electric flying type

The signs as Pokemon types

Aries: fire

Taurus: fighting

Gemini: water

Cancer: ghost

Leo: ice

Virgo: steel

Libra: dragon

Scorpio: dark

Sagittarius: poison

Capricorn: psychic

Aquarius: electric

Pisces: flying

Day 263 - Voltolos | ボルトロス| Thundurus (Therian Forme)

Lightning is churned from within Voltolos’ body. Using stored static electricity, it connects electron feelers to the ground to guide its bolts. When there is a powerful storm, that is Voltolos’ anger manifesting itself.

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Commission 51 - May ‘15 - Future Satoshi*

* - Not my view of Satoshi’s final design nor team.

Lizardon, Gaburias, Pikachu, Jukain, Lucario, Kabigon

Charizard, Garchomp, Pikachu, Sceptile, Lucario, Snorlax

The first stage starts out as a pure electric type- incapable of flight until its second stage. 2nd stage to 3rd stage will be Electric/Flying types. It starts as a slightly humanoid bird-like pokemon and into a full blown swan. 

1. A flightless pokemon that seems to be wearing a mask and a suit of feathers. Even if it were true, no one knows what they look like without such attributes. It carries a feathery cloak around its neck all the time.

2. Gaining the ability of flight, this pokemon can send thunderbolts from its beak. Its wings are tipped like lightning bolts capable of taking in electricity like a lightning rod. This also helps with navigation through storms.

3. This Pokemon can constantly create electricity from the energy around it. Its wings still act as lightning rods and conductors, but it now sprouts two energy ‘ribbons’ from its neck to release extra energy to prevent its body from overheating and causing the pokemon extreme fatigue from overheating.