the entire mcr fandom always jokes about march 22nd and how they cry whenever they hear a g note and it’s all funny and stuff untill you’re lying in bed at 3 am on march 22nd listening to the black parade with tears streaming down your face

Walking down a long corridor, Mikey shivers as he looks at the piece of paper given to him. Its an address, telling him to come here, along with a password. As he approaches the end of the hallway and knocks on the door, a jolt is sent through him as a farmilar voice asks “password?” “I-uh…” Mikey stutters and looks at the paper. “Pizza?” as he says these words, the doors fly open, and Pete Wentz wraps him in a bear hug. “Hey, you made it!!” he laughed, putting him down. Mikey looked into the sea of farmilar faces in the warm room. His brother is here. All of his former bandmates actually, along with most of fall out boy, and a few others. “Hey! I’m not the new guy anymore!” Patrick laughs. Mikey chuckles softly and looks at Pete. “What is this place?” he asked. Pete smiled warmly. “Welcome brother,” he grins, “to the hot dad club.”

The Guys as Town Planners

Gerard: A futuristic wonder-city made of glass and steel and it’s all oh so efficient

Ray: A sweet countryside dream world full of cottages and flowers

Mikey: A normal town but if seen from the air the roads spell ‘Mikey Way is awesome!!!’

Frank: A barren wasteland with nothing but a 300 foot monument of a penis


I had been self medicating for more than half my life. And as the band grew, so did the introduction of more drugs and more alcohol. Each time I thought I had hit rock bottom I really hadn’t seen the worst yet. When the band broke up, my using had intensified and I fell into total darkness. In the true form of an addict, I disconnected from everyone I knew and pushed away every one I loved. At that point in my life, I was not only lost but in complete self-destruction mode. In February, I was told I should never have woken up.

Guys it’s Mikey Way’s 3-year sobriety anniversary and can I just say I’m honestly so damn proud of this guy? 3 years ago he said he “fell into total darkness” and doctors told him he shouldn’t have woken up. And now he’s sober and happy and healthy and his band released an album last year and he’s got an amazing wife and he’s gonna be a dad soon.
Basically, I’ll forever be super fucking proud of Mikey Way.