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When Donald Trump spoke at Boeing’s factory in North Charleston, South Carolina – unveiling Boeing’s new 787 “Dreamliner” – he congratulated Boeing for building the plane “right here in the great state of South Carolina.“

But that is pure fantasy.

Trump also used the occasion to tout his “America First” economics, stating “our goal as a nation must be to rely less on imports and more on products made here in the U.S.A.”

Trump seems utterly ignorant about global competition – and about what’s really holding back American workers.

Start with Boeing’s Dreamliner itself. It’s not “made in the U.S.A.” It is assembled in the USA. Most of the parts and almost a third of the cost of the entire plane come from overseas.

For example:

The center fuselage and horizontal stabilizers came from Italy.

The aircraft’s landing gears, doors, electrical power conversion system - from France.

The main cabin lighting came from Germany.

The cargo access doors from Sweden.

The lavatories, flight deck interiors, and galleys from Japan.

Many of the engines from the U.K.

The moveable trailing edge of the wings from Canada.

Notably, the foreign companies that made these parts don’t pay their workers low wages. In fact, when you add in the value of health and pension benefits, most of these foreign workers get a better deal than do Boeing’s workers.

These nations also provide most young people with excellent educations and technical training, as well as universally-available health care.

To pay for all this, these countries also impose higher tax rates on their corporations and wealthy individuals than does the United States. And their health, safety, environmental, and labor regulations are stricter.

Not incidentally, they have stronger unions.

So why is so much of Boeing’s Dreamliner coming from these high-wage, high-tax, high-cost places?

Because the parts made by workers in these countries are better, last longer, and are more reliable than parts made anywhere else.

There’s a critical lesson here.

The way to make the American workforce more competitive isn’t to build an economic wall around America.

It’s to invest more in the education and skills of Americans, in on-the-job training, in a healthcare system that reaches more of us. And to give workers a say in their companies through strong unions.

In other words, we get a first-class workforce by investing in the productive capacities of Americans  – and rewarding them with high wages.

Economic nationalism is no substitute for building the competitiveness of American workers.

cleanup in aisle 7 | (m)

☆ pairing: jungkook x reader

☆ genre: smut, cunnilingus, slight overstimulation, fluff

☆ word count: 2.9k

inspired by a dream @oh-no-its-mo had

⚠️caution: wet floor⚠️

“Staaay,” Jungkook whined. His fingers interlocked with yours, trapping you in his grasp as he sat on your shared mattress and you stood. He was clingier than usual—needier. You had shit to do, though. You didn’t have time for this.

“You want to get fed, right?”

Yeah,” he sighed, yet a shit-eating grin formed on his lips as his eyes downcasted to your skirt, “but there’s only one thing I’m really craving to eat right now.”

His smirk ignited a fire in you, and it wasn’t arousal (although maybe just a tad). Irritation flooded you and you freed yourself from his grasp.

“Stay at home to work on your little problem then. You have two hands.”

“Baaabe, just give me 20 minutes!”

You scoffed at his persistence and instead made your leave to the supermarket, slamming the bedroom door behind you. That was the problem with having a horny boyfriend. Sure, the sex was fantastic, but sometimes he was a little…overbearing. And he always gave you what you wanted, but you still felt like something was missing. You decided to bring it up sometime soon.

“These eggplants look like dicks.”

You scoffed. “You wish yours was even remotely that size.”

“Hey!” Jungkook frowned, clearly offended by your remark. You were right but he wasn’t going to admit it. “Should I compare my dick to this eggplant right here, right now?” His fingers hovered over the zipper of his jeans.

An exasperated sigh escaped your lips, “You should have stayed your ass home.” You walked away from him and resorted to pretending you didn’t know him so as to save yourself from embarrassment.

“No way, I would have missed you too much,” he said, catching up to you and wrapping an arm around your shoulder. You pinched his arm in return.

After Jungkook’s constant indiscreet squeezes of your ass and his constant back hugs while you rummaged through food items on shelves, all of the necessary items had been retrieved from the aisles and all there was left to do was pay. However, as you were on your way to the check-out area, you were welcomed by the hard-hitting sound of rain over the supermarket rooftop.  

“Shit, I didn’t bring my umbrella.” You groaned.


“So our asses are staying in here until the rain subsides.”

Jungkook knew you would refuse walking out of the supermarket and risking getting your hair was out of the question, so he didn’t bother coercing you to head back home with him despite the heavy rain. Instead, the two of you hauled the shopping cart with the unpaid items to the back of the store where you both found an employee resting area. While the two of you entered and waited for the rain to subside, he took your hand and placed it on his crotch to feel his raging boner.

You pulled your hand back quickly and glared daggers at him, “I didn’t feel anything, just a little meat,” you laughed, but as soon as the words left your lips, you knew you had made a grave mistake.

His expression was discernible and it all happened too fast. He walked up behind you and his arms snaked around your waist, a hand sliding underneath your shirt to grasp your breast while the other remained on your hip holding you flush against him. You felt his boner against the small of your back and you gulped down the urge to pounce on him. His mouth hovered over your ear, his breath tickling you as he spoke into it with a deep, gravelly voice that was laced with arousal and desperation.

“You already know what it is, so don’t act like you don’t like this ‘meat’. You know I have you screaming.” He lightly sucked on your earlobe and groaned as he rubbed his boner against your ass, his agonizing desire quite apparent in his jeans. You didn’t have to see his face to know his face was contorted into that stupid ass smirk of his. Yet, your heartbeat was quickening and you were sure he could feel the vibrations against his chest and in his hand as he kneaded your breast. After all, you were both still at the fucking supermarket and were at risk of being caught.

You freed yourself from his grasp and put some distance between you two. “I have to pee,” you lied, “wait here.” He clicked his tongue as you walked towards the employee bathroom a few feet away. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to have sex with Jungkook. Quite frankly, you wanted him to fuck you raw until you burst under his touch, especially after his persistent attempts in seducing you throughout the duration of your grocery shopping. The aching between your legs felt almost unbearable, but it just wasn’t the time and place to do that.  

As you opened the bathroom door, the electricity blew a fuse in the supermarket and everything went pitch black.

You felt Jungkook’s body behind you. “Perfect,” he whispered and pushed you into the bathroom gently, following behind you and locking the door behind him.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You asked, but you knew where this was going.

He quickly turned on the flashlight on his phone and scanned the bathroom before placing his phone face down so that the light could illuminate the room. Surprisingly, the room was fancy for being an employee bathroom in a supermarket. The walls were white with salmon colored accents and the counter was made of white marble with salmon-colored swirls with a large mirror over the counter. The floors were made of marble too, but the decór of the employee bathroom wasn’t what was important, though. What was important was that Jungkook was looking at you from the counter, eyes hooded with lust and a grin you wanted to smack off of his face.

“Come here.” His voice was low and rough and you attempted to hold yourself from melting into a puddle right then and there. Hesitantly, you approached him, already knowing what would ensue once you closed the distance between the two of you.

Immediately, his lips collided onto the crook of your neck like magnets. His hand slipped underneath your shirt and traced circles on your back as he began leaving hungry trails of kisses from your neck to your shoulders. You fought the urge to moan, your lips pursed as he kissed your collarbone and moved upwards to your neck, then, your cheeks, and finally, onto your lips. His kisses were soft at first and you reciprocated them just as softly, but his hand began to glide dangerously low on your body, lifting up your skirt and sliding underneath your panties. He groaned upon feeling your warmth on his fingers as the pads of his fingers stroked your bud roughly and at a slow pace.

Your moans quickened and he swallowed each and every one of them as he kissed you, his kisses beginning to grow desperate and ravenous, matching the motions his hands were making between your legs. Your hands clutched onto his arms, fingers digging into his bicep as he continued his ministrations.

You were disappointed when his hand had suddenly left your heat and he turned the two of you around so that your ass was pressed against the counter. His hand lifted your skirt as he kneeled on the marble floor and you looked down at him, perking up a brow. He pulled down your panties so that they rested on your calves after spreading your legs apart. His mouth latched onto your pussy quickly and without warning, his tongue sweeping your outer and inner lips in slow motions, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from you. He sucked on your nub and released it, trailing his tongue down towards your entrance and slurping up your arousal, all while slick sounds echoed in the bathroom.

“Damn, boy. If you’re that hungry we have groceries right outside. You’re eating me out like a mango and shit.”

“Mmm, no,” he hummed, mouth still attached to you which sent vibrations straight to your core. “Your pussy tastes much,” he teased your clit with a single lick, “better than mangoes.” Your breath hitched in your throat and you whimpered as his tongue returned to your clit and began attacking it ferociously, moving it in circles while looking up at you with those hooded eyes you both adored and felt annoyed by.

His tongue flicked against your clit steadily without pause and your nails dug into his soft, brown locks when you began to feel butterflies fluttering about in your lower belly. He moaned into you, both by your touch and because he was savoring every moment he spent between your legs, happily lapping at his girlfriend’s arousal. A hand went up to grab and play with your ass and the other massaged the inside of your thighs.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Your voice was shaky, every lick and suck pushing you further to the edge.

With one final lick you began writhing and rocked your hips against Jungkook’s mouth desperately, riding out your high as he continued to lick you. When the overstimulation became too much, your hand dropped to Jungkook’s cheek and you gently pushed him away, his lips making a slurping sound when he separated himself from your pussy.

Your breathing was still labored from your orgasm when he stood and took your face in his hands, capturing you in a swift kiss.

He chuckled against your lips. “Good?”

“Yeah,” you said, breathless and in a daze.

“Good, ‘cuz we’re not finished yet.” And before you could process what he had said, he turned you around so that your front was facing the bathroom counter and he kissed your cheek before pushing you down so that your body was over and against the counter.

“Can we?” he asked, and when you nodded yes, he pulled out a condom from the back pocket of his jeans and pulled down his pants until they reached around his knees.

Your head turned around to look at him. “You brought a condom to the Supermarket?”

“I always bring a condom with me when I’m with you; you never know what’ll happen,” he winked and quickly unwrapped the condom, sliding it onto his full length.

You rolled your eyes at him and waited anxiously for him to finally enter you, to finally raw you like you’ve been secretly wishing for the entire time you had been shopping.

He lifted your skirt to reveal your ass and pussy and he stared down at your ass in admiration, “So cute.”

Your breath hitched when he suddenly rubbed his dick against your wet core, the slippery sound of your wet folds rubbing against his dick lighting a salacious grin on Jungkook’s face. He rubbed himself against your still sensitive bud and you swallowed, clutching onto the counter with both hands and biting down on your lip upon feeling your rekindling arousal.

You felt irritation prickling your skin. “Weren’t you horny off your ass all damn day? Why are you taking so long to shove your dick in this pus—” Suddenly, he entered you, eliciting a surprised and more than pleased gasp from you and a deep, blissful groan from him after finally coming into contact with the heat he had been craving all day long. Finally, he was surrounded by your delicious warmth.

He began slowly, allowing you to adjust and caressing your lower body with his warm hands. When you gave him the okay to move faster, he did not hesitate. Jungkook wasn’t kidding—he truly was holding back for a long time, his pent up arousal evident in his powerful and rushed but determined thrusts. They were more powerful and desperate than you had ever seen in him, every thrust hitting your spot swiftly and flawlessly, rendering you a moaning mess underneath him. He knew every nook and cranny of your body, so he was quick to locate the spot that would soon make you unravel. Your hold on the counter tightened as his hands gripped around your hips and he thrusted into you fervently while your eyes were shut. You felt his hand lift up your chin gingerly, contrary to his ruthless and fervid thrusts.

He tilted your head so that you would look at the two of you in the big mirror over the sink. “Look at you…my baby,” he panted.

You took a peek and began lowering your head, but he clicked his tongue and lifted your chin once again, tilting your head towards the direction of the mirror. His lips hovered over your ear. “Put your head up and look at yourself,” he commanded, voice low and husky. “I want you to remember everything.”

You exhaled shakily as his words sent electricity through your veins and sent pulsations between your legs. You were embarrassed, but something about watching yourself getting fucked by your boyfriend over the Supermarket’s employee bathroom counter with nothing but the flashlight of his phone illuminating the room excited you, your adrenaline skyrocketing like never before. It was exhilarating knowing that the two of you were at risk of someone barging into the employee restroom and catching the two of you in the act. As Jungkook continued ramming into you and squeezing your ass, you stared at your reflection in the mirror while his eyes bore into yours with a wicked expression before throwing his head back and letting out contented guttural moans. The room was filled with echoes of skin slapping against skin, as well as the cries and groans shared between the two of you and Jungkook’s continuous grunting of your name.

You wondered if something had possessed your man—no, you were sure something had possessed him because he had never gone to such an extreme like this during sex, pounding you mercilessly and taking on an almost completely different personality. You were thoroughly enjoying this diversion as opposed to the regular sex the two of you had, even if it meant your man had been possessed, but the thought flew right over your head as you finally reached your peak, coming for a second time in the employee bathroom. Feeling your delightful contractions around him, Jungkook reached his high a few seconds after you had reached yours, moaning out your name and jerking his hips a few more times before the two of you were satisfied and came down from your highs together.

He pulled out of you and quickly caught your arm after seeing you lose your balance upon his freeing you of his hold. Your legs had grown weak and wobbly from the position—not to mention his pounding into you—and you turned around to stand facing him. You held yourself up on the counter as he moistened a paper towel and cleaned you up before depositing his used condom in the trash, pulling your panties up for you and adjusting your skirt, and then picking you up to sit on the counter after fixing himself back into his jeans. Your muscles felt like they were on fire, so he massaged your legs for you and then kissed you chastely.

He noticed your hair was disheveled, so he fixed your hair for you, too, while you stared at him, perplexed.

He cocked his head to the side and laughed. “What?”

“Don’t you ‘what’ me. Where the hell did you learn that? What porn did you watch?”

“Porn? You know I don’t need to watch porn when I have a sexy girlfriend,” he teased and you kissed your teeth, but he continued, rubbing the back of his head and avoiding your gaze. “I don’t know, I just—I’ve been wanting to try having rough sex with you and you seemed to like it?” His eyes quickly rose to meet yours. “You did like it, right?”

He was right, you fucking loved it. He fucked you so good, but now your weakened body had to pay the price. You sensed his anxiety and you softened.

“I liked it. And I would more than not mind if we did that again,” you admitted.

He beamed, pleased with your response as he pressed his lips onto your forehead tenderly and engulfed you in an embrace, which you returned and then pinched his cheeks.

The power went back on and the bathroom lights lit up.

“Let’s go the fuck home, I’m tired as shit,” you said, and Jungkook hooked an arm around your waist to assist you in hopping off of the counter and walking.

When the two of you opened the bathroom door, you were met by a pair of stern eyes. The man wore a security uniform. “Someone said they heard screaming coming from the bathroom. Why were the two of you in there? There’s a sign that says ‘No Trespassing’. What were you two doing?”

You and Jungkook looked at each other at the same time. Coming up was an excuse was futile—it was obvious what the two of you had been doing in there. Instead, Jungkook nodded towards the shopping cart that had been left by the two of you by the employee resting area entrance and you both made a run for it. You hopped on the cart, hands on the handlebar and feet on the bottom storage and Jungkook placed his arms around you to push the cart. The two of you roared in laughter as he ran as far away from the security guard as possible with you riding on the shopping cart.

Yeah, sometimes Jungkook was annoying and overbearing, but you couldn’t have asked for a better guy to call your man.

Call Boy Johnny (Johnny x Reader)

Rating: M 


P.S. Yes, I’m the same blog as the original Call Boy Yuta smut. I changed my url from @chokemewithjaehyunschoker to @caliboyjaeffrey ! Hope no one get’s confused lol

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You woke up slowly, the sheets and blankets kicked off in your sleep and tangled in your legs. You felt content as you looked over at your alarm clock, the time being in the late afternoon.  Sleeping in was your passion, you’d stayed up super late the previous night anyway, not too bothered that half the day was gone. You gazed out the one big window in your bedroom, the one that looked out at the bustling city. Snow had fallen last night, dusting over the streets and cars like powdered sugar on pancakes. It didn’t really feel like your birthday, but it wasn’t so bad to wake up on a day as pretty as this one.

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A ThunderIron friendship moment because @knightinironarmor made that fudging post and my feels broke out of their careful confinement.


Thor’s hair doesn’t blow with the wind anymore; not that there is a lot of wind in space, Tony admits as he eyes the tired but alive man. Mantis is busy arguing with Rocket about the value of rescuing the ‘man floating in space’ and Quill is busy trying to not break the ship with the speed he’s pushing. Drax is eyeing Thor’s axe with dim curiousity, and Tony does not want to even begin wondering why it’s an axe and not Mjolnir. A lot of things have changed since he last saw Thor. A lot of people don’t have things that they thought belonged to them. Shield, team, peace; things get taken or given away carelessly or with too much care. Tony idly wonders if Peter took the new suit from Happy. Maybe he should try another intergalactic call to Queens again.

“I am Groot,” Groot says and Tony has been on the ship long enough to catch the highs and lows of his tone to learn the words behind the same old three. Groot reminds Tony of his bots, just a little less, at times when Tony doesn’t have a claw to hand him a wrench. He shuffles forward and stands beside the teenage plant now, looking down at the disoriented but surely waking Avenger.

“Loki…” Thor rasps and Tony hears a skip in his own beat but works with it because this isn’t the first time somebody’s called out a name he hates when he wakes them up.

“Hey there, Thunderbird,” he waves with his gauntlet, watching Thor focus his eyes on Tony, “Whatcha doing floating in space?”

“I escaped the Battleworld,” Thor swallows a wince when he gets up, his body somehow thinner but no less powerful in the flex of his muscles, “The last push of energy knocked me out.”

“Brilliant,” Tony nods at Mantis when she gives him a questioning glance, putting her worry off, “Great. Good adventure, then?”

“Worthy enough,” Thor stretches a little, letting out a cursed exhale when his back twinges before looking back at Tony with clearer eyes and a mild frown, “What are you doing here?”

“Saving the world,” Tony shrugs like it’s everyday business and Thor, he doesn’t react much other than a pause and a nod. Everyday business for him too, clearly.

“Where is the team?” Thor looks around him, taking in the Milano and its occupants, clearly looking for other familiar faces.

“This is the team,” Tony says, no pause in those words, meeting Thor’s sharp gaze head-on as his ex-teammate eyes him in search of a lie.

“I had…heard,” Thor breathes in and nods slowly, running a scarred hand over his hair before shooting Tony a small hint of a smile, blue in its hope, “I thought it has been a year since.”

“I guess I did the job right this time,” Tony grins, a macabre of the past, echoes of a falling city and dying speedster in it, “Clean break, no shards.”

Thor nods again, like he doesn’t know any other reaction. His eyes drift to his hand twice, seeing something unseen before he looks around again, taking a better account of the people around him.

“I met Banner,” he says and Tony curls a single metal finger beforr relaxing. “We fought. In the Battleworld,” Thor recounts, not giving history because history never told anything but ruins for them. Tony could guess it had something to do with Asgard’s disaster from what Strange had hinted before he left with the Guardians. He could also make a better guess that it has to do with a certain brother.

“I met Barnes, we fought. In a bunker,” Tony grimaces as he says it because it always makes it seem so stupid, like all wars are. Was a fight between three men called a war? Tony likes to think he has enough dramatics to make it seem as one.

Thor looks weary but he quirks a tired grin Tony’s way, the way he did after every screw up they did in the past. He remembers seeing Thor grin through blood while getting pummeled by Ultron and remembers himself grinning up from a dead suit while lying in a disaster created by Thor’s brother.

“There’s a storm coming,” he says because they’re rushing into one and it sounds suicidal to say it that way, and he likes to pretend that he isn’t just that most times. “You heard anything about it?”

“Thanos,” Thor nods and flexes his palms, clenching them around thin air, looking at Tony through a red painted eye, “He seeks to destroy Earth.”

“Cliché,” Tony bobs his head and Thor huffs, a small push of air, “What else do you know?”

“Loki might be helping him,” Thor swallows, just one second of tightness and runs a hand calmly over the handle of his axe.

“Cliché,” Tony repeats and it gets him a small grin, bitter and old but a familiar sight nonetheless.

Tony remembers Thor opening their chapters, all of theirs, by claiming Earth as his to protect in a Mexico desert. He’s sure that Thor remembers Tony closing their chapters by claiming to protect Earth in his lab. And yet here they are, two ends of a journey, wading into a storm.

“The team’s gonna fight,” Tony says, waving his hand around him, “This one, yeah, but also the other one. They know. They’ll fight, wherever they are.”

“They are the Avengers,” Thor agrees and doesn’t add that the name means shit when they are the very reasons for all vengeance usually. It’s okay, Tony thinks, they’re used to living in ironies.

“You got any more weapons?” Tony asks and Thor’s eyes cloud for a minute, a thousand years of a memory flashing like a lightening bolt in his gaze.

“I can fight,” he says and Tony can hear a pointed avoidance when he needs to. Fighting isn’t the same as fighting with Mjolnir. He knows that. From the way Thor presses down the handle of his axe, he knows it too.

But Tony fought electricity with a car door once. Thor fought a metal Destroyer with a very mortal body once. It’s a foolishly naïve optimism but Tony is here on a spaceship of unknown teammates and Thor is here in a spaceship away from dead friends back home. Foolishly naïve is probably what they’ve always been.

“We might not walk out of this,” Tony says even as he pulls on his faceplate, looking forward at the explosive space all around them. The pathway to death littered by the stars.

Thor has watched Tony charge into death twice and charged with him once. He has offered a hand of survival to his brother who stabbed him and has gambled away his freedom in battle.

He gets up from the cot he was sitting on and stands beside Tony, looking into the stillness of the space that will kill them probably.

“We will fall avenging then,” he says and it’s the cheesiest gallows pep talk Tony has heard ever since Rogers, but Thor is standing next to him, the beginning of their disasters next to his veritable finale of them. He is standing with his eyes towards the future and the past on his shoulders, and Tony nods.

“Rage against the dying night,” he mutters under his breath and feels Thor breathing out next to him, an added spark to their dimming light of hope.

Together, the disasters marched into the battle of death.


4.5k words, rated T, pre-relationship McGenji, Blackwatch era, violence warning

Warning for eye trauma.
Goes in the continuity of the Sublimation series.
Someone prompted me with how Jesse’s Deadeye business might work, so I wrote Yet Another story on my #1 fav theme, non-consensual medical body modification!! Yes


There’s no ice.

Fuck. Jesse thinks of drinking it straight, swilling the two fingers of gin as he replaces the lid on his contraband ice bucket. But the day wasn’t that bad, and he wants to stretch this out over a couple of episodes at least. So he picks up the ice bucket, jams his feet into his boots, and heads for the mess.

It’s close to eleven at night so the halls are deserted, the lights dimmed down to pale wisps of blue blotting the black ceiling. Jesse glances over his shoulder now and then but there’s never anyone there in the dark. Probably. And who’s to say Reyes would chew him out for this, anyway? Fuckin’ ridiculous that a little gin is against regulations—

There’s light from under the workshop door.

An electric flicker, the mild scent of something being welded. Jesse doesn’t put in that kind of overtime anymore, has been done with trying to impress Reyes for a long time. So he continues on to the mess and fills the bucket and snags another 3 bags of nutrient-reinforced potato chips, which taste a little off but all in all could really be worse.

On the way back he hears a noise of pain from the workshop.

Sort of like a whimper. Maybe someone nicked themselves. Jesse slides the door open and sticks his head in. “Y’all okay in—oh.”

It’s the new guy.

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page0fbl00d  asked:

In my next session the players are going to be navigating an ancient, Gnomish, clockwork fortress and I've already got a couple of ideas for encounters/puzzles but I feel like I'm coming up short. Would you (or maybe any of your followers) happen to have any ideas that fit the bill?

Weirdly high ceilings. Anyone over X’Y has to keep an eye out for deadly traps above like logs, spikes, electrical wires, etc.

Small doors. How on earth are you going to fit? 

I’m tapped out, sorry. If anyone has suggestions please answer this post, don’t send me asks or submissions answering this! Thanks.

Nomads: warriors-of-ayica

The door was kicked open, not by choice but more for lack there of, Eldin came in carrying a very similar looking purple haired girl in his arms. Ella’s body was covered in wounds both small and concerning, staining her brother’s clothes in dark purple but he could care less about that. “Please! Someone help me, my sister, she’s been injured!”


(Guys I wrote a fic)

The Black of Blood

Jonas and Sidney just wanted to get supplies with as little drama as possible. But that’s not how this world works.

Zombie Apocolypse AU.

Read on AO3

It was far too quiet in the parking lot. A single, abandoned pickup truck sat in the middle of cracked concrete. The body was starting to rust, weeds sprouting around its deflated tires and orange dust lay on its windows. It had been months and months since it had last been turned on, left in the middle of the parking lot to become part of the scenery.

In the dusty truck bed, Sidney and Jonas sat, their eyes trained not only on the supermarket in front of them but on each and every alleyway and road around them. The houses around them were spaced out and few in number. The roads were wide and filled with pot holes.

They were in the open and not safe. Not yet at least.

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With it. With this. With you

A/N: Hello! I just want to apologize for that post I made this Sunday when I was drunk;;; if you didn’t see it (bc I deleted it), I am glad! Anyways, @a-flustered-paint-appeared thank you so much for this prompt! I’m sorry it took me sooo long. I hope you really really like it and enjoy it! 💕

Words: 3,934 (I am so sorry, I got a bit excited u,u. Under the cut, of course)

It was not a secret that Atsushi and Akutagawa were dating. The armed agency new, the port mafia knew and certain suicidal guy was always making sure to let everyone know in case they didn’t.

It was not a secret either that Nakajima Atsushi was the one that spoke up his feelings first, (Dazai made sure to let everyone know that, aswell); it was almost unbelievable, though, Atsushi was usually very squeaky and shy, but he managed to tell Akutagawa how he felt, and was quite amazed when Akutagawa, (in his own way of curse), told him that he felt the exact way.

They can be seen together on days off and weekends and Atsushi is always the one starting the affection: holding hands, kissing his lover’s forehead and even whispering a soft ‘I love you’ to Akutagawa, making him blush a few shades of red.

It was adorable, really. But it was still unbelievable watching Atsushi being so affectionate towards Akutagawa in the most comfortable way. Dazai was very flustered himself at Atsushi’s answer when he finally asked him why he wasn’t embarrassed of showing up their relationship:

“How can i be embarrased of showing affection to the person I love, Dazai-san?”, Atsushi asked him back, tilting his head to the side like a confused puppy. “If you hate someone you show it: by words or fights or punches, so why can’t we show love too? We’re not being vulgar, after all”

Later when Atsushi told this to Akutagawa the latter was thankful he wasn’t there when that happened. Atsushi was the one on charge to start the cuddling and stuff… Akutagawa was the one on charge to blush for the both of them.

Atsushi just finds endearing how easily Akutagawa gets flustered. He could just call him ‘love’ for all that matter and Akutagawa would blush out of this world…

… It was one of Atsushi’s favorite things.

“Ryu,” Atsushi says, entering his bedroom to find Akutagawa laying down, reading a book.

“Yes?”, he looks up and the first thing he sees is Atsushi’s bright smile, making his head spin a little. “What do you need?”

“We need to buy groceries”, Atsushi says, lifting a little notepad where he had wrote down a list with the things they needed. Atsushi takes out a pen from his back pocket and scribbles down a few more things. “Do you need something? Let’s put it on the list now before we forget”

“Erm… t-”

“I already have the tea anoted”

“Then some-”

“And figs”, Atsushi smiled after checking the list once again. “Anything else?”

Akutagawa shakes his head. “I think that’s all”

“Great, let’s go”. Atsushi tears up the page from the notepad and saves it along with the pen on his back pocket.

He pats his side pocket, making sure his little coin bag is there and, when Akutagawa is by his side, he immediately grabs his hand, lacing their fingers together.

“What-”, Akutagawa flinches, his cheeks quickly covering with a scarlet hue as he looks at Atsushi with wide eyes.

“What? Are you uncomfortable?”, Atsushi asks, furrowing his eyebrows and starting to unlock his fingers from Akutagawa’s.

“No! N-no!”, Akutagawa says, squeezing Atsushi’s hands. “Just- just let’s go”, he drags Atsushi out of his apartment, totally ignoring the tiny giggles he heard behind him.

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Fly me to the Moon

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A/N: Drunk!Usnavi is my spirit animal.
Summary: Usnavi is shitting bricks that Johan is coming over to meet his family&friends. ft. hints of Benina Sonny+Pete, and the gossip girls
WordCount: 3991
Taggies: @hell-yes-puns-and-ships

Day of Sonny’s graduation party, a feat that everyone in the barrio wanted to partake in, Usnavi was in the kitchen. Sonny’s nose led him there, following the wafting aroma of sugary, cinnamon and vanilla. “Mm something smells good~ Que cocinas?” He made a beeline to the covered pot only to be met with the hot, swiftness of a wooden spoon slapping the back of his knuckles. “DAMN! That hurt!” He hissed, taking back his hand. He kissed the back of his knuckles, watching Usnavi move in front of the pot like a guard dog.

“Its arroz con leche” Usnavi smirked, watching Sonny’s eyes gleam with delight. “Abuela Claudia’s old recipe.”

“No way, Abuela gave you her famous recipe for her rice pudding?” Everyone in the barrio knew that Abuela Claudia (god rest her soul) had the best rice pudding recipe in all of Manhattan. She could have made thousands maybe millions if she patented it. But like most good things they were only meant to be shared with loved ones.

“Nah” Usnavi shook his head then tapped the side of his temple. “I use to stand around and watch her cook back when she babysat me. I got it all memorized.” Those were simpler days. Now everything was different, abuela had passed on,  Sonny was looking at a four year school. Nina and Benny were newlyweds and new parents, Vanessa was living her life, and Pete even seemed to move out of the streets. And yet, Usnavi was still here. The money had been put into savings for both of them, Usnavi had some plans what to do with his money but as always he had trouble really making moves.

Meanwhile Sonny…was itching to finally touch his share of money. “So…I was wondering, since I’ve been making strides to a better future. I’m a lot more responsible and shit…you think I could get a few hundred?” He smiled a bit, Usnavi’s silence unnerved him a little. “Look you, said you’d hand over my share when you felt like I was ready to handle that cash. And I am.”

“No me diga…” Usnavi rolled his eyes keeping his eye on the pot. “And what do you plan to do with a couple hundred?”

“I’m bein’ serious!” Sonny’s voice took a desperate whine like tone. He was losing this battle before he could state his case. “I…wanna go out West.” Sonny’s pleads only elicited a hard, sarcastic laugh from Usnavi.

“He hasn’t even left yet and you’re planning on dropping money on him?” Usnavi placed the spoon down and turned to his younger cousin who was giving him all the stank eyes. “Pete isn’t a future, I want you to invest smart. Abuela Claudia put me in charge of her money, to be smart.”

“All you’ve done is let it sit in the bank, collecting dust.” Sonny narrowed his eyes. He jutted his chin out a little taking a harder stand against Usnavi’s tight hold on their small fortune.

“Its collecting interest, Sonny, you’re not touching that money. That’s your future.” As his older cousin, Usnavi was more than prepared to put Sonny down and remind him who was in charge. After all, Usnavi was Sonny’s only constant adult and role model. 

I love him.” Sonny answered boldly. Usnavi’s parental facade fell apart instantly.

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