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WalktoVegasFilm Update!
Eric Balfour rockin’his Electric & Rose Chakra tank like a boss on the set of “Walk to Vegas”

“Our amazing director Eric Balfour at the helm. This incredible human has been such a pleasure to work for. He’s created a work environment that fosters creativity, passion, and so much fun! He treats his cast and crew with such respect and humility, everyone is happy to work harder and come together as a team. Thank you for keeping all of our chakras aligned, having me as your designer and telling this crazy story together!”

© Brittany Ann Cormack

my parents have this glass hanging lantern and it’s electric, and we haven’t turned it on because a couple of birds are nesting in it and it’s really cool bc the mommy and daddy bird will come feed the babies and you can’t see them because the glass is cloudy, but you can hear the babies go peepeeppeep 

The fact alone that Shoshannah and Jared had INCREDIBLE chemistry on screen should have been enough. There was absolutely no reason to kill her off, especially for that reason. Eileen and Sam together on screen were electric. We haven’t seen that kind of chemistry since 1x01 Dean and Sam.

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I sighed a quick breath of relief. “Rufus Shinra, son & Vice President of President Shinra, of the Shinra Electric Power Company.” “I haven’t the slightest clue how I got here,” I told the boy looking around in confusing of this ‘new’ place I’ve landed in. “I was walking, & then I just fell, everything went black, a few seconds later, I saw, you,” I paused, “I-I, I don’t know how this happened”

Noctis brushed the dirt off of himself and picked up his phone. he was unsure on what to do next since he never had this happen before. He could call his friends and they would come running. “I’m Noctis Lucis Caelum, the crown prince of Insomnia“