electric haven

venus, one look at you
and i understood
why battleships and storms were named
after women.
one kiss from you
and i understood
how a person could go to
war for love.
that one volcanic kiss will be our last
and i get it,
you’re into bad girls in leather
jackets wearing cigarette smoke like
perfume and i
in my
mum jeans and
post pictures of daisies on instagram.
it’s okay though,
you’re the kind of girl
i feel lucky just looking at
and it’s easy to admire from afar
when you’re vegas lights.
demanding, neon, beautiful.
a gorgeous gamble,
an electric haven.
—  the nine people i have loved as planets: venus // L.H

WalktoVegasFilm Update!
Eric Balfour rockin’his Electric & Rose Chakra tank like a boss on the set of “Walk to Vegas”

“Our amazing director Eric Balfour at the helm. This incredible human has been such a pleasure to work for. He’s created a work environment that fosters creativity, passion, and so much fun! He treats his cast and crew with such respect and humility, everyone is happy to work harder and come together as a team. Thank you for keeping all of our chakras aligned, having me as your designer and telling this crazy story together!”

© Brittany Ann Cormack

y'all i’m in a HEAT. not in the weird cat way more in the i have no electricity and haven’t had it for HOURS and i was supposed to watch oitnb but instead i’m rereading every last of stephen king’s written works and trying to teach myself how to be ambidextrous so that’s how my life is going atm. send help. or postmates. postmates’ll do.