was turned to him as he approached you, “…how…long were you here?”

“Long enough to have my gag reflex kick in.” He joked with you, but began to notice the rigidness in your shoulders, “Y/N…”

“Jacob…” You turned to him your face red from suppressing your tears back, “I…I don’t know if I can…do this…”

His cockiness faded away immediately seeing you in such a state, “What happened?”

“He…is cruel…” You looked to his gentle eyes, “He speaks of what he does to those poor children in the factories…those men and women who barely scrap by…Jacob…he’s terrifying and I don’t know if I can keep playing this game…it sickens me to be near him…”

He pulled you into his secure embrace, “Shh…you’re alright now, love. He’s not here…I won’t let him hurt you.”

You buried your face into his neck hugging him tightly, “Please…make me forget him…some how…please…”

He pulled away enough to see your face. Your beautiful eyes begging him for anything to erase the last few hours of hell you endured for their cause. His hand slithered to your cheek while his thumb grazed your lower lip, “I can do that.”

When his lips met yours, your knees quaked. Heat began spreading across your shoulders as his hand slithered up the back of your neck into your neatly drawn up hair. Biting your lower lip as he pulled away you opened your eyes that had closed, “Jacob…”

“Don’t think…” He whispered as his hands drifted over your arms to your hips, “Just move…”

As his grip tightened on your hips pulling you to him you exhaled the anticipation allowing him to lead you in this dance. He lifted you with ease setting you on the foyer desk knocking the flowers Dane had give you to the floor their petals scattering  from the gust  made from Jacob’s jacket dropping to the ground.

His kisses were long drawn out waves of  need and lust. Feeling his tongue swish against yours a hitched gasp escaped you throat getting him to pause just enough for you to see that smirk in his eyes. He knew he had you and you loved it.

He positioned himself between you legs hiking up your dress before he rested his hands against your legs pushing it up further, “Why do you women always wear so many layers…” 

His touch made you tremble, “It’s French fashion…”

“So there’s at least one thing they got wrong…” He whispered against your mouth before needfully taking another kiss. He reached up slowly undoing your petty coats when you suddenly became shy.

“Jacob we’re in the foyer…” You told him as he kissed your neck below you ear.

“Yes…” He continued his kissing down your neck to your collar bone that he’d unveiled.

“Someone could see…” You shuddered feeling your face get hot.

His face came to your view as he pressed himself further against you, causing you to feel a flushing sensation fill your belly, “Let them…I want them to know you’re mine.”

In a few swift tangled motions he pulled the clothing parting you from each other away. Your head tilted back feeling him slid into you as your leg tightened around his hip. God he made you feel like you were flying as he rocked his hips in a beautiful rhythm…

He cursed grabbing your hips tightly when you rolled your own hips outside of his rhythm causing a rush of electricity to excite him. His movements quickened as you pressed yourself against the wall for support, “Fuck…Jacob…”

 A low rumble came from him as his hips became unsteady. He breathed your name against your shoulder over and over as the rush quickly enveloped the pair of you. 

You let out a stuttered moan as ecstasy rushed through you. Hearing his satisfying release you dug your heels into the back of his legs trying to hold onto the linger sensation.

Both shaking his sweaty gaze found yours as he rested his forehead against yours, “Feeling better?”

You nudged your nose against him shuttering again the climax still linger within you, “There’s only you.”

He smiled cupping your face with one of his hands, “I’m only yours.”

You smiled as he managed to find the strength to lift you from the desk carrying you toward your room where you would lay in each other’s company until he needed to be elsewhere. You would dream with him of the day they no longer needed to keep this a secret…of the day that they might be more then just lovers in the dark. Of the day he would no longer need to make you forget. 

FF15 Erogenous Zone Headcanon

@stephicness gave me the idea for this, thanks Steph!! <3 Also tagging: @rubyphilomela @sylleblossompetals @themissimmortal @blindbae @miss-scientia and @nifwrites

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Noctis: Thighs, specially inner thighs and clavicle – fingers brush against the skin (clothed or bare!) and a spark of electricity rushes through him. Noctis’ attention will no longer be on anything beyond those fingers that brushed against his thighs, it felt so good and why did it feel so good? He’s slightly confused as to why something that wasn’t strictly genitals or nipples, turn him on. He’ll brush his own fingers over his thighs to receive no feeling like it was to have someone else do it. It’s mainly how clothes brush against his clavicle but also when his s/o presses their hand on his shoulder pressing against his clavicle as they try to give him a sneak kiss on the cheek, it sends fire like sensations through him.

Prompto: Scalp and arms (crook of elbow mainly) – give the boy a head massage and he’s putty in your hands. He discovered this oddly satisfying sexual feeling of having his hair washed at the local salon at first he thought it was just because the stylist was really pretty. (Large breasts pressing against him as she washed his hair!) But when he went the next time and it was a male and it felt good he knew something was up. Just running your hands through his hair and massaging his scalp sends shivers right down his back and to his cock making him embarrassed sometimes because it feels good. Squeeze his elbow trying to get his attention and dude it sends a spark down his spine, he’s will stop what he’s doing to stare at you, it pushes on the muscles on his arms just enough where it’s such a good feeling.

Gladio: Neck and small of the back – sucking and biting on his neck is a definite yes but what he finds sort of annoying is that even his s/o’s (me) breath grazes the skin of his neck and he’s stopping in spot listening to what they have to say even if it’s “No noodles tonight Gladio.” The feeling of their (mine) hot breath on his skin of his neck sends shivers down his spine and makes him short of breath. It feels too good. Slight fingers brushing his hair back and moving against his neck is pure sin for him. (Prompto and Noctis like to tease him on his sensitive neck often poking him with sticks to bother him.) The small of his back he enjoys having his s/o place their hand there, running fingers over his bare skin it sends a pleasurable feeling through his body every time.

Ignis: Ears and fingers. Gloves are for a reason! Beyond ease for driving. They are sensitive to a lot of things, certain fabrics, (lace!) and texture of items just bring a oddly satisfying feeling to him. That cause him to loose his attention so he wears the gloves often to help him stay focused, so if someone has his attention he will take of those gloves to enjoy the pleasing feeling of their skin. Ears, it’s the feeling of something brushing against them softly, hair or fingers as s/o tousles their fingers in his hair brushing against his ears. Rub the shell of his ears and he’s set.

Ravus: Scalp and back. He noticed one day as Luna was braiding his hair (he can’t say no to her) that her fingers brushing on his scalp felt oddly good. Any time Araena or Ardyn tease him by brushing their fingers through his hair that good feeling rushes through him and he needs to find a exit or a reason to bark at them to leave him alone. He doesn’t have time for such “weakness”. Back like his whole back running finger tips over it, massaging or scratching it just feels so good. He finds so much pleasure in it that he can become a mess just from that. It’s another thing he doesn’t want others to know so if someone places a hand on his back be prepared for a smack or a growl.

Cor: Arms and neck. Mainly his upper arms just brushing fingers against the skin causes him to flush, a sharp intense spark rushes through his body making him nervous. He doesn’t bare his arms much because it doesn’t matter much if they are touched with clothes on. But bare skin sends him all in a tither. His neck mainly the back of his is the soft spot getting a massage there from a attendant and discovered that this was a sensitive spot of his. His s/o can relax him just by ghosting their fingers over that spot.

Nyx: Chest and thighs. Any part of his thighs are touched and it brings such a pleasurable feeling to Nyx. Clothes brushing against them, bodies it all feels oddly good. His chest is also a rather good, nails dragging against his chest is really good. Someone pressing on it to stop him from doing anything also feels pleasing. He’s not ashamed of having people touching his erogenous zones it’s a simple pleasure for him so he goes with it, there isn’t many pleasures for him to deal with.

The girl no one noticed 2 || D.H.

A/N: I wrote a little second part to this story. This week so damn stressful for me and I’m just glad it’s Friday now.

Word Count: 1.1K

POV: Dan


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“Who are you?”

I couldn’t stop staring at her or at all those amazing things in her room. A small smirk played with Y/n’s lips. She knew that most people would never get to know her well enough to see this side of her. There was barely anybody who knew her like this and that was the way she wanted it to be.

What I didn’t know was that she had decided that I was worthy enough to find out a bit more about who she really was. Little by little.

“Do you want to order some food now?” she asked instead of answering my question and unlocked her phone.

We decided to get some pizza and after it arrived we devoured it sitting on her bed. We even started talking about school, complained about teachers and we also talked about our favourite bands. I couldn’t stop mentioning how amazing her room was and how much I loved Green Day and playing video games.

After eating as much as she could Y/N asked me if I wanted her last two slices of pizza and I gladly took them.

“We should probably start with the assignment.” Y/N then said, holding her full belly.

It took us  three full hours to finish our presentation on the book. I tried to distract her a lot and constantly fooled around but I think I was also helpful from time to time.  

“Can we please play The Last of us 2 now?” I pleaded, after Y/N had written down the last sentence. She put away all of her notes and pens and finally closed her book.

I was stretched out on her bed, feeling extremely exhausted. I was in desperate need of a break and some fun. After concentrating for three straight hours my brain had become useless.

“Fine.” She gave in, unable to hide a smile as she turned on her TV and PS4.

“Catch!” She then shouted after she had thrown a controller at me. Since she didn’t warn me early enough I wasn’t able to react soon enough. The hard controller hit my chest and I yelped in pain. Y/N stuck her tongue out at me and giggled, making it impossible for me to be mad at her.

She sat down next to me on the bed, we both had a controller in our hands. As we were fighting zombies our knees and shoulders accidently brushed a couple of times but I didn’t want to move away and neither did she.

I felt like electricity was rushing through my body every time we touched and it was a feeling a had never experienced before.

I totally forgot that time was something that existed while being with her. While we were having fun playing, it was already getting dark outside. At 7pm there was a knock on the door to her room. The sudden noise made me jump in fear because I was focusing so hard on escaping from a few zombies. Sitting in a dark room wasn’t helping either.

“Come in.” Y/n shouted, after she had recovered from the shock. A little squeal had actually left her mouth as the knock on the door jump scared us.

A middle-aged woman walked into the room. She had the same hair colour and height as Y/N.

“Honey, I am h-“ she started but stopped as her eyes landed on me. There was surprise written all over her face.

“I didn’t know that we have a visitor.” She smiled, her eyes were filled with curiosity. I guess Y/N didn’t invite a lot of people over to her house.

I got up to introduce myself to Y/N’s mum. “Hi, my name is Dan.” I politely said, shaking her hand.

“Y/N never told me about her charming boyfriend.” Mrs Y/L/N raised an eyebrow and smiled.

I could hear Y/N groan in the background. I glanced over my shoulder to look at her. She was still sitting on her bed, her cheeks bright red.

“Muuumm!” she groaned in embarrassment much to her mother’s amusement.

“We- we are like uhm. We are not uhm dating.” I stuttered, not sure if what I said even made sense.

“Sure.” Mrs Y/L/N said with a wink. “Why don’t you stay for Dinner, Dan?” she then added and I gladly accepted her kind offer.

“Sorry for my mum, she’s just excited that I invited somebody over.” Y/N apologized as soon as the middle-aged lady had left the room to prepare dinner.

“Yeah.. don’t worry.” I awkwardly told her, as I plopped down next to her on the bed again.

“I don’t know why she thought we are dating.” Y/N added, avoiding my eyes.

“Right? Crazy idea.” I continued, scratching the back of my neck.

“Totally.” Y/N agreed, looking up from the ground.

And then it happened. In the matter of a second. I saw the beautiful colour of her eyes shortly before our lips got so close they were touching. We were both surprised by our own actions. It felt like my body was a ticking time bomb that exploded as soon as her lips finally met mine.

The explosion tore down a wall somewhere inside my body that had previously captured some of the most fantastic emotions and they were all free now. I had never felt like this before. It was the first time ever that I felt that wholesome.

It was like my brain was smiling while our lips moved against each other.

Her hand quickly travelled to my cheek as she deepened the kiss.

I had never thought it was possible for my heart to beat that fast, but it did.

Then the downfall. The low after the high.

“Dinner is rea-“ I heard somebody shout. Y/N quickly pulled away. Her mother stopped in the middle of her tracks. She was halfway through the door still holding the door handle.

“I’m so sorry.” She genuinely apologized as Y/N buried her face in her hands out of embarrassment.

“Dinner is ready.” Her mother quickly repeated before she headed out of the room.

As soon as she left we suddenly busted into laughter. Both of our cheeks were bright red and it was such an absurd situation. We had kissed! And then her mother interrupted us… We were too speechless to say anything, so we laughed. And that was enough. 

After we had calmed down we walked downstairs to not let her mum wait too long. On the way, I shyly took Y/N’s hand.  

As soon as we sat down on the dinner table Y/N’s mum looked at her daughter and then at me.

“Not dating, huh?” she then asked, cocking one eyebrow.

All Too Well

Anon:  can i request a soulmate au scenario with mark lee? thank you ^_^

Song:  Taeyeon- Time Lapse

Genre: Soulmate/Fluff

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Scenario: You and your soulmate have identical tattoos on your wrist about the date when you’ll meet each other.

It was when he stepped into the room that you sat up straight. Another day, another morning, another boring lesson about the Holocaust. But when you saw him, you knew him all too well. Like the little scar on your lower leg. Or the little 11/11:11 tattoo on your wrist. His eyes fell on you. You had never felt so relieved, so relaxed. It was as if someone had injected opium into your veins. Your palpitations were steady and calm. It was as if time had stopped when your eyes locked. They were so dark, deep filled with secrets you yearned to learn but somehow already knew. 

He knew something was up when he saw you, sitting up abruptly. Your scent, he could smell it from where you sat. All his life, he had been missing something. But now that he stood wearing that stiff uniform, with his heart pumping vigorously against his chest, he felt at ease. “Mr. Lee?” Your history teacher asked. “Will you not introduce yourself to the class?” Mark snapped out of his daze and looked at her, bewildered. 

“Uh, yea,” he stuttered, loosening his tie and gulping hard. “I’m Mark Lee and I’m from Canada.” Even his voice was comforting. You rested your arm in your palm and stared at him in awe. 

“You may take a seat,” she smiled at him. He nodded respectfully before dropping his bag next to the table. Before he proceeded to fish through his backpack for his history book, he turned his head. He found you already gawking at him. His eyes widened at the sudden contact and instantly looked away. Did he feel it too? You thought, returning to your book but eyeing him momentarily throughout the class.

When you were born, people thought you were cursed. The series of numbers on your wrist came off as a surprise to your parents. Your childhood consisted of you hiding your wrists and concealing the tattoo, or whatever it was. You would spend many nights looking at it, trying to find some meaning behind it. It didn’t make you feel any special. You were still clumsy and forgetful, often falling asleep in class and getting reprimanded for slacking off in P.E. Your whole life a small piece had been missing. In all your relationships and friendships there was always something missing. But now as you stared at the beautiful boy listening intently to the teacher blabbering on, you felt that void fill up. 

“Did you see the new boy?” Your friend cooed as you took out your books from your locker. She played with her auburn curls and stared out the window, smiling. You didn’t like the way she talked about him. Something made you want to protect him. 

“I do have eyes Y/F/N.” Your voice was stern. She turned around and her smile disappeared.

“Why are you being so touchy?” She asked. You rolled your eyes at her and walked away. In the race of you wanting to get away from your best friend, you bumped into someone. The stack of books in your arms crumbled to the ground. You stared at them in dismay. Anger boiled inside you, largely triggered by the prior frustration. You looked up in annoyance but met the familiar eyes of Mark. He looked at you in admiration. You stepped back, slightly scared of him. He was too close, the energy was bubbling between you two. The feeling came rushing back. He was there, he was looking at you. And you knew him. 

You hurriedly collected your books and rushed past him. He turned to speak but you were far into the hallway. He turned around to meet the ogling eyes of your friend. She winked at him and walked away. He was confused. He felt a rush of electricity when you touched him. A fragrance always lurking in the back of his mind, a gaze that tore him apart. For the first time, he felt aware. He lifted his hands and peeked through the hard material of his cuffs. The tattoo, always staring back at him, was there; the familiar numbers.

You were sat at your desk as you opened your notebook to write in the date. “it is the 11th of November.” You stopped. 11th of November. 11/11. Your eyes darted towards the clock. Mark had arrived exactly half an hour ago. It was noon now. You peeled away your sleeve and revealed the beautiful tattoo. It all made sense now. Did Mark have it too? What was this? Is this what I think it is? 

You ran out of the class and jogged through the hallways, looking for him. It all seemed so clear. You felt crazy, livid and thirsty for the truth. He was nowhere. You stopped jogging and sighed, catching your breath. A melodious buzz of strings originated from the music room. You trudged towards the entrance and peeked in through the window. Mark sat there, holding the guitar in his hands. The black tattoo peeked from his sleeve as he held the instrument close to his chest. You burst into the room. He looked at you in shock. 

“Hi, I think we know each other.” You started. He looked at you with uncertainty. “You’ll think I’m crazy okay but we have a lot to talk about.” Your voice was low but filled with excitement. He smiled at you shyly and nodded, setting aside the guitar. This was the start of something new, something beautiful and something worth keeping. You knew him, you knew him all too well.


Ship: Hunk/Keith

Words: 1630

A/N: Remember when I said I would personally make Heith content well here you go. 

Keith Kogane prided himself for keeping a level head most of the time. When times got tough, he knew he could trust himself to not get into a panic and think of a way forward. It was just who he was.

But not now.

To be fair, the entire situation kind of threw him off a little bit. There he was, brooding as he normally did, when a certain yellow paladin came bursting into his room with a bright smile on his face, telling him that he needed an assistant chef and apparently it was Keith’s (un)lucky day.

He normally rotated ‘assistants’ between Pidge and Lance. Apparently he’d had Shiro once but that ended up as a disaster. As much as the paladins admired Shiro as a leader, he was terrible in the kitchen. Hunk never asked Allura or Coran, not that Keith could blame him; Altean food was really weird so he tended to avoid them like the plague, even though they offered to help on many occasions:

But he’d never asked Keith before. Not once. And Keith had to admit that though he knew he shouldn’t have been bothered by it, he kind of was. Every time Hunk would go into the common room, declaring his assistant for the day, a bit of Keith got…hopeful. Though he knew he would ultimately turn him down in that suave, cool way he adopted, at least he would have been acknowledged.

But he never was. At least, not until today.

“Keith, please help me out today?”

It was so out of the blue that, though Keith had initially planned to decline, he found himself stuttering out a “Yeah, sure,” and was whisked away by the incredibly happy yellow paladin.

Though Keith had ventured throughout the ship plenty of times, he hardly went into the kitchen unless it was for water or a snack. Usually when Hunk was cooking, Keith was in another room, so he was surprised when Hunk turned back to him in the kitchen with…a yellow apron?

Keith couldn’t stop staring.

“Okay, so I was doing a bit of experimenting earlier and I think I can make the Altean equivalent of cupcakes.”

The red paladin’s eyes shot up. When was the last time he’d ever had a cupcake? Back when he was still in the garrison? Before? It had been so long. There was a bakery close to his home that sold the best ones he’d ever had. He’d gone there every Saturday as a kid with his dad and he’d always get the chocolate one with the strawberry on top. The entire place just smelled of good food and comfort and home.

“Just don’t get your hopes up, okay? Last time I tried to bake, well…”

“Your cookies saved us in the end, so don’t worry about,” Keith said matter-of-factly. “If they’re inedible maybe Coran could use them to jumpstart the engines.”

Hunk chuckled as he went to fetch the ingredients. “Okay, that was a good one. Let’s get started.”

“I’ve never made cupcakes before.”

Hunk paused and looked back him. “I’ll guide you through it. Don’t worry about it.”

And then he smiled and, quiznak, it was like his joy practically radiated from him and Keith, well, he couldn’t help but smile back, albeit softly. It’s not like he could help it. Hunk’s joy was practically contagious. He was like a bright sunny day, and though they were in the middle of space and Earth’s sun was a ton of lightyears away…Hunk was becoming more and more like the paladin’s sun.

Sweet Maker, that sounded like something out of one of those terrible teen romance movies.

Keith was forced out of his thoughts when Hunk placed a large bag of…whatever in his hands. It nearly knocked the wind out of him and he almost stumbled, but Hunk steadied him.

“Whoa, you okay there Keith?”

His touch was like electricity. Keith rushed out of it as soon as he could, not expecting it, not knowing what else to do.

Hunk looked slightly taken aback and, disappointed? Keith couldn’t tell. Usually Hunk was an open book, but at that exact moment he was difficult to read. Like he didn’t want Keith to know how exactly he was feeling.

Awkwardness heavily settled in. Red and yellow were on opposite sides of the kitchen, not daring to say or do anything.

Keith cleared his throat. “So uh, what did you want me to do with this?” He gestured at the bag in his arms.

Relief washed over Hunk’s. “Um, yeah, there’re some jugs in the cabinet over there. Altean measurement is pretty weird, but just take the medium one and measure two of those.”

Keith nodded mechanically and set to work. The two of them soon relaxed into a routine. Hunk was doing most of the talking, he didn’t seem to mind it much either and any of the previous awkwardness was melted away.

The way they worked was pretty methodical. Hunk would ask Keith for a spoon or direct him to certain places for weird ingredients. Keith didn’t do any of the actual baking, which he was fine with. Hunk looked like he knew what he was doing.

But there was one thing Keith noticed over time. Throughout their time in the kitchen, after that one incident, Hunk never touched him. And it wasn’t coincidentally either. If the two of them were close, Keith noticed Hunk subtly adjust himself slightly so they were further apart.

He was doing everything in his power to make Keith feel comfortable. He was joking around and laughing so Keith was too busy enjoying himself to notice it at first, but Hunk was adapting himself to accommodate him. It hit Keith in waves. It made him feel grateful that he would go through such lengths for him. But at the same time…

At the same time he thought about Hunk’s relationship with the others. About how he’d ruffle Pidge’s hair, bump shoulders with Lance, sweep Allura up in a hug, high five Shiro, pat Coran’s back. Hunk was a tactile person. He was affectionate. It was just who he was. And now Keith yearned for the same. He wanted Hunk to touch him; ruffle his hair, bump his shoulder, be swept up in those arms which he knew probably felt safe—

“Dude, you okay?”


Hunk was looking at him in concern. “I said we need to put these in the oven, but you kind of zoned out there. Do you need to lie down? I can take it from here.”

“No, I’m fine.” He found that he said this almost too quickly. “I…”

I really like spending time with you.

The concerned look didn’t leave, but Hunk put the cupcakes in the oven anyway and set the timer for fifteen dobashes.

There was a comfortable silence as Hunk cleared away the supplies after taking off his apron. Keith stared after him contemplatively before finally asking him the question that was plaguing his mind the whole time.

“Why me?”

Hunk looked back at him in confusion.

“I mean…you always ask Pidge or Lance to help you out in the kitchen. Were they too busy for you or something?”

Hunk’s face thawed slightly. “You were the first one I asked today, actually. I thought it would be good for you to get out of whatever headspace you’ve been in the past few days.”

“But…you’ve never asked me before.”

The yellow paladin chuckled sheepishly. “Because I’d always assume you’d say no. And honestly I couldn’t really stand the thought of—”

He stopped speaking abruptly, as though he’d said too much.

“The thought of what?”

With a sigh, Hunk palmed his face. “Please don’t make me say it.”

Now Keith was curious. Whatever was going on was really bugging Hunk and making him uncomfortable and wasn’t one way of getting rid of discomfort talking about it?

“Hunk, talk to me. What’s going on?”

Hunk looked away, avoiding eye contact. In that moment, Keith couldn’t help but think that for someone so large he looked really small.

“Ththougofrejction,” he mumbled.


“The thought of rejection,” Hunk said slightly louder this time, still avoiding eye contact. And with the way he said it, Keith knew immediately that he wasn’t talking about cooking anymore.

There was a silence, but only externally. On the inside it was as if those words had opened the floodgates that contained Keith’s emotions. He was swamped, floored, he could barely stand up.

All this time. All this time.

“I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to ruin the dynamic of the team. We work so well together. I just…” Hunk trailed off and scratched the back of his head. “I’m sorry.”

Was he…was he seriously apologising?

“I didn’t know…”

“Would it have changed anything?”

Would it? If Keith had known that Hunk felt that way about him…

“Look, we can act like this never happened. I don’t mind,” Hunk continued, taking Keith’s silence as a ‘no’.

But Keith knew, he could see that Hunk minded. That Hunk cared. That this was killing him.

Keith walked up to him, closing the gap between them. He reached out to touch his arm, hesitantly at first, before he placed it there completely.

“It would have changed everything.”

Hunk froze at his words, completely overwhelmed.

Then, something snapped and Keith was wrapped in his arms. And it was everything he thought it would be. It felt safe. It felt like how that bakery he went to smelt. It felt like home.

“Is…this okay?” Hunk asked after a moment, remembering how Keith reacted to his touch earlier.

Keith looked up at the yellow paladin before stretching up and pressing their lips together in a soft kiss.

“No. This is perfect.”

Treat You Better | M.C

Thanks for requesting this! Fun fact: I sang this 3 times on NYE when I was drunk. It’s been my jam ever since lmao. But hope you like this :) 

Inspired by this song

Originally posted by stateofirrelevancy

You laid on your bed, mindlessly scrolling on your phone, checking out the social media when there was a knock on your bedroom door. 

“Hey. I let myself in…” 

You looked up at the tall blonde who stood in your doorframe and exchanged smiles as a greeting. 

“You know you’re allowed to do that, dummy, you practically live here,” you giggled. 

He came and sat on the end of your bed as you hoisted yourself up to sit cross legged, which he soon mirrored. 

“So, how was your weekend at Jason’s?” he asked as you as he flicked through his phone, ready to get the takeout menu on his app for you to order your usual feast. 

“Good! Yeah good.” 

“Did he take you out like he promised?” 

You looked down in your lap and played with the strings of your sweats. 


Michael rolled his eyes before tapping in his order. 

“Y/N, he promised to treat you after his shitty excuses for standing you up last week.”

You sighed as Michael began to scold you for letting your boyfriend get away with shit again

“I know, but he was tired. He was at a work’s do the night before and he was still hungover…” 

The blonde rolled his eyes again at your pathetic attempts to defend Jason. 

“Yeah, but I bet he wasn’t too tired for you to help him get off…” 

You focused your gaze anywhere else but at Michael, a total dead giveaway as to what you had done that weekend.

“Seriously? You let him take advantage of you again?” 

Michael passed his phone to you for you to add your order to the list as he gazed over at the beauty of your natural features, your brow furrowing as you studied the menu. 

“It’s not like I didn’t enjoy it,” was what you mumbled. 

Michael scoffed as he leaned his elbow on his knee and rested his chin on the palm of his hand. 

“So you’re telling me you’re fine with being his little sex toy? Because from what I’m getting here is that he just fucks you and drops you, does what he wants and doesn’t take what you want into consideration. Look how excited you got to be able to go on your date, you dragged me to three - count ‘em- three shops to pick out an outfit, so don’t bullshit me with the fact that you weren’t that bothered.” 

He was right. Jason did take advantage of you and it did seem pretty one sided on the relationship. But this was your first real relationship, not some high school lust. 

“They have 15% off the extra large pizza, are you getting one?” You tried your best to shift the topic from your tragic love life to something else; like Michael’s true love.

“It’s like you don’t even know me, Y/N” was what he teased. 

After devouring your takeout and downing a few beers, you and Michael cuddled up on the sofa to watch Love Rosie. It was your favourite film and he was probably sick of watching it, but he did nevertheless because he knew how much you loved it. 

“See? Rosie ended up finding someone who can treat her good,” Michael pointed out while taking another sip on his bud. 

“What’s your point, Clifford?”

“Well, you deserve someone who can treat you better.” 

He looked towards you, as you looked down, thinking about the reality of your relationship with Jason. Maybe it was the alcohol making you realise, but the guy was a fuckboy but with you on a lead and collar.

You turned to face Michael, but refused to look him in the eye. 

“He’s the one that I want…” 

“Bullshit,” Michael scoffed. “You’re with him because you’re scared of being alone at our age, Y/N. I know you, I can read you like a book.” 

“Not true-”


He stared into your eyes, no falter. Dammit, you hated how he knew you so well. 

“Why settle for some shit bag when what you’re truly looking for is still out there…” he began to inch closer to you. “Maybe…. even right under your nose…” 

You eyes trailed down to Michael’s mouth which was inching closer and closer to your own. As he captured your lips in his, you began to automatically kiss back, feeling the electricity rush through you, something you hadn’t truly felt in such a long time. It took a few moments for you to sober up a little and realise what the fuck was going on, so you pulled away. 

“Michael. Stop.” 

“Why? Was that really so bad?” 

“Yes, you know it was. You’re drunk.” 

He let out a low chuckle before catching your eyes with a soft gaze. 

“Maybe the alcohol tonight is my wingman to get me to say what’s been on my mind for so long.” His voice was raspy and barely above a whisper. 

You searched his face for any falters, but there were none.

“Y/N. Who knows you better than I do? I know you like the back of my hand. Better than I know my way around every decent bar in Amsterdam. Jason is a fool. A fucking idiot. A right gobshite. Because he’s just using you like a human fleshlight, too blind and obnoxious to really see the girl that’s putty in his hands. Because he only cares about himself. Any guy to use you is a right bellend because they’re tricking themselves out of the full potential of a relationship. You’re smart, funny, beautiful beyond belief…” 

Intoxicated or not, you couldn’t help but feel the burning fire of intimacy that was building up with Michael. His pointer finger began to lightly draw patterns on your thigh, causing the heat between your legs to burn up. 

“I’d never treat you the way he does, Y/N. Say the word… and I’m yours, baby girl.” 

Your eyes trailed up and down the Aussie’s body; from his luscious locks and gorgeous green eyes, down his handsome build and back up to his smile that had the ability to make you melt. 

Fuck it.

You launched yourself forward and began to kiss Michael dry of the utter passion he put into the words that had your head spinning. He placed one hand on your soft cheek, another on the back of your head to deepen the lustful kiss. He traced your bottom lip for you to grant him entrance. You smiled into the kiss to deny him entrance. He mocked your action before pulling you flush closer to him, causing you to gasp in which that moment his tongue slid into your mouth, covering every single square inch. Your hands tangled in the nest of his silky blonde hair, feeling the sparks of exhilaration cascading within your body. 

As you finally pulled away for air, Michael leaned his forehead against yours, looking down at you with a Cheshire grin. 

“I promise I won’t let you down,” he breathed out. “I’ll never let you down.” 


bat-mary2718-stuff  asked:

Could you write smut story (female reader x Nyx U.) where female reader has first sex with Nyx? (taking reader's virginity is welcomed) Thank you 💖💖💖


And here we are a full blown Nyx smut. Sorry it took so long! I rewrote it several times, until this edition came around. I am proud of this one and am rather fond of it. I really like Tanis~. Word Count: 4,105 Warning: first time, cock piercing, oral NSFW under the cut

“I can’t believe you are a virgin, babe.” Nyx said to me, laughing some his bright blue eyes surveying me all over.

“So?” I said incredulously, rolling my large brown eyes at him nudging him out of the way as he leaned up against me as we sat at the couch in my living room.

It was the weekend and we were relaxing he wasn’t working with the Glaive today and I wasn’t working at the bar enjoying a random day off. We were watching a serial drama on the television drinking a few beers and chips just relaxing. We’ve been dating for seven months already with his crazy work schedule it felt like it was less time as we don’t see each other often one night while I was at work at the bar he frequents he, soberly, asked me out. I was sort of shocked as I knew who he was really who didn’t know who the members of the Glaive were? A lot of people ask the bartender out it’s a common thing though they are normally drunk off their asses, Nyx wasn’t. He told me he passed several bars to go to this one so he could see me, his gorgeous eyes captivated me instantly that devilish charm, the smirk that sent me blushing when asked me if Angels had names. Normally I refuse the come ons but there was something about him that made me say yes, perhaps it was the moniker Hero that got my attention or that bold personality?

“So tell me why, like there is no way you didn’t get offers, Tanis.” He asked me, taking my right hand placing a kiss on the back of my hand as he pulled me closer to him.

“I got offers!” I cried out feeling like he was teasing me a little. “I just was waiting for someone worth it, that a problem mister?”

“No not at all. I’m kinda wondering if you think I’m the one worth it though.” He said smoothly looking up at me from his spot curled next to me head on my shoulder.

“Perhaps you are~. The other guys weren’t as awesome as you Nyx.” I said with a teasing lilt in my voice.

“I am pretty awesome. I think it’s cute that you held out unlike some who are eager to get rid of it.” He mused.


“I was a younger idiot, I don’t even remember it much I was rather drunk at the time.” Nyx laughed.

“Yeah I wouldn’t want to be drunk for my first time…”

“I’m not drunk now…you?” Nyx asked after a few moments pause rubbing a large hand up and down my right thigh, squeezing gently.

“Are you being serious, Nyx?” I questioned feeling rather nervous all the sudden my heart beating rising up in my chest did he just insinuate us have sex?

The first thing that popped up in my head was did I shave today? Not oh to the six he wants to fuck me is did I shave? Tanis think straight! I felt a pair of lips press against my cheek causing me to blush as Nyx kissed me.

“Tanis operational? You blanked out.” He teased.

“Yes. . .” I said slowly.

Nyx laughed, it was a sexy laugh that sent electrifying chills down my spine. I shivered in spot as he placed a few kisses on my neck, nipping on it gently. Sure we’ve made out many times but he’s respected my requests of us taking it slow. What wasn’t there to love about this man? He’s smart, strong, funny, talented, patient, sexy as hell and dating me. Damn…he bit down on my neck again this time a little harder reaching his right hand across me rubbing up and down my side, squeezing gently.

“Ah, Nyx…” It felt more intense than normal.

“Yes, princess?” He said seductively in my ear, a hand reaching up under the shirt now pressing against my cinnamon toned skin.

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the-winged-wolf-bran-stark  asked:

So April 1st is Rachmaninoff's bday (talk about unlucky) meaning time to listen to his 4 Piano concertos! And hopefully you'll post a work of his for today. But here's a question: Instead of a top 5, what are your top 10 works from him? :P

Ironic because I wouldn’t consider him a “humorous” composer. But yes I definitely will post something by him today. And also, thanks for the challenge! My personal top 10 Rachmaninoff works…

10 - Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom: A beautiful choral work, though a bit slow at times. Very contemplative. The ending jubilation that it builds up to is my favorite moment.

9 - Suite no. 1 [Fantaisie-Tableaux] for two pianos: The idea behind this work makes me think of Debussy, only because it’s four musical pictures without a strong relation to each other. The opening Barcarolle is gorgeous, and the dramatic Easter is a great ending.

8 - Symphonic Dances: One of the few Rachmaninoff works I’ve heard live. May as well be his fourth symphony. The opening dance’s harsh harmonies and pronounced rhythms gets my heart going.

7 - Cello Sonata: A work I found in high school, and I fell in love immediately at the opening, with its cold drone that immediately rushes into a dramatic storm. And of course I’m a sucker for any piece of music that starts dark but has a happy ending.

6 - Piano Sonata no. 2: Like a concerto for solo piano. When I discovered this work, it was through Alexis Weissenberg rushed and electric 16 minute speed through, and it blew me away. And when I heard other pianists play it at a more conventional pace, I fell deeper in love. The longing middle movement is the highlight, and the ecstatic coda to the finale makes me feel like I’m at the top of a mountain.

5 - Isle of the Dead: A piece I fell in love with in high school. When I started getting into classical, I was slowly developing my patience for longer and longer works [back then, 8 minutes was long, and 20 was forever]. This was one of the works that helped me transition, and I was blown away by how effortlessly the music was woven as one continuous flow through sections that felt so organic. Also because I was a little bit emo in high school, I was obsessed with all things 19th century Gothic and death in general.

4 - Variations on a Theme by Chopin: Another piece I found in high school. Since I loved Chopin, and I loved Rachmaninoff, the idea that Rachy did a set of variations off of his music made me rush to get it on my first gen iPod pronto. It’s an underrated work, a bit long, but worth it because you can hear the diversity in Rachmaninoff’s musical thought. It’s got all his trademarks; double function form, the use of cannons, Orthodox “bell” like motifs, lovely melodies, devilish piano technique, etc.

3 - Symphony no. 2: I discovered this work browsing the classical section in the iTunes store, and I did a gamble that goes against common advice: I judged an album by its cover. The cover of a recording by Sir Simon Rattle and the Los Angeles Philharmonic on the Seraphim label had an art deco painting of a woman on the back of a pegasus in a cloudy sky. That drew me in. And the music is so much more fantastic than I’d figured. At that time, the longest symphony I’d heard of [an entire hour?? Crazy talk!] and I loved every second of it. Especially because the first movement was woven like Isle of the Dead, which I was used to and wanted more of.

2 - Piano Concerto no. 2: One of the first pieces that got me into classical. Back when I was slowly acquainting myself with piano music by Chopin, Liszt, and Beethoven, and also Bach’s organ music, I came across a scene from an anime “Nodame Cantabile” where they had animated the main character playing the first movement of the concerto. I was surprised to see any show dedicate so much time to the music itself, instead of fragmenting it for common audience patience. When I listened to it, I thought it was the most beautiful piano concerto I’d ever heard. I still think that.

1 - All Night Vigil: I’m going to say it: his most underrated work. Everyone knows Rachmaninoff for his piano music, his “pop” melodies, his colorful orchestration…but comparatively his greatest masterpiece is ignored. I mean, it isn’t a huge surprise. A cappella music is already a niche category, a niche within a niche from the public [a specific type of classical music that’s less recognizable/accessible], and add a false cultural barrier [being specifically Russian Orthodox a cappella music] to make it more obscure to the general public. But the music is so…I don’t know. I’m not religious, but I understand what people mean when they say they feel spiritual connections. Listening to this work, back in college when walking around campus at night under gentle snow, was the closest I’ve come to having a profound religious experience.

Metal Torture - Chapter 29

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Triggers: Some pretty serious ones in here.  So, proceed with caution.


A name. I needed a name. What was the name on the report?

And then I saw it.

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Understanding (Reid x Reader)

Originally posted by gublrnation

Title:  Understanding

Request: Could I possibly request a spencer reid x deaf reader? Were she works at the bau and spencer tries to protect her because she’s deaf. Fluffy is possible? Sorry being deaf I’d love to see a character like me. Thank you!

Pairing:  Reid x Reader

Triggers/Warnings: Crime Scene Description

Words: 805

A/N: Darling, of course, anything for you my sweet. I am actually fluent in sign language myself and may I say it is quite a beautiful way to communicate! Love this idea, thank you for requesting! Keep em’ coming! Xoxo



The crime scene photos were gruesome. Black and blue bodies draped over rocky shore lines and woodland areas. The bastard of a killer had finally been caught and was now facing charges. Unfortunately, you had the wonderful job of collecting all the photos of the victims.

You grimaced at the pictures and then began to recall how the killer had been found. The team ended up finding out that he was working at a local bookstore in Cleveland, Ohio; where all the killings took place. It was awful to see how someone so normal could be so malevolent.

He attempted to make a break for it when the police cars rolled up to his apartment, but Derek managed to shoot him right in the leg. You snickered to yourself, recalling how Emily was complaining about how the gunshot had “broken her eardrums”.

One of the better things about being a part of the FBI and being deaf was that the loud, bizarre noises didn’t affect you. Of course, not having your hearing, you had to step up a little, but you were pretty much the smartest one on the team. Well, Spencer was more likely the brightest one out of all of you, but you had worked hard and earned your place.

Spencer Reid. The name made you shiver and your stomach twirl. The first time you locked eyes with him was on your first day at the BAU. He, of course, knew fluent sign language, which you thought was incredibly smart, but you were very efficient at reading lips, so you already knew what he was saying.

Honestly, everyone on the team was fascinated by how easily you functioned. To them, not having your hearing had brought out all your other senses and they considered you much stronger than all of them.

Gripping the photos tightly by your side, not even giving them one more glance, you flounced off to the copier to make more copies for the others to have in their reports.

You were almost there, the machine in your view, when an older gruff looking man body slammed into you. You collapsed onto the floor and let out a cry of pain.

Staring up at the man in anger, you saw that he was yelling and looked very upset. His lips were moving too fast for you to read them and, clearly, he didn’t possess the skills to know sign language.

Derek quickly came up behind the man and escorted him out of the building. You could feel yourself beginning to cry. The embarrassment displayed itself on your cheeks as everyone was looking at you.

You buried your face in your hands, but then felt the gentle touch of someone, grazing your wrist.

Spencer was looking at you with his soft, doughy brown eyes. He gave you a sweet smile.

“You okay?” he spoke to you.

You nodded and he helped you up to your feet. The two of you walked outside to get some air. Spencer always made you feel comfortable and at ease. He wasn’t a violent person. Quite the opposite actually, but that’s why you always felt so safe around him. You could always be yourself no matter what when he was nearby.

You both stood there on the sidewalk, not talking, just staring out into the busy roads with cars flying by every second.

You were watching a black truck zoom by as you felt a warm, soft sensation on your left cheek.

You turned towards Spencer, who was smiling sheepishly. Your heart began racing as you lost control of your body and pushed yourself up against him.

His lips pressed against yours, your arms wrapping around his neck and his cuddling your waist. The kiss was passionate as if all your bottled up feelings were being spewed out.

Pulling away, Spencer gave you a genuine look of love.

“Wanna grab some lunch?”

You didn’t have to be able to hear to know that his voice had stuttered a bit and he barely managed to get out that question.

Nodding your head, he grinned and laced his fingers through yours and you felt that same bolt of electricity rush up your spine. No one else could ever make you feel like that.

I Want You To Want Me~ Tyler Bates Imagine

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

Note : This imagine kinda reminds me that he went clubbing in his snaps. Like he was singing to Sia. 

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“ Hey Y/N!” someone called out you as you were heading to the parking lot. Stopping in your tracks, waiting for the person to come over. They came into the light, it was Tyler. You’re best friend from the UK, where you kept Pete, Trent and Tyler in check. They were your boys. 

“ Where are you headed?” He asks seeing you dressed up nicely, with your hair and make up done. Tyler has seen you in a dress before, but the way this dress just shaped your figure made him hold the groan he wanted to let out. 

“ For some drinks, maybe dancing” you respond. 

“ Like that?” 

“ Like what?” looking down at your outfit, you had a blue dress on that shaped out your curves. It look nice, from what you thought. Glancing up at him, his eyes looked a bit darker than usual. But that changed, he cleared his throat. 

“ You know what? Come with me. Let’s go out, bring your friends Ty” he bit on his bottom lip debating weather he should go out or not. He didn’t want to see all the guys gawking at you or you end up going home with a stranger.

“ I’ll save you a dance Bates” this got him to agree.

“ Okay” He nodded, “ let me go change and get the guys” he adds. 

“ I’ll wait here” 

“ Hey,” you greet his friends, “ Glad you guys could make it.” 

“ Yeah, we’re glad too” one of his friends say, “ You know-” Tyler send him a glare making him shut up. You looked from his friend to Tyler, what just happened?

“ Let’s dance” you tugged on Tyler’s arm, his friends following. As the songs picks up, you sway your hips throwing your hands up in the air. After awhile, you feel someone rub up against you from behind, you turned around pushing at his chest. 

“ No, thanks” you yell over the music. 

” But baby, we’re having so much fun.” the strange guy tell you. “ Look at you princess, all dolled up like that. You came here looking like that for attention.”

He tries to put his hands on your hips when Tyler notices what’s wrong, seeing the bothered look on your face to the creepy guy that came onto you. Before the strange creepy guy touched you further, he was on the floor in an instant.

“ You do not touch her” Tyler grabbed him, shaking him. “ She didn’t want your unwanted hands on her”  

Tyler is pulled up by his friends, they don’t want to cause a scene and get kicked out of the club.  The other man, shrugs off his jacket he was wearing or whatever he was wearing before leaving. Once he was gone, you turned to Tyler getting his attention. 

“ I’m sorry about that,” He mumbles.

“ Thank you for the save though.” you respond. “ Forget about it, let’s have fun” you grab onto his hands, electricity rushes through you from his touch.

One of Sia’s song comes on, Tyler is singing the words along with his friends who are dancing by him. You mouth the words, moving your body. His eyes are only on you. You could feel a pool of heat in your lower belly as you look at him.

Swaying your hips, eyes peeking over to him, teasing him. He stopped mouthing the words but his eyes stayed on you, preferably on your hips and your ass that he wanted to touch. You got closer to him, turning around grinding your ass into his crotch. Tyler’s hands grip your hips bringing you so your back was to his chest, he leaned down. His mustache tickling your ear, a giggle escapes your mouth but stops once feeling his hot breath against your ear. 

“ What are you doing?” 

“ Dancing” you mouth to him, looking over your shoulder. His grip on your hips tightened as you continue to rub your ass into his crotch. You could feel his bulge.

“ Let’s go” He says turning you around in his arms, you nodded following him. He tells one of his friends that he’s off for the night, dragging you along. One of his friends motioning towards you and Tyler with wiggling his eyebrows. You laughed, following Tyler outside. 

As, you and Tyler took a cab back to the hotel, you kept stroking his thigh. He was gritting his teeth and trying to hold in his moans. 

Once at the hotel, you ran to the hotel with Tyler chasing you to the door of your room. When you unlocked your door, you pushed Tyler against the door kissing him roughly. Your hands start to unbutton/ take off his shirt. Your lips attached to the exposed skin ; you needed him. Tyler worked on the zipper on the back of your dress, pulling it down.

You pushed him to the bed, pushing him down on it. Stripping yourself of your dress before working on your panties. Tyler groaned at the sight of you, all for him. Straddling his hips you go back to kissing the exposed skin, down his chest and up to his neck, biting down on his collarbones. A growl escapes the back of his throat, you loved the feeling of his mustache brushing against you as he kissed down your body all the way to your core. One of his fingers slips inside you making you gasp and squirm. His tongue flicks against your clit as he thrust his finger inside you, adding another one.

Your fingers go to his hair as you buck your hips against him, using his other hand he hold you down, maintaining your squirming. He holds you to your orgasm screaming his name. 

He lifts up his head, your juice dropping from his chin. He licks his lips, wiping your juice from his chin. 

Tyler glances down at you, “ You look so beautiful right now. I mean, you always do but-”

“ You’re gorgeous too Tyler” He smiles before clearing his throat. “ There is something I need to tell you” 

“ What is it?” 

“ I love you Y/N, you’re one of the girls.. I mean women that put up with me. I mean when Pete, Trent and I were in the UK, you took care of us. You always put us first no matter what. You’re an amazing women Y/N, any guy would be luck to have you by his sides as his. I don’t want any guy to be yours, I want to be yours. I want you to be my sunshine, my moon, my happiness, my everything.”

“ Yes” 

“ Really?” 

“ I feel the same way Tyler, I always have” He leans down, kissing you softly. You could taste yourself on his lips. 

“ Are you ready for me love?” he asks, you nodded telling him your on a pill. He slowly pushes into you. Tyler goes slow, rocking his hips against your making you get used to his size before picking up his pace. The room is filled with moans. Rolling him onto his back, riding him. He lets you dominate for a bit. 

“ Beautiful,” he says as he thrusts his hips ups, thrusting himself, all of him into you.

“ speak for yourself Bates,” you dig your nails into his chest. Tyler sits up a bit, but you continue to bounce on him. His chest against yours, nipples rubbing against his chest making you moan louder.

Your lips brush against his as you feel your orgasm coming again, when it does, you bite down on his bottom lips and digging your nails into his shoulder and his back. He continues to thrust, until he becomes sloppy finding his own release as he falls onto the bed. You slide yourself off of him, moving down besides him. 

He turns to you, as you do as well looking at him. 

“ Was I great?” He asks, you laughed nodding your head. 

“ Yes, you were. More than great” 

“ Really?” He hovers over you, kissing your shoulder before pecking your lips. 

“ You need proof?” 

“ I think so” 

You giggled as he slipped back inside of you, leaning down capturing your lips with his. 

A Jealous Hood. [Dallas Winston x Reader.]

Originally posted by 197585

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Requested: Anonymous.

RequestIn a “Dating Dallas Winston Would Include” you did a while ago, as one of the things it said “You’ve got some nerve making a hood jealous, baby.” I was wondering if you could do an imagine of Dally based off this line. (Or with this line, if you know what I mean.) That would be really interesting. Thanks!

Based On“You’ve got some nerve making a hood jealous, baby.”

A/N: Yeah of course I can, lovely! You’re welcome, sweetie. Thanks for your request and please enjoy what I’ve come up with. :) I hope that you don’t mind that I made this a flashfic instead, it was easier to write in shorter form! Please enjoy!

Type of Piece: Flashfic.

Pairing(s): Dallas Winston x Reader.

Word Count: 468.

Warning’s: Dally getting violent with a guy flirting with the reader, it’s sort of heated/steamy, but not really physically, just the atmosphere? Jealous and possessive Dally.(Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dallas Winston or Buck Merrill, but S.E Hinton does!

Your body careened tantalizingly, your hips swinging with a delicious taste to the tacky rock music that blared mercilessly at Buck’s bar. Dallas’s orbs flared with lust, - a flame burning and licking at his abdominal muscles-. His eyes not in the least deterring from you for but of a moment; even as he pleasantly ordered himself another well deserved pint of beer. He was presumably incapable of putting his finger precisely on it, yet there was this delectable energy that parsimoniously engulfed you. You always seemed to arouse Dally all the more, - whenever he was present around you-.

You were a stunning witch, having him ultimately under your merciless spell, with an unconditional silent plead to get a little more of you.

Dallas’s orbs frantically averted from you for a split second, only to latch onto you in an instant, finding some man miles too old for you, dancing away all too closely to the back end of you. Jealousy flared like a barbarian bull see’s the color red. This man would draw blood!

Dallas wormed his way through the crowd, his heart thrumming up a severe storm! He could see the headlines now: “Dead Man Left In Rundown Bar, After Foolish Girl Makes the Biggest Hood In the City Wild With Jealousy!

He had aborted the entire idea that jealousy and envy gnawed impeccably at his bones and being whenever another man would take up your time and affection. It was an idea that would chuck into the bin without hesitation.

Whilst he saw your face contort into discomfort, your hand striking the man’s cheek with a biting sting; his large calloused hand bunched up the back of the man’s shirt, wrenching him back, wheeling him around and slamming his fist acerbically into the man’s jaw. He fell like a ton of bricks; not a word fleeing from his lips.

Metaphorical crickets screeched over the blared music. Not a murmur was dared to be uttered by anyone, Dally’s frosty orbs scanning over the crowd, giving it a once over, prior to pulling you close.

Surprise took over you, whilst his lips crushed against yours with a lustful amount of passion that had been tucked away within Dally’s pocket for all too long. Your lungs were quenched, desiring air yet you find yourself pulling the deadly hood all the more closer and the frolicking crowd returned to it’s normality.

Dally reluctantly pulled away, a simper drawn over lips, one hand strong upon your waist, the other roughly cupping your cheek. His dark orbs found yours with haste. “You’ve got some nerve making a hood jealous, baby.” his breath ghosts hotly over your face, electricity rushing through you as your eyes locked with his, your body’s swaying together to the slow music. Things were going to get very heated…

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Friendly Reminder

Mare talks about her lightning like it’s better than sex. All from chapter 18.

The electricity rushes back, thundering from the deepest part of me. Every nerve shrieks to life.

Every light sizzles and blinks as I pass. Glass shatters, electricity spits. The air buzzes like a live wire. It caresses my open palms, and I shiver at the touch of such powers.

The lightning goes where it wants. It explodes through me with every heartbeat. (…) I shudder in pleasure. Nothing has ever felt so wonderful. I keep looking at the electricity, enamored with every vein.

I call to every wire, every pulse, every charge, down to the static cling of the curtains. It rises at my demand. It fuels me, as much as Wren. After six months of darkness, I finally feel the light. Purple-white flares at the edge of my vision. My entire body buzzes, skin shivering beneath the delight of lightning. I keep sprinting. Adrenaline and electricity. I feel like I could run through a wall.

When the open airs hits my lungs, I almost laugh. It’s poisoned wiht ash, blood, the electric buzz of the lightning storm, but it tastes sweeter than anything. Above me, the black clouds rumble. The sound lives in my bones.

Bonus bad pun:

Where there’s smoke, there’s a fire prince.

Bonus Unfriendly Reminder: Mare talking about actual sex

I thought it would be different. I thought I would feel different. Cal’s touch has not erased Maven’s. My memories are still there, still just as painful as they were yesterday. And as much as I try, I have not forgotten the canyon that will always stretch between us. No kind of love can erase his faults, just like none can erase mine. (page 383)


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A/N: Don’t know what this is. I wanted to experiment with my writing, so yeah…

Genre: Fluff, drabble, fuckboy!au

Pairing: Jungkook x OC

Word count: 1202

Summary: In which you seek comfort from the fuckboy, Jungkook, next door.

Jungkook was a badass. A fuckboy who would screw every girl on his path. And then we have Lee Somin, a shy girl who has a big crush on Jungkook, his room mate next door.

And Jungkook knows. Despite his defensive and rude behavior, he couldn’t help but treat her a bit differently than the other girls he has ever met. As in calling every girl he met his baby, while Lee Somin is occasionally referred to as “My baby girl”.

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when he sees him for the first time, he loses sleep.

he stares up at the ceiling, phone clutched to his chest after desperately looking for a name (to no avail), and he wonders. wonders about this boy’s life, about his dreams, about his preference. it’s curiosity, his mind tells him, it’s nothing but fascination with a pretty face and deep-set green eyes. it’ll pass, it promises. it’ll pass.

he sees him again a week later, and even wishes he could say he’d forgotten, but it’d be a lie. he’s wearing a red snapback and talking to a group of three boys, and he recognizes one of them - a blonde one, and from what he knows that particular one is a second year, so even deduces his fascination must also be. the boy is clueless to his presence, and maybe it’s better that way, maybe it’s better if he’s none the wiser, today, tomorrow, forever. even’s back is pressed to the wall and he’s thumbing at his jacket, wondering, wishing, (foolishly hoping) and he feels his phone vibrate once, twice, three times in his pocket. a reminder that sonja is outside of the world he’s remained tethered to long after she has gone, and it brings along the will power to look away from the boy and anywhere, anywhere else.

he loses sleep countless of nights afterward, too.

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I never believed a love could be buried deep this much, electricity rush through my body from a touch.

A love could kill without considering it a crime, a dose from it would leave me high for a lifetime.

Eyes could burn me alive and a smile brings me back to life.

A thunder beat that wrecked my heart piece by piece, but being with you is what brings me back to peace.

—  Infinite excerpts.