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Take a Virtual Tour of NASA

Welcome to NASA! Today, we’re taking you behind-the-scenes for a virtual tour looking at our cutting-edge work and humanity’s destiny in deep space!

Starting at 1:30 p.m., we will host a series of Facebook Live events from each of our 10 field centers across the country. Take a look at where we’ll be taking you…

Glenn Research Center
1:30 p.m. EDT

Our Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH will host a tour of its Electric Propulsion Lab. This lab is where we test solar propulsion technologies that are critical to powering spacecraft for our deep-space missions. The Electric Propulsion Laboratory houses two huge vacuum chambers that simulate the space environment.

Marshall Space Flight Center
1:50 p.m. EDT

Our Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL will host a tour from a Marshall test stand where structural loads testing is performed on parts of our Space Launch System rocket. Once built, this will be the world’s most powerful rocket and will launch humans farther into space than ever before.

Stennis Space Center
2:10 p.m. EDT

Our Stennis Space Center in Bay St. Louis, MS will take viewers on a tour of their test stands to learn about rocket engine testing from their Test Control Center.

Armstrong Flight Research Center
2:30 p.m. EDT 

Our Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, CA will host a tour from their aircraft hangar and Simulator Lab where viewers can learn about our X-Planes program. What’s an X-Plane? They are a variety of flight demonstration vehicles that are used to test advanced technologies and revolutionary designs.

Johnson Space Center
2:50 p.m. EDT

Our Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX will take viewers on a virtual exploration trip through the mockups of the International Space Station and inside our deep-space exploration vehicle, the Orion spacecraft!

Ames Research Center
3:10 p.m. EDT

Our Ames Research Center in California’s Silicon Valley will bring viewers into its Arc Jet Facility, a plasma wind tunnel used to simulate the extreme heat of spacecraft atmospheric entry.

Kennedy Space Center
3:30 p.m. EDT

Our Kennedy Space Center in Florida will bring viewers inside the Vehicle Assembly Building to learn about how we’re preparing for the first launch of America’s next big rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.

Langley Research Center
3:50 p.m. EDT

Our Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia will bring viewers inside its 14-by-22-foot wind tunnel, where aerodynamic projects are tested.

Goddard Space Flight Center
4:10 p.m. EDT

Our Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD will discuss the upcoming United States total solar eclipse and host its tour from the Space Weather Lab, a large multi-screen room where data from the sun is analyzed and studied.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4:30 p.m. EDT

Our Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA will bring viewers to the Spacecraft Assembly Facility to learn about robotic exploration of the solar system.

So, make sure to join us for all or part of our virtual tour today, starting at 1:30 p.m. EDT! Discover more about the work we’re doing at NASA and be sure to ask your questions in the comment section of each Facebook Live event! 

Additional details and viewing information available HERE

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com


My favorite kind of LED items are the ones that look beautiful in day light and nighttime, so they transition perfectly! 

I haven’t seen a pansy crown before, and this one is adorable. The lights on it look great too!

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Imagine Steve but happy

Jogging, walking in the park, on the couch watching tv, even in bed, they were always together. Especially in bed. Most mornings, he woke to hot breath at his neck, and shoved into impossible angles.

When Bucky woke from cryo he had been surprised, to say the least.

“I never thought you were a dog person.” He said, watching Steve try to keep the chocolate lab from eating an electrical cable. The yellow lab snuffled Bucky’s hand, and tried to climb into his hospital bed.

“Me either, but one day there they were, in my apartment.” Steve said tugging the dog back out of the bed. “Sit.” He said firmly. The dog wagged and sat until Steve was distracted, then crept towards the bed again.

“How’d they get there?” Bucky had a few guesses.

“Nat.” Steve said, rubbing the dogs as they wagged and rubbed their heads into his hands. “I think it was Sam’s idea.”

“You look happy.”

“Yeah. I think I am.”


“Come on, Grunkle Stan! You love pancakes! Don’t you remember, you called them ‘Stancakes’?”

“No, I d- yeah, yeah I did, didn’t I? Ha! Yeah!”

Ford stood just behind his bedroom door, listening to the conversation going on in the kitchen down the hall. Something sunk into the pit of his stomach, making him feel hollow yet crushed at the same time. He listened as his brother and the two young twins chatted and laughed together. He listened as the kids explained things to Stanley, as his brother gradually began to remember more and more. He covered his mouth with a hand and took a step away from the door, sitting down carefully on the sofa running along one wall of his room. His fingers tugged at his hair, his eyes burning with unshed tears.

This was his fault. His brother, his best friend since birth, was sitting in the other room struggling to remember his life story. Ford knew just how upsetting this was for the kids. They had spent the entire summer making so many wonderful (and sometimes scary) memories with their Grunkle Stan and now he could barely remember a thing. All their work, all their time spent together had nearly been lost completely. This was all Ford’s fault. Ford had noticed that the longer he was around, the more danger arose and the more Stanley seemed to be angry, the kids seemed miserable. Of course, he didn’t know what the twins were like before he’d returned, but he could only assume that they’d been much happier.

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Son of a Patriotic Biscuit (Part 1)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader (Not a ton yet - there will be more, I promise!)

Word Count: 1760

Warnings: None

A/N: Alright y’all, my friend and I finally had time to go through and edit the story enough for me to put this piece up. Credits to her for putting up with my writing as well as my bemoaning of my inability to write this as quickly as I wanted (I’d tag her, but she doesn’t have a tumblr). Anyways, it’s my first series guys!! Hopefully you like it! If anyone wants to be tagged in the next parts or other fics as they come, just let me know - I swear I don’t bite. Reader is an Avenger who has wings - if you’ve read Maximum Ride, that’s where I got it from (and I claim no credit for the idea). Gif is not mine.

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Every. Single. Time. Why?! He just couldn’t seem to stop. Yet again, he had denied me going on a mission. He had said that I wasn’t ready to be out in the field like he didn’t even realize that I had already gone out a few times with Nat and Clint! I tried to explain this as calmly as possible, but he hadn’t heard a word of it. Naturally, I stormed down to the training room to take out my anger where it was more acceptable, rather than on a fellow Avenger. In the others’ defense, they had tried to talk Steve down, but he was completely in charge of the mission and who went on it.

“Fricken fracken, mother truckin’, son of a biscuit eater, chivalrous little overprotective man-baby!” Each word was punctuated with either a jab or kick to the punching bag in front of me. With the final words, I threw myself into a spinning kick that sent the already splitting bag flying across the room, sand trailing in its wake. After half an hour, my frustration had finally come to a head.

“What’d the bag ever do to you?” I tore my eyes away from the carnage with a huff and saw Nat in the doorway

“It’s not the bag I’m mad at,” I muttered, but I knew she heard me. She gave a miniscule nod of acknowledgement, both of my statement and my obvious desire to change topics.

“That’s quite the insult I heard. Where’d you come up with it, Feathers?” The ex-assassin moved to stand in front of me, putting my back to the door.

“Honestly? I dunno. The best ones are those that just come out in the moment, y’know?” Shrugging, I sheepishly turned back to the wreckage. “I’m gonna have to clean that up, aren’t I?”

“Nah. Not right this minute, at least.” She closed her mouth abruptly after the sentence, staring at something over my shoulder. I turned, freezing in my tracks when I saw who stood in the doorway. “I’m just going to give the two of you a minute.”

Thanks for that, I thought, glaring a little at her retreating form. Switching my focus to the hulking captain (pun intended), I allowed my face to settle into stiff lines. We stood there for a long moment, sizing each other up as though any second we were going to lunge at each other. Quirking my eyebrow up and crossing my arms, I resolved not to be the first of us to speak. As it turned out, I didn’t have long to wait before he uncomfortably broke the silence.

“This is for your own good,” he finally said. I threw my hands up indignantly before turning and looking for something to hit, though I desperately wanted to sock him in the jaw right then. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t help me get out in the field. “No, don’t you start giving me that look.” His blue eyes hardened, and I could tell he had no intention of being swayed on this when his forehead creased. “You may not realize that you aren’t ready, but I’m just keeping you from being killed out there. There aren’t any practice fights, no one out there is going to go easy on you.”

“You seem to have somehow gotten it into your head that I don’t realize that!” I burst out, utterly exasperated with him. “Steve, I’ve already gone on missions with Clint and Natasha, and I’ve even gone out with just Thor! I’m not the damsel in distress that you seem to think I am!”

“You’re not going and that’s final.”
“Fricken fracken, mother truckin’, son of a biscuit eating… Little patriotic old fart with a hero complex!”

“Lang–” He stopped in his tracks, confusion marring his features. “Wait, what? Did you actually say what I think you said?”

“Ooh, stepping into dangerous territory there, Captain. Thinking on your own? Don’t you need supervision for that?” I shoved past him, holding myself stiffly upright until I reached the elevator that took me to the floor with my room on it.

Finally in the safety of solitude, I made sure the door was locked before sliding down the wall until I was sitting, knees pulled up to my chest. I was upset enough that I unfurled my wings and wrapped them around myself, providing an extra shield between me and the outside world as a choked sob rose in my throat. Funny, how the feathers that used to be (and still sometimes were) a reminder of a nightmarish warehouse - full of needles, electric shocks, white lab coats, and pain above all else - while they were now the very things protecting me from more pain.

I stayed there for a long time, wallowing in the feelings of self-doubt that had sprung up once I was left alone in my thoughts. You see, despite being a kickbutt, flying, ninja-assassin-Avenger, I actually cared a lot what Steve thought of me. Having a crush on the star-spangled captain will do that to a person. As an unfortunate side effect, his apparent lack of confidence in my abilities in the field was doing wonders for knocking my self-esteem into the dust. To top it all off, I was almost positive that he only saw me as a younger sister, due to the overprotective big brother act.

Steve’s POV

After she pushed past me with a final jab about my thinking, I pushed a hand through my hair in frustration. Why couldn’t she see that I was so afraid of losing someone close to me again, that my fear was the reason I tried to protect her. Bucky was gone, and Peggy had grown up and left me behind. I couldn’t stand it if this brave, stubborn, kind woman died after somehow managing to worm her way into my heart no matter how desperately I had tried to keep her out. If she got hurt or killed when I could have kept her safe, I wasn’t sure if I could forgive myself.

I didn’t even realize that my feet were moving, tracing her light-footed path, until I was standing in front of her door. My hand was poised to knock, though it stopped when a small sound caught my attention. I wasn’t even completely sure I had heard anything until it came again. The muffled sob barely came through the door, sounding more like an agonized gasp of air that tore my heart out to know I was its cause.

To my knowledge, she hadn’t cried the whole time she lived at the Tower with us. What she had been like before Nick Fury brought her to us, I could only imagine. Strength and an iron will like hers were rarely forged through any but the most painful of fires. Still, she never said anything about her past, whether how she had gotten her wings or otherwise.

It had taken a lot of time, and a fair amount of prodding from the team, before I realized that I was in love with this spunky woman. Once I knew, however, no other beautiful woman in the room could turn my head from Y/N’s radiance. The only problem was that I still was no good with women and I knew it. I didn’t want my inability to put words to the feelings (thanks to my lack of experience) to drive her away, so I tried to protect her instead. Sinking down by her door with a disheartened sigh, I realized that to her it must seem like I didn’t believe in her abilities.

“You’ll have to tell her, Steve.” Natasha’s voice was quiet in my ear. Turning my head toward her, I saw her gaze soften even more as she opened her mouth to continue. “She thinks you have no confidence in her.”
“I do, I swear,” I protested vehemently under my breath, knowing the spy would hear me where the woman on the other side of the door would not. “I just… I don’t want to see her get hurt.”

“You’re going to have to get over that. This world leaves scars on people like us. Even her. Especially her. You can’t keep her from being hurt, but you could be there to help her heal.” This was the longest string of heartfelt advice I had heard from her, and I took it to heart.

“I’ll tell her after this mission, then.” I nodded, satisfied in my resolve.

“You’d better. Now come on. We’ve got a briefing to get through.”

Reader’s POV

It wasn’t until several hours later that I was bold enough to leave my room. Mostly because it was two in the morning and everyone going on the mission (read as: everyone but me - Thor was up in Asgard until after the team got back) would be asleep. Also because I was hungry, but y’know. Of course, I still stuck to the shadows and treaded silently through the halls and rooms. Entering the main room was when inspiration hit - likely a mix of exhaustion, desperation, and hunger, but it was too good a chance to pass up.

Steve had apparently been the last person awake, and had made the mistake of leaving the mission’s file on the table in plain sight. Performing a quick scan of the room, I crept up to the table, holding my wings up and out a little to ensure that they didn’t drag on the floor and make noise. A wolfish grin spread over my face as I read the details of the two week long mission. It was in an area I knew well - the place where I’d grown up as an experiment, constantly pushed to my limits and tormented for the scientists who wanted to see what a girl with wings could do. Coincidentally, it was that same group that the team was now going after.

Now knowing that I could get to the spot easily, the only thing left was to figure out when the whole thing was going to go down. The file really only had the details of the surveillance they would have to undertake to find the base. Fortunately for me, I was quite the hacker, so I made sure that the comms that were sitting out were synced to my laptop so that I would be able to hear everything that was going on out there. Satisfied with my little recon mission, I went my way into the kitchen and made a quick sandwich before returning to my room.

Part Two HERE

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Kiss for the Savior

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1.6K

Warnings: Slight angst; mentions of pain and dying

Request: I thought about something where the Reader is also an avenger (maybe something with electrical powers) and during one Mission in a fight against Hydra, you get attacked and thrown in a nearby lake while saving the Captain. You nearly drown and also cause of your powers you get into some shock. The others almost realize it too late but Steve Comes after you to save you. You have to be revived but you survive and Steve finally tells you that he loves you? :) –Anonymous

A/N: Oh, I absolutely love this request, I’m sorry it took me so long to write it! I hope you like the fic ♥

Originally posted by fantasyimagine

“Natasha?” You called the redhead’s name through your earbud, wiping sweat off of your glistening forehead after stunning another Hydra-agent with electric shock. “The lab is clear, where are you?”

You were on a mission at one of the HYDRA-bases under an isolated lake in the woods of Finland. Notwithstanding the fact that there were at least ten times more Hydra’s men than you, the Avengers were doing even better than you would expect.

“South,” she called out over loud noise of fighting, sounding breathless. “We are underdogs, how fast can you get here?”

“Coming,” Pietro’s accent colored voice chuckled in the line, making you raise your eyebrows with amused smile on your lips.

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When I started school our “computer lab” was a “tech lab” with electric typewriters and when I graduated school we all had our own iPads and every classroom had a smart board

Research Lab Gothic
  • You are talking to the postdoc and you turn around to make a note. You turn back and you are alone. You have always been alone. There hasn’t been funding for a postdoc for over three years.
  • It is always precisely 68 degrees in the lab. You forget what it feels like to not be slightly too cold. You keep a sweater and blanket at your desk, but it is never quite enough to stave off the chill that comes with the climate controlled air. You begin to wonder if you’ve ever been warm.
  • As soon as you refill the stock solutions they are empty again. No one sees who uses them. The undergrads say that they are haunted, but you’re sure that there’s a logical explanation. Maybe it’s the masters student who works late at night or the postdoc who comes in at the crack of dawn. You’ve never seen them, even when you collect overnight timepoints, but you’re fairly sure they exist. 
  • Someone asks you how long you’ve been with the lab. You are unsure. You can’t remember if it was two or three failed projects ago. It was right before your PI sprung for a new microscope, that much you know. They look confused. This is an electrical engineering lab, there is no microscope.
  • You pick up samples from your collaborator at the medical school. You get turned around in the maze of tunnels under the hospital. You’re in a hallway lined with doors that say danger, high voltage. It stretches on forever. Your samples are thawing.
  • The centrifuge emits a high pitched screech whenever you use it. You ask the lab manager if that’s normal. She says that centrifuge hasn’t worked for 10 years. You wonder how your cells are pelleting. 
  • Your goggles slowly fog up while the stock room manager yells at you about not using proper secondary containment. You are here to pick up pipette tips. 

Based on one of those “secretly dating” AU post thingies I saw floating around. Enjoy 

It wasn’t that Beca Mitchell was embarrassed that she was dating Chloe Beale.

In fact, that was about as far from the truth as humanly possible, because Beca was tempted just about every damn day to wrench the mic at the radio station away from Luke’s post-burger greasy fingers and scream it across the airwaves. To all five of their listeners, of course. 

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( @lets-dance-boys )

     Havoc walked through the Lab, his boots clicking against the warm tile. The air conditioning was out, and the lights had just short-circuited. Time for a quick fix. The silence wasn’t something that scared him, but instead something that made him excited to hear the soft humming of electricity flowing through the lab.

     He gently opened the panel, and put his flashlight between his teeth. Havoc wasn’t an expert when it came to aplacinggs sciency, like the periodic table, and different, oh so delicate mixtures of chemicals and magic that made the food his brother knew and loved so much. But– if he did say so himself–he knew quite a bit about circuitry.

     The skeleton woked diligently and expertly, finishing his circuit under 5 minutes. That’s when Havoc heard it. The distinct sound of heels clicking against tile. Something that he himself heard whenever Undyne walked in a room. Was Undyne…? No, this was someone else. Undyne walked with strength, not caring about her style. But this– this was elequent, something that spoke of power carefully tucked behind something he didn’t know about just jet. 

Standing to his full 6′3″, Havoc slammed the panel shut. The lights would be on in 10 minutes.