electric dylan

“I would dance with you, Maria, but my hands are on fire.”

- Bob Dylan at an afterparty to a fellow singer Maria Muldaur when she asked him to dance with her so as to cheer him up after the booing at the Newport Folk Festival 1965 when Dylan went electric.


“End Of The Line” by Traveling Wilburys

Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 (1988)

Chuck Berry is turning 90 without fanfare

The Rolling Stones were actually formed after Mick Jagger saw Richards holding a Chuck Berry record at the Dartford railway station in Kent, England. They had been elementary school classmates, Richards wrote in his book, Life, he thought he was the only Berry fan around until discovering Jagger had “every Chuck Berry ever made.” Jagger invited Richards to hang out with his cadre of R&B fans and they began playing music, with Richards playing electric guitar “Chuck-style.”

Dylan has said he was into Chuck Berry before discovering Woody Guthrie and turning to folk. His first rock hit, Subterranean Homesick Blues, is directly influenced by Berry’s Too Much Monkey Business.

The Beatles had hits with Berry compositions such as Roll Over Beethoven, Rock and Roll Music and Sweet Little Sixteen, and McCartney called Berry “one of greatest poets America has ever produced”  in an introduction to the 2014 release of Berry’s complete studio recordings.

Young played with Berry and Richards at Berry’s 1986 induction into the first class of the Rock ’N’ Roll Hall of Fame, in which Richards said in his induction speech for his hero, “I lifted every lick he ever played.”

Hackford attended that ceremony with producer Stephanie Bennett, who had already asked him to direct a documentary about Berry.

“We went to the Chicago Film Festival and that’s where I met Keith and we started collaborating because we wanted to make it something really special,” Hackford said. “We also got a taste of Chuck, who was playing at the Chicago Film Festival, driving his big camper through Chicago the wrong way down a one-way street. It was astounding. I knew when I got in with Chuck Berry I had really fallen into a fantastic, creative feather bed. Chuck Berry is more like a bed of nails, but regardless, you know it’s not going to be boring.”

Berry wrote in his 1987 book, Autobiography, about his interest in doing interview “dwindled over the years as I would read back what I was supposed to have said to reporters.” Hackford interviewed Berry many times for his documentary and said Berry will “go down in history as a brilliant artist and an enigma.

“Chuck is a total contradiction,” he said. “He’s a proud black man. On the other hand, he has a very critical view of different parts of society – racial and political and everything else. I would call him a genius. The definition of a genius is somebody apart (who) doesn’t feel the normal human weaknesses many of us do. Therefore they can be, let’s call it complicated, let’s call it difficult, sometimes irrational. When you see someone who is a genius, who has done things nobody else has, why should they be normal? They’re not normal.”

Hackford said the other pioneers he interviewed — including Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, Bo Diddley and Presley’s producer, Sam Phillips — all called Berry an influence on them. Even Lewis, a pianist who spewed racist epithets at Berry when they toured together in the ‘50s, praised Berry.

“Jerry Lee said he had a big thing with Chuck and chose him off,” Hackford said, “and Chuck beat the (crap) out of him. He says this on film. But, when it came down to it, they all basically said this was the most brilliant artist of their generation.” [Read More]


I’m seriously so proud of him… He’s been through so much, like he gets overshadowed by Gerard so much in that area because Gerard’s dealt with alcohol and drugs and depression and stuff but, so has Mikey. and a lot of other stuff. And he’s finally starting to be able to perform without Gerard, with Waterparks and Andy Black and all that… he’s doing so well i’m so happy he’s ok.

Classic Rock and Blues Asks

1. Favourite Riff?

2. Favourite Guitar Model?

3. Favourite Musical Decade?

4. Favourite 60s Band?

5. Favourite 70s Band?

6. Favourite 80s Band?

7. Favourite 90s Band?

8. Favourite 2000s Band?

9. Favourite Album?

10. What was the greatest year for music?

11. Fenders or Gibsons?

10. Favourite Guitarist?

11. Which side of the Atlantic (Britain or America)?

12. Rosewood or Maple Fretboards?

13. Greatest “1 album” bands?

14. Crosby, Stills or Nash?

15. Favourite Rolling Stone?

16. Favourite Guitar Solo?

17. Who have you seen live?

18. Greatest modern blues/rock guitarist?

19. Favourite drummer?

20. Favourite Bass Player?

21. Favourite Keys Player?

22. Favourite Male Singer?

23. Favourite Female Singer?

24. If you could own one famous guitar?

25. Favourite Beatle?

26. Favourite Singer Songwriter?

27. Electric or Acoustic?

28. Dylan, Electric or Acoustic?

29. Band you wish would/could reform?

30. Top 3 dead musicians you wish you’d seen?

31. Most underrated guitarist?

32. What would your first piece of advise be to new guitarists?

33. Big venues or small venues?

34. What posters are on your walls?

35. Vinyl or Digital?

36. Most Overrated Guitarist?

37. Which song do you wish you’d written?

38. Which concerts do you wish you’d seen?

39. If you met your hero what would you say to them?

40. Flatpicking or Fingerstyle?

41. Open tunings, yay or nay?

42. Favourite classic blues song?

43. Pick a King, Freddie, BB or Albert?

44. Who’s the most influential guitarist?

45. If you could play any song?

46. Who’s music has taught you the most?

47. Best cover of a song?

48. If Clapton is God then who’s Jesus?

49. Why did you start playing your instrument?

50. Favourite Eagle?

51. Favourite Les Paul Player?

52. Favourite Stratocaster Player?

53. Hollow bodied guitars, yay or nay?

54. What youtube comment really bugs you?

55. Best person you’ve seen live?

56. Best musician’s autobiography you’ve read?

57. Band you’d most like to see?

58. Favourite Stones’ Album?

59. Favourite Beatles’ Album?

60. Favourite Eagles’ Album?

61. Favourite Led Zeppelin Album?

62. Favourite Led Zeppelin Member?

63. What band do you not listen to enough of?

64. What band is your guilty pleasure?

65. What is your opinion of (insert bandartist)?

66. What is your opinion of (insert guitarist)?

67. Beatles or Stones?

68. Clapton or Hendrix?

69. Favourite ex-yardbird?

70. Favourite driving song?

71. Favourite Cream Song?

72. Jack White or Dan Auerbach?

73. White Stripes or Black Keys?

74. What bugs you the most about your favourite artists?

75. Is Blues dead?

76. Who would be in your ultimate band?

77. Who do you wish had collaborated on a whole album?

78. Favourite cheesy but brilliant song?

79. Favourite love song?

80. Greatest solo career?

81. Which musician have you learnt the most from?

82. Worst musician’s autobiography you’ve ever read?

83. Best greatest hits album?

84. What song is stuck in your head?

85. What song makes you cry every time?

86. Telecaster or Stratocaster?

87. SG or Les Paul?

88. Favourite Telecaster Guitarist?

89. Favourite SG Guitarist?

90. Favourite Firebird Player?

91. What’s the most unusual guitar you’d buy?

92. What’s your earliest classic rock or blues memory?

93. Best music documentary you’ve seen?

94. Best live concert video you’ve watched?

95. What band t-shirts do you own?

96. Own anything signed?

97. Do your parents like this music?

98. Where would you most love to play a gig?

99. If you could attend one festival?

100. What’s the thing you last learnt on guitar?

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