electric eclectics

Thunderbird Headcanons

-Thunderbirds being electric, eclectic, energetic people

-Thunderbirds constantly seeking obstacles and challenges to overcome

-The common room is just full to the brim with half-finished projects, inventions, and charred bits of furniture where projects backfired entirely

-Thunderbirds doing the most ridiculous, impossible things just for the challenge of doing it

-Like annually throwing a piano off the tallest spire in the castle, ala MIT

-Thunderbirds being notorious for setting off incredible, albeit slightly illegal fireworks during every conceivable holiday.

-Thunderbirds having a major rivalry with Wumpus, but in a friendly way, that helps them both grow

-Thunderbirds having enough house spirit to kill a horse

-Thunderbirds being kind of terrible at schoolwork, but are terrific at teaching themselves really weird but incredibly useful things.

-Thunderbirds also having a knack for looking into really strange esoteric things that people have mostly forgotten

-On The Road and Into The Wild are Thunderbird required reading

-Thunderbirds getting caught up in projects and pulling an all nighter after forgetting about their homework entirely


Dave Dyment
Water Music, 2007


A five-pound block of ice is placed on an electric keyboard, producing an extended amplified cluster-drone. The sound continues until the ice melts away, or the keyboard shorts out from the resulting water-damage.

Pictured at MKG127 in 2007 and at the Electric Eclectics Festival in Meaford in 2012.