electric oboe

Signs as instruments

Aries: [angry electric guitar]

: didgeridoo

Gemini: sensual saxophone

: sad squeaky violin

Leo: bongo drums mon

Virgo: egyptian oboe

Libra: theremin 

Scorpio: squidward’s clarinet:

Sagittarius: fluba

Capricorn: *church organ music*

Aquarius: flugelhorn

Pisces: hippie acoustic guitar 

Ok. Apollo would play bright electric and classical guitar, and probably something like the euphonium.

Hermes would play the trumpet. And probably the banjo.

Zeus would play the violin and a lot of really intense percussion.

Haides would play rough electric guitar, with Persephone on the bass and possibly a chorus of the damned.

Not sure why, but I’m feeling Iris on the xylophone.

Artemis would play the violin too, high and lonely, and sing quiet wild songs.

Athena would have to play the cello, because nothing is better designed, and nothing sounds more wise.

I can see Hera at a tall, stately harp, probably gold.

Dionysos plays contrabass saxophone and piccolo and ukulele. And wild, jazzy piano.

Hephaistos plays gongs and xylophones and musical saw, playing with all the ways He can make metal sing.

Poseidon would blow a conch shell and play the accordion, and brush cymbals until you could hear crashing waves.

Ares plays oboe and electric guitar, and sometimes stomping, driving double bass.

Demeter plays viola and makes Zeus sound good. Athena would appreciate the value of a descant under the keening violin, like screaming winds.

Aphrodite plays the cello too, and also gentle piano–the cello is the closest instrument in range to a human voice, and it’s been called seductive. She and Athena play Vivaldi together and let the violinists have their fun; They know where the beautiful parts are.