electric lady

reasons why u should love janelle monae
  1. she is a queen
  2. if u listen to all her music in order it tells the story of an android named cindy mayweather who falls in love with a human, and is persecuted because she lives in a dystopian future world
  3. but all her music still has real world meaning
  4. like about feminism and racial discrimination and mental health issues and basically everything people should be concerned about
  5. but it’s not all seriousness all the time because her music is super cool and original and fun to dance to
  6. no but really she goes from r&b to punk to old movie to funk to trippy sounding all in one album it is wonderful
  7. she was deeply inspired by the science fiction film Metropolis
  8. she wears the coolest clothes ever 
  9. like wow she dresses like don draper but she also looks ladylike as all get out
  10. she sings like an angel
  11. just buy all her albums and listen to them like 5 times in a row trust me you will not regret it because she is the best ever
If I were not a woman, or African-American, or have people in my life that have not been directly discriminated against, then I would not feel a social responsibility. When you love and care about people and you see young people dying, it’s impossible to ignore. Let me be clear: When I speak of androids, I am speaking of the new form of the ‘other.’ You can parallel that to people who are gay or lesbian, those whose skin is considered too dark; women still are not receiving equal rights. I write music that fights against self-hate. It is about loving yourself even if it makes others uncomfortable.
—  Janelle Monaé