electric cigarett

im gay,,

“ah, president, what are you doing out so late?” framed by the vibrant pink of the neon sign behind gave the illusion of him being some sort of angel. the way he stood, looking down on the other with that soft but curious smile only added to the image of being something otherworldly.

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1. stuck on the puzzle - alex turner // 2. is there somewhere - halsey // 3. i wanna get better - bleachers // 4. electric love - BORNS // 5. cigarette daydreams - cage the elephant // 6. i can’t stop this feeling i’ve got - razorlight // 7. she’s a riot - the jungle giants // 8. be mine - the kooks // 9. fallingforyou - the 1975 // 10. cardiac arrest - bad suns // 11. please, please, please let me get what i want - the smiths //

Songs For The Signs

Aries: Street Fight // Smallpools

Taurus: Sleep Alone // Two Door Cinema Club

Gemini: Electric Love // BORNS

Cancer: Cigarettes in the Theatre // Two Door Cinema Club

Leo: Pink Lemonade // The Wombats

Virgo: Heart Out // The 1975

Libra: Paris // Magic Man

Scorpio: Spitfire // Porter Robinson

Sagittarius: Greek Tragedy // The Wombats

Capricorn: Female Robbery // The Neighborhood

Aquarius: Divinity (ft. Amy Milan) // Porter Robinson

Pisces: Sun // Two Door Cinema Club

James is torn up grass after an intense sports match and hot sun on your skin and the swell of confidence after you receive a compliment and rowdy all-night parties and laughing until your stomach hurts and the thrill of adrenaline from riding a roller coaster and affectionate back-slaps and the wild salty smell of the ocean and shoes slapping on pavement and late night adventures and fizzy bubbles in soda and scraped-up knees and roaring bonfires and the burning sensation in your lungs when your run too far and sweaty shirts and bright red converse and biting into a crisp apple and climbing to the very top of a tree and yelling your heart out just for the fun of it

Sirius is black leather and flirting with strangers and the roar of a crowd at a concert and torn up jeans and dice hitting the tabletop during a gamble and lightning flashing and sharpie devil horns scribbled on a poster of a politician and the blare of an electric guitar and cigarette smoke and sneaking over chain link fences and joking cheek kisses and the dizzy thrill in the pit of your stomach when you’re really high off the ground and car horns honking and grungy alleys and loud off-key singing and putting your feet on the desk when it’s not allowed

Remus is classical music and the smell of coffee and cozy sweaters and chewing the inside of your cheek and a pencil scratching on paper and fall leaves blowing in the wind and exasperated eye-rolls and rainy days spent indoors and elbow patches and the sweet taste of chocolate and snuggling and crackling fireplaces and the burning behind your eyelids when you study too late and musty old books with faded yellow pages and the ticking of a clock and way out-of-date shoes and cinnamon on top of a hot drink and the refreshing feeling of waking up early and taking pages full of notes during a lecture but never actually reading them

Peter is being full after a holiday feast and the jolt of fear when something startles you and sunflowers smiling toward the sky and nails chewed to the quick and the safety of long hugs and dessert before dinner and sprays of freckles and burning your nose when you stay outdoors for too long and handmade mittens and wriggling your toes in dirt and fishing with your dad and the happiness that fills you up like a balloon when you make your first real friend