electric flying type

i caught both of these pretty close together so i like to think they’re orb friends ( ; w;)

the magnemite is called tesla, and the minior is called kirby (after the comic artist not the video game mascot. but i think the video game mascot was actually named after the comic artist so?? w/e it’s a good name)


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bruceywillis263  asked:

Hey there! Would you be so kind as to think of which Pokemon the dads would have on their team and maybe their favorite types/ Pokemon?


Joseph would absolutely be a Water type trainer. His team would probably include Lapras, Blastoise, Wailord, Kingler, Gyarados and Jellicent. SAILING FOR ADVENTURE ON THE BIG BLUE WET THING!

Robert loves cryptids to an unhealthy degree, so he would be all about Ghost/Dark types. His team would include Gengar, Dusknoir, Houndoom, Greninja, Mismagius and Krookodile. Incidentally, Gengar is my absolute favorite pokemon ever. he’s the best fight me.

Craig may look like he’s all about fighting, but he’s modern and sleek! Let’s put him as a lover of Steel type! His pokebros would be Magneton, Steelix, Skarmory, Metagross, Lucario and Bisharp.

Mat is a man with many adventures under his belt. He’s a free spirit at heart and I would guess he loves Electric/Flying types! He would most likely own a Raichu, Pidgeot, Electabuzz, Crobat, Dragonite and Noctowl.

Damien wouldn’t take ghost pokemon, as one might initially believe. Instead, he’s got a softer heart for Grass/Bug types! He would have Vespiqueen, Roserade, Venasaur, Vileplume, Leavanny and Victreebel

Brian has got the gusto to get after what he wants and so thus would be a perfect candidate for Fire type! He would have Charizard, Arcanine, Ninetails, Blaziken, Emboar and Camerupt

Hugo is without a doubt, a fighter. His pokemon would all center around Fighting type. His lineup would include Machamp, Primeape, Hitmonchan, Poliwrath, Infernape and Scrafty.

(i did the best i could with this, but honestly i would love to revisit this sometime and do a more complete analysis. For now, enjoy!)

-Mod Auggie-

Day 263 - Voltolos | ボルトロス| Thundurus (Therian Forme)

Lightning is churned from within Voltolos’ body. Using stored static electricity, it connects electron feelers to the ground to guide its bolts. When there is a powerful storm, that is Voltolos’ anger manifesting itself.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

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Zapdos flies in until August 14th!

“The Electric- and Flying-type Zapdos is weak only against Ice-type and Rock-type attacks, and it isn’t doubly vulnerable to either type. It’s also resistant to Ground-type attacks, so the tactics you’d use against other Electric-type Pokémon won’t work well against Zapdos. Ground-type Pokémon will still take the least damage from Zapdos’s Electric-type attacks, and Dragon-, Electric-, and Grass-type Pokémon will take reduced damage, too.”

Best Defenders against Zapdos:

  • Golem w/ Rock Throw/Stone Edge (deals the most damage per second, rock type moves super effective, reduced damage from Zap)
  • Piloswine w/ Ice Shard/Avalanche (super effective damage, resists Zap moves, not the bulkiest though)
  • Rhydon w/ Mud Slap/Stone Edge (Resists Zap moves, super effective rock move, no effective fast attack)
  • Tyranitar w/ Bite/Stone Edge (tank, super effective rock move, no resisted damage though)
  • Dragonite w/ Dragon Tail/Outrage (resists Zap moves thanks to Dragon typing, solid damage ouput, tanky)
  • Glass Cannons: Articuno, Jynx, Alakazam, Gengar, Aerodactyl, Flareon (all have the potential to deal heavy damage but will faint quickly when hit)

Remember the odds of capturing Zapdos are best when the ring is smaller, scoring Great/Excellent throws as well as curveballs improve your chances (if you can’t do Excellent throws, settle for less). Make sure to wait for it to stop moving and use all the golden razz berries you can. Good Luck!

Voltron Pokemon AUs “Statistics” and “Analysis”

So I did an experiment for fun and profit.

I went through every Pokemon AU post I could find that I’ve reblogged and tracked the Pokemon assigned to each of Team Voltron, and did a little bit of a half-assed analysis because I’m kind of curious about what the fandom consensus is when it comes to Pokemon AUs and because I’m bored apparently. This is what I’ve discovered, if anyone is interested.


The majority of the Pokemon assigned to him are Dark Type, with Steel Type being a distant second. I was a bit surprised by this at first, but I guess with him being the Black Paladin, it sort of makes sense. There wasn’t really one specific Pokemon that seemed to be associated with him, but Umbreon came up a couple times. So I guess in conclusion Shiro would be a Dark (and Steel?) Type trainer with an Umbreon on his team.


Pidge is a pretty even split between Grass, Electric, and Flying Types apparently. This is heavily skewed of course by the fact that Pidge is often paired with Rowlet and/or Pidgey. The Grass and Electric typing makes sense, considering she’s the guardian spirit of the forest, but she’s also huge into tech. Pokemon commonly found on Pidge’s team are Rowlet, Pidgey, and Rotom, so those would definitely be on her team if she was a trainer.


I’m sure no one will be surprised to hear that Keith is almost exclusively paired with Fire Type Pokemon (there was literally only one Pokemon I found associated with him that wasn’t Fire Type at all). I’m also sure that no one will be surprised that Fighting Type came in (albeit distant) second. Keith seems like he’d definitely be a Fire-Type trainer, not just because of the guardian spirit of fire thing, but because a lot of Fire Types seem to fit him. He’s mostly paired with the Fire Starters, with the Litten, Charmander, and Torchic lines being the most popular. He also often has one of the Vulpix or Growlithe line. Yay Gen 1 bias??


 Again, no surprise this boy is a Water Type trainer, with Ice being his second most common typing. In fact, the ratios between Keith and Lance’s first and second most common typing were exactly the same. I guess these two are pretty straightforward (though I’m actually surprised Lance didn’t have more Ice Type Pokemon on his teams, considering Blue actually has ice powers, not water). Lance has a pretty diverse pool of Pokemon that I’ve seen, but the Popplio line and the Alolan Vulpix line have popped up a few times. Gyarados is also a slightly more popular option.


An even split between Rock and Ground Types. Again, I don’t think this one was too much of a surprise. What was surprising to me was that Grass Types came in at a very distant third, especially Grass Starters. It’s actually kind of cute! In terms of Pokemon commonly found on his team, there was one that stood out, and that’s the Geodude line. Otherwise he has a pretty decent mix of Pokemon. I was actually surprised at some of the variety I saw.


Allura is a three way split like Pidge, between Fairy, Psychic, and Ghost Type. Fairy and Psychic seemed pretty straightforward to me, but I was a little surprised by the strong connection to Ghost Type Pokemon. Then I remembered that pretty much everyone Allura has ever known is dead, and the connection made way more sense and also I got really sad. Vague consensus seems to be that she’d have SOME Eeveelution, though whether that’s Sylveon or Espeon is up for debate. Gardevoir also popped up a few times.


Coran unfortunately doesn’t show up very often in Pokemon AUs so his data is hella skewed based on only a few posts, but Rock and Electric Types were the most common types for him. And I guess that makes sense? He’s steady and dependable, but he’s also tech-savvy like Pidge? He really doesn’t have a common Pokemon because every single time he shows up in an AU post, it’s with something different. More data is needed for conclusions to be made.

So what can we take away from this? Probably that I was really bored and needed to waste some time farting around on the internet.

And yo, don’t take this too seriously if any of this conflicts with your personal headcanons. Obviously I wasn’t doing a lot of in-depth research here, and the data I was drawing from is limited to things I’ve seen and reblogged. There could be a bunch of posts out there pairing Shiro with mostly Bug Types, but I haven’t seen them so that aren’t taken into account. Also, my results are heavily skewed by posts that had full teams, because obviously they’d have more information to take into account.

This was all in good fun because I was bored, curious, and love me some Pokemon AUs. I hope somebody out there finds this at least slightly as interesting as I did :)