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september 9, 2017 

112 Degrees With No Water: Puerto Rican Hospitals Battle Life And Death Daily
An American disaster medical team is now setting up cooling tents to help some patients. "When they transferred me here ... they rescued me from the dragon's mouth," one patient said.

The government calls them “indirect deaths" 

Each deployment has its challenges. In the Arecibo hospital, it was the sweltering sixth-floor cardiac unit.

The temperatures up there were as high as 108 degrees and even higher. "This was a huge stress on the patients who were quite sick. So we have ended up moving them to these tents where the hospital staff is caring for them,” says Dr. Jim Fehr, who is on the DMAT team.

“We don’t have any air conditioning. We can handle maybe a week, but it’s already been two weeks almost.”

“Very hot, very hot! I was suffocating. When they transferred me here on Sunday, they rescued me from the dragon’s mouth.”, 77-year-old retired factory worker named Georgina Gonzales

Trump smiled and said: “Have a good time, everybody!”

Paper Towels to Absorb the Sweat and Flooded Homes

Book or Phone?

Aries: Phone

Taurus: Book

Gemini: Phone

Cancer: Book

Leo: Phone

Virgo: Book

Libra: Book! No Phone! No..no BOOK! Yeah book. Wait, no phone! Give me a second.

Scorpio: Book

Sagittarius: Phone

Capricorn: Book

Aquarius: Book

Pisces: Phone

Interviewer: Legend says that Libra is still deciding to this day.

The very first time I heard of Australian band The Paper Kites, it was via a  gorgeous remix of their song Featherstones by Lakechild. The five piece are gearing up to release a sophomore album titled Twelvefour come August 28th, via Nettwerk Records. The record was written between the hours of midnight and four in the morning, and it’s a concept album that explores the theory that an artist’s creative peak lays within these hours. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this, as other bands and musicians have said the same to me. Perhaps due to this sleep derived state of mind, lead single Electric Indigo carries a distinct dreaminess and foggy warmth. It’s as if I were walking through a dream that takes me back to the 80′s, down a path of The 1975 evoking nostalgia. Electric Indigo is an intoxicating song with some HAIM meets The Chain Gang Of 1974 soft groove, as well as a thickly synthy atmosphere.

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dance or go.

Outsiders S2E6

On the Mountain

Things on Shay mountain escalated quickly this episode… and I’m glad. I thought the Farrell hostage situation would be drawn out for a few episodes, but Kinnah weren’t messing around. They killed that poor guy and that was all G’Win needed to consent (and good). I agreed with half the crap Moregon said to G’Win… it was the truth. As soon as she found out the Kinnah were no good, she ran her ass straight to Big Foster. She got a big side eye from me on that because just a couple of days ago she got on Hasil for coming to her with his problems and now look at her. Granted, her problem was a huge deal for the whole clan, but it’s interesting that the first thing the leader did during a major crisis was turn to someone else (I might have been cool with it if she hadn’t said what she said to Hasil… because that IS what family is for). I was also mad at whoever made the preview for this episode. Had us all looking forward to G’Win getting shot when it was really just Shurn making assumptions. 😒 When Moregon started going on about how the strongest had to die, I was thinking she better be careful because she seemed to be the strongest around at that point. I didn’t think for a second G’Win would kill Big Foster, but I was actually surprised when G’Win turned the knife on herself… and that teamwork move to kill/severely injure Moregon was nice.

 Lil Foster

My heart breaks for this man more and more each week. While I don’t give a shit that that racist ass man is dead, I feel really bad for Lil Foster. He’s not a killer, but that guy pushed him and pushed him and pushed him. Previews for next week have me hopeful that our mountain teddy bear will be home soon.

Wade and Ledda

I feel the need to congratulate Wade again for not turning back to his pills. This man has so much on his plate right now and it seems like everyone around him insists on acting crazy, jackass-like, or stupid. Ledda sees her days as numbered and is really showing out, which is fine, honestly. She should spend her final days living her life the way she wants, but I wish she’d do it in a way that doesn’t bring weird strangers into her house or get her cat murdered or get burning things thrown through her windows… she does have a family after all.


My loves. In their first scene together this week, we see Sally Ann laying everything out for Hasil.

She’s getting her shit together. She’s thinking, planning, and making lists. I was proud of her, but not surprised. She was the one bringing in the money when she lived with James, so she knows how to run a home. As frustrated as she and Hasil both were (“I know you know what toilet paper is.” “How much air cost down here?”), I’m glad she took the time to break everything down. And when her frustration reached its peak, Hasil quickly reassured her that he was going to do his part. I love that he asked her to trust him and she said, “okay,” and that was the end of the conversation. Hasil proved she was right to trust when he brought home money, as promised, and even more significantly… when Sally Ann asked him how he got his black eye, he told the truth. He didn’t even hesitate. I really expected him to lie y’all. I expected it because it seemed like the sort of things the writers would have him do just to up the drama, as if they didn’t already have enough. It’s not just that though. I thought he would lie because I thought Sally Ann would not be okay with him making money that way. And you know, I don’t think she’s okay with it all, but they really are in between a rock and a hard place. The best she could do is ask him to be safe, and he said he would, and our boy has proven himself to be a man of his word.

 He better keep safe, because Sally Ann, me, and the rest of the Sasil crew will hurt him if he goes off and gets himself hurt… and whoever hurts him will share the fate of ol’ nazi ass dude in the prison yard. If Hasil keeps up like he did his first night fighting (and so long as no one cheats), then we have nothing to worry about. He’s even built up some fans! Check out those 3 finger cheers in the background!

 I was, and am, very excited that Hasil and Sally Ann have their own place, but I quickly realized that I fairytaled the whole thing up in my head (I blame that kissing up against the wall scene we’ve been sneak peeking for months). Hasil’s reaction to the new place sort of broke my heart. Like I know he was glad they had a place to stay and he was so cute and playful, but you could see through it. He was trying to hide some very complex emotions with a smile ( @saturnineaqua describes this really well in her review).

 The last Sasil scene with Hasil out in the backyard really drove all this home. Hasil will do anything for Sally Ann and his baby, but he really misses the mountain and…

 I feel like I say this every week, but I wish they could have it all y’all. I need Hasil to win the Official Underground Fighting Ring National Championship and use those winnings to build him and his new family a happy little electricity and toilet paper having mountain cabin so they have the best of both worlds.

Oh and Hasil is going to be an awesome and fun daddy. That whole “It’s so big I lost ya,” scene…. Be still my heart at the thought of him playing like that with a mini Sally Ann or Hasil.

Oh and another thing! Don’t know how I could forget. I was dying at Hasil’s body language when Sally Ann pulled away from him to go talk about tables and chairs and shelves

No worries though. He brought up the placement of the bed to get things going the direction he (and we!) really wanted.

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Could you make more Amnesiac!Percy?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

  • Percy looked over the map, at the library, of Agea. He was looking for the name of the town he grew up in, Mare. He knew it was by the ocean and it was decent size. 
  • “Did you find it?” Annabeth asked, coming over with some books. She was working at the library and was re-shelving books. “Your town I mean.”
  • “No.” Percy replied. “I can’t find Mare anywhere.” 
  • Annabeth put the books down on Percy’s table and took a peek over his shoulder. Her hand ran over the map, as if she knew where to look. As she looked over the map, her hand brushed Percy’s. A small shock went through her hand.
  • Static electricity. She thought. The paper is old and I’ve been moving my hand around.
  • Her feelings for Percy have been pushed down for the past couple of days. She knew it was bound to happen, get feelings for Percy. He’s been living with her and she started to see Percy as a great guy before she found out the truth about him. 
  • So yes, she had feelings for him now. But he was going to go back home and be the hero he was suppose to be. He would forget about her once she helped him get home.
  • “Found it.” Annabeth said, pointing to a dot about a centimeter in diameter. “It’s on the east side of the kingdom. So it’ll be a couple days to get there.”
  • Percy looked at the map then back at Annabeth. “I think I know how to get there less than a couple of days.”
  • “How?” Annabeth asked. 
  • Percy smiled a bit. “I got some friends in the sea that could help us out. Ever heard of hippocampi?”
  • “Yes. But they aren’t real.” She replied. 
  • Percy just grinned. His green eyes sparkling.


  • Percy led Annabeth to the ocean in the middle of the night. He was holding her hand so she couldn’t get lost. 
  • They got to the ocean and Percy let go of Annabeth’s hand. He turned to smile at her.
  • “Watch this.” He told her before bringing his his two pointer fingers to mouth and whistling. The whistle ran through the town, possibly scaring some people who couldn’t sleep.
  • Percy stared at the ocean before a creature slowly emerged from the water. 
  • Annabeth stared in shock as a black hippocampi appeared before them. It was gorgeous. She walked over and gently touched the creature. The hippocampi nuzzled her hand.
  • “Annabeth, this is Blackjack. He’s my trusty stead.” Percy walked over and greeted his horse by petting the black horse’s nose. “We’re going to visit my mom boy. We’re going home.”
  • He helped Annabeth get on Blackjack before getting on himself. He gently patted the neck before Blackjack took off.
  • “He’s not going to go underwater, is he?” Annabeth asked.
  • “No. He’s going to stay above water for you.” Percy grinned. 
  • He loved the feeling of ocean mist on his face. It just reminded him of home. His home in Mare where he use to play by the beach when he was little. It brought back so many good memories.
  • But he was headed back home. Home to his mother. And where he knew someone evil was waiting for him to arrive.