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Uranus in the 3rd house - Madness and Magic 

“Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.”  
 Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.         

The third house Uranus brain is the image of synapses tangled in neon lights that spiral into outer space. Thoughts are wrapped around a channel that catches any idea circulating and fuse tremendous intuition with rationality and imagination. The third house Uranus person does not think outside the box. In fact, the concept of ‘the box’, or a definition of thought altogether is inconceivable. Uranus is electrifying, unpredictable, and genius. The third house astrologically relates to immediate perception, communication, and learning. Maybe the mind is difficult to control and rebels against itself. It may reign in on such profound knowledge that the intellect is forced to catch up. Ideas crackle into consciousness like a lightning bolt over the sea. And these ideas are postcards from the future, innovations that serve humanity and bring forth a new shining light. The individual’s vision of the world is upside down, colourful, kooky, and a little bonkers.

The third house is the astrological home of early education. Because Uranus is wild and unruly, maybe the individual experienced disturbance during his earliest schooling days. He could have been rebellious, defiant, erratically present, or lonely. Teachers may have been challenged and inspired by the individual, but he was too easily unfocused or uncooperative. Maybe he was hard to control or perceived as unusual, he could have shown signs of learning disorder. However, the brilliance of Uranus shatters the laws of logic as we know them. The individual may find it difficult to shape his mind into the confines of mainstream education. While he expresses as distracted, his attention is tuned into a higher dimension of consciousness. It’s like he is too clever to be graded or focused into curriculum. He is alert, awakened, and acutely intelligent. When he is not mentally challenged that brilliant mind cannot inflame and spindle its creative genius. The individual may learn better in solitude, without regulation or limitation. There tends to be unusual and exceptional mental talents that cannot be trained or expressed on command. Maybe he has an eerie ability to remember profound dates in history. Or he can perform an ultra difficult maths equation in a moment. Curiosity is the compass that leads the individual to climb every bookshelf, swim through every chemistry set, and read every wikipedia page. He wants to understand as much about the universe as possible. There could be a tremendous flair for astrology or metaphysical disciplines. He just has to find his genius, and there is a rapturous amazement at the brilliant intelligence of everyday life. The formula in nature, the design of the sky.

Siblings and neighbours are indicated by the third house. Maybe the individual has a strange relationship with siblings, they could be unusual, distant, or remain absent for long periods. The mind with Uranus in the third relates to science and invention. Albert Einstein was born with Uranus in the third house. He described his thinking as being similar to the intuition and fantasy involved in poetry, “It’s the same for a man of science.” he explained  “It is a sudden illumination, almost a rapture. Later, to be sure, intelligence analyzes and experiments confirm or invalidate the intuition. But initially there is a great forward leap of the imagination.” It’s like the mind with Uranus in the third can really dance across constellations and play with thoughts from new horizons. The individual may express obscurely in conversation, maybe even confusing, scattered, or vague. It is important for him to share his opinions and have the opportunity to exchange ideas with others. Although he may fear being outcasted for his thoughts, the third house is a close Gemini community that relishes in bouncing brainwaves back and forth. Because Uranus instigates abrupt change and reversal, the individual may frequently redesign his opinions, beliefs, and conceptions. It is likely these changes will be influenced by the recent experiences in his immediate environment. The information Uranus in the third comes to know releases like a sudden shockwave that blows the particles of intuition, equation, inspiration, ingenuity, and creativity throughout the whole body. Uranus in the third have really thought it all - forward, backward, sideways, into the past, future, and infinite star stuff, riding lightning bolts into galaxies of idea electricity.



So I legit named (most) of my fics after songs that were significant to the fic. I just wanted to show you guys so you can maybe listen to them while u read haha :)

Let’s Pretend x Tinashe - Pretend

Panic Cord x Gabrielle Aplin - Panic Cord 

Lying Is The Most Fun… x Panic! At the Disco - Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (this song fits perfectly lol)

Beggin’ For Thread x Banks - Beggin For Thread

Haunting Me x Banks - Haunt

Demonstrate x Jojo - Demonstrate 

Pursuit of Happiness x Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness 

And I Drove You Crazy x Banks - And I Drove You Crazy

Sweet Like Candy x Borns - Electric Love

Cherry Bomb x The Runaways - Cherry Bomb 

I hope you guys enjoy these!! <3

Can’t Hide It - Jackson Wang

Summary: You’re the lead singer in a rock band, and best friends with Junior of Got7. When all of them come to see your concert, Jackson finds it difficult to hide his less than platonic feelings for you.

Genre: Fluff

Length: 2182

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2012 SG Standard P-90 and 1961 Les Paul SG Junior.

Also some randoms:

  • Random 1: Suburban Hell.
  • Random 2: Train in Vain
  • Random 3:  I Drink Alone, but double-fisted.  PS: double-fisted means having two drinks on the go at the same time…and not the other thing you are thinking.  PPS: it’s soda water.

Also, dust is the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE as a guitar photographer.

aquarius has a reputation for flamboyant eccentricity and mad scientist lunacy. although this is an aquarius spirit in full swing, not every aquarian is walking clockwork orange. every aquarian is however, the master of his own universe, his own stylist, his own fashion entrepreneur and his own vibration. every aquarius lives on a planet of his own, some ordained with hemp oil and indoor plants and others in futuristic worlds surrounded by computers and chemistry sets. whatever it is, whatever he becomes, will emanate from his centre being, and reflect the unique cosmic portrait they painted for themselves. aquarians walk to their own unique universe drum and rarely become swept up in the hysteria of crowds. it’s usually the crowd that ends up following trend setting aquarius; who bounce with the gravity of their own style and frequency. whatever the expression, there always remains an vibrant colour wash of rebellion and protest. and this is an internal aggression and insurgance against stereotypes, consensual expectations and classifications. they are transporting individuals who take their company to all sorts of strange and wicked wonderlands. even attempting to define aquarius via archetype and qualities is futile. he is next to impossible to pin down, resists definition and remains playfully unpredictable. aquarius feel he never quite finds his place in the world, but he creates a whole new universe and swings straight into it like an electric starburst


The Under the Cherry Moon Tour (also called the Parade Tour) was the concert tour in support of Prince and The Revolution’s album, Parade and the motion picture Under the Cherry Moon. The Under the Cherry Moon Tour tour marked the first full tour of Europe by Prince. It also saw the expanded Revolution line-up and featured Sheila E. and her band as an opening act for most shows.

Typical set list

Hit n Run[hide]
  1. “Around the World in a Day”
  2. “Christopher Tracy’s Parade”
  3. “New Position”
  4. “I Wonder U”
  5. Raspberry Beret
  6. “Alexa De Paris”
  7. Controversy
  8. “Mutiny”
  9. “Dream Factory”
  10. Holly Rock
  11. (How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window?” / “Lady Cab Driver”
  12. Automatic
  13. “D.M.S.R.”
  14. “The Dance Electric”
  15. “Under The Cherry Moon”
  16. Anotherloverholenyohead
  17. Soft and Wet
  18. I Wanna Be Your Lover
  19. Head
  20. Pop Life
  21. Girls & Boys
  22. “Life Can Be So Nice”
  23. Purple Rain
  24. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin On
  25. Mountains
  26. A Love Bizarre
  27. America
  28. Kiss[3]

A few of the Gibsons in my collection.

  1. My newest and bestest Gibson - 2011 Standard “Exclusive” in bullion gold for Sam Ash USA.
  2. 2012 Nighthawk Studio.  I bought this at the Guitar Center on West 14th in Manhattan, and added the pickup covers because I don’t really like exposed coils…
  3.  2009 ES-339 - the best guitar trade I have ever made.  this guitar is brilliant.
  4. 2005 ES-335 VOS
  5. 2010 Les Paul Special Double Cut
  6. 1966 ES-330

Uranus in the Tenth House - Electric Dreams

The 10th House of Astrology traditionally represents our public image, profession and prosperity. Tenth house Uranus people ride the dream portal and leave a radical and revolutionary in their imprint on the world. The individual requires copious freedom of execution and tends to set himself against any standing authority. He flourishes in self employment and entrepreneurship and seems loathed to commit to a corporate bound career. Tenth house Uranus people exhibit streams of ingenuity and creative talent when it comes to establishing a profession for themselves and dancing outside the box of society’s consensual demands.

The individual here typically rejects societal norms and becomes seduced by anything with shock value. Uranus associates with technology and the internet, and many born under this placement reap career success through IT, astrology, electronics, gaming, blogging and online businesses. They are drawn to professional pathways that provide entertainment and stimuation, and tend to deviate into obscure and eccentric jobs. Uranus indicates radical change and the overturning of structure; and life here may be characterised by abrupt career endings and the constant explorations into brand new professional avenues. The public image may experience consistent reversals in status and he may be viewed as somewhat strange or even eccentric. Uranus is an electric planet and there is the possibility of parents with mental instabilities and suffocating parenting styles due to possibly anxiety disorders. There is a rapid resistance to any form of restriction here, and this may manifest in these individuals experiencing nervous conditions themselves. 

Tenth house Uranus people climb the neon glowed stepladder to the highest point in the sky, the Midheaven, the 10th House. He unlocks the pipeline to his dreams with unique expression of originality and generous reserves of creativity. The individual is all about provoking society’s expectations and searching for more, so he can find a truly individualised pathway to self fulfilment. He is constantly questioning authoritarian expectations and embarking on whatever pathway his curiosity compass sets them upon. Dreams here are futuristic, obscure and weaved with electric tapestry.