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Lightning F3 & the Jag-E

1964 BAC Lightning F3 Interceptor | British Aircraft Corporation | English Electric Lightning | Supersonic Jet Fighter of the RAF in the 1960s

1965 Jaguar E-Type | Jaguar XK-E | Series 1 | Convertible OTS | Open Two Seater | 3.8L XK Straight 6 265hp | Top Speed 240 kph 149 mph | English Sports Car manufactured in different styles and layouts between 1961 - 1975

Diaspora: Notable German- Americans

German Americans are the USA’s #1 heritage group and have been influential in almost every field in American society, including science, architecture, business, sports, entertainment, theology, politics, and the military. Famous German-Americans include:

MILITARY: Baron von Steuben, John Pershing, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Chester W. Nimitz, Carl Andrew Spaatz, Norman Schwarzkopf 

POLITICIANS: Carl Schurz, Friedrich Hecker, Frederick Muhlenberg, Henry Morgenthau, Jr. and Sr., Dwight D. Eisenhower, Herbert Hoover, Henry Kissinger, and John Boehner

INDUSTRY & BUSINESS: Henry J. Heinz, (Heinz ketchup), Frank Seiberling (Goodyear Tires), Walt Disney (Disney), John D. Rockefeller (Standard Oil), William Boeing (The Boeing Company/United Airlines), Walter Chrysler (Chrysler Corp), Frederick & August Duesenberg (Duesenberg Automobile Corp), Studebaker brothers (Studebaker Automobile Corp), George Westinghouse (Westinghouse Electric Corporation), Levi Strauss (Levi’s jeans), Charles Guth (Pepsi cola), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Elon Musk (SolarCity/SpaceX/Tesla Motors), James L. Kraft (Kraft Foods), Henry E. Steinway (Steinway & Sons pianos), Charles Pfizer (Pfizer, Inc.), Donald Trump (The Trump Org), John Jacob Astor (Waldorf Astoria Hotels), Conrad Hilton (Hilton Hotels), Guggenheim family (Guggenheim Foundation), Marcus Goldman (Goldman Sachs), Lehman Brothers, Carl Laemmle (Universal Studios), Marcus Loew (MGM Studios), Harry Cohn (Columbia Pictures), Herman Hollerith (IBM)), Steve Jobs (Apple Inc.), Michael Dell (Dell Inc.), Eric Schmidt (Google), Peter Thiel (PayPal Inc.), Adolph Simon Ochs and Arthur Ochs Sulzberger (The New York Times), Charles Bergstresser (The Wall Street Journal), Al Neuharth (USA Today), Eugene Meyer (The Washington Post) etc.

BEER BREWING: German Americans were pioneers and dominated beer brewing for much of American history, beginning with breweries founded in the 19th century by German immigrants August Schell (August Schell Brewing Company), Christian Moerlein (Christian Moerlein Brewing Co.), Eberhard Anheuser (Anheuser-Busch), Adolphus Busch (Anheuser-Busch), Adolph Coors (Coors Brewing Company), Frederick Miller (Miller Brewing Company), Frederick Pabst (Pabst Brewing Company), Bernhard Stroh (Stroh Brewery Company), and Joseph Schlitz (Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company). 

ARCHITECTS, SCIENTISTS & ASTRONAUTS: Brooklyn Bridge engineer John A. Roebling and architects Walter Gropius and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe left behind visible landmarks. Albert Einstein, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Wernher von Braun, John Peter Zenger, John Steinbeck, Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Weizenbaum etc. set intellectual landmarks while Neil Armstrong was the first human to land on the moon.

HOLLYWOOD PEOPLE & SPORTS ATHLETES & MUSIC: Still others, such as Bruce Willis, George Eyser, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jack Nicklaus, Doris Day, Grace Kelly, Clark Gable, Marlene Dietrich, Johnny Weissmuller, Ernst Lubitsch, Walter Damrosch, John Denver, John Kay, Meryl Streep, Kim Basinger, Sandra Bullock, David Hasselhoff, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kirsten Dunst, Kevin JameS, and Steven Spielberg became prominent athletes, actors, film directors or artists.

Welcome to the israeli side of Tumblr!

Here we:

  • Ship Doynatan\Davinatan\however you read that word in Hebrew (the ship name of King David and Jonathan)

  • Ship Shekateka [the ship name of Sheka (=socket) and Teka (=plug), 2 puppets (which look a lot like Bert and Ernie), used by the israeli electric corporation to warn people not to use electricity while being barefoot or wet)

  • Fight lies and weird conspiracy theories about Israel\the Mossad\the holocaust\jewish and israeli people (and sometimes even laugh at how absurd they all are)

  • Hate on Benjamin Netanyahu and his friends

  • Make inappropriate Hebrew puns

  • Laugh at bad Hebrew tattoos

  • Laugh at israeli commenters on other sites

  • Don’t like it when people use the word “zionism” while they have no idea what it really means
  • Have nicely filterted photographs of Israel (which manage to impress us israelis as well)

  • Have original\unoriginal israeli memes

  • Bitch about the weather

  • Use Hebrew letters to write in English

  • Gif israeli cult shows

  • Worship NAMER HAKESEF (aka the greatest israeli meme of all time)

Elektro the Moto-Man and Sparko his dog were made by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation and displayed at the New York World’s Fair in 1939 and 1940. Seven feet tall and weighing 250 pounds, Elektro could walk, smoke cigarettes, count, and unleash simple quips like, “My brain is bigger than yours.” Sparko, well he just barked, as dogs are wont to do. Probably he smoked too, if his circuits got too hot. Elektro may not seem impressive now, but at the time he amazed millions of visitors to the New York Fair. The hole in his chest was not built there in homage to Frank L. Baum’s heartless Tin Man, but so spectators could see there was no operator inside working his levers and gears. Possibly the hole grew larger when World War II’s metals shortages prompted Westinghouse to scrap plans to build him a female companion. Today Elektro resides at the Mansfield Memorial Museum in Mansfield, Ohio, where Westinghouse was once based. And little Sparko, well he’s gotten lost, as dogs as wont to do. The photo dates from 1939.

Lake Mohegan and the Cascades

If you’re coming from Bridgeport via I-95, take exit 24, turn right, then hang a left to go up Black Rock Turnpike until you see Burroughs Road. Take that right. Follow it down, past the house with the weird, light-up numbers, past the soccer field, and you’ll reach Fairfield Woods Road. Go right again, then take your first left at the stop sign onto Morehouse Highway. Follow Morehouse until the end.

The time I went this way with my boyfriend, Aaron, who was new to the area, he thought the only option at the bottom of Morehouse was to take a left. The route straight was obstructed by a locked metal gate covered with reflective orange tape. But I had a key.

Behind the gate lies a small, poorly-maintained road which leads around and down to a wooded area on the rear end of Lake Mohegan. It’s a manmade lake that was once a gravel quarry back in the ‘50s. The town of Fairfield bought the then-defunct quarry in 1961 and routed the Mill River to fill it up, ultimately making a pleasant beach area for the locals. Once the quarry was full of water and the sand was brought in, the townsfolk came in droves. Both sides of the lake would attract bathers and sunseekers of all types. The main part of the lake always had three lifeguards on duty, but at the rear end of the lake, where it’s fed by the river, there’s a deceptively strong current and no lifeguard stations.

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Warehouse Converted Into Open Office

What was formally a warehouse for General Electric Supply Corporation, has been cleverly refined into a contemporary welcoming office space by JHID. This newly converted loft features vast open spaces with a beautiful arching bow-truss ceiling, steel windows, and lots of natural light.

Architect: Armin Quilici of Vallaster Corl Architects

Photography by Lincoln Barbour