electric catfish


007 - Leobble
Type: Water    Species: The CatFish Pokemon
Lightningrod    (hidden ability)

LEOBBLE can stay underwater for long periods of time because of the air sacs in their cheeks. This has earned them the nickname “Catfish”.
Evolves into Leobrine at lv. 16

008 - Leobrine
Type: Water    Species: The Lion Fish Pokemon
Lightningrod    (hidden ability)

Although LEOBRINE don’t have electric properties, the barbs on their tail have been known to shock people.
Evolves into Liseidon at lv. 32

009 - Liseidon
Type: Water/Electric   Species: The Sea Lion Pokemon
Lightningrod   (hidden ability)

They cause tidal waves sometimes due to territorial disputes with other LISEIDON.
Liseidon does not Evolve.

MBTI types as oddly specific words

ISTJ: albocracy - government by white people 

INTP: infomania - excessive devotion to accumulating facts

ISTP: gumnivorous - feeding on tree saps

ESFJ: pavonine - of, like, or pertaining to peacocks 

INFP:  quarrelet - a small square 

ESTJ:  quadragintesimal - having forty parts 

ISFJ:  tilleul - pale yellowish-green 

INTJ: isonephelicline - connecting points of equal cloud cover

ESTP:  resistentialism - a humorous theory that inanimate objects display malice towards humans

ENTP: zeppole -  a variety of doughnut 

ISFP:  quindecasyllabic - having fifteen syllables 

INFJ:  houndstooth - fabric with an irregular checked pattern

ESFP:  raad - electric catfish

ENTJ:  eclat - to make notorious

ENFJ:  cynology - scientific study of dogs

ENFP: aboulomania - pathological indecisiveness