electric light

It was clear, the stars full out. Sitting in the dark, listening to the cool rustle of the grass in the night wind, alone and still, I felt a kind of peace, the first in weeks. It felt natural. We were supposed to sit in the dark, with it, not ward it off with electric lights and buildings like cold, square cocoons


Las Vegas streetlights are powered by your footsteps
EnGoPlanet's solar and kinetic energy stations also run WiFi hotspots and security cameras.

Las Vegas is famous for its lights, bright sunny days and copious pedestrian traffic. That no doubt made it the perfect place for clean tech startup EnGoPlanet to test new LED streetlights powered by both photovoltaic panels and kinetic footstep pads. Married with a battery, the setup not only lights up the Boulder Plaza in downtown Vegas, but also powers security cameras (yep), WiFi hotspots and portable charging stations.

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