electric lizard green

One of my favorite rainbows to date, but I’ve been so busy the last month that I never got a chance to take decent outdoor photos of it. Even here, I was in a hotel room getting ready to head off to Louder Than Life (was anyone else there?!).

Manic Panic:
Electric Banana
Electric Lizard
Green Envy
Enchanted Forest
Atomic Turquoise
Rockabilly Blue
Deep Purple Dream
Hot Hot Pink

I like giving eye contact through my hair. Makes me feel a little mysterious lmao.

And This lipstick is literally like the weeeirdest color I own. ☺ It’s like an olive green shade that sometimes looks gold and sometimes looks brown depending on the lighting. It’s called “Trickery” by NYX. Perfect name. 😂


💚 I’m in love with my hair color 💚

Roots: Manic Panic Enchanted forest

Middle: Manic Panic Venus envy mixed 50/50 with Manic Panic Electric Lizard and like a drop of Enchanted forest

Tips: just electric lizard which is the best green I have ever seen 💚💚💚💚

all on my natural hair that has just been lightened by the sun all summer.

Electric Lizard

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Characters -  Priestly x Reader

Summary - The guy with the bright hair always comes into the beauty supply store you work at, buying a bottle of hair dye each week. What happens when he asks for some help?

Word Count - 1,162

Warnings - Super-cute fluffy as hell Priestly. He’s just so cute and sweet, guys.

A/N - I adore Priestly, and I couldn’t help but do some writing for him. Definitely expect more of him in the future whenever I get stuck with SPN.

He knew he was spending far too much money on hair dye. A bottle a week was more than enough, but by now he had each color of the rainbow and was buying multiples at this point.

Priestly had it bad. Each week, he would go to the beauty supply store and spend as long as possible hemming and hawing over color choices, even though he knew exactly what color he was getting. Anything to see you, the pretty girl with bright hair that stood at the cash register.

He noticed you changed your hair color often as well, though not nearly as often as he did. Today as he walked into the store, he smiled briefly at you, taking in the bright orange and yellow that covered your head. He had yet to see any color you didn’t look good in, and he was sure that one didn’t exist. He beelined for the bright hair dye section, trying to angle his boy so he could sneak peeks at you over the aisle.

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