electric pineapple

Not the best picture, but let’s talk Water Marbling!

This was my first attempt at marbling. After watching many tutorials and testing out our polishes, I found that China Glaze, OPI, Sally Hansen and Essie brand polishes work the best. It really is just trial and error.

For my particular design I used China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasyand Electric Pineapple and Sally Hansen’s Blue Me Away. I also applied a thin coat of white before marbling.

I used a large-rimmed styrofoam cup filled with distilled, room temp water. I had previously experimented with different water types and found that this worked best with all of our polishes.

The actual process is not difficult. Taping cuticles can get pretty tedious and I would say that clean up took longer than actually marbling. For my first time I think it turned out pretty good and I’m excited to try it some more!

Feel free to ask any questions!!!

Day 159- 28/06/2011

Today I didn’t really have plans. I was supposed to go meet up with some friends to watch cars.. but I kind of slept in and didn’t end up going. Instead I just headed up into the city to try and see if I could apply for some places.. I really need a job. Instead as I was sitting on the train.. I decided I wanted to go to chapel street. So that’s exactly what I did. I checked out a few stores including American Apparel. I then headed back to Flinders where I caught the williamstown train and got off at footscray. I decided today was the day where I finally checked out that store in Braybrook with the cheap opi and china glaze. I got there.. and this is what I saw.. The OPI’s were $13 a bottle whilst china glaze was selling at $6 a bottle. It took me forever to decided which one to get but in the end I went with electric pineapple. It’s a really nice color :D

Some of you may have noticed that my nails are now ridiculously short.
I was growing them out and they were doing pretty good, but then one of them somehow cracked pretty far up.
I super glued it, which has held up well, but I decided to chop them all off and not risk another break.

Colors Used:

China Glaze - Westside Warrior
China Glaze - Electric Pineapple