electric pop,

“I would like, stare at my salad, and that was like really the first time I ever really had like flashes of the whole world like falling apart of collapsing. Like, the salad just didn’t make any sense at all, if that makes any sense. Like, ‘what the hell is happening, why is there like, little pieces of plants on a plate? Like, what is going on?’ and it’s like this little moments when like nothing makes any sense at all.”

Andrew VanWyngarden.


On this day in music history: January 6, 1958 - The Gibson Guitar Company registers its design for the Flying V guitar with the US Patent Office. The unique instrument is designed by Gibson president Ted McCarty with the intention of adding a futuristic aspect to the companies image. During their original manufacturing run, the guitars’ body and neck are constructed from African Korina wood and mahogany with either ebony or rosewood fretboards. Guitarists such as Albert King and Lonnie Mack adapt to them immediately and become closely associated with both artists. However, initial sales are slow and they are discontinued in 1959. When guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and Dave Davies of The Kinks begin playing them, it renews interest in the Flying V and Gibson reintroduces the guitar in 1967. The instrument becomes a favorite of hard rock and heavy metal musicians during the 1970’s and 80’s. Original Flying V’s made in 1958 and 1959 today are valued at between $200,000 and $250,000. To this day, the Flying V remains one of Gibson’s most popular guitars.

Coachella Weekend Two // Day 2  •

Karlie’s Fit

  • Hair -  Pinks
  • Bindi - Yips
  • Romper - Amisher
  • Cardigan - Gamerbaby
  • Shoes - Pierce
  • Bag - Pierce

Nylon’s Fit

  • Hair - Winda by Stylin
  • Shades - Street
  • Bindi - Sindells
  • Necklace - Gena
  • Outfit - PoppyHome
  • Camera - Nylo
  • Shoes - Dips

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dwedge  asked:

Kind of a silly question: What color dress would you think a fox of Nick's color would wear? I am terrible with dresses and even worse at matching colors that aren't obvious, and since you are kind of really freaking artistic I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Thanks love all your posts :D

Thank you! it’s a really interesting question yours. Well, during the movie we saw Nick is good in green and blue. I would choose colors wich could show up the shades of his fur and his eyes which are both really bright, really electric and “pop”.

I give you some examples from the “Art of Zootopia”:

I would choose colors extremely dark (like black, dark grey, Blu navy) or extremely light (White, electric green, light blue, bright yelow or egg yolk). I usually prefer to combine a clear garment with a dark one. But if for pants you will choose black or beige they will stand well with virtually any color. 

268- Charge

Electric Type: Protection. A spell to strengthen the boundaries of your home, room, or other safe space.

What You’ll Need~

  • A sheet of stickers (or magnets, small trinkets, etc.)
  • Two yellow candles


  1. After choosing what you are going to charge, lay them before you and say “With you I put my heart, and my intention to protect myself an my place.”
  2. Set up the items you want to charge to protect your space in between the two candles, which should be one on your right and the other on your left.
  3. Light the left candle. “I call upon my spark, to electrify my plane marked by these tokens.”
  4. Light the right candle. “No one who intends harm can enter this space without receiving a shock.”
  5. When you are done, you may extinguish the candles, and go about placing your stickers/what-have-you.
  6. As you place each item, tell it that “You hold drive, you have my power.” Do so until you feel you have sufficiently covered your area.


  • The main places your markers should go are doorways, windows, or around very specific areas or objects you want to protect. They don’t need to be super obvious, as long as they form some kind of boundary.
Transiting Moon is conjunct Uranus

Emotions are bursting and popping like electric bubbles 
Elated in a moment, anxious the next, everything inside is changing at rapid speed

The emotional intuition is acute right now. Crying may be a result of agitation, nerves, and emotional under nourishment. If your whole body is feeling unusual, this is another definition of normal
Bubble Pop Electric