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so, a few years back, the six main founding fathers (Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Washington, and John Adams) were kidnapped from the past and brought to 2012 Chicago to act as props for the ‘12 election.

Didn’t work. Franklin was always jesting and sassy, Hamilton was irksome and depressed, Jefferson acted like a moody teenager, Washington refused to do anything, John Adams never returned his phone calls, and Madison, poor Madison, the time travel totally scrambled his brain and he’s struggling to make sense of time and reality as he thinks in the fifth dimension.

Their handler abandoned them, and the founding fathers of our nation were left to fend for themselves in a cruel and relentless world filled with lies, beer, heartbreak, partying, electricity bills, loss, and love.

There is no second season and all of us are dying here

We thankfully have some of their adventures documented on YouTube, but… There has been no update on their status since 2012.

We still have not found James Madison.

Endless Love


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Could you do a Theo x Reader based on the movie “ Endless Love ” + i love your imagines!

Side Note: Here you go @winchestdiaries​. I hope you like it and sorry it took so long, I wanted to get it right since it’s based off a movie…and I have my fingers crossed that I did the imagine justice! x

My first love was everything all at once. The kind that you never fall back from. Never try to. Never want to. A love so big. So strong. It never dies. Never fades. Never losses its electricity.

You saw him standing there, a guy that your father would describe as not worth your time. You see the family you come from is what other people would call privilege.

“Go talk to him” your best friend Lydia said, as she was sipping her drink.

“To who?” you asked

“The guy that’s across the room, that you have been staring at ever since we sat down” she explained.

Blushing you couldn’t hid anything from Lydia she knew you better than your own parents did.

“Come on let’s go, I have to be home roughly in 20 minutes” you said standing up and grabbing your purse.

Lydia followed your lead and just as you were near the register to pay she whispered in your ear, “I’ll be outside take your time talking to the cute guy”.

You lightly smacked her arm and gave her a smile.

Walking up to the counter you paid for lunch and as you were turning around, you collided with another person. “Oh gosh! I’m so sorry” you rambled, picking up the few things that fell out of your purse.

“It was my fault, I should of been looking where I was going” you looked up and met eyes with the guy you were eying moments before. All the two of you did was stare, completely memorized by him.

“I’m Theo” he said, breaking the long gaze.

“Y/N” he shook your hand and the both of you stood up. “I guess I should be going, it was nice to meet you”. Hurrying out of the restaurant, Lydia was waiting near her car.

“What happened?” she asked you.

“Nothing, let’s just go” you replied getting into the passengers seat. Lydia entered the drivers door and drove off. While you did nothing but think of Theo the whole drive home.

It had been several weeks since you met Theo, and those weeks had been the best of your life. He was middle class as your father would describe him, but just being with him you felt like a whole knew person. The two of you had just come back from a long walk, where Theo was showing you where his favourite spots where around town.

“We should probably say goodbye here, my dad would probably have a fit if he saw you” you said to him.

He smiled showcasing his perfect teeth and nodded, “Your dad hates me doesn’t he?”.

Looking down you didn’t know whether it was hate, or just pure distaste at the fact that Theo wasn’t made or born into a family of money. He didn’t trust Theo that’s all you knew, and he made that clear from the moment he found out you were dating him.

“My dad is just really over-protective” you stretched out the really part and it made Theo laugh.

He moved a piece of hair that had fallen from your neatly done ponytail, the two of you shared the same gaze the first time you met. But this one ended with Theo pressing his lips softly to yours, as unexpected this was everything about it felt right. And you allowed yourself, for a moment, to get lost in his touch and this feeling.

“I’ll see you later” he whispered.

Watching him walk down your driveway you couldn’t help but grin, the aftermath of the kiss left you feeling fuzzy and the shot of electricity was still running through your entire body.

“Care to explain where you have been?” your father came out of nowhere, showing you his disapproved face.

“I was with Theo” you said.

“The waiter boy who works at the restaurant down town?” your dad asked.

Stopping at the foot of the stairs, you sighed before turning around coming face to face with your dad. “Yes, why is that a problem?”

“You know that it is Y/N, his dangerous and clearly not good enough for you!” your dad’s voice slightly shot higher.

“Y/D/N, please calm down”  this time your mother intervened, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“You don’t know anything about him, and you’re making an assumption based on what? The fact that his a waiter. I’m not a little girl and I’m old enough to decide who to be with”.

“No, you think you’re old enough” you dad walked over to a draw and pulled out an envelope. “His probably not who he says he is, Y/N for the love of god the guy has a record”.

He gave you the envelope and inside was a single piece of paper, with a police record for Theo. You didn’t know what to think of your dad right now, he went to a new low in order to gather evidence. Emotions running high, you did the only thing you could think of and grabbed the keys to your car and ran out the door.

All you could hear where your parents shouting for you to come back, but there was no point. You only had on destination in mind and nothing was going to stop you from reaching it. When you didn’t find Theo at the restaurant you went to his house, knocking on the door a man probably the same age as your dad opened the door.

“Hi, I’m looking for Theo. I tried his work and they said he wasn’t there, by any chance is he home?” you politely asked.

“His not here either, to be quite frank I thought he would be with you. He has told me a great deal about you Y/N, and he often doesn’t do that. Just be careful, both of you come from different worlds and I’m not sure how well he’ll fit in yours.”

Not knowing what to say you gave his dad a small smile before heading off.

Night was falling and you decided to just go back home and call Theo tomorrow. Pulling up to the driveway you saw Theo leaning against his truck.

“What are you doing here? I’ve been looking for you everywhere” you ran into his arms.

“I wanted to surprise you, I was thinking we could go on a late night date” he said.

Pulling away he saw the sadness in your eyes, “Hey what’s wrong”.

“My dad doesn’t like the thought of you and me together Theo. He went as far and got a hold of your police records”.

“I don’t care what your dad thinks of me, just what you think of me” he said, grabbing your hand and rubbing his thumb in circles on it.

The front door opened and out came your dad, “Y/N get back inside” he said.

Theo stepped in front of you, “We were just about to leave”

“Like hell you were, my daughter isn’t going anywhere with you”

Your dad was walking towards you and Theo and never had you seen him this angry before. “Dad please just stop and listen” you pleaded but your father wasn’t listening. “Dad!” Fear washed over you because it looked like your dad was ready to punch Theo, “Dad!”. You screamed, you cried, you begged and only after your dad coming so close to Theo’s face did he stop and look at you.

Shock took over his face and he put his fist down, and didn’t say a word.

“I better go, I’ll see you later okay” Theo kissed the top of your head before driving off. With a tear stoked face you walked past your dad, without even looking at him. The person you once knew as your father completely disappear tonight, and you couldn’t even recognize the man that was standing on the driveway.

The next day wasn’t much better, Theo and you had to know keep your relationship on the day low. Sneaking around and hiding texts was what it had come down too. You were at school when someone grabbed your arm, pulling you behind a large stone pillar.

“Theo what are you doing here? If my dad catches us..” you said frantically looking around to make sure your father wasn’t no where in sight.

“He won’t okay, I had to see you Y/N…I’ve missed you” he said reaching out to torch your hand.

“I’ve missed you too” you replied back more than you could ever put into words.

“I have an idea, let’s run away. We can buy a plane ticket and go anywhere..just you and me. We can start fresh and it can just be the two of us”.

The offer was tempting but you knew that there was a way for your dad to be okay with the thought of you with Theo. And you weren’t going to give up until that happened. “I want too, more than you know. But I can’t leave, I know in my heart that my dad someday will be okay with me and you…it just might take some time”.

Giving him one more glance, you walked away praying that this was the right call. You got back home late. Walking into the house your mother greeted you at the door, “Come this way sweetie” she said, following her to the foyer you saw Theo sitting down with your dad. And you knew that whatever was happening wasn’t good.

“What’s going on?” you asked.

“I was just having a little chat with Theo” your dad explained, but from the look on Theo’s face it seemed like the conversation didn’t go well. Theo stood up and said, “I think I should go..clearly I’m not welcome here”.

“Of course you’re welcomed Theo” your mum said, but it was too late and he was already out the door.

You ran out after him, “Theo wait!” you called out but he didn’t stop.

“Let him go Y/N, that’s what boys like him do. They run when things get difficult and that’s not the man I want for you. Let him go, you’ll be so much better off.”

That hit Theo like a ton of bricks and he turned around, “I love your daughter and I’m sorry that you can’t see that”.

You dad said nothing and just walked on inside, but a few minutes later and you heard your mum yell. Theo and you both run into the house and heard the smoke detector go off, “What happened?” you yelled.

“The damn candles that your father lit caught fire, and he went into the room to put it out”.

Without pause or hesitation Theo ran in after your father, much to your protests.

Your mum dragged your out of the house, minutes later dire department were outside with several men going into the house. Looking towards the door your eyes only searching for Theo.

“He’ll be okay, they’ll both be okay” your mum whispered.

Two figures came out of the front door, running towards Theo you hugged him not wanting to let go. “Don’t ever do that to me again! You could of died Theo”.

Tears ran down your face and with the strength he had, Theo wiped them away.
“I’m sorry, I’ll never scare you like that again”. He pulled you into his arms and you closed your eyes. Looking over at your dad he was staring at the two of you, you didn’t know what he was thinking but you didn’t know how after what Theo just did, how your dad could ever disapprove of him now.

College was starting in a few weeks and you had gotten in to the one you always wanted to attend. But Lydia along with her boyfriend and you wanted to go away for a break until then. Your mother helped you pack and now you were sitting in the car with your dad.

“Y/N listen, I know I gave Theo a hard time. But you have to understand that I was only doing it to protect you. You’re my daughter, it’s my job to look out for you”.

Staring straight ahead you sighed, “He saved your life dad. The least you could do is give him a chance.”

Both of you sat in silence, before you broke it “I have to go my plane is leaving soon”.

Your dad got out of the car and helped you collect your suitcase, “Be safe and call us when you land” he said.

“I will” you replied. Your dad got back into the car and drove off, standing in the middle of the road you looked headed and saw Theo sitting on the steps.

Running to him you dropped your bag and kissed him.

“What are you doing here?” you asked.

“I’m coming with you if that’s alright” he smiled.

All you did was smile back and the two of you linked arms and headed to find Lydia. The plane trip wasn’t that bad and the moment you landed all 4 of you went straight to your rooms. Walking hand in hand Theo had lead you somewhere, looking around you saw in the distance a blanket spread across on the grass and a basket.

“Let me guess we’re having a picnic?”.

He chuckled and squeezed your hand, “I thought that since we don’t have anything to worry about we could just relax and enjoy the view”.

Sitting down on the blanket both of you leaned back and stared at the sky. You hadn’t felt this relaxed for a while and just being here with Theo was all that you needed. He linked his hand in yours and you couldn’t help but smile. Rolling over you kissed him, not wanting to forget this moment right here.

You and Theo may have come from different worlds, and never in a million years did you think you would meet someone like him. But everything that you and him went through and will go through will only make this relationship stronger.

This was the kind of love you fight for. The kind of boy you fight for, and that was never going to change.

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Electrical Engineering: Power Transmission Losses

We’ve been talking about step-down transformers that can convert between a high line voltage and more moderate local voltages. You might be asking yourself why we need to do such a thing in the first place. Why can’t we just transmit utility power at 120 V or 240 V?

All right, let’s try it. Say we need to transmit 20 MW of power over a 100 km. If we do it at 240 Vrms, we’ll have a current of 83.3 kArms flowing through the conductor.

Some of the 20 MW we’re transmitting is going to be lost - that is, dissipated as heat. We’d like to minimize losses, so let’s say we’re aiming for 97% efficiency - no more than 3% of that 20 MW lost. Since power dissipated is a function of current and resistance, we know we’ll need a conductor with an overall resistance of 8.64 x 10^-5 Ohms over a distance of 100 km.

The resistance of a conductor is a function of its length, l, its cross-sectional area, A, and the conductor’s resistivity, ρ, which is a property of the material it’s made of. We’ll assume a resistivity here of 8 x 10^-8 Ohm-meters. From here, we can figure out what kind of cross-sectional area our conductor needs - in other words, how large the cable’s diameter has to be.

To make this work, you’d need a conductor with a radius of 5.4 m. Clearly, this isn’t going to happen.

If you want a conductor that’s actually practical, that means you need to transmit power at high voltage - since a higher voltage at the same power will result in a lower current, this means your losses will be lower, allowing you to use a much smaller conductor. Here are the same calculations done with a transmission voltage of 240 kVrms instead of 240 Vrms.

In this case, you need a conductor with a radius of about 0.5 cm, which is much more reasonable.

do you think AI’s would be disgusted/horrified to see their insides? Like wires and nuts and bolts being icky to them? A while ago I read this paper about how we humans have a very intense relationship with the concepts of in and out. How we always know that we have blood running inside us, and muckus and spit, but once it’s on the outside it immediately becomes horrifying? This isn’t even that related to the idea that if something from us is outside it means we’re hurting, because that’s simply not true, you can spit on the ground but you’re not losing health, you’re just disgusted by it. There’s no concrete explanation of this. So if a roboperson could see their inside mechanics would they be horrified too? And further than that, would every sight of electricity be associated with loss of life(blood)? I honestly don’t think so. Because this is (as far as we know) a purely human concept, the ‘yuck factor’. Animals who bleed and drool don’t experience it (again, as far as we know). And further, I hope we don’t just replicate ourselves in a robo body, but that we purely create another type of being with its own freedom of experience and law.


from “Best Movie” magazine of July 2015 (nothing new, but I’m always happy when local movie magazines talk about TH):

Loki’s condominium

It’s basically a vertical “Snowpiercer”, with memories of Dino Buzzati’s “Sette Piani”. We can so define “High-Rise”, a movie completely located inside a glass and concrete skyscraper of 40 floors, where apartments are strictly divided in social classes: at the lowest floors live the poor, then, as you go up, the richest. One day there’s a loss of electricity, and the blackout turns on the anger of the people, triggering a massacre game behind closed doors. 

Based on the namesake novel (translated as “The Condominium” in Italy) written in 1975 by J.G. Ballard, “High-Rise” movie bets everything on the great Tom “Loki” Hiddleston, here as the story’s anti-hero: a charming doctor who observes with curiosity and detachment the bloody skyscraper’s war, so much that, while other people turn into beasts, he keeps a disturbing control. But don’t be fooled: under the haute couture jacket, this man also hides a dark side…


What’s happening in Lebanon right now is very important. Don’t sleep on it. This is a true popular rebellion by the people against a system that has been in power for 25 years. The garbage situation, coupled with the lack of electricity, lack of water, loss of representation, and many more problems are just the tip of the iceberg.

Yesterday the liberal organisers were scared and wanted to postpone more protests. Yet thousands upon thousands of people made their way to Riad el Solh to protest. The mood was one of joy, anger, freedom, and festive revolution.

There were people from all walks of life in Lebanon. All classes, all sects, all party affiliations, all ages. There were Palestinian refugees, Syrian refugees, and some but not many migrant domestic workers. Every inhabitant of this country suffers from the situation. It’s not a citizenship thing. Though there is hopefully a new form of citizenship being elaborated in the square.

There are a few xenophobic fascists of course. But they are the minority and we won’t let them hijack this. Please follow what’s going on and show solidarity. This is important.

A response to #whiteout

The difference between #blackout and #whiteout:

a black out is: a way to win Bingo; a loss of electricity, in which case you break out the candles and probably have a pretty good time anyway

A white out is: literally a tool for erasure 

when you use ‘white out’ on your papers you do not do so because you think the color white is beautiful, you do it to cover up the black ink, something that you see as a mistake. 

and #whiteout seemed to try to do that very thing, another counter attack against black ink. It was a response to something that made people realize they are losing their power to gloss over other’s voices. Just chill. Step back. Celebrate the beauty of others. 

White folks, if you still think that #whiteout is about pride, and can’t see that we have been #whitingout all other colors for centuries, you can #getout.